Sura 26 – The Poets – (Al-Shu’ara)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura:  26
  • Part:  19 
  • Total Verses:  227
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Most-Lenient
  Section   1
1. Ta Sin Mim.
2. these are Verses of the clear Book
3 you may want to kill yourself because they disbelieve
4 if We willed We could’ve sent down Sign’s that would bend their necks
5 as soon as they receive new Messages they turn away
6 and reject it, they will soon know what they ridicule
7 don’t they see how much We cause to grow on Earth of every pair good
8 these are Sign’s but most disbelieve
9 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
Section   2
10 when the Lord called Moses “ go to the wrongdoers”
11 “Pharaoh’s people wont they fear!”
12 he said “i think they will reject me”
13 “and i may become embarrassed and tongue tied, may Aaron (Harun)accompany me”
14 “moreover they have a criminal charge against me and may kill me”
15 Allah said “no way go both of you with Our Sign We are with you, listening”
16 go to Pharaoh and say “we are sent by the Lord of the Worlds”
17 “release the Children of Israel”
18 (Pharaoh) said “didn’t we value you as a child and you spent many Years with us”
19 “but your deeds show’s your ungratefulness”
20 Moses said “I did it unknowingly”
21 “I was scared and fled but my Lord gave me a Command making me a Messenger”
22 “and you criticize me for your past favors on me and have enslaved the Children of Israel”
23 Pharaoh said “and what is this Lord of the Worlds”
24 (Moses) said “the Lord of Heavens and Earth and all between them to be precise”
25 (Pharaoh) said to all, around him “did you not hear?”
26 (Moses) said “and yours and your fathers Lord”
27 (Pharaoh) said “yours sent Messenger is surely mad!”
28 (Moses) said “and Lord of the East, West and all in between if only you understand
29 (Pharaoh) said “if you don’t make me your God I will put you in prison”
30 (Moses) said “even if I prove to you?”
31 he said “prove it if you are truthful?”
32 so he (Moses) threw his Rod and it turned into a Snake
33 and drew his Hand out and it was White to the onlookers
Section   3
34 (Pharaoh) said to his chiefs  “he is a clever Magician”
35 “using magic he wants to throw you out of your land. now what do you suggest?”
36 they said “keep him and his brother in anticipation and send out a call”
37 “for the top Magicians”
38 and the Magician got together on the appointed time and place
39 and the people were told “now you have all gathered?”
40 “yes! so that we can follow the Magician who wins”
41 the Magician who came asked Pharaoh “is there a reward if we win?”
42 he said “yes! you’ll be closer to me”
43 Moses said “cast what you want!”
44 so they threw their Ropes and Rods saying “with Pharaoh’s might we shall win!”
45 than Moses threw his Rod, it ate up their fabrication
46 and the Magicians fell prostrate
47 saying “we believe in the Lord of the Worlds”
48 “the Lord of Moses and Aaron”
49 (Pharaoh) said “you believe in him before my permission? he surely is your leader who has taught you magic. I will cut your hands and feet on opposite sides and crucify each one”
50 they said “it doesn’t matter we will go to our Lord”
51 “for we desire our Lord forgives our sins as we are the first Believers”
52 and We inspired Moses “travel by Night taking along my Devotees”
Section   4
53 than Pharaoh sent news to the Cities
54 these are small group
55 doing crime against us
56 but we are ready
57 and so We threw them out from Gardens and springs
58 and treasures and high positions
59 thus and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit them
60 and they followed them at sunrise
61 when the Two (2) groups saw each other Moses people said “we are surely trapped”
62 he said “no way my Lord’s with me, and will guide me!”
63 than We inspired Moses “ strike the Sea with your Rod and it parted and each part was like a Mountain”
64 and the others were brought near
65 We saved Moses and those with him
66 but drowned the rest
67 indeed in this is a Sign but most disbelieve
68 for your Lord is He the all-Mighty, Most-Lenient
69 also tell them the story of Abraham
Section   5
70 who said to his father and the people “what do you worship”
71 they replied “we worship idols and are loyal to it”
72 he said “do they hear you?”
73 “or benefit or harm you?”
74 they said “no! but this is what our father’s did”
75 he said “have you considered what you are worshipping”
76 “you and your forefathers?”
77 “they are enemies to me but Lord of the Worlds isn’t”
78 “He created and guides me”
79 “gives me food and drink”
80 “and cures my sickness”
81 “who will cause me to die, than give me Life”
82 “and I hope will forgive my mistakes on Day of Judgment”
83 “my Lord grant me wisdom and join me with the good”
84 “and make my mention honorable among the future”
85 “and make me inheritor of Paradise”
86 “and forgive my father who has gone astray”
87 “but do not disgrace me the Day they are Resurrected”
88 “the Day when neither wealth nor children will help”
89 “only who comes to Allah with clean Heart”
90 “and Paradise will be brought near the good”
91 “and Hell will be in view of the bad”
92 “and they will be told  where are those you worshipped”
93 “other than Allah? can they help you or themselves now?”
94 they will be thrown on their Faces along with the evils
95 “and a host of Satan”
96 they will say while quarrelling
97 by Allah we were clearly wrong
98 when we made you equal to the Lord of the Worlds
99 but the guilty ones misled us
100 now we have no mediator
101 nor a loving friend
102 if we get a chance to return again we would be Believers
103  in this is a Sign but most disbelieve
104  your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
Section   6
105 Noah’s people rejected the Messenger
106 when their brother Noah said “won’t you fear?”
