Sura 3 – Family of Imran (Al-Imran)


  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  3
  • Part:  (3) / 4
  • Total Verses:  200
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
2 Allah! no God but Him, the alive, the infinite
3 It’s He who sent you the Book, which confirms His previous Revelations. The Torah and Gospel, as a guidance for Mankind
4 as for the Rejecters who disbelieves in Allah’s Signs they will be severely punished. For Allah is Mighty and can avenge
5 nothing on Earth or Heavens is hidden from Allah
6 He designs you, the way He likes in the womb. No God but He the Almighty and Wise
7 and has sent down to you simple and essential Verses that makes up the foundation of the Book. The doubtful try to find hidden meanings within less clear Verses causing dispute. None, however, know the true meaning except Allah. But the intelligent say “we believe in the Book the whole of it is from our Lord” and non except the clever will grasp the Message
8 “Our Lord! do not change our Hearts after guiding us, and shower Your mercy on us, for its only You who gives infinitely”
9 “Our Lord! You who will gather Mankind on the Day in which there is no doubt, for Allah never fails His promise”
  Section   2
10 for the Rejecters of faith neither their riches nor Children can help against Allah, for they are fuel for the Fire
11 like Pharaoh’s people and those before them. They disbelieved and Allah seized them for their sins. For Allah’s strict in punishment
12 say to the Rejecters of Faith “soon you’ll be beaten and gathered in Hell. An evil resting place”
13 “there was a Sign for you regarding the Two (2) armies, one fighting for Allah and one against. they saw twice their number.  Allah supports whom He wills, it’s lesson for those with sight”
14 beautified in people love of things they crave for Women, Children, heaps of Gold and Silver, Horses, Cattle and Land is the luxury Life of this World. But the best home is with Allah
15 say:  Shall I tell you something better! The Righteous will forever be in Gardens near their Lord beneath which river flows. With pure Companions and Allah’s good pleasures. For Allah sees to His Devotees
16 those who say “O! Lord we believe forgive our sins and protect us from punishments of Fire”
17 those who endure are true and obedient, who give Charity and Pray for forgiveness in the early morning
18 Allah himself witnesses His oneness, so do His Angels and the people with intelligence. Caring for His Creations justly, there is no Allah but He the Almighty the Wise
19 Allah’s Religion is Islam. The people of the Book didn’t differ regarding it except through envy of each other. After receiving knowledge if any reject Allah’s Sign’s. Allah is fast in reckoning
20 If they dispute with you, say “I and my followers have surrendered to Allah” ask those who’ve received the Book and ask the illiterate ones “have you surrendered?” if they do, they are on right Guidance otherwise your duty is only to convey the Message. Allah sees to His Bondmen
  Section   3
21 those who deny Allah’s Signs, kill their Prophets wrongfully, and kill people who command justice, inform them of a terrible Doom
22 they are failures of this World and the Hereafter: they have no helpers
23 haven’t you seen those who received portion of the Book? and when invited to resolve their dispute with Allah’s Book some turn away?
24 this because they say “Fire will not touch us except for few Day’s”, but their lies deceive their own Religion
25 how will it be for them on the inevitable Day when every Soul will be paid what they earned without injustice
26 say “O Allah Lord of Power, You can give or take away power from whom You please. You can honor or degrade whomever. In your Hand’s are all good and You have power over all things”
27 “You change the Night into Day and Day into Night and bring out the Living from the Dead and Dead from the Living, supporting whoever you please without measure”
28 don’t let the Believers prefer Disbelievers as friends over the Believers. Allah will not help them unless to safeguard yourself. For remember you are accountable to Allah
29 say “Allah knows whatever you hide in your Heart or reveal. And whatever is in the Heaven’s or Earth. Allah has power over all things”
30 “On the Day when every Soul will confront what good or bad it had sent. they will wish for their bad to be far away. Allah warns you for He is full of kindness to His Bondmen”
  Section   4
31  say “if you love Allah follow me for He will forgive you your sins. He is oft-Forgiving and Merciful”
32 say “obey Allah and the Messenger” if they reject, Allah dose not love the Rejecters
33 Allah chose Adam, Noah and the family of Abraham and Imran above all people
34 they were descendants of one another.  Allah is Hearer and Knower
35 when Woman of Imran said “My Lord I offer what is in my womb for Your service please accept for You hear and know all”
36 when she delivered she said “Allah I have delivered a Female.”  Allah new best regarding it “a Male is not like Female and I have named her Mary and entrust her and her offspring into Your protection from Satan”
37 Allah accepted and made her grow pure and beautiful in care of Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah saw her he found food with her. He asked “O Mary where did this come from?” she replied “ from Allah” He gives to whoever He pleases”
38 then Zachariah prayed “Allah give me a good child, for you hear prayers!”
