Sura 91 – The Sun (Ash-Shams)

The Sun (Ash-Shams)

  • Revealed at: Makkah
  • Sura: 91
  • Part: 30
  • Total Verses: 15
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 by the Sun and it’s brightness
2 by the Moon that follows it
3 and the Day which reveals its brightness
4 and the Night that conceals it
5 by the Heaven’s and Him who built it
6 by the Earth and Him who spread it
7 by the Soul and Him who perfected it
8 giving him sense of Wrong and Right
9 successful are those who rise themselves
10 unsuccessful are those who corrupt own selves
11 Thamud’s rejected in their pride
12 when the most wicked of them went forward
13 and the Messenger cautioned them “this is Allah’s she Camel so let her drink!”
14 but they refused and killed her. so their Lord destroyed them for their evil, doing the same to them
15 for He does not fear the outcome