Sura Saad (Suad)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  38
  • Part:  23
  • Total Verses:88
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section 1
1 Saad: by the Quran full of reminders
2 still Disbelievers are in false pride and thus divided
3 many a generation have We destroyed before them? they only cried out when their time to escape ended!
4 and they wonder that a warner from among them has come! Disbelievers say “he is a Magician, a liar!”
5 “has he made all God’s into One (1) God? that’s amazing!
6 and their leaders say “stay away and remain loyal to your own Gods. this is all planned”
7 “we’ve never heard of this in recent times, it’s all made-up!”
8 “how can a Message be sent to him rather than us?” doubting My Message! Nay! they haven’t tasted My punishment yet!
9 or do they have treasures of Mercy of your Lord the All-Mighty, Bestower?
10 or do they own the Heavens and Earth and all between them? so let them climb with any means
11 even a host of Allies will be defeated
12 people of Noah rejected and so did the Ad’s, Pharaoh’s and Lord of Stakes
13 Thamud, Lut and Companion of the woods, such were the Allies
14 not one of them but did reject My Messengers and thus My punishment on them was justified
  Section 2
15 they only need a Single blast for an instant end
16 they say “our Lord hurry on the sentence before Day of Account”
17 bear patiently their words and remember Our Bondmen the mighty David who forever was turning (to Allah)
18 Lo! We made the hills Sing praise along with him at Night and Morning
19 the Birds joined him too. all turned (to Allah)
20 We strengthen his Kingdom by giving him wisdom, sound Judgment, with speech
21 did you hear the story of the disputants? who scaled the wall into David’s private chambers
22 on seeing them David got scared but they said “don’t be afraid, we are Two (2) disputants. one has wronged the other. Judge us without injustices, and guide us on right path
23 this, my brother has Ninety nine (99) ewes and I have One (1). he says: entrust me your one, and speaks harshly”
24 (David) said “he was wrong in asking for your ewe to be added to his: for many a partners wrong one another. how few are those who believe and do right?” but David realized that Allah was testing him and he bowed down asking for forgiveness
25 so we forgave him that: he enjoyed access to Our presence with good ending
26 O David! We’ve made you viceroy on Earth: do justice to Mankind and refrain from lust which misleads from Allah’s path. those who stray is severely punished for they forget the Day of Account
  Section   3
27 We didn’t create Heavens and Earth and all between them without purpose; these are Disbelievers thoughts. woe to them from the Fire!
28 shall we treat good Believers same as those who do evil on Earth? or treat the pious as bad?
29 the Book We’ve sent to you is full of blessings. so that Mankind may ponder upon the Revelations and reflect
30 to David We gave Solomon. an excellent Devotee! forever remorseful
31 even though when at noon a display of superior swift-footed Horses was brought to him
32 he said “truly do I love the love of good things, instead of remembering my Lord” and (sun) was behind a veil
33 “bring them back to me” than he began to pass his hands over their legs and necks
34 We did try Solomon by placing a body on his Throne, than did he repent
35 and said “O my Lord! forgive me and give me a Kingdom that none will ever have. for you are the Bestower”
36 then We gave him power to control the Winds it blew gently wherever he willed
37 and the Devils too, every kind of builder and diver
38 and others bound together in chains
39 such are Our Bounties so spend or keep no question will be asked
40 for he has Our Favors and a happy journey’s end
  Section   4
41 mention Our Bondman Job (Ayub) who cried to his Lord “Satan shadows me with torment and suffering!”
42 “strike with your feet; this is cool water to wash and a drink
43 and We gave him his family along with others as a Mercy from Us and reminder for those who understands
44 take a branch piece in your Hands and strike with it. don’t break your Oath. We found him steadfast how excellent was his service! often repenting
45 remember our Devotee Abraham (Ibrahim) Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob   (Yaqub)  possessor of Power and Vision
46 We purified them with pure thoughts of the Hereafter
47 in Our sight they are the chosen ones and excellent!
48 and mention Ishmael,(Ismail), Elisha (al-yasaa) and Isaiah (Dhu’l Kifl) all were chosen ones
49 this is a Message; for the pious, a happy journeys end
50 in Garden of Eden, for them the Gates are open
51 reclining there and calling for abundance of Fruits and Drinks
52 along with them are those with restraining glances  of the same age
53 such is it that you’re promised for the Day of Account!
54 such is Our never-failing bounty;
55 yes such!  but for the wrongdoers is an evil place of  final return
56 Hell! where they’ll burn. an evil resting place!
57 yes, let them taste boiling liquid and wound fluid to drink
58 along with  similar punishments
59 this is troop rushing with you, no welcome! for they shall burn in the Fire!
60 blaming others “you too! no welcome! you brought this upon us. so evil a place to stay”
61 they say “Our Lord! whoever did this to us give him double penalty of Fire”
62 and say “what’s the matter with us why don’t we see ones whom we considered evil?”
63 “did we treat them as laughing stock or our eyes cannot see them?”
64 this is very true of the mutual dispute of people of the Fire
  Section 5
65 say “I am only a warner. there is no God except Allah the one the Supreme”
66 Lord of Heavens and Earth and all between them. the all-Mighty and oft-Forgiving
67 say “that is a supreme Message”
68 “and you turn away!”
69 “I have no knowledge of the dispute of the high Chiefs”
70 “only this is revealed to me,  that i am a plain warner”
71 behold the Lord said to the Angels: “I am about to create a Person from clay”
72 “when I have shaped him and breathed into him from My Soul, than fall down before him prostrate”
73 so all the Angels fell down prostrate
74 except Satan (Iblis); he was proud and became a Disbeliever
75 “Satan why didn’t you bow to which I’ve created with both My Hands. are you proud or one of the high-ups”
76 said “I am better than him, You’ve created me from Fire and him from Clay”
77 (Allah) said “then leave! you rejected outcast”
78 “with My Curse on you till Judgment Day”
79 (Satan) said “my Lord give me respite till Day they are raised”
80 (Allah said)“respite is granted”
81 until the Day of the appointed time”
82 (Satan) said “than by Your powers I shall lure them all”
83 except your Sincere Devotees
84 He said “it’s the Truth and in Truth I say”
85 “I will surely fill Hell with you, with all your followers!”
86 (O’Mohammed) say: “I don’t ask you for reward nor am I a pretender”
87 “this is no less than a Message to the whole Worlds”
88 “and you shall soon know the Truth”