Sura 13 – The Thunder (Ar-Ra’d)



  • Revealed at:  Makkah
  • Sura:  13
  • Part: 13
  • Total Verses:  43
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Mim Ra these are Verses of the Book revealed by your Lord to you in Truth. but most of Mankind disbelieve
2 Allah is He, who raised the Heavens without support that you can see; then mounted the Throne. He arranged the Sun and Moon each run in Orbit for a term. He manages all affairs explaining the Signs in details, so that you have no doubt in meeting with your Lord
3 He it is who has spread the Earth, set firm Mountains and Rivers, with Fruits in Pairs of Two (2) of each kind. He made Night as a veil over Day.  a Sign’s for your thoughts
4 on Earth are neighboring tract and Gardens of vines, green crops and Palm Trees growing Two (2) or Three (3) out of single root or from only One, watered by same water yet some are tastier than others. a Signs for those who understand!
5 it makes you wonder at their strange saying “when we are dust will we really be created anew?” they disbelieve the Lord, and will have yokes round their neck and live in Fire
6 they ask you to hurry onto evil rather than good, even though they’ve seen forewarning punishments before them. still the Lord often forgives wrongdoings of Mankind. but He is strict in punishment too
7 the Disbelievers say “why isn’t a Sign sent to him by his Lord?” but than you are only a Warner and guide for all
Section 2
8 Allah knows what every Female bears, and how much the womb fail or exceeds. all is measured and in His sight
9 He  knows the unseen and seen: He is Great the Most High
10 It is all the same if you hide His speech or announce openly. or hide by Night or walk freely by Day
11 for each person there are Angels in succession, guarding the front and back by Allah’s command. Allah will not change peoples condition unless they change it themselves. and if He wishes to punish, none can stop or find besides Him any to protect
12 it is He who shows you Lightning, as fear and hope. and it is He who raises up the heavy Clouds
13 Thunder repeats His praise, so do the Angels in awe. He sends earsplitting thunder-bolt and strikes whomever. yet still Mankind disputes about Allah’s Might?
14 true Prayer is for Him alone. any others they pray to, hear them no more than if they were to stretch both hands for water to reach their mouth but cannot drink. for useless are Disbeliever’s Prayers
15 all Beings in Heavens and Earth bow down to Allah whether willing or unwilling, even their Shadows bow Morning and Evening
16 say “who is the Lord and sustainer of the Heavens and Earth” say “Allah!” say “than how come you choose others as protectors, ones who have no power to do good or harm even to themselves.  say; is a blindman equal to a seer? or is darkness equal to light? or have the partners they assign to Allah created similar Creations?” say “Allah is Creator of all, the One Almighty”
17 He sends Water from the Sky making channels flow according to its measure, while the surge sweeps away the foam that accumulates, just like when making metal ornament and utensils. the scum is passed away upon the banks while that which is of use for Mankind remains. thus Allah sets forth a parable
18 for those who answered Allah’s call is Paradise, but those who don’t, even if they give everything on Heavens or Earth as ransom or more, for them is terrible reckoning with Hell and misery as their Home
Section 3
19 is it then one who believes that what’s revealed to you from your Lord is the truth be like the one who is blind? only people with understanding pay heed
20 and those who fulfill the promise of Allah without breaking it
21 those who join together things Allah commanded to be joined and fear the Lord and the terrible judgment
22 those who patiently seek approval of their Lord, Pray regularly, spend secretly what We gave them and openly overcome evil with good. their end is good
23 they shall enter Eden (Paradise) with those among their fathers, partners and children who were good. the Angels will come to them from every Gate saying;
24 “Peace to you, for enduring patiently! excellent is the final Home”
25 but those who break Allah’s promise after accepting. break what He has commanded to be joined, do mischief on Earth, on them is a curse; and an evil Home
26 Allah increases or grants by strict measures, provisions to whom He wills. and they rejoice but Life of this World is a brief enjoyment compared to the Hereafter
Section 4
27 Disbelievers say “why doesn’t his Lord send him a Sign?” say “Allah sends astray whom He wills but guides those who repent to Him”
28 “Believers who find satisfaction in their Hearts in remembrance of Allah; for undoubtedly Hearts do find satisfaction in Allah’s remembrance”
29 “for the righteous Believers happiness and Paradise is their journeys end”
30 thus We’ve sent you to a community, where other communities had passed away before, so that you may recite the Revelations We’ve inspired in you. to the Disbelievers say “Allah is my Lord and there is no other God, and I put my trust and my return to Him “
31 if there was a Quran with which you could move Mountains or break the Earth to pieces or make the Dead speak (than this is it!). but Allah is the Supreme command. don’t the Disbelievers know if He so willed He could’ve guided all Mankind. disaster will not cease to strike the Disbelievers, or lay close to their homes until Allah’s threat arrives, for He never fails His promise
Section 5
32 Messengers were mocked before you, but still for Disbelievers I granted a break, but finally seized them. so how was My punishment!
33 isn’t it He who watches every Soul and knows what it earned? still they join partners to Allah. say “name them!” are you saying something He doesn’t know on Earth? or is it just show of words? nay! their plotting seems fair to Disbelievers that’s why they are kept away from the right path. for whoever Allah sends astray none can guide
34 for them there is punishment in this Life and worse in the Hereafter with no protector against Allah
35 similarity of the Paradise promised to the Pious! are Rivers flowing beneath with infinite Provisions, Shade and Reward for the good, but the Disbelievers end is the Fire
36 some rejoice with the Book We’ve revealed to you and some deny parts of it. say “I am commanded to serve only Allah not join partners to Him, I call Him and to Him is my return”
37 thus We’ve revealed it to be a Judgment of Authority in Arabic. if you were to follow their desires than you would’ve no protector nor defense against Allah
Section 6
38 We did send Messengers before you and made Wives and Children for them, it was not their duty to bring a Sign unless Allah permits. and for each matter there is a Decree
39 it’s up to Allah, if He blots out or confirms what He pleases, for He has the Mother of the Book (Al-Lauh-e-Mahfuz)
40 whether We show you part of what We’ve promised them or take your Soul before it, your duty is only to convey and Ours to take account
41 don’t they see how We gradually reduce their Land from its borders? when Allah Commands none can stop, for He is swift to take account
42 those before them devised plot. but Allah has the Master plan for He knows every Soul’s doings.  soon the Disbelievers will know who ends up Home!
43 the Disbelievers say “you are not a Messenger” say “Allah is enough as witness between you and me” and those whoever has knowledge of the Book