39 while standing in Prayer in the chamber, the Angels called to him  “Allah sends you good news of John (Yahya) a Prophet of the Righteous”
40 he said “O my Lord how shall I have a Son as I am old and my Wife is barren” but reply was “it’s Allah’s will!”
41 he said “O my Lord give me a Sign!” “Your Sign” He answered “do not speak to anyone for three (3) Days except by Sign, remember and praise your Lord much in the Evening and Morning”
  Section   5
42 behold! the Angels said “O! Mary, Allah has purified and chosen you above Woman of all Nations”
43 “O! Mary, worship your Lord. prostrate and bow down with those who bow down”
44 these are some of the hidden things We reveal to you. you were not present when they threw their pens and disputed regarding who will take care of Mary, nor were you with them when they quarrelled
45 the Angels said “O Mary, Allah gives you glad tidings of a word. his name will be Messiah Jesus Son of Mary. honored in this World and the Hereafter and one closest”
46 “He shall speak to Mankind from cradle and adulthood and be of the Righteous”
47 she said “my Lord! how will I have Son when no Man has touched me?” He said “Allah creates whoever when He decrees a thing He only has to say ‘be’ and it is!”
48 “and Allah will teach him the Book, wisdom the  Torah and the Gospel”
49 “and will be Messenger to the Children of Israel” (saying) “I have come  to you with Allah’s Sign. by Allah’s leave I can make a clay Bird and breath on it  and lo it’s a Bird, also heal the blind and leper and raise the Dead and tell you  what you eat and store at home. A Sign if you believe”
50 (also) “confirming the Torah sent before me and to make lawful some which was forbidden. so fear Allah and obey me”
51 “It’s Allah! mine and your Lord so worship Him that is the right way”
52 when Jesus found them unbelieving, he cried “who will help me in Allah’s cause?  the Disciples said “we will! we believe in Allah and bear witness  we are Muslims”
53 “Our Lord we believe in your Revelations and follow the Messenger (Rasul), count  us among the witness”
54 while the schemers planned, so did Allah. for He’s the best of planners
Section   6
55 when Allah said “O Jesus! I am taking you up to myself, cleansing you from Disbelievers and will make your followers above the Disbelievers, till Resurrection Day.  than you all will return to Me and I will Judge your differences”
56 “and the Rejecters I will punish with a terrible punishment in this World and the next with non to help them”
57 “The good Believers Allah will reward in full. Allah does not love wrongdoers”
58 “This We recite to you as a Sign and a Wise Message”
59 the likeness of Jesus and Allah is like Adam. He created him from dust than said “be” and he was!
60 the Truth is from Allah so don’t doubt
61 whoever still disputes after receiving knowledge say “come lets call together our Sons and your Sons, our Women and your Women, ourselves and yourselves and Pray for Allah’s curse to fall on the liar”
62 this is the Truth there is no God except Allah the all Powerful and Wise
63 but if they turn away! Allah knows the evil ones
Section 7
64 say “O! people of the Book let us join together and worship only Allah and that we assign no Partners to Him nor will any of us take, Lords besides Allah” and if they refuse than say “bear witness that we are Muslims”
65 people of the Book it’s senseless to dispute about Abraham because the Torah and Gospel were revealed after him. don’t you have sense?
