Sura 19 Mary (Maryam)


  MARY  (MARYAM)                       

  • Revealed At  :  Makkah
  • Sura :  19
  • Part :  16 
  • Total Verses:  98
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
   Section   1
1 Kaf Ha Ya Ain Sad
2 a mention of your Lord’s mercy for his Devotee Zachariah
3 who secretly cried to his Lord
4 praying “O my Lord my bones are old and i have grey hair but my prayers are always heard”
5 i fear from my relatives after me, my wife is barren. give me a Heir from Your presence
6 a true Heir who will also represent the house of Jacob (Yaqub) with Your blessing
7 “Zachariah We give good news of a Son named John (Yahya) non have We given such name before”
8 he said “my wife is barren and i am very old how shall we have a Son”
9 he said “so! say’s your Lord: it’s easy for Me, didn’t I create you from nothing”
10 said (Zachariah) “my Lord give me a Sign”. “your Sign ‘is not to speak anyone for (3) Three Nights’”
11 so he came out to his people from his chambers saying in sign language to glorify Allah morning and evening
12 “John (Yahya) hold the Book firmly” We made him cleaver even as a child
13 with compassion and purity from Us he was devout
14 kind to his parents and not arrogant or rebellious
15 so peace on him the day he was born the day he dies and the day he will be raised alive!
Section   2
16 and mention Mary in the Book, when she withdrew from her family to a place facing East
17 choosing privacy from them, than We sent our Spirit to her appearing as a perfect Man
18 she said “i seek refuge from you to my Lord. if you are God fearing”
19 he said “i am only your Lords Messenger that i may bestow on you a holy son”
20 she said “how is that possible when no man’s touched me nor am i unchaste”
21 “so!” The Lord said “it is easy for Me, he will be a Sign and mercy for Mankind it is decreed”
22 so she conceived him and retired to a far place
23 and the pangs of childbirth drove her to a tree trunk: she cried “O wish i had been dead and forgotten”
24 but from beneath her came a cry “don’t grieve, the Lord has provided under you a Water Stream”
25 “shake the Date-palm trunk and ripe Dates will fall on you”
26 “eat, drink and freshen, and if you meet anyone” say: “i have vowed a Fast for the Beneficent and today i shall not speak to anyone”
27 finally she came to her people carrying him, they said: “you’ve bought a great thing”
28 “O sister of Aaron! neither your father was evil, nor mother unchaste”
29 she pointed to the baby they said “how can we ask who is in the cradle?
30 (baby) spoke “i am Allah’s Devotee, He gave me the Scripture and made me a Prophet”
31 “and blessed me wherever i am and instructed for me Prayer and Charity all my life”
32 “and to respect my mother and be not arrogant or unblest”
33 “so peace be upon me the day i was born the day i die and the day i shall be raised alive!”
34 such was Jesus son of Mary. a true statement which they dispute
35 it does not befit Allah to take a Son. Glorified is He! He just needs to say “be!” And it is
36 “Allah is my and your Lord, worship Him that’s the right way”
37 the sect differed among themselves: so woe to those who disbelieve, of the oncoming great Day
38 how clearly they’ll hear and see the Day when they appear before Us, but evildoers today are obviously mistaken
39 warn them of the oncoming Day of distress when the case is decided, while now they are negligent Disbelievers
40 it’s We who will inherit the Earth with all in it: and to Us are their return
Section   3
41 also mention Abraham (Ibrahim) in the Book, he was a Saint and a Prophet
42 he said to his father “father why pray to something that can’t hear, see or help you”
43 “O father! I have received knowledge which you haven’t, so follow me to a straight path”
44 “O father don’t worship Satan who is against the Beneficent”
45 “my father i fear a punishment for you from the Lord  least you become Satan’s companion”
46 (his father) said “you reject my gods, O Abraham i will stone you don’t come near me for a long time”
47 Abraham said “peace be on you! i shall pray to my Lord for your forgiveness, for he is most gracious to me”
48 “i will turn away from you and things you join with Allah and call my Lord, maybe i shall not be unblest”
49 when he turned away from them and things they worshiped besides Allah We gave him two (2) Son’s Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob (Yaqub). each We made Prophets
50 and gave Our mercy on them with honor on the tongues
Section   4
51 also mention Moses in the Book. he was specially chosen Messenger and a Prophet
52 We called him to the right side of Mount near to Us to  whisper
53 and from Our mercy We gave him and his brother Aaron Prophet hood
54 also mention in the Book of Ishmael (Ishmael), who kept his promise he was a Messenger and a Prophet
55 he directed Prayer and Charity on his people and was well pleased in the Lords sight
56 also mention Ishmael (Idris) in the Book he was truthful and a Prophet
57 and We raised him to a high position
58 those were some of the Prophets whom Allah chose. they were from the offspring of Adam and those We carried with Noah and offspring of Abraham and Israel and ones We guided and chose, whenever they hear the Ayat’s they fall down adoring with tears
59 after them, followed generations who did not pray but ran after lust. soon they will faces destruction
60 except the Righteous Believers who repented, will enter the Gardens and will not be dealt unjustly
61 Garden of Eden promised by Allah for his Devotees in the unseen: His promise will surely be fulfilled
62 there they will not hear vain talk but only peace. and will have food, morning and evening
63 such Gardens We make for Our good Devotees to inherit
64 “We (Angels) don’t come down without the Lord’s command, to Him belongs our present, future and all in between: and your Lord does not forgets”
65 Lord of the Heavens and Earth and all between: worship Him regularly and patiently. Is there anyone who you can compare Him with?
Section   5
66 Mankind say’s “when i am dead will i be raised alive?”
67 don’t they realise We had created them out of nothing?
68 without doubt We shall gather them with the Devils, brought around Hell on their knees
69 than We’ll drag out from all sects those who rebelled against the Beneficent
70 for certainly We know who deserves most to be burned
71 none can override it, this is the Lords Decree
72 and We shall save those who feared leaving the evil ones crouching
73 upon hearing our Revelations the Disbelievers say “which of the Two (2) groups are better in position and place?”
74 how many generation We’ve destroyed before them who were well equipped and showy
75 say “if anyone goes astray Allah extends to them and when they see the warning of punishment or the Hour and realise who is worse and weak in position”
76 “Allah increases Guidance to the good: that are best in the Lords sight for rewards and resort”
77 have you seen the Disbelievers who says “i will be given wealth and children?”
78 has he seen the unseen or have an agreement with the Lord?
79 no! We shall record his words and add to his punishment
80 whatever he says will be with Us and shall come to Us alone
81 they have taken Gods besides Allah to give them honor
82 but their (Gods) will reject their worship and become their enemy
Section   6
83 don’t you see We’ have set the Devils onto the Disbelievers to confuse them
84 so don’t bother, there days are numbered
85 and We shall gather the Righteous like a delegation
86 and drive the guilty to Hell thirsty
87 none can interfere except the ones given permission by the Beneficent
88 they say “the beneficent has taken a Son”
89 really you utter nonsense!
90 at it the Sky is ready to burst the Earth ready to break in pieces and Mountains to fall in ruins
91 that they ascribe a Son to the Beneficent
92 for it is not befitting the most gracious to beget a Son
93 not one Creature in the Heavens or Earth can come to the Beneficent other than as a Devotee
94 He takes into account all, and numbered each exactly
95 and they will go to Him alone on Judgment Day
96 on the good Believers the Beneficent will bestow love
97 We’ve made it (Quran) easy in your language, so that you can give good news to the Believers and warn the Sinners
98 many a generation We’ve destroyed, can’t you find or let alone hear a whisper of them?