Sura 22 – The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)



  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura: 22
  • Part: 17
  • Total Verses: 78
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section 1
1 Mankind! fear your Lord for the Earthquake of the Hour is a terrible thing
2 when every mother will forget to nurse her child or will give birth in fright, and Mankind will be in drunken state
3 still there are some ignorant who dispute about Allah and follow the path of the Devil
4 It is Decreed if they take him as friend he will lead them astray and into the Fire
5 Mankind if you doubt your Resurrection, remember We’ve created you from dust then from Male and Female sexual discharge  then from a clot then into a lump of flesh formed and unformed that We make it clear to you. We make whoever We wish to remain in the womb until an appointed term when you come forth as infant, some die young and some grow to old, forgetting things you once knew. notice the barren Earth, when We pour water it blooms into every kind of beautiful growth
6 that is because Allah is reality, He brings dead to Life and has power over all things
7 there is no doubt about coming of the Hour and Allah will resurrect those in the grave
8 Mankind who dispute about Allah without knowledge, guidance or scripture of enlightenment
9 turning away to mislead others. for such there is disgrace in this Life and burning on Judgment Day
10 for the deeds committed by your hands. Allah is not unjust to his Devotees
  Section 2
11 and among Mankind some are on the edge, if good befalls they are content therewith. but if a test befalls he turns his face away losing this World and the Hereafter
12 instead of Allah, they ask help from such who cannot harm or benefit them
13 and they call those who’s harm is nearer than benefit, truly an evil friend
14 the good Believers Allah will admit in Gardens beneath which River flows, for Allah does what He wants
15 whoever thinks Allah will not help him in this World and the Hereafter, than let him pull a rope to the ceiling and hang himself than let him see his plan takes away that which angered him
16 these are clear Verses and Allah guides whom He wills
17 those who believe in it, and those who follow Jews, Sabians, Christians, Magians and the Idolaters. Allah will decide between them on Judgment Day. He is witness over all
18 don’t you see all things bow down to Allah in worship that are in the Heavens and on Earth. the Sun, Moon, Stars, Hill, Trees, Animals and great number of Mankind, but so are a great number fit for punishments. whoever Allah disgraces cannot rise in honor. Allah does what He wills
19 the two opponents dispute with each other about their Lord but the Rejecters will wear clothes of Fire with boiling water poured over their heads
20 their bodies inside and their skins will be scalded
21 and for them are hooked rods of iron
22 whenever they try to get away from it they will be forced back “taste the punishment of burning!”
Section 3
23 the good Believer’s Allah will admit into the Gardens beneath which river flows adorned in bracelets of Gold and Pearls and garments of Silk
24 guided in purest of speech and into the way of the Glorious one
25 the Disbelievers who stop Mankind from Allah’s way and the Sacred Mosque which is open to all. the ones who dwell there or are visitors, but whoever comes with purpose of wrongdoing or disrespect We will give the most terrible of punishments
Section 4
26 remember when We showed the site for the House to Abraham, saying “don’t join partners with Me and sanctify My House for the people to go round bow down, stand or perform Prayer
27 and announce the Pilgrimage to Mankind, they will arrive on foot or on every lean camels, due to journey through deep and distance mountain highways
28 that they may see the advantages, mentioning the name of Allah on fixed Days over the Cattle provided by Him for them to eat and feed the poor and needy
29 let them complete the Rites and go around the Ancient House
30 like such, whoever honors the Sacred Rites are good in sight of the Lord. lawful to you are Cattle except the ones mentioned earlier, and stop the filth of Idol worshipping and lying
31 be faithful to Allah and associate Him with none. whoever assigns partners to Him are like those fallen from Heaven and the birds snatch them or are blown far away
32 thus whoever magnifies the Symbols of Allah, surely it comes from the piety of their Hearts
33 for you in it (sacrificial cattle) are benefits for a fixed term,  later their place of sacrifice is near the Ancient House
Section 5
34 for every Nation We have fixed a Ritual that they may mention Allah’s name on the Cattle He has given for food. your God is one God so surrender to Him and give good news to the humble
35 and those who’s Hearts fear and endure patently whatever befalls them, are regular in Prayer  and give from whatever We have given them
36 the Camels! We made for you among Our Sign in them is much good, so mention Allah’s name on them as they line up. and when they are down on their sides, eat and feed the beggars and the poor. thus We have made animals subject to you so that you may be thankful
37 their meat and blood does not reach Allah but your piety does We have made them subject to you so that you may glorify Allah for His guidance giving good news to the good
38 Allah defends the Believer’s but does not like the faithless ungrateful
  Section    6
39 permission to take up arms is granted to those who are under attack and are wronged. Allah is able to give them victory
40 barred from their homes unjustly because they said  “our Lord is Allah” if it wasn’t for Allah’s checking some people against others, Monasteries, Churches, Synagogue and Mosques in which Allah name is often mentioned would surely been pulled down, for Allah helps those who help Him
41 if We establish them in the Land they will Pray and give Charity regularly, do right and forbid wrong. but all end rests with Allah!
