Sura 24 – The Light – (An-Nur)



  • Revealed at: Medina
  • Sura:  24
  • Part:  18
  • Total Verses: 64
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section   1
1 Suras that We’ve sent down for you with clear Signs and warning
2 the Adulterer and the Adulteress to be flog each with Hundred (100) lashes without pity and witnessed by Believers. if you believe in Allah and the last Day
3 and the Adulterer or Adulteress can only Marry an Adulterer or Adulteress or an Idolater. but not a Believer
4 those who accuse chaste women of adultery and cannot produce Four (4) witnesses. they should be flogged Eighty (80) lashes and no future evidence should be accepted from them
5 unless they repent and ask forgiveness, for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most Lenient
6 and for those who accuse their Wives, their lone testimony can be accepted if they swear by Allah Four (4) times of telling truth
7 and a Fifth (5th) oath that, if he lies he will have the curse of Allah
8 but the Wife will avert punishment if she swears Four (4) times by Allah that her Husband is lying
9 and should take a Fifth (5th) oath that the wrath of Allah be on her if he’s telling the truth
10 this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for Allah who forgives and accept repentance. the all-Wise
  Section   2
11 don’t think the slandering group are doing you bad, but on the contrary for each will pay for their sins and their chief will have a terrible punishment
12 on hearing regarding the affair why don’t the Believers think good of their own folks and say “this isn’t true, it’s a lie?”
13 why don’t they produce Four (4) witnesses as proof? if they cannot, than they are liars in Allah’s sight
14 had Allah not been merciful in this Life and the Hereafter a serious doom would’ve seized you for the things you say
15 you spread it with your tongue and spoke with your mouth things you didn’t know and to you it was trifle matter, but to Allah it’s very serious
16 upon hearing it why didn’t you say “glory to Allah this is a serious lie”
17 Allah advises you never to speak such if you are true Believer
18 Allah makes the Revelations clear to you. He is all Knowing, all Wise
19 those who love to spread slander among the Believers will have severe penalty in this Life and Hereafter. Allah knows you don’t
20 if it wasn’t for Allah’s grace and mercy on you. and Allah’s full of Kindness and Mercy
Section   3
21 Believers do not follow Satan’s footsteps. for he will put you in wrong and filthy way, if it wasn’t for Allah none of you would be pure. but Allah purifies whom He wills, He Hears and Knows
22 don’t make good person swear not to help near of kin, needy or fugitive. let them forgive and overlook. don’t you wish Allah would forgive you? Allah oft-Forgiving, most-Lenient
23 those who slander chaste innocent Woman are cursed in this Life and the Hereafter with severe punishment
24 the Day on which their tongue, hands and feet’s will be a Witness against their doings
25 that Day they will receive their just due from Allah, and will realise that Allah is the clear Truth
26 bad Woman are for bad Men and vice versa same as good Woman are for good Men and vice versa
Section   4
27 Believers do not enter houses other than your own until permitted and you’ve greeted the people. remember it is better for you
28 and do not enter empty house until permission given but leave if asked to leave. Allah knows what you do
29 and no sin on you if you can enter uninhabited houses if you need to. Allah knows what you hide or reveal
30 tell the believing Men to lower their gazes and protect their private parts that’s purer, Allah is aware of their doings
31 and tell the believing Women to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts without displaying their beauty other than what’s obvious. and cover their Bosoms and reveal their beauty only to their Husbands or Fathers or Husband’s Father or their Sons or their Husband’s Sons or Brothers or Brother’s Sons or Sister’s Sons or what their right hand possess or vigor-less male servants or innocent little Children who have no sense of Women’s sexual parts and not to stamp their feet so that their beauty shows. Believers repent to Allah to be successful
32 marry those single among you, and marry the good Slaves and the Maids, if they are poor Allah will enrich them from His bounty. Allah is Sufficient, all-Knowing
33 let those keep chaste who don’t have means to marry until Allah enriches them. if your Slaves wants in writing (freedom) give them and help the good ones with wealth that Allah gave you. do not compel your maids into prostitution if they desire chastity just to gain some worldly goods. if anyone forces them then Allah is oft- Forgiving, most-Merciful
34 for We’ve sent down clear Verses with examples of those before you and warning for the Pious
Section   5 
35 Allah is the Light of the Heavens and Earth. the parable of His Light is as a niche and within it a Lamp enclosed in a Glass. the Glass as if it were a brilliant Star, lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive neither of East nor of West with its Oil glowing, Light upon Light without any Fire and Allah guides into His Light whom He wills and speaks in Allegories to Mankind, the all-Knower
36 and is found in houses where Allah’s name is taken in Honor. glorify Him Morning and Evening.
