Sura 34 – Sheba (Saba)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 34
  • Part: 22 
  • Total Verses: 54
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section 1
1 All praise be to Allah owner of all in the Heavens and Earth. and praise Him too in the Hereafter. He the  All-Wise, All-Aware
2 He knows what goes into or comes out of Earth and what descends from Heavens or ascends to it. He the most-Merciful, oft-Forgiving
3 Disbelievers say “the Hour will never come” tell them “it surely will come on you, from Him the Knower of unseen. not an Atom’s weight is hidden in the Heavens or Earth from Him nor smaller then that or bigger all recorded in clear Book”
4 so that He may reward the good Believers with forgiveness and rich provisions
5 but for those who challenge Our Sign is painful doom
6 and whoever received the knowledge, can see whatever’s revealed to you from your Lord is true, leading to the path of Almighty the Praiseworthy
7 the Disbelievers taunt “shall we show you a Man who says when you are completely disintegrated and scattered, you shall be created anew?
8 is he lying regarding Allah, or mad? nay! it’s those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, are in torment and  greatly mistaken
   Section 2
9 can’t they see what is before or behind them of the Sky and Earth? if We wished the Earth could’ve  swallowed them or a piece of Sky fall on them. a Sign for every Devotee turning to Allah
10 assuredly We bestowed grace on David “O Mountains and Birds! Sing Allah’s praise with him”, and We made the Iron soft for him”
11 “make coats of mail, and measure the chains correctly. do right for I am watching you”
12 and to Solomon power of the Wind: its early Morning stride was One (1) Months journey and Evening stride was One (1) Months journey. and We also caused a Copper fountain to gush forth for him. the Jinns worked in front of him by his Lords permission and if any deviated from Our command, tasted punishment of burning Fire
13 working as he desired: making high rooms, statues, basins as large as reservoirs, and fixed cauldrons. “give thanks O Son of David” but few Devotees are thankful
14 when We commanded Death for him (Solomon) nothing showed except when a little Creature ate his staff making him fall. only than Jinn’s realised if they had known the unseen they wouldn’t have continued this hated work
15 there was a Sign for Sheba in their homeland, Two (2) Gardens to the right and left. “eat the provisions from  your Lord and be grateful” a just Land and oft-Forgiving Lord!
16 but they rejected, so We sent flood (from Dam) against them making their Two (2) Gardens produce bitter fruit, Tamarisk and few Lote Trees
17 this revenge We took for being ungrateful. and We never punish any except the ungrateful
18 between them and the City We blessed, We placed in prominent positions Cities with easy access “travel safely by Night or Day”
19 but they said “our Lord made our journey’s stages longer” wronging themselves. so We made them like a tale spreading everywhere. a Sign for each tolerant grateful
20 and Satan proved his idea correct. they followed him except for a few Believers
21 but he had no power over them except that We might test those who believed in the Hereafter from those who doubted. for your Lord notices all
  Section 3
22 say: call any whom you like besides Allah. they haven’t an Atom’s strength in the Heavens or Earth. nor do they have share nor are supporter in it, nor are they helpers to Allah
23 no intervention can avail in His presence without His permission. however when from their Hearts fear is removed they say “what did your Lord command?” they say “the Truth. and He is High and Mighty”
24 say: who provides for you from Heavens or Earth? say: Allah and it is either we or you, who are rightly guided or obviously wrong
25 say “you shall not be questioned regarding our Sins nor we for yours”
26 say “our Lord will gather us and Judge between us in Truth. He the all-Knowing”
27 say “show me the Partners you’ve joined Him with? nay! for He’s Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise
28 We have not sent you other then as Messenger of good news and warning to all of Mankind, but most understand not
   Section   4
29 they ask “Truthfully when will this promise be?”
30 say “your meeting is for a Day and you cannot postpone nor forward it an Hour”
31 the Disbelievers say “we don’t believe in this Quran or those before it” if only you could see, the Disbeliever’s standing before their Lord accusing each other! the loathed ones will say to the arrogant “if it weren’t for you we would’ve been Believers”
32 the arrogant will say to the loathed ones “did we stop you from Guidance after you received it? nay! you yourself are guilty”
33 the loathed ones will say to the arrogant “nay! you were scheming Day and Night commanding us to be ungrateful to Allah and set rivals to Him”. and they’ll repent upon seeing the Doom: We shall put yokes round Disbelievers necks, a just requital for their deeds
34 never did We send Messenger to a populations, but rich among them said “we disbelieve with what you are sent with”
35 they said “we’ve more wealth and children we are not the punished!”
36 say “my Lord increases or limits provisions to whoever He pleases. but most understand not”
   Section   5
37 it is not your wealth or children that bring you near Us, but your belief and good deeds, for them are multiple rewards and they’ll live highly in peace and security
38 those who work against Our Sign, challenging it, they will be punished
39 say “my Lord increases or restricts provisions to whichever Devotee He pleases and any least bit you spend for Him, He replaces. He provides the best”
40 one Day He will gather them together and say to the Angels “was it you these people worshipped?”
41 they will reply “glory be! You are our protector and guardian not them, nay! but most worship Jinns and believed in them”
42 so on that Day they won’t have power over each other for profit or harm. and We shall say to the wrongdoers “taste the penalty of Fire for rejecting”
43 upon hearing Our Revelations, they say “this is only a Man hindering us from ways practiced by our fathers, an invented lie!” the Disbelievers upon learning the Truth say “it’s plain Magic!”
44 That We haven’t given them Books to study nor had We sent them Messengers as warner before you
45 but those before them rejected and these have not achieved a tenth of what We granted to those: yet when they rejected My Messenger, than how terrible was My rejection!
   Section   6
46 say “I urge you one thing. wake-up for Allah’s sake, in pairs or alone and reflect. your companion is not possessed but is a warner for you in faces of a terrible doom”
47 say: “I ask no reward from you it’s in your own interest. my reward is from Allah alone. He witness all things”
48 say: “my Lord sends down the Truth, He the Knower of all unseen things”
49 say: “the Truth has arrived and falsehood shall perish and not return”
50 say: “if I stray I am the loser but if I am rightly guided that’s inspirations from Allah to me. Lo! He’s all-Hearer and Nearer”
51 if you could but see them shake with terror with no escape, and being seized close by
52 than they will say “we believe in it” but then they’ll be too far away  from it
53 seeming they did reject Faith before, and guess about the unseen  from afar
54 and a barrier will be set between them and their desires as done with such people previously. for they were distrustful and in doubt