66 you can argue if you know something!  but why argue for something you don’t know. Allah knows you don’t
67 Abraham was not a Jew or Christian but an upright Man a Muslim and not an Idolater
68 without doubt the nearest to Abraham are those who follow him and this Prophet (Nabi). Allah is protector of the Believers
69 some people of the Book wish to lead you astray but will put themselves astray unknowingly
70 people of the Book why reject Signs of Allah of which you bear witness?
71 people of the Book why cover Truth with Lies and knowingly hide the Truth?
  Section   8
72 a group of people of the Book say “believe at the start of the Day what is revealed to the Believers and reject at the day’s end” hoping they’d turn back
73 “believe none except who follows your Religion” say “true Guidance is from Allah least such Revelations be sent to someone else other than you and engage you in a dispute before your Lord” say “all rewards are in Allah’s hand He gives to whoever. He cares and Knows all”
74 He chooses whom He wills for His mercy. Allah has Infinite Bounty
75 among the people of the Book some if entrusted will pay back a hoard of Gold and some won’t even return a small coin unless reminded constantly, because they say “we are not bound to the ignorant” but they lie against Allah knowingly
76 those who keep their Faith and act upright. Lo! Allah loves the upright
77 but who sell their Faith for a small price at the cost of their promise to Allah. for them there is no place in the Hereafter and Allah will not speak, see or cleanse them on Judgement Day, they shall have a painful Doom
78 among them are some who distort the Book with their tongue you may think it’s part of Allah’s Book, but it’s not and is a lie against Allah and they know it!
79 it’s impossible for a Man after receiving the Book, Wisdom and Prophet hood (Nabi) to say to Mankind “worship me instead of Allah. rather on the contrary “worship Him who is the cherisher of us all” for you’ve  been taught and have studied the Book seriously”
80 nor would he command you to take Angels and Prophets as Lords.  would He command you to disbelief after you’ve become Muslims?
  Section   9
81 when Allah took Oaths from the Prophet’s saying “I give you a Book and Wisdom and if a Messenger comes to you confirming what you’ve got, will you help him?”  they replied “yes!” He said “ than bear witness that I am a witness with you”
82 now, if any turn away they are transgressors
83 seeking other than Islam as their Religion when everything in Heaven’s and Earth willingly or unwillingly bows down and return to Him
84 say “we believe in Allah and what was revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes, Moses, Jesus, and the Prophet’s without any difference between them. and to Allah we surrender”
85 and whoever seeks other than Islam, it will never be accepted and in the Hereafter they will be loser
86 how shall Allah guide those who reject Faith after having believed the Messenger and the Signs before? Allah dose not guides evil folks!
87 on such their reward is the curse of Allah, His Angels and all of Mankind
88 living in it; their Doom won’t be lightened nor respite given
89 except those who repent after that and make amends. for Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
90 but those who reject Faith after accepting and become worse, their repentance will not be accepted. they have gone astray
91 those who reject Faith and Die as Disbeliever, even if he gives an Earth full of Gold as ransom  he cannot save himself from Doom and will find no helper


  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  3
  • Part:  3 / (4)
  • Total Verses:  200


Section   10
92 you will not reach piety if you don’t spend from things you love. and whatever you give Allah knows
93 all food was lawful to the Children of Israel, except what Israel forbade itself before the Torah say “read the Torah if you are Truthful”
94 after this if you lie about Allah, than you are wrongdoers
95 say “Allah speaks the Truth: follow Abraham’s Religion, he the honest and not an Idolater”
96 the first House for Mankind was at Bekka with blessings and Guidance for all the Worlds
97 it’s a Memorial where Abraham stood to Pray. whoever enters it is safe and Pilgrimage to it is a duty, Mankind owe to Allah; for those who can afford it. but those who disbelieves Lo! Allah stands not in need of any of his Creatures
98 say “O people of the Book why disbelieve Allah’s Sign when He himself witnesses your doings”
99 say “O people of the Book why stop Believers from Allah’s path, making it crooked while you yourself were witness. Allah isn’t unaware of your doings”
100 Believers!  if you listen to a group of people of the Book they will make you Disbelievers after your belief
101 how can you disbelieve after hearing Allah’s Revelations, and His Messenger is among you.  whoever holds firmly to Allah is rightly guided
Section   11
102 Believers! fear Allah, be duty bound and do not Die other than as Muslims
