Sura 10 – Jonah (Younus)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  10
  • Part: 11
  • Total Verses: 109
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Ra  these are Verses from  the Book of Wisdom
2 Mankind, don’t they wonder how We’ve sent inspiration to a Man from amongst them. saying; warn Mankind and convey good news of sure hold with their Lord. Disbeliever’s say “he’s a Magician?”
3 Allah created Heavens and Earth in Six (6) Days and then rose over the Throne, controlling and governing all things. none can interfere except by His leave. Allah! you’re Lord! won’t you than remember
4 to Him is your return. Allah’s promise is true. He who creates and repeats Creations, rewards the Righteous justly. His Rejecters will have nothing but boiling water to drink with terrible punishments
5 He who made the Sun a dazzling magnificence and Moon a Light with measured stages so that you can calculate the Year and Time. He explains in details His Sign for intelligent people
6 in alternating of Night and Day and in all Creations are His Sign for God-fearing people
7 those who feel that they will not meet Us and are pleased with their present worldly  Life and are unmindful
8 Fire will be their home!
9 Believers who do good Allah will guide them through their faith. beneath them Rivers flow in Gardens of Bliss ( Naeem )
10 and their cry will be “glory to you O’ Allah” and “Peace” and lastly “praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds!”
Section 2
11 if Allah would hurry to give people their ills as fast as they’d want Him to hurry their good, then their respite would be quickly decided. but We leave those who don’t believe in their meeting with Us to wander blindly in their defiance.
12 when in trouble a person cries to Allah lying on their sides, standing or sitting. but when We solve their problem, they forget Us, as if they didn’t cry for help. is it fair?
13 generations before you We’ve destroyed because they disbelieved their Messenger who came with clear Signs. that’s how We retaliate with the  Sinners
14 after them to test you We made you responsible for the Land
15 when Our Verses are recited those who don’t believe in meeting Us say “bring us another Quran or change this”. tell them “it’s not up to me i only follow what’s inspired in me otherwise i will faces punishment on the Great Day”
16 say “if Allah wanted i wouldn’t have recited it to you. i have lived among you a lifetime. don’t you understand”
17 who is more wrong than one who lies concerning Allah.  Sinners will never prosper
18 they worship besides Allah. that which cannot harm nor benefit them. they say “these are our intercessor” say  “can you tell Allah something new concerning Heavens and Earth”  glorified is He far above the Partner’s they join Him with
19 Mankind was one Community, but then they differed.  if it hadn’t been for a word given by your Lord their differences would have been settled
20 they say “why he doesn’t receive a Sign from his Lord” say “only Allah knows the unseen  let’s wait, i am waiting too”
Section   3
21 when We give Mercy to Mankind after problem they start planning against Our Sign’s say “Allah is swifter in planning”. Our Messenger’s are Recording all your plots”
22 it is He who enables you to travel through Land and on Ships. they sail in favorable wind but when in stormy weather with waves encircling them they ask Allah; “if You save us we will be thankful”
23 but when in safety they start defying. O Mankind! this is going against your own Souls enjoy now, but you’ll know when you return to Us
24 this present Life is like Water We send from the Sky to produces food for people and cattle, until the Earth is beautified.  people think they own it. but Our one command by Day or Night can finish it as if there was nothing. a Sign for the thinker
25 but Allah invites you to the House of Peace and guides whom He will on the right path
26 those who do good their Face will not be covered in dust nor shame for their home forever is in Paradise
27 the reward for evil is Evil. they won’t have Allah’s backing with their Face covered in pieces of darkness. with home forever in the Fire
28 one Day We shall gather them and ask the ones who associated Us with Partner’s, “stop at your place with those Partners” than We shall separate them and these partner’s will say “it wasn’t us that you worshiped”
29 “Allah is witness!  we didn’t know you worshiped us”
30 every Soul will know what they’ve sent before when they return to Allah their Lord. their lies will disappear  from them
Section   4
31 say “who provides you from the Sky and Earth, and gives power to Hearing and Sight, who brings out Living from the Dead and Dead from the Living and manage all affairs”  they’ll say “Allah! than won’t you fear”
32 such is Allah your Lord. after the Truth what else is there except False? then why you are reluctant?
