Sura 88 – The Over-Throwing (Ghashiyah)

The Over-Whelming (Ghasiyah)

  • Revealed at: Makkah
  • Sura: 88
  • Part: 30
  • Total Verses: 26
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 has the news reached you regarding the Great event
2 on that Day some Faces will be downcast
3 laboring, tired
4 entering into blazing Fire
5 drinking from a boiling Spring
6 no food except bitter thorn fruit
7 which doesn’t nourish nor satisfies
8 while other Faces that Day will be joyous
9 pleased with their past efforts
10 in high Gardens
11 hearing no loose talks
12 among gushing Spring
13 and on high Thrones
14 with goblets at hand
15 and row’s of Cushions
16 and rich Carpets spread out
17 don’t they see how Camels are created?
18 and the Sky raised?
19 and the Mountains fixed?
20 and the Earth spread out?
21 warn them for you are the one to warn
22 but not to dictate
23 if any who turns away rejecting Allah
24 Allah will punish them severely
25 for to Us is their return
26 than We shall reckon with them