37 Men for whom neither trade nor goods is more attractive than Allah’s remembrance, regular Prayer, Charity or fearing the Day when hearts and eyes will overturn
38 that Allah may reward and add to their best deeds from His grace. for He gives without measures to whom He wills
39 as for the Disbelievers there deeds are like Mirage in the Deserts, when the Man thinks its water but upon reaching finds nothing but Allah, who is swift in taking and paying back account
40 or like layers of darkness in the depth of a vast Ocean, a wave on top of another on top of it clouds of darkness on top of other waves where a Man can hardly see his outstretched hand. for him there is no Light to whom Allah doesn’t give Light
Section   6
41 don’t you see it’s Allah’s praise that all in the Heavens and Earth celebrate, the Birds with wings outstretched each knows His praise and Prayer and Allah knows their doings
42 to Allah belongs the sovereignty of the Heavens and Earth, and the eventual return
43 don’t you see how Allah drives than joins the clouds and stacks them together and rain comes from between it. and sends from the sky mountain in it of hail striking whom He wills or not, with flashes of lightning nearly blinding
44 its Allah who alternates Night and Day. a lesson for those with vision
45 and Allah created every Moving Being from Water, some crawl on their bellies some on Two (2) legs and some on Four (4) He creates what He wills. Allah is all-Powerful
46 indeed We’ve sent down clear Verses. Allah guides whom He will on the straight path
47 they say “we believe in Allah and His Messenger and obey” later  some turn away, they are not Believers
48 when summoned to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them they refuse
49 if they were right they would’ve come willingly
50 do they have diseased Heart or are they scared that Allah and His Messenger will be unjust. nay! they are the wrongdoers
  Section   7 
51 successful Believers reply to Allah and His Messenger’s call by saying “we hear and obey”
52 and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger. fears Allah and are dutiful, such are successful
53 they swear solemnly by Allah that if you order them they would leave say “don’t swear it’s better to be obedient, for Allah knows your doings”
54 say “obey Allah and His Messenger but if you turn away, he is only responsible for his duty and you for yours. if you obey him you will be rightly guided. for the Messengers duty is only to convey clearly”
55 Allah promises good Believers success in this Earth, like He gave to the previous people and establish the Religion He chose for them, give them Peace and security after their fear that they will worship Me and not join Me with anything. and after this if they reject they are troublemakers
56 perform regular Prayer, give Charity and obey the Messenger, to find mercy
57 don’t think the Disbelievers will escape on Earth. for Fire is their home a terrible end
Section   8
58 Believers! let your servants and young ones ask permission from you to come in your presence at three times of undress, before dawn prayer, in the noon when you take off clothing and after Isha Night Prayer Three (3) times of privacy. other than these there is no sin for you to go about your daily chores. thus Allah explains His Verses the all-Knower, all-Wise
59 and when the children come of age than let them ask permission the way the grown-ups do. thus Allah the all-Knower all-Wise explains His Sign
60 for Woman past marriageable age it is no sin to remove the outer clothing and not become indecent, but it’s better to refrain. Allah is all-Hearer, all-Knower
61 no blame is to the blind, lame or sick and also yourself. if you eat from your house or your Father’s or Mother’s house, or Brother’s and Sister’s house or Father’s Brothers or Sisters, Mother’s Brothers or Sisters or the house of which you possess keys. or eat with friends, whether you eat alone or together but when you enter greet each other with Allah’s greetings. thus Allah makes clear His Revelations for you to understand
  Section   9
62 true Believers are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger and while discussing things they don’t leave without asking his leave. regarding their affairs give whom you will permission and ask forgiveness for them from Allah for He is oft-Forgiving, most-Lenient
63 don’t think the Messengers calling is like you calling one another and do not hide away, for Allah knows your excuse. those who evade beware of painful doom
64 be sure all in the Heavens and Earth belongs to Allah, He knows your intentions. one Day they will all be brought back to Him and He will inform them their doings for He’s the all-Knower