Sura 27 – The Ants (Namal)



  • Revealed At:  Makka
  • Sura:  27
  • Part:  19
  • Total Verses:   93

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient

  Section   1
1 Ta Sin. These are Verses from  a clear Book the Quran
2 A  guide and good news for the Believers
3 for those who Pray regularly, give Charity and believe in the Hereafter
4 those who disbelieves in the Hereafter, We’ve made their deeds pleasing, and they are blindly astray
5 with evil punishment they are the biggest losers
6 for you are being taught the Quran from the all-Wise, all Knowing
7 when Moses said his family “that I see a Fire afar  I will go and check it out and may bring you a flame to keep warm”
8 but when he went there he heard voices “blessed is whoever is in and around the Fire and glory to Allah the Lord of the Worlds”
9 “Moses! I am Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise”
10 now throw your staff down! but when he saw it withering like a snake he tried to run “O Moses! Messengers are not afraid in My presence”
11 “if an evil person becomes good, I am oft-Forgiving, most-Lenient”
12 “now put your hand on your chest, it will come out white and unhurt. these are among the (9) Nine Signs you take to Pharaoh for he and his people are evil”
13 but when they saw Our Sign, they called it Magic
14 rejecting the Sign in mean arrogance, even though their Soul accepted it, than see their end!
  Section   2
15 and We gave knowledge to David and Solomon they said “all praise to Allah for choosing us above many Believers”
16 Solomon inherited David and said “O Mankind! we’ve been taught language of the Birds and been given all things surely as favor “
17 and gathered together before  Solomon his army of Jinn’s, Men and Birds in a combat group
18 until they reached the valley of Ants, an Ant said “run to your homes Solomon’s army may crush us unknowingly”
19 Solomon smiled at her words and said “ my Lord give me strength to thank you for all things you have bestowed on me and my parents and make me do good and add me among your good Devotee’s”
20 he inspected the Birds and said “why I don’t see Hoopoe, is he absent?”
21 I will certainly punish or kill him if he doesn’t have a good excuse
22 just then Hoopoe came and said “I have seen that you don’t know, nor catch news from Saba?”
23 “there is a Woman ruling them, self-sufficient with a mighty Throne”
24 “they are Sun worshippers, and Satan has made their deeds pleasing, keeping them away from Allah”
25 “Allah who brings to light what is hidden in Heavens and Earth and knows what you hide or reveal”
26 “Allah! there is no God but He of the Throne Supreme”
27 Solomon said “soon I shall know if you told the truth or lied”
28 “go with my letter to them and return, than see their reply”
29 (the Queen said) “O Chiefs! here is a noble letter”
30 “from Solomon ‘in the name of Allah most gracious and lenient’
31 “don’t come against me but come to me as Muslims”