33 thus your Lord’s word proved true against the rebels: that they believe not
34 say “can your ‘Partners’ originate Creation and repeat it. say “it’s only Allah who can, than why are you misled”
35 say “can your ‘Partners’ give Guidance” say “Allah leads to Truth. isn’t He who gives Guidance more deserving than he who doesn’t find Guidance and has to be guided. how do you judge?”
36 but most follow their useless desires which cannot take place of the Truth. Allah knows their doings
37 this Quran cannot be produced by anyone other than Allah! it’s the final confirmation and full explanation of the previous Books. no doubt it is from the Lord of the Worlds!
38 or do they say “he forged it” say “than bring a Sura like it and call anyone besides Allah if you are truthful!”
39 nay! they call it fake because they cannot understand. like those before them, than see the ending of the wrongdoers
40 some believe and some doubt. your Lord knows the mischief makers
Section   5
41 if they call it false say “for me are my deeds for you yours. you are not responsible for my deeds and i am not responsible for yours”
42 some listen to you but can you make the deaf hear even though they don’t grasp it
43 some do look at you but can you guide the blind even though they cannot see
44 Allah is not unjust to Mankind in anyway but Mankind wrongs themselves
45 the Day when He shall gather them together. it will seem like only an Hour of a Day has passed, they will recognise each other but ruined will be ones who denied meeting with Allah and refused guidance
46 even if We show you part of Our promise or cause you to die before that. in any case their return is to Us. Allah is witness of their doings
47 every Community has a Messenger. and in front of the Messenger the matter will be fairly judged without mistake
48 they say “truly! when will this promise be?”
49 say “i have no power for loss or gain except as Allah wills: every Community there is a term appointed and when the time comes non can delay an Hour or advance it”
50 say “do you see the doom coming by Night or Day. which part the Sinners would like to speed up”
51 “would you than believe when it befalls on you. that you wanted to rush it”
52 “finally it will be said to the wrongdoers ‘taste your punishment forever. isn’t your repayment anything except what you’ve earned? ”
53 they ask you “is this true?” say “yes by Lord non can escape it”
Section   6
54 all those who Sinned will want to give all they have as ransom, and ask for forgiveness upon seeing the Doom  but they’ll be justly Judged without doubt
55 doesn’t all in the Heavens and Earth belong to Allah? His promise is true but most don’t understand
56 He who gives Life and takes it away and to Him you’ll return
57 Mankind! Allah has given good advice to fix your ailing Heart. a Guidance and Mercy for the Believers
58 say  “it is better to enjoy Allah’s mercy and gifts rather than hoard it”
59 say “have you noticed what Allah has sent down, and how you’ve made certain things lawful or unlawful” say “did Allah permit you this or do you invent a lie against Him?”
60 what do they think who invent lie against Allah regarding Judgment Day? still Allah gives to Mankind but most are ungrateful
Section 7
61 whatever you do or which part of Quran you recite, every deed We witness, nothing is hidden from your Lord a weight of an Atom on Earth or Heavens, big or small all is recorded in a clear Record. (Kitab-al Mobeen)
62 without doubt Allah’s friends shall not fear or grieve
63 nor the Believers who stay away from evil
64 good news for them in Life of this World and the Hereafter. in Allah’s word – a Supreme Achievement!
65 do not let their talks upset you. all power belongs to Allah. He the all-Hearer, Knower
66 everything in Heavens and Earth belongs to Allah. whoever worship others are following  a delusion and lies
67 He who’s has made Night for rest and Day to make things visible. in these are Sign’s for people who heed
68 they say “Allah has a Son” Glory be! He is self-sufficient owner of all in the Heavens and Earth! what right have you to say things you don’t know!
