Sura 14 – Abraham (Ibrahim)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  14
  • Part: 13
  • Total Verses:  52
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section 1
1 Alif Lam Ra, a Book revealed by Allah’s permissions to you to lead Mankind out of darkness and into Light.on the path of the Almighty, all-Praiseworthy
2 Allah! to whom belongs all in the Heavens and Earth, woe to the doomed Disbelievers!
3 Those who love Life of this World more than the Hereafter and turn away from Allah’s path with desire to make it crooked, are far astray
4 We’ve never sent a Messenger except knowing language of his people for their easy understanding. but than Allah the Almighty and Wise sends anyone astray or guides whomever He wills
5 and We sent Moses with our Sign’s “bring your people out of darkness and into Light, remind them of days of Allah” for these are Signs for those who are patient and grateful
6 When Moses said to his people “remember how Allah saved you from Pharaoh and his people who were giving terrible punishments killing your Sons and sparing your Women. that was your Lord’s test for you”
Section   2
7 when your Lord announced “if you are thankful I will give more but if thankless, than My punishment is severe”
8 Moses said “if you or all on Earth disbelieve still Allah is wealthy and all-Praiseworthy”
9 don’t you know about the people before you; Noah, Ad, Thamud and the ones after them? none but Allah knows them. their Messenger came with clear Sign’s but the people put their Hands to their mouths and said “we deny and seriously doubt what you’ve been sent with”
10 their Messenger said “you doubt Allah the Creator of Heavens and Earth? He invites you in Forgiving your Sins and is giving you a break for a term” they replied “you are Human like us and you wish to turn us away from what our fathers worshiped, than bring clear authority!”
11 their Messenger said “true we are Humans, but it’s Allah’s will which worshiper He ­­Favors. we cannot give explanation without His authority. on Allah let Believers put their trust”
12 “how can we not trust Allah when it’s He who showed us the way? we shall bear the hurt you cause us. and in Allah let the trusting trust”
Section   3
13 the Disbelievers replied to their Messengers “definitely we will drive you out of the Land unless you return to our Religion”. but their Lord inspired in them “truly We shall destroy these wrongdoers”
14 “and make you live in their Land after them. this is for those who fear My magnificence and   threats”
15 they asked for help from Allah. and every arrogant dictator remained unsuccessful
16 in front of such is Hell with rotten boiling Water to drink
17 which he sips but cannot swallow. with Death surrounding, still he cannot die. with doom lurking before him
18 examples of the Disbeliever is, all their work is like ashes with stormy Wind scattering it. they have no control in what they’ve earned. straying far away
19 don’t you see that Allah created Heavens and Earth in Truth. if He wants He could’ve replaced you with another
20 it is not difficult for Allah
21 they all assemble to their Lord and the despised ones will say to the arrogant “we followed you now can you save us from Allah’s wreath?” they will say “if we had heeded Guidance we would’ve given it to you, but now it’s useless whether we rage or endure there is no escape!”
Section   4
22 and Satan will say after the matter has  been decided  “Allah gave you true promise, i promised too but failed because i had no authority except to call you and you obeyed me. so don’t blame me but your own Souls for we cannot help each other. i reject your associating me with Allah. for wrongdoers is painful Doom
23 good Believers are welcomed into Gardens beneath which river flows to live there forever with their Lord’s permission, their greetings therein is “Peace!”
24 don’t you see how Allah shows example! a good saying is like a good Tree with firm roots and branches reaching up to the Sky
25 bearing Fruits every season with Allah’s permission. this way Allah gives examples for people who think
26 an example of a bad saying is like a bad Tree uprooted from Earth and unstable
27 Allah strengthens Believers with a firm saying in this World and the Hereafter and sends wrongdoers astray at His will
Section   5   
28 haven’t you seen those who have changed Allah’s blessings into Blasphemy and cause their people to live in destruction
29 to burn in Hell is their ending!
30 they setup Partners to Allah to mislead say “enjoy briefly! but you are heading for Hell Fire”
31 tell My worshipers who believe, establish regular Prayer and spend from what We gave them. secretly or openly before the Day comes when there will be no bargaining or friendship
32 Allah it is who created Heavens and Earth. and sent down Rain from Sky to produce Fruits to feed you, and commanded Ships to sail in your service. and has made Rivers serviceable for you
33 made the Sun and Moon regular in their Orbit. and made Night and Day of service to you
34 and gives what you ask of Him, you will never be able to count Allah’s Favors. for Mankind are unjust and ungrateful
Section   6
35 and when Abraham said “O my Lord! make this City safe and save me and my Son’s from worshiping idols”
36 “O my Lord they have led many among Mankind astray. whoever follows me is of me and whoever disobeys, still you are oft-Forgiving and Merciful!”
37 “our Lord! i have made some of my family settled in an infertile valley near Your Sacred House so that they may worship properly, so fill people’s Hearts with love towards them, provide Fruits for them so that they give thanks”
38 “our Lord! You know what we hide or reveal for nothing on Earth or Heavens is hidden from Allah”
39 “praise and thanks to Allah! who gave me Ishmael and Isaac in my old age, truly my Lord is Hearer of Prayer”
40 “my Lord make me and my offspring establish regular Prayer. and accept our Prayer”
41 “our Lord! forgive me, my Parents and all the Believers on Day of Account”
Section   7
42 don’t think Allah is unaware of evil doings, He’s given them a breather till the Day when eyes will just stare in horror
43 rushing forward with raised heads, their stare returning not to them. and their Hearts empty
44 warn Mankind of an oncoming doom, when the wrongdoers will say “our Lord give us a break and we’ll listen to You and your Messenger!”  “but then didn’t you swear, for you there is no end?”
45 “you lived in places where people had done wrong and saw how We dealt with them and made them as examples for you?”
46 big plots they made, but it was all with Allah. even though it looked like it would move Mountains
47 don’t think Allah will fail His promise to His Messengers. Allah is Mighty and able to requite
48 one Day Earth will not be the same nor will the Heavens, and they will assemble before Allah. the One Almighty
49 and you will see the Sinners bound together in chains
50 wearing raiment of pitch, with Fire covering their Face’s
51 so that Allah may repay each Soul what they’ve earned. for He’s swift in reckoning
52 This is clear Message to Mankind with a warning: let them know that He is only One God. people with intelligence take notice


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