Sura 9 – Repentance (At-Tauba)



  • Revealed at :  Medina
  • Sura :  9
  • Part : (10) / 11
  • Total Verses :  129
  In the Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 Immunity from Allah and His Messenger is for those Disbelievers with whom you’ve made Treaty
2 travel freely in the Land for (4) Four months, but Disbelievers cannot escape Allah for He will disgrace them
3 Declaration from Allah and His Messenger to Mankind on Day of Pilgrimage: Allah and His Messenger has no duty towards the Idolaters. it’s better if Disbelievers repent now, otherwise great Doom awaits them
4 except those with whom you’ve an agreement and they have done nothing against, nor supported anyone against you. honor their Treaty to the end. for Allah loves the Pious
5 and after the sacred Months fight, kill the Disbelievers wherever you find them. surround, besiege and prepare every ambush for them, but if they Repent, Pray and give Charity than free their way for Allah is oft- Forgiving, Merciful
6 and if any Disbelievers asks for protection, grant them, escort the ignorant  to a secure place so that they may hear Allah’s words.
Section   2
7 how can there be a Treaty with the Idolaters except those made near the Sacred Mosque, so as long as they honor their Agreement you do likewise. for Allah loves the Pious
8 how when they get the upper hand they disregard ties of relationship or agreement and turn against you. their mouths agree with you but their Heart doesn’t most are disobedient
9 they have purchased with Allah’s Verses a measly sum creating obstruction in His way. they are evil
10 towards a Believer they do not respect Relationship nor Agreement, they are Evildoers
11 but if they mend their ways with regular Prayer and Charity than take them on as your brothers in Faith
12 and if they revert back attacking and criticizing your Religion than fight their leaders so that they stop, for their promise means nothing
13 wont you fight those who broke their promise schemed against the Messenger and was first to strike. are you afraid of them when its only Allah, Believers should be afraid of
14 fight them so that Allah punishes them by your hands. He will give Victory and lighten Believers breasts
15 and remove anger from their Hearts. He accepts Repentance from whom He wills, for Allah is all Knowing, Wise
16 or you think you shall be left alone? while Allah has not tested those who are true, who have not taken helpers besides Allah, His Messenger and the Believers. Allah knows your doings
  Section   3
17 the Disbelievers are not to maintain Allah’s Mosques, bearing witness against themselves of disbelief, their works are useless. their eternal home is the Fire
18 Allah’s Mosque should only be maintained by Believers of Allah, the last Day who Pray regularly, give Charity and fear Him. they are on true Guidance
19 do you think by giving drinking Water to the Pilgrims and maintaining Mosque is equal to Believers and believing in the  Last Day, they do not compare and in Allah’s sight they are Wrongdoers
20 Believers who left their homes, struggled with their Wealth and Lives in Allah’s cause hold the highest rank with Him they are successful
21 their Lord gives them good News of Mercy from Him to live forever in  Gardens of delight
22 to live their forever. all great Reward are from Allah
23 Believers do not take your Father, Brothers or Friends as Guardian if they love infidelity. for you will be wrongdoing
24 say “if your Father, Sons, Brothers, Wives, Wealth, Property or Business is valuable to you more than Allah and His Messenger? wait than for His decision for He doesn’t guide wrongdoers”
Section   4
25 Allah gave you Victory in many Battles like Battle of Hunain when you rejoiced in your great numbers but that was useless, for you had to flee because of the vast  Earth
26 then Allah reassured the Messenger and Believers and sent down Invisible Forces rewarding the Disbelievers with punishment
27 later still Allah may help whoever He wills, for He is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
28 Believers: Idolaters are unclean, do not let them enter the Sacred Mosque after this Year of theirs. do not fear of poverty because Allah the all-Knowing Wise will compensate you
29 fight those who don’t believe in Allah the last Day nor do they forbid that which Allah and His Messenger has forbidden nor accept the Religion of Truth. even if they are people of the Book, till they eagerly pay the Tax (Jizya) with submissive feelings
  Section   5
30 the Jews call Uzair and the Christians call Jesus ‘Son of Allah’ it’s only their mouths repeating old sayings. Allah’s curse be on them! how evil are they!?