103 and hold the rope of Allah do not separate out. remember His Favors on you: you were enemies and how He joined your Hearts and made you love each other and saved you from the brink of Fire. thus Allah makes His Sign clear to you that you may be guided
104 let from you a group of good people to arise doing right and forbidding wrong. such are the successful ones
105 don’t be like those who break up and dispute after receiving Guidance. for them is terrible Doom
106 on the Day when some Face’s will be White and some Black.  the blackened ones will be told “you disbelieved after accepting so taste the punishment”
107 those with whitened Faces will live in Allah’s mercy forever
108 these are Sign’s of Allah: we tell you in Truth. Allah is not unjust to His Creatures
109 whatever is in the Heaven’s and Earth belongs to Allah. and all returns back to Him
Section    12
110 you are the best community of Mankind. doing what is right and forbidding wrong. believing in Allah it would be best if people of Book had Faith, although some do but most are evil
111 but they cannot harm, only annoy you. and in fight they will flee with no helper
112 full of shame wherever they are.  except if they get rope from Allah and from Men. the wreath and humiliations from Allah is on them because they rejected the Revelations, killed the Prophet’s unjustly. and transgressed beyond bounds.
113 not all followers of the Book are alike. a group of them recite the Revelations all Night worshipping in adorations
114 they believe in Allah and the last Day, do good forbid wrong and help in good work. they are the Righteous
115 none of their good work will be discarded. Allah knows the good
116 as for the Disbelievers their riches or backings will not help against Allah. their home is in the Fire
117 the way they spend there Life in this World is like a frosty Wind ruining the harvest of the evil persons.  it is not Allah harming them but they do wrong themselves
118 Believers! don’t take as friends, other then your own folks. for their aim is your ruin. you have heard from their mouths, but what’s in their Heart is worse. We’ve plainly shown you the Sign’s if you have wisdom
119 you love them but they don’t. you believe in the whole Book when they meet you they say “we believe” but when away, they bite their finger tips in anger.  say “Die in your anger for Allah knows your Heart”
120 if any good comes your way it saddens them. and in your sadness they rejoice. but if you continue your good deeds they cannot harm you for Allah surrounds what they do
Section   13
121 Remember that Morning you went from your home to position the Believers in the battle field. Allah hears and knows all
122 when two of your parties mediated fear. but Allah was their friend. so Believers trust in Him
123 Allah made you victorious at Bader when you were an inferior force. so fear Him and give thanks
124 when you said to the Believers “isn’t it enough that your Lord supports you with Three  thousand (3000) Angels sent down”
125 “yes, if you bear and stay upright, even if enemy attacked you, He will help you with Five thousand (5000) Angels sweeping on”
126 Allah assures you by this Message and puts your Heart at ease. victory only comes from Allah the Mighty the Wise
127 that He may break a group of the Disbelievers, frustrate them so that they turn away
128 it’s not your concern, whether He forgives or punish them: they are evil
129 to Allah belongs all that is in the Heaven’s and Earth. He pardons or punishes who He wills. but Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
Section   14
130 Believers do not devour Interest doubling or multiplying it. fear Allah to be successful
131 and fear the Fire prepared for the Rejecters
132 obey Allah and the Messenger to get mercy
133 be first in asking for forgiveness and for Paradise which is as wide as Heaven’s and Earth, prepared  for the good
134 and those who spend in prosperity or in difficulty. and control their anger. and forgive people.  for Allah loves the good
135 ashamed wrongdoers who had sinned but than sincerely asked Allah for forgiveness. who forgives except Allah? and don’t repeat their doing
136 their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and a home in the Garden beneath which river flows to live forever. excellent gift for those who work
137 different lives have passed before, travel around and see for yourself what happened to the Rejecters
138 it’s a declarations for Mankind a Guidance and instruction for those who fear Allah
139 don’t faint or grieve, you’ll overcome them if you are Believers
140 if you are hurt, be sure others have received similar hurts. this We give to Mankind in turns to test the Believers and take from among you Martyr. Allah dose not love wrongdoers
141 that Allah may test the Believers and destroy the Disbeliever’s
142 did you think you will enter Heaven without Allah testing those who fought and were steadfast?