107 “I am your trustworthy Messenger”
108 “so fear Allah and obey me”
109 “I don’t ask for reward, that i will get from the Lord of the Worlds”
110 “so fear Allah and obey me”
111 they said “should we follow you who comprise of lowly followers”
112 he said “what do I know what they do?”
113 “they are accountable to my Lord if you can see”
114 “and I am not here to deter the Believers”
115 “I am a plain Warner”
116 they said “Noah if you don’t stop you’ll be stoned”
117 he said “O Lord my people reject me”
118 “judge between us and save me and the Believers”
119 so We saved him and those with him in the Ship(Ark)
120 and drowned the rest
121 lo! in this are Sign’s but most disbelieve
122 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
  Section   7
123 the Ad’s rejected the Messenger
124 when their brother Hud said “won’t you fear?”
125 “I am your trustworthy Messenger”
126 “so fear Allah and obey me”
127 “I don’t ask for reward, that I will get from the Lord of the Worlds”
128 “for pleasure do you build landmark on every high place”
129 “and choose fine buildings as if to live there forever”
130 “and act like tyrants if you take it by force?”
131 “rather be dutiful to Allah and obey me”
132 “and fear Him who has given you all that you know”
133 “given you cattle and children”
134 “Gardens and springs”
135 “truly I fear for you the punishment of the great Day”
136 they said “to us it is all the same weather you warn or not”
137 “these are old tactic”
138 “we won’t be punished!”
139 so they rejected him and We destroyed them. yet in this are Signs but most disbelieve
140 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
  Section   8
141 the Thamud’s rejected the Messenger
142 when their brother Salih said “won’t you fear?”
143 “I am your trustworthy Messenger”
144 “so fear Allah and obey me”
145 “I don’t ask for reward that I will get from the Lord of the Worlds”
146 “are these secure what you have here?”
147 “Gardens and springs”
148 “Corn fields and heavy laden Date Palms”
149 “and you carve out Houses in the Mountains skillfully”
150 “fear Allah and obey me”
151 “don’t follow the spendthrift’s”
152 “who are corrupt and don’t change”
153 they said “you are mad!”
154 “and a person like us, if you tell the truth than bring us a Signs!”
155 he said “here is a she Camel and she and you both have a right  to drink on a chosen day”
156 “so don’t harm her otherwise punishment of a great Day will get you”
157 but they killed her, and later regretted
158 and the punishment seized them. yet in this are Sign’s but most disbelieve
159 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
Section   9
160 the people of Lot rejected the Messenger
161 when their brother Lot said “won’t you fear?”
162 “I am your trustworthy Messenger”
163 “so fear Allah and obey me”
164 “I don’t ask for reward that, i will get from the Lord of the Worlds”
165 “in the World will you only approach Males?”
166 “and leave those whom Allah has created as your Mates?”
167 they said “if you don’t stop you will be cast out!”
168 he said “I hate your activities”
169 “my Lord! save me and my family from their doings”
170 “so We saved him and all his family”
171 “except an old Woman who lingered behind”
172 then rest were completely destroyed”
173 “We rained on them a dreadful shower (brimstones) worse on those who were warned”
174 “indeed in this are Sign’s but most disbelieve”
175 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
Section   10
176 the Companions of the Woods (Al-Aikah) rejected the Messenger
177 when Shu’aib said to them “won’t you fear?”
178 “I am your trustworthy Messenger”
179 “so fear Allah and obey me”
180 “I don’t ask for reward, that I will get from the Lord of the Worlds”
181 “give just  measure in weight, not less”
182 “with correct weighing scales”
183 “don’t cheat people or do evil on Earth”
184 “fear Him who created you and those before you”
185 they said “you are mad!”
186 “you are a person like us and a liar”
187 “if you say the truth, than make a piece of sky fall on us!”
188 he said “my Lord knows your doings”
189 “and they rejected him, so the punishment of Shadow of an awful Day covered them”
190 for in this are Sign’s but most disbelieve
191 for your Lord is He the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
  Section   11
192 truly  this is a Revelations from the Lord of the Worlds
193 that the trustworthy Spirit (Gabriel) brought down
194 to warn your Heart that you maybe a Warner
195 in plain Arabic language
196 and without doubt it is in the Ancient Books
197 isn’t it a Sign that the learned Children of Israel knew it
198 had We  revealed it to any non-Arabs
199 and if he read it to them they wouldn’t have believed
200 that’s why We made this to enter the sinners Heart
201 they will not believe until they see terrible punishment
202 but that will come unaware suddenly
203 than they will say  “will we get a breather”
204 so will they than ask for early doom?
205 you see, even if We let them off for a few Years
206 still what they are promised will come
207 and whatever they had enjoyed won’t help
208 no Townships that We destroyed before sending Warner
209 to remind, for We are not unjust
210 the Devils did not bring it down
211 it does not become them, nor have they power
212 and they cannot even hear it
213 so do not call any other God other than Allah or you will be among the doomed
214 and warn your close kinsmen
215 and lower your wings to the Believers who follow you
216 and if they disobey say “ I am not liable for your doings”
217 and rely on the All-Mighty, Most-Lenient
218 who sees you standing forth
219 and sees you bowing down among those who prostrate
220 for He is All-Hearer, All-Knower
221 should I tell you on whom the Devil will descend?
222 they descend on every lying sinful person
223 the liars who gives their ears
224 the stray Poets follow them
225 don’t you see them wandering in every valley
226 what they speak they do not practice
227 except the Believers who do good work and remember Allah much. defend themselves only if unjustly attacked. the wrongdoers will know with what fierceness their affairs will overturn