31 taking their Rabbis, Monks and Jesus Son of Mary as their Lords when they are Commanded to worship only 1 (one) God: Allah! praise be on Him from what they join Him with
32 thinking to finish Allah’s Light by mouth. which He will never allow, however much the  Disbelievers hate
33 it is He who sent His Messenger with the Guidance and Religion of Truth. a Religion over all Religions, to the hatred of Disbelievers
34 Believers: many Rabbis and Monks devour others Wealth and stop people in way of Allah. inform those who hoard Gold and Silver for them awaits a great Doom
35 on the Day, when it is heated from Hell Fire and with it their forehead, sides and back are branded. “this is what you hoarded so taste your hoardings”
36 in Allah’s Book the number of Months are Twelve (12), on the Day when He created the Heaven’s and Earth, Four (4) of them are sacred. this is the right Religion so don’t wrong yourself. together fight the Idolaters if they join to fight you, but remember Allah loves the Pious
37 the postponement (of the Sacred Months) is an addition to disbelief this way the Disbelievers are misled for they allow it one Year and forbid the next in order to make lawful the Months Allah has prohibited. this is forbidden, Allah does not guide Disbelievers
  Section   6
38 Believers! “what’s your problem that instead of striving in Allah’s cause you cling to Earth. do you prefer Life of this World to the Hereafter?”but remember comfort of present Life is less than the Hereafter
39 if you don’t go forth He will punish you with great disaster and will replace you with others. you cannot harm Him, for Allah is all-Capable
40 even if you don’t help him Allah will. when the enemy drove him out they were only Two (2) in the Cave and he said “don’t fear, Allah is with us” and Allah sent Invisible Forces to him, and made the Disbelievers words inferior and Allah’s word became superior for Allah is Mighty, Wise
41 go forward lightly or heavily, armed with your wealth and lives in Allah’s cause, that is better for you
42 if it was profitable, they would’ve followed you but the journey was long and they would swear by Allah that “if we could we would’ve joined” they destroy their own selves, Allah knows the liars!
  Section   7
43 may Allah forgive you! “why did you grant leave to them before waiting to see clearly who told the truth and who were liars?”
44 those who believe in Allah and the Last Day went forth with their wealth, lives and never asked for exemption from fighting. Allah Knows
45 only Disbelievers whose Hearts doubt Allah and the Last Day, ask your leave for they waver in their doubts
46 if they really wanted they would’ve prepared themselves but Allah was reluctant for them being sent, so He made them lag behind. they were told “sit with those sitting!”
47 if they had gone with you they would’ve created troubles in your midst sowing treason and some among you would’ve listened. Allah knows the wrongdoers
48 they had created problems before for you until the arrival of the Truth, confirming Allah’s Decree which became evident to their disgust
49 of them he who says “ grant me exemption don’t put me on trial” isn’t he already on trial, with Hell surrounding the Disbelievers
50 in your good fortune they are upset and in your misfortune they rejoice. saying “glad we took precautions”
51 say “nothing will happen to us except what Allah wills” He is our Protector and in Allah let the Believers put their trust
52 say “do you expect for us any one of the Two (2) great things. but we await for you punishment either from Allah or by us. so wait we too are waiting”
53 say “spend willingly or unwillingly but it will not be accepted from you wicked people”
54 nothing prevents their contributions from being accepted except that they rejected Allah and His Apostle and sluggishly come to prayer and unwillingly offered contributions
55 don’t let their wealth or children dazzle you. Allah wants to punish them with these things in this World. so that they die as Disbelievers
56 they swear by Allah they are with you but they are not and they are afraid
57 if they can run to a cave or refuge and hide somewhere they would’ve done so immediately
58 and among them are some who give bad name to you regarding distributions of Alms. they are pleased if given to them but enraged if not
59 it would’ve been better if they were satisfied with what Allah and His Messenger gave them and had said “Allah and his Messenger is sufficient for us, we pray to Allah”
  Section   8
60 Alms are for poor, needy and those employed to collect funds and to attract Hearts of those inclined. and to free Slaves, and Debtors, for Allah’s cause and for Refugees. a duty imposed by Allah the Knower, Wise
61 among them are some who hurt the Prophet saying “he says i am all ears” say “he listens to help you, he believes in Allah and trusts the Believers and is a mercy for those who believe” but those who hurt the Messenger  are in serious trouble
62 to please you they swear by Allah. but it is more befitting for them to please Allah and His Messenger if they are Believers
63 don’t they know for those who opposes Allah and His Messenger there is Hell Fire to live in. that’s extreme Disgrace
64 the hypocrites worry in case a Verse is revealed concerning what’s in their Hearts “say ‘mock! Allah will show you what you fear ”
65 if you question them they say “we were only joking” are they joking about Allah, His Sign and His Messenger?”