143 and you wished for Death without seeing it. now you have seen it with your eyes!
Section   15
144 Mohammad is but a Messenger like many before him. when he Dies or is killed will you than turn away from Allah? He who turns away dose not hurt Allah but himself. for Allah will swiftly reward the grateful
145 no Soul can Die without Allah’s permission and on fixed Term. whoever wishes for reward in this World We shall give him or wishes for reward in the Hereafter We shall give. and We quickly reward the grateful
146 many a Prophets fought alongside good Men, they never worried nor weakened when anything befell nor gave up in way of Allah. Allah loves the steadfast
147 all they said “Lord forgive our sins and mistakes.  and give us a strong foothold and victory over Disbelievers”
148 and Allah rewarded them in this World and excellent in the Hereafter, for He loves the good
Section   16
149 Believers! if you listen to the Disbelievers, they will make you turn back as losers
150 but Allah is your protector and the best helper
151 shortly We will put fright in Disbelievers Hearts because they join others with Allah when they were told not to. home of  wrongdoers is evil and in the Fire
152 Allah fulfilled His promise when you with His permission were about to destroy your enemy but you started disputing and disobeyed. and when the bounty was shown, some desired this and some the Hereafter. to test you He made you flee. but has since forgiven you. He is the Lord of kindness
153 when you were climbing up without looking and the Messenger was calling after you. Allah gave you grief after grief so that you can learn not to grieve over what you lost or what befell you. He knows your doings
154 after grief He gave calmness and rest to some, while the other group were anxious and ignorant and thought wrongly of Allah saying “is this our problem?”  say “indeed this is Allah’s problem” they hide in their soul and don’t reveal to you for in their minds they say “if we had anything to do with this, we would not have been slain here”   say “even if you were in your homes still, you would’ve gone to the place you are destined to Die” Allah tests you to prove what’s in your Hearts for He knows
155 those who turned back when both the groups met their failure that Day was Satan’s doing. because of what they did before. but Allah has forgiven them. for Allah is Forgiving , Lenient
Section   17
156 Believers! don’t be like Disbelievers who say regarding their brethren who are on journey or fighting “only if they hadn’t gone they would still be alive” this, because Allah may causes regrets in their Hearts. Allah! it is, who gives Life and Death and sees all your doings
157 if you Die in Allah’s way. His pardon and mercy is better than all you can hoard
158 even if you do Die or are slain you are all brought to Allah?
159 its Allah’s leniency that you were kind to them. instead of being rude and strong of Heart, if you did they would’ve gone away. ask forgiveness for them and get them involved in the affair, when you’ve finalized it put you’re trust in Allah. for He loves those who trust Him
160 if Allah helps non can defeat you. if He withdraws than who is there?  than in Allah let Believers put their trust
161 no Prophet can defraud, he who defrauds will bring it along with him on Judgement Day, when non shall be dealt with unjustly
162 is who follows Allah’s way, same as who is condemned to Hell by Him? a woeful destination
163 they come in varying degrees, and Allah sees all their doings
164 Allah did a great favor to the Believers by sending a Messenger from amongst them reciting the Revelations, teaching, giving wisdom and understanding. while before that they were clearly wrong
165 but when tragedy strikes you, even though you had given (your enemies) twice as great you say “why, for what?” say “this is your own doing.  for Allah has power over all”
166 that what happened on the Day when both armies met, was by Allah’s leave to test the Believers
167 and the hypocrites when asked “come fight in Allah’s way” replied “if we knew how to fight we would’ve.  that Day they came nearer to disbelief than to Faith. they speak from their lips not their Heart. but Allah knows what they hide
168 those sitting back while their brothers Die  fighting say “if only they had listened to us they wouldn’t be Dead”  say “than try and avert Death from yourself if you are truthful”
169 those who Die in Allah’s way do not consider them Dead nay! they are living. they have provisions with their Lord
170 rejoicing with Allah’s provided bounty and with regards to those they left behind. and celebrating the fact that they have no fear nor grief