69 say “those who lie against Allah will never succeed”
70 only short enjoyment in this World, than they return to Us where Disbelievers will taste severest punishment
Section 8
71 tell them the story of Noah when he said to his people “my people if you feel offended by my reminding you regarding Allah’s Sign which i trust. decide than whatever you plan with your Partners, and hesitate not to sentence  me”
72 “if you turn away i ask no reward from you. my reward is from Allah and i am Commanded to be a Muslim”
73 but they rejected him. so We saved him and his people in the Ship (Ark). and repeatedly made them Rulers. We drowned the Disbelievers. so see their ending
74 later We sent other Messengers with clear Signs but they rejected them like before. so We sealed the Hearts of Transgressors
75 after them We sent Moses and Aaron with Our Sign to Pharaoh and his Chiefs but the arrogant sinful people rejected them too
76 when they got the Truth they said “it’s clear Magic”
77 Moses said “you say this regarding the Truth after it has reached you. is this Magic? but then  Magicians never prosper”
78 they said “have you come to turn us away from the followings of our forefathers so that you and your brother achieve greatness in the Land! we won’t believe you”
79 Pharaoh said “call all great Magicians”
80 when the Magician’s arrived Moses said “cast what you will”
81 when the Magicians did cast Moses said “what you bring is Magic! and Allah does not back Evildoers work”
82 “Allah justifies Truth by His words much to the hatred of Wrongdoers”
Section 9
83 none believed in Moses except some Children. for fear of Pharaoh and his Chiefs who were mighty on Earth and sinister breaking all bounds
84 Moses said “my people if you believe in Allah than put your trust in Him”
85 they said “in Allah we trust please don’t make us a trial for the tyrant”
86 “and save us with your Mercy from the  disbelieving folks”
87 We inspired this Message to Moses and his brother “provide homes for your people in Egypt, make your homes as place of Worship and Pray. also give Believers the good news”
88 Moses prayed “my Lord You’ve provided Pharaoh with so much wealth and splendor that my people get misled by them. O Lord! destroy their wealth and make their Heart hard so that they won’t believe until they see painful Doom”
89 Allah replied “your Prayers are accepted be firm and straight. don’t follow  the ignorant”
90 We took the Children of Israel across the Sea with the tyrant Pharaoh and his Men following. but when the flood engulfed them Pharaoh said “i believe there is no God but He whom the Children of Israel believe and i am a Muslim”
91 “ah! now you believe, but sometimes back you were rebellious and evil”
92 “this Day We shall save you in your body as a warning for those after you. still many are heedless of Our Sign!”
Section 10
93 to the Children of Israel We gave beautiful homes with best things. but after receiving knowledge they differed. your Lord  will judge on Judgment Day in what they differed in
94 if you doubt then ask the people who have read the previous Books? this is the Truth from your Lord
95 and don’t be one of them who doubt Allah’s Sign for you’ll be a loser
96 to them even if the Lord’s word is verified, they still won’t believe
97 even if all Sign’s were brought to them until they themselves see the Doom
98 if only there was a Township that believed, and benefited from it. like the people of Jonah and for them we removed humiliation from their Life and gave them comfort for a while
99 if it was Lord’s will then all on Earth would be Believers. so won’t you than, compel Mankind to believe!
100 none can believe unless Allah wills. His wrath will be on the heedless
101 say – all whatever in the Heaven’s and Earth; still no Sign’s nor warnings can benefit those who Disbelieve
102 can they expect anything like what happened in the past; say “wait! for i am waiting too”
103 finally We save our Messengers and the Believers. thus it’s befitting for Us to save those who believe
Section 11
104 say “O Mankind! if you doubt my Religion know that i will not worship what you worship besides Allah. i worship Allah who will take your Soul’s and has Commanded me to be a Believer”
105 “and face entirely towards upright Religion and don’t be of those who join Partners”
106 “do not call any other, except Allah. none can give benefit or loss. for if you do you’ll be Wrongdoers”
107 if Allah touches you with hurt none can remove it but Him. and none can stop any good going to you if He favors you or any Devotees. for He’s oft-Forgiving, Merciful
108 say “O Mankind since Truth has reached you from your Lord. those who receive Guidance benefits their own Souls whoever don’t are losers. and i am not here to check on you”
109 follow the Revelations inspired in you, be patient until Allah decides. for He’s the best Decision maker