66 do not make excuses for rejecting Faith after accepting it. We may pardon some but some We will punish for their crimes
  Section   9
67 hypocrite Men and Woman understand each other they bid evil and forbid good. with closed fits they’ve forgotten Allah and He has forgotten them. they are Transgressors
68 for the hypocrites Men, Women and the Disbelievers, Allah has promised their homes forever in Fire of Hell along with His curse
69 those before you were mightier and prosperous than you with Wealth and Children, they had their portion of enjoyment; so enjoy your portion like them,  indulging in loose talks they do not get any return for their work in this World or the Hereafter they are the losers
70 haven’t you heard the story of people of Noah, Ad, Tamud and people of Abraham, Midian and the tragedy? their Messenger came to them with proofs. Allah did not wrong them  but they wronged themselves
71 believing Men and Woman are protectors of each other they encourage good and forbid evil they Pray and give regular Charity and obey Allah and His Messenger. on them Allah showers His Mercy the all-Mighty, Wise
72 Allah has promised Believing Men and Woman Gardens underneath which Rivers flows to live forever in beautiful Mansions in garden of Eden with Allah’s bliss. the Supreme achievement
  Section   10
73 O Prophet be hard on the Disbelievers and hypocrites for their home is Hell, an evil ending
74 they swear by Allah they did not talk about disbelief but they did and that too after accepting Islam. because their plot failed, that’s why this revenge. trying to get the bounty from Allah and his Messenger. it will be better if they repent and if they don’t a grievous punishment is for them in the Hereafter with no helper on Earth
75 among them some who promised (saying) “if Allah bestows His bounty on us we will be good and give Charity in return.”
76 after  receiving His bounty they changed and turned away
77 so He put hypocrisy in their Hearts till their meeting with Him because they broke their promise and are liars
78 don’t they know Allah knows their Hearts, their secret counsel?  Allah the Knower of Unseen
79 those who mock at the Believers who happily give Charity and ones who cannot but gave whatever they could. Allah will throw their mockery at them with painful punishment
80 weather you ask forgiveness for them or not. even Seventy (70) times Allah will never forgive those who rejected Him and His Messenger, He does not guide the disobedient
  Section   11
81 the ones left behind rejoice that they are not behind the Messenger fighting in the heat with lives and property for Allah. they said “don’t go in the heat” say “ Fire of Hell’s heat is fiercer if only you knew”
82 let them laugh now for later they have to cry a lot for their sins
83 if Allah brings you back to them and if they ask to go out with you say “i will never take you, for you did not come the first time. you sit!”
84 do not Pray for any of them nor stand at  their graves for they rejected Allah, His Messenger and died being Disbelievers
85 nor let their Son’s or wealth dazzle you for Allah wants to punish them with these in this World so that their Souls perish as Disbelievers
86 when a Verse comes down asking to believe in Allah and fight alongside the Messenger the rich ask for exemption to stay back
87 they prefer to stay they do not understand that their Hearts are sealed
88 but those who joined the Messenger in fight they will prosper and be successful
89 for them there are Gardens underneath it Rivers flow that’s the Supreme Triumph
  Section   12
90 and among the Bedouins some made excuses and some lied asking for exemption a terrible punishment is in store for these Disbelievers
91 only the ill, infirm and those with no resources are exempted who are true and sincere to Allah and His Messenger. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
92 and they too are exempt those who came asking to mount them and you said “i cannot find any mount” with tears they turned back unable to find the expense
93 the ground is against those who are rich and ask for exemptions they chose to be with those who stay behind, Allah has sealed their Hearts and they know not


  • Revealed at :  Medina
  • Sura :  9
  • Part : 10 / (11)
  • Total Verses :  129
94 upon your return they will give you excuses say “you don’t want to hear, Allah has informed you and the matter is with Him. Allah and His Messenger will study your deeds. finally you will be brought to the Knower of unseen and seen than He will show you you’re doings”
95 they will swear by Allah so that you hear and leave them alone. leave them! Hell is their home a befitting reward for their doings
96 they will swear and try to plead to you. even if you accept  Allah will not accept these wrongdoers
97 the Bedouins are worse in disbelief and double standards, well suited to be ignorant of Allah’s Commands to His Messenger. but Allah is all-Knowing, Wise
98 some of them think about their payments as a fine and wish disaster for you. on them will be evil calamity. Allah is Hearer, Knower