171 they rejoice because of kindness and favor from Allah, and that Allah won’t make Believers reward go to waste
Section   18
172 the good, even when wounded answered Allah’s and the Messenger’s call doing right and abstaining from wrong, theirs will be great reward
173 people said to them “an army is gathering  against you” to frightened them but they said “Allah’s is sufficient and His trust is enough for us”
174 and they returned with mercy and bounty from Allah. unharmed, for they followed the good pleasures of Allah. He who has infinite bounty
175 it ‘s the Devil trying to scare you, do not fear  but fear me if you are Believers
176 don’t you grieve at those who rush to disbelieve, for they cannot harm Allah. Allah plans not to give them anything in the Hereafter except Doom
177 those who choose disbelief in place of belief they cannot in the least harm Allah, but are themselves Doomed
178 don’t let the Disbelievers think the relief we’ve given is for good rather it’s to help them in Sin. for they have shameful Doom
179 Allah will not leave Believers in present state, until He separates the bad from the good. nor will He disclose the secrets of the unseen. but He chooses who ever to be his Messenger. so believe in Him and his Messenger. yours  shall be a great rewards
180 don’t let the hoarders think they have done good no! it will be worse, for whatever they hoard will hang round their neck on Judgement Day. all in the Heaven’s and Earth belongs to Allah. he knows all what you do
Section   19
181 Allah has heard their taunts “Allah’s (people) are poor while we are rich!”  We definitely will record their words and actions for killing the Prophets and say “taste the Fire!”
182 “in reply to your deeds done by your own Hands: Allah never harm’s those who serve Him”
183 they also said “Allah has asked us not to believe in Messenger’s unless they showed us offering  sacrificed by(Heavenly) Fire” say Messengers came before me doing whatever you asked, than why did you kill them?”
184 and if they reject you, like they did to previous Messenger’s who came with clear proofs, Scripture and Book of Enlightenment
185 every sole has to Die and will be paid for his deeds on Judgement Day. whoever escapes the Fire and enters Paradise will rejoice, as Life in this World is illusion of comfort
186 definitely your property and you as person will be tried and it will sadden you to learn the mistakes done by  those who received the Book before you and the Idolaters but if you  persist and stay against evil, that will decide your Faith
187 and when Allah took promise from people of the Book to make it known to Mankind but they hid it behind their backs.  buying a small profit, thus buying evil
188 don’t think for those who rejoice in what they’ve given, and being praised for not doing. for them is a terrible Doom
189 Allah controls the Heaven and Earth with power over all things
Section   20
190 behold! in the Creation of Heaven’s and Earth and changing of Night from Day are Sign’s for intelligent people
191 those who remember Allah standing sitting, reclining contemplating about creation of Heaven’s and Earth saying “our Lord has not created all this for nothing. praise to You, save us from the Fire”
192 “Our Lord! whoever you put in the Fire. they are in shame and evil=doers are without helpers”
193 “Our Lord! we heard a crier call us to Faith ‘believe in your Lord’ and we’ve believed our Lord! forgive our sins and evil deeds and make our Soul Die as Righteous”
194 “Our Lord!  give us what you promised to your Messenger. and save us from shame on Judgement Day.  for You never break your promise”
195 their Lord accepted saying “never will the deeds of any Male or Female will be lost. you precede one from another.  those who become homeless, fighting or slain for Me, I will cancel their bad deeds and bring them into Gardens beneath which river flows. a reward from Allah. with Allah is the best reward”
196 don’t let the boasting of the Disbelievers in the Land deceive you
197 it’s a short lived joy. Their home is evil in Hell
198 but for those fearing their Lord, there are Gardens beneath which river flows to live eternally. the best gift from Allah for the Righteous
199 there are among people of the Book who believe in Allah and the Revelations humbling themselves before Allah and will not buy a small gain for the price of the Revelations.  Allah is swift in account
200 Believers! endure and help each other and fear Allah, that you may succeed


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