Section   3

32 she said “advisor’s advise me for I always decide after your advice”
33 they said “we are strong and powerful but command is yours so you decide”
34 she said “when Kings enter a country they spoil it shaming its people”
35 “I will send presents to him and see what reply his envoy brings”
36 but when Solomon received he said “what! you want to help me with gifts? but what Allah has given me is far better than what you got, no! you rejoice in your gifts”
37 “go back and make sure that we will arrive with such a troop that they cannot match and expel them in shame making them humble”
38 he said “Chiefs! who can bring me her Throne before she comes and surrenders?”
39 a strong Jinn said “I will bring it, before you rise from your place”
40 another who knew the Book said “I will bring it before the twinkle of an eye” when (Solomon) saw it placed before him he said “this is Lords grace! to see if I am thankful or not, whoever gives thanks, he thanks his own Soul but if unthankful! the Lord is self-sufficient honored”
41 modify her Throne we’ll see if she recognise it and she is guided or not
42 and when she came she was asked “is this your Throne?” she replied “it resembles” we knew it and had already bowed in Islam
43 but what she worshipped besides Allah diverted her, for she came from disbelieving folks
44 she was asked “enter the high palace” but when she saw it she thought it was water and picked her skirt up baring her legs. Solomon said “it is palace paved with glass” she said “my Lord I have wronged my Soul and I submit with Solomon to Allah, the Lord of the World’s”
  Section   4
45 indeed We sent to Thamud’s their brother Salih saying “serve Allah” but they broke into Two (2) opposing groups ”
46 he said “O my people why do you rush towards evil instead of good. why not ask Allah’s forgiveness to receive Mercy”
47 they said “bad luck we get from you” and those with you. he said “your bad luck is with Allah for you are being tested”
48 in the city there were Nine (9) person’s doing evil in the land with no change
49 they said  “let us swear by Allah that we will attack him and his family at Night and say to his relative that we didn’t witness his families destruction and we are telling the truth
50 they schemed and so did We. with them being unaware
51 see their plots ending, for We destroyed them all
52 their houses ruined because their work was evil. a Sign for the intelligent
53 but saved the good Believers
54 Lut said to his people “will you commit indecency knowingly?”
55 “why do you lust after Men rather than Woman?” really you are ignorant
56 but their answer was only  “drive out Lut and his family for they are clean”
57 so We saved him and his family except his wife, her faith to remain behind
58 and showered a dreadful evil rain on those who were warned
  Section   5
59 say “praise be to Allah and His chosen Messenger. who is better? Allah or the partners they ascribe to him”
60 isn’t He who created the Heavens and Earth and sends down water from the sky? and with it We cause to grow delightful orchid that you cannot grow. can there be any god besides Allah? no! but there are people who ascribe equals
61 isn’t He who made the Earth firm thus habitable with Rivers in its midst and immovable Mountains and made a barrier separating the Two (2) Seas. is there any god’s besides Allah? no! but most know not
62 isn’t He who listens to your distress call and relieves you, and made you the inheritors of Earth. joining gods besides Allah? little do you think
63 isn’t He who guides you in the darkness of Land and Seas, sending wind as good news of His kindness? joining gods besides Allah? exalted is Allah what they join Him with!
64 isn’t He who originates Creations and repeats it and provides for you from Heavens and Earth? is there any god besides Allah? say “bring evidence if you are truthful!”
65 say “none in the Heavens or Earth knows what is hidden except Allah, nor can say when they will be raised”
66 does their knowledge understand the Hereafter? no! for still they doubt and cannot see
  Section   6
67 the Disbelievers say “when we and our fathers are dust, will we really be raised again?”
68 “true we and before our forefathers were promised this? but these are old stories”
69 “travel on Earth and see the ending of the guilty!”
70 “but do not grieve or trouble yourself over their plot”
71 they also say “when will this threat come if you are truthful?”
72 “maybe what you want to hurry is close behind!”
73 “verily your Lord is full of kindness to Mankind, still most are ungrateful”
74 and your Lord knows what they hide in their breasts or reveal
75 nor is there anything of the unseen in Heavens or Earth which is not in a clear record
76 verily this Quran explains to the Children of Israel most things in which they disagreed
77 a guide and mercy for the Believers
78 the Lord will judge between them by His ruling for He is all-Mighty, all-Wise
79 so trust Allah for you are standing for truth
80 truly the dead cannot hear your call nor can the deaf as they turn to flee
81 nor can you guide the blind. Only Believers will listen who submitted as Muslims
82 and when the final word is against them than We shall bring out a Beast from the Earth to speak to them. for Mankind was not certain regarding Our Revelations
Section   7
83 the  Day when We shall gather from every Nation a group had who rejected Our Signs, and they’ll  be driven
84 and when they arrive, He will say “did you reject My Revelations when you didn’t grasp its knowledge or what was it you did?”
85 and the word will be complete against them and they won’t be able to answer
86 don’t they see that We’ve made the Night for resting and Day for to see, Sign for people who believe
87 on the Day the Trumpet is blown, terror will leash in Heavens and Earth except on such whom Allah wills. and all will come to Him humbled
88 you think the Mountains are firmly fixed but they will fly like clouds the works of Allah who organizes things in perfect order. and He knows your doings
89 whoever brings a good deed will enhance it and be safe from the fear of that Day
90 but the evildoers will be thrown headlong into the Fire. should you be rewarded for anything other than your deeds?
91 (say) “I am commanded to serve the Lord of this City that He blessed and to whom all things belongs. and to be among the Muslims”
92 to recite the Quran. whoever dose good dose it for own Soul. and whoever strays say- “I am  one of the Warner’s”
93 and say “praise be to Allah who will show you His Sign and you shall recognise it for your Lord is not unaware of your doings”