99 some Bedouins believe in Allah the last Day and feel what they spend will bring them closer to Allah. this is true and Allah will admit them to His Mercy. He the most-Forgiving, Merciful
  Section   13
100 the first Immigrants and their helpers and those who followed them, Allah is well pleased with them and they with Him. He has prepared Gardens for them beneath which rivers flow, a  Supreme Triumph
101 some Bedouins and Medina folk around you are stubborn hypocrites you don’t know them but We do. We shall punish them twice, than again with a great suffering
102 others who have accepted their sins and have done mixed deeds good and bad, perhaps Allah might forgive them. He the oft-Forgiving most Merciful
103 from their wealth take Alms to purify and sanctify them and Pray for them so that they feel secure for Allah is all-Hearer, Knower
104 don’t they know that Allah accepts Repentance and Charity from His Worshipers? He alone accepts Repentance, the most Merciful
105 tell them “do good! Allah will observe you, so will His Messenger and the Believers. soon when you will be in front of the Knower of unseen and seen He will show you your doings”
106 others await Allah’s Decree whether He will forgive or punish them. Allah the all-Knowing, Wise
107 those who make Mosque’s to harm and break up the Believers and as a station against Allah and His Messenger they will swear of good intent but Allah witness, they are liars
108 don’t stand in those Mosque’s but in Mosque’s whose foundation are laid on goodness,  in it are Men who like to clean and purify themselves Allah loves people who purify themselves
109 which is better he who lays his foundation based on Allah’s love and approval or on edge of a cliff that crumbles down into Hell Fire with him? for Allah doesn’t guide wrongdoers
110 the building is always shaky from suspicion in their Heart till their Hearts are torn into bits. Allah is all-Knowing, Wise
  Section   14
111 Allah has purchased from Believers their Lives and Wealth in return for Paradise and fighting for His cause, killing or being killed, a promise He has made through the Law, Gospel, Torah and the Quran. who is more truthful then Allah. with whom you did this bargain, for this is the Supreme achievement
112 those Believers who Repent and Praise, Serve, Bow down to Allah do Good prevent Evil and observe Limits set by Allah give glad news to them
113 it is not befitting for the Prophet or Believers to ask forgiveness for Idolaters even close relatives after they know Fire is their home.
114 Abraham prayed for his father’s forgiveness that he had promised his father but when he realised he was an enemy of Allah, he disassociated himself from him. for Abraham was humble and patient
115 Allah will not mislead people after giving them Guidance until they understand what they should avoid. He the all-Knower
116 to Allah belongs all in the Heavens and Earth. He gives Life and takes it and He is your only Savior
117 Allah turned in Mercy to the Prophet the Immigrants and the Helpers who helped in problem times even though some had deviated but He accepted their Repentance. He is full of Kindness, most Merciful
118 also the Three (3) who were left. even the vastness of Earth felt narrowed to them and their own selves felt constrained to them and they realised there was no way to run except to Allah. then Allah forgave them so they may repent. He the acceptor of Repentance, most Merciful.
  Section   15
119 Believers fear Allah and be with truthful
120 it is not fitting for Medina people and neighboring Bedouins to stay behind the Messenger or to prefer their lives more than his, because they don’t suffer thirst, fatigue or hunger in Allah’s cause nor did they anger Disbelievers nor are injured by the enemy. their sufferings are all recorded with Allah. Allah does not waste reward of the good
121 nothing great or small do they spend, nor cross a valley, but all is recorded so that Allah may repay them for of their deeds
122 all Believers should not go to fight, it is better to leave a group behind so that they could learn, teach and advise people on their return to warn them
  Section   16
123 Believers fight the Disbelievers who are near to you and be firm so that they know Allah is with the Pious
124 whenever a Verse comes down they ask “whose Faith has increased” yes those with sure Faith do with joy
125 but to the doubtful ones with diseased Heart it will add suspicion and they will die as Disbelievers
126 don’t they see they are tried once or twice a Year? still they don’t repent or heed
127 when a Verse comes down, they say “did anyone see you” and they turn away. Allah has turned their Hearts and they don’t understand
128 a Messenger came from amongst you. full of concern for you it saddens him to see you perish and is full of pity and sympathy
129 but still if they turn away say “Allah is sufficient for me ‘la ilaha illa huwa’ (non except He has a right to be worshiped) Him the Lord of the Mighty Throne”


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