Sura 25 – The Criterion – Al Furqan


  • Revealed at: Medina
  • Sura:  25
  • Part:  18
  • Total Verses:  77
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section   1
1 Blessed is He who sent down the Criterion to His Devotee as warning for all Mankind
2 to Him belongs all in the Heavens and Earth, He has no Son or Partner in His dominion He has created all and had measured it precisely  to its due measurements
3 still they choose other Gods besides Him, Gods that can create nothing but are themselves created nor can they control hurt nor benefit, death, life or rebirth
4 the Disbelievers say “this is nothing, he invented it with others help, in truth they have invented this slander and lie”
5 they say “these are made up of old tales that he’s got written down and read to him morning and evening
6 say “He who has  sent down know the mysteries of Heavens and Earth, and is oft-forgiving and lenient
7 they say “ why  this Messenger eats food and walks in the markets alone instead with an Angel to warn”
8 “or  granted Treasures, or Garden from where to eat from” the wrongdoers say “you are following a madman”
9 see how they make comparison for you!  they are really lost and astray
  Section   2
10 He the divine if wanted could  give you far better  Gardens with River flowing beneath and Palaces
11 no! they reject the Hour and We’ve prepared a blazing Fire for the Rejecters
12 when they see it afar they will hear its roar and fury
13 and when they are flung chained together in a narrow way they will plead for destruction
14 don’t plead for one destruction but many destructions
15 say “is that better? or the eternal Garden promised to the Pious?” theirs as a reward and goal?
16 there, all their desires fulfilled. a promise binding upon your Lord to be fulfilled
17 the Day He will gather them along with that they worshipped besides Allah. He will ask “did you mislead my Devotees or did they stray from the path themselves?”
18 they will say “glory to You, how could we choose a protector besides You, but You were lenient to them and their fathers until they forgot the Message and became lost people
19 now they will oppose you regarding what you say, you can neither prevent or get help. and among you whoever is evil will get severe punishment
20 haven’t We sent before you Messengers who indeed ate food and walked the markets? And We have made some of you as test for others, so will you have patience? And isn’t your Lord Always the All-Seer?
Section   3
21 those who do not fear meeting with Us say “why isn’t any Angels sent down or why we can’t see the Lord”  surely they have superiority complex and are proud
22 on the Day when the Sinners see the Angels who will say to them “seriously all glad tidings are forbidden to you”
23 and We shall turn their deeds into scattered dust
24 dwellers of Paradise will be resting in the best place on that Day
25 the Day when the Heavens will tear apart with the Clouds and the Angels will descend in a grand descent
26 the dominion of that Day will rightly belong to the most Gracious, but hard on the Disbelievers
27 the Day the Sinners will bite their hands and say “wish I had chosen the Messenger’s way”
28 “woe to me!  wish I hadn’t taken such a friend”
29 “he led me away from the Reminder when I received it. for Satan abandons Mankind in hour of need
30 than the Messenger will say “my Lord my people took the Quran as thoughtless too”
31 for every Prophet We’ve made an enemy from among the Sinners. but  Allah is enough as a guide and helper
32 Disbelievers say “why isn’t the Quran revealed to him all at once?” because to make your heart strong, We revealed it in Stages
33 no example do they give but We, give you the clear truth
34 those whose faces gathered in Hell will be in worst estate and are far from path
35 We had given Moses the Book and made his brother a Minister
Section   4
36 We said “both go to the Rejecters who rejected Our Sign’s” and then We  destroyed them completely
37 We drowned the people of Noah when they rejected the Messenger. making them as an example, and prepared for the evil a terrible doom
38 so was Ad, Thamud and dwellers of Ar-Rass and generations in between
39 We warned each with examples than brought them to total ruin
40 when they pass by the townships which got the fatal rain, haven’t they seen it? and still don’t fear Resurrection
41 when they see you they joke about you “is he the one Allah has sent as Messenger?”
42 had we not been staunch Believers of our Gods he would’ve led us astray. but when they see the doom they will soon know who is in wrong path
43 he who chooses his own lust as his God? would you be his guardian?
44 or do you think most hear or understand? no! they are like Cattle further away from the path
  Section   5
45 don’t you see how your Lord extends the shadow; if He wanted He could’ve made it stationary. but We’ve made the Sun its guide
46 and it retreats to Us gradually
47 it is He who makes the Night as covering for you and sleep as rest and waking up as Rebirth
48 and sends wind’s with good news of His Mercy. and sends from the Sky pure Water
49 to give Life to the dead Earth and quench the thirst of Our creations Mankind and Animals in great numbers
50 and distribute it among them so that they may be grateful, but most disbelieve and are ungrateful
51 if We wanted We could’ve  sent a Messenger to every Town
52 don’t listen to the Disbelievers,  be stern against them with your actions
53. and it is He who has set free Two (2) Seas, one sweet and drinkable other salty and bitter with barrier between them
54 and it is He who created Mankind from Water and has chosen for relationship by blood and relationship by Marriage. for your Lord is all-Powerful
55 yet Disbelievers worship things besides Allah that cannot harm or benefit them and so become helpers against their own Lord
56 you! We’ve only sent as a Messenger of good news and warning
57 say “I don’t ask for reward except a path to the Lord”
58 trust the Everlasting one and praise Him for He knows his Devotees sins
59 it is He who created Heavens and Earth and all between them in Six (6) Days than mounted the Throne, so ask the most Gracious,  all-Knower
60 when they are told “prostrate to the Beneficent” they say “should we bow and do as you command?”  thus increasing aversion
Section   6 
61 blessed is He who has placed big Stars in the Heavens and within it a great Lamp and a Moon for  Light
62 and He appointed the Night and Day in Rotation, for those who remember and desires to give thanks
63 the Devotees of Allah walk on Earth in modesty and say “Peace” when addressed by the foolish
64 who spend the Night standing prostrate in front of Allah
65 saying “our  Lord save us from the awful permanent  Hell”
66 which is an evil place to stay
67 those who are nether miser nor spendthrift
68 who do not join other Gods with Allah, nor kill Soul that Allah forbids except for justice. nor commit Adultery. those who do are doomed
69 their punishment is doubled on Resurrection Day, living forever in shame
70 except who repents, believes and does good than Allah will change their sins to good deeds. Allah the oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
71 whoever repents and does good has truly converted to Allah
72 those who do not witness senseless plays and avoid it
73 those when reminded of our Lords Ayat’s don’t flop as if deaf or dumb
74 those who Pray “Allah make our Spouses and Children a joy for our eyes and make us leaders of the Righteous”
75 they will be awarded highest place in Paradise because of their tolerance and greeted with respect and Peace
76 an excellent place to live
77 say “my Lord is not bothered if you don’t call Him, but since you have rejected torment will be necessary”