42 if they deny you like the people of Noah, Aad and Thamud
43 and people of Abraham and Lut
44 and dwellers of Midian, and Moses who were all denied, but I gave a break to the Disbelievers and then punished them, then how terrible was My punishment
45 many an evil populations We’ve destroyed, their wells and high towers all lying in ruins
46 don’t they travel and see the Land. for their Hearts to see and ears to hear, their eyes are not blind but their Hearts in their breast is
47 they bid you to hurry the doom! but Allah will not fail in His promise. for a Day of your Lord is a Thousand Years of your count
48 so many sinful township I’ve tolerated and then punished abruptly, and to Me they shall return
Section 7
49 say “Mankind! I am only a plain warner”
50 Believers who do good for them is pardon and a rich provisions
51 but those who oppose Our Sign are dwellers of Fire
52 never did We send a Messenger or Prophet before you, and when they recited My Revelations, Satan proposed his recitations, but Allah stopped all what Satan proposed than He the all Knower and all Wise established His Revelations
53 and made Satan’s proposal a test for those with hardened, diseased Heart. and definitely the evil ones are in opposition far apart
54 and those given the knowledge may learn that it is the truth from your Lord so than they can believe and their heart submit to it, for Allah guides the righteous
55 Disbelievers won’t stop doubting until the Hour or punishment of Dooms Day comes suddenly after which there won’t be no Night
56 but the authority on that Day will be Allah’s. and He will judge between them. the good Believers will be in Gardens of Delight
57 as for Rejecters and deniers of our Sign is shameful doom
Section 8
58 those who leave their homes, die or get killed in Allah’s cause. He will provide good provisions, for Allah provides the best
59 admitting them to a place they will be well pleased. Allah the most Tolerant all Knower
60 that. and also whoever retaliated with no more than the hurt he received and was hurt again. Allah will aid him too, for He is most Kind and often Forgiving
61 that is because Allah merges Night into Day and Day into Night and is all Hearer, all Seer
62 Allah, only He is reality. and ones they join Him with are all false. Allah is the most High the most Great
63 don’t you see how Allah pours Water from the Sky and turns Earth green? He is most Kind well Aware
64 everything in Heavens and Earth belongs to Him Allah is absolute owner of Praise
Section 9
65 don’t you see how Allah has made everything on Earth subservient to you? the ship that sails through the Sea by His command so is the Sky held up by His command lest it falls on Earth, for Allah to Mankind is full of Kindness, most Merciful
66 He it is who gave you Life, will make you die and give you Life again, but Mankind is thankless
67 each Nation has been given Sacred rites to follow. don’t dispute with them but call them to Allah’s path.
68 still if they argue say “Allah knows what you do”
69 “Allah will judge between you on Judgment Day regarding where you differed”
70 don’t you know everything in Heaven and Earth is recorded in a Book (Al Lauh-e-Mahfuz) with Allah? it is easy for Him.
71 still they worship that which they have no knowledge of nor given any authority, for the evil there is no help
72 when Our Revelations are recited to them you can read the denial on their faces they are almost ready to attack those who recites. Say “shall I tell you something Allah has promised, for them is Fire with worst end”
Section 10
73 O Mankind here is a parable! those whom they call besides Allah even if they join together cannot create a fly let alone snatch something if the fly took anything from them. powerless are the seeker and the sought
74 they do not give just justification to Allah the all Powerful, all-Mighty
75 Allah chooses His Messengers from Angels and Men. He the all Hearer, all Seer
76 He knows what’s behind or in front of them, and to Allah returns all matter
77 Believers bow down prostrate to Allah, and do good work to succeed
78 strive hard in Allah’s way. He has chosen you and has not laid any hardship on your Religion, the Religion of your father Abraham. He has named you ‘Muslims’ before and in this. and that the Messenger may be witness for you and you a witness for Mankind. so establish Prayer, give Charity and hold fast to Allah. He is your Lord what an excellent Lord and Helper