Sura 6 The Cattle (Al-An’am)


  • Revealed at:  Mecca 
  • Sura:  6
  • Part:  (7) / 8
  • Total Verses:  165
   In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
   Section   1
1 praise is for Allah who created the Heavens and Earth, and made Darkness and Light. still those who disbelieve join Partners with their Lord
2 He it is who created you from Clay and fixed for you a Term, and another Term with Him. still you doubt!
3 He is Allah, in the Heavens and Earth, He knows what you hide or reveal and knows what you’ve earned
4 never a Sign from their Lord reaches them and they turn away
5 and reject the Truth upon receiving it. soon they’ll know what they mocked
6 don’t they see how many generations We’ve destroyed before them? whom We had established on Earth more in strength than what We gave you. and poured on them abundant Rain, with flowing rivers beneath them: but for their sins We destroyed them and created another generation
7 even if We had sent a Book on Paper that they could touch with their hands the Disbelievers would’ve said “it’s obvious Magic!”
8 they say “why isn’t an Angel sent down to him?” but if We had sent an Angle than the matter would be closed with no respite to give
9 if We had sent an Angel than surly he would be a Man causing confusion to already confused people
10 laughed at were Messengers before you but those who laughed, were themselves ridiculed
  Section   2
11 say “travel the Earth and see the outcome of the Rejecters!”
12 say “to whom belongs what’s in Heavens and Earth?” say “to Allah! He has planned for Himself to give Mercy, and will gather together all on Judgment Day. it’s the Disbelievers who have wronged their own Soul’s”
13 “to Him belongs all that inhabits the Night and Day. for He Hears and Knows”
14 say “should i take someone other than Allah as my protector He who is the Creator of Heavens and Earth? He it is who feeds but is never fed?”say “nay! i am commanded to be the first to bow down in ‘Islam’, and be not with the Idolaters”
15 say “if i refuse my Lord, i fear the Doom of a terrible Day”
16 it’s Mercy of Allah if Doom is averted on that Day from anyone and that’s clear success”
17 if Allah touches you with problems non can help except Him and if He touches you with happiness, He is all-Powerful
18 He is pleasing to His Worshipers, He is all-Wise and Aware
19 say “what has most weight in evidence?” say “Allah is witness between me and you, this Qur’an has been inspired in me to warn you and whoever it reaches. can you verify that besides Allah there is another God?” say “no! i cannot for He is only One Allah and i am clear off whatever you join Him with”
20 those who We’ve given the Book understand it as they understand their Sons. those who’ve lost their Souls won’t believe
Section   3
21 who does greater wrong than one who lies regarding Allah or rejects His Signs. indeed the wrongdoers won’t succeed
22 one day We shall gather them and say to those who ascribe Partners to Allah “where are your imagined Partners?”
23 then they won’t have any excuse but to say “by Allah, our Lord we were not Idolaters”
24 see how they lie against their own Souls! and their invented lie how it fails them
25 of them some who listen to you. but We’ve put veil over their Hearts so that they don’t understand and made their ears deaf, even if they see Our Sign they won’t believe. still they come to argue they say  “these are nothing but Tales of old”
26 they forbid others and themselves to avoid it, and they  ruin none except  themselves naively
27 if you could see when confronted with Fire they’ll say “if only we were sent back we’ll not reject the Lords Revelations and be with the Believers!”
28 yes! what they hid before is visible now. and if they were returned they would again repeat the forbidden, for they are liars
29 they say “there is nothing except this Life on Earth and we won’t be raised again”
30 if you could see when they confront their Lord He will say “isn’t this the Truth? they’ll reply “yes by our Lord!” than He’ll say” “than taste the Doom for rejecting”
  Section   4
31 losers are they who deny their meeting with Allah until, when the Hour comes and they say “alas we didn’t think!”  and on their backs they carry evil burden
32 what’s Life of this World except fun and amusement but home of the Hereafter is far better, won’t you than understand
33 We know their talks upset you: it isn’t you they deny, but it’s Allah Signs the evildoers deny
34 rejected were other Messengers before you, but patiently they bear until Our help arrived. Allah’s word is final. and you already know regarding some of the Messengers
35 if their aversion upsets you, still if you dig the Earth or climb the Sky to bring proof it’s useless. if Allah so willed He would’ve guided them. so don’t be among the foolish
36 those who listen will accept. as for the Dead, Allah will raise them up and then to Him they’ll return
37 they say “why no Sign has come to him from his Lord” say “Allah can send any Sign” but most don’t understand
38 there is no Animal on Earth or flying Creatures with Two (2) wings but are communities like you, that isn’t mentioned in the Book. eventually all will be gathered to their Lord
39 those who reject Our Revelations are deaf, dumb and in darkness. it’s Allah’s will who He sends astray or puts on straight path
40 say “think if Allah’s wrath or the final Hour comes upon you can you really call anyone other than Allah? if you are truthful”
41 “nay! it’s to Him you will call and He removes it. but you forget that you had joined Him with others!”
  Section   5
42 before you We had sent to many a Nations and gave hardship to the Nation. so that they humble themselves
43 when Our punishment strikes, if only they’d been humble? rather their hearts became hard and Satan made them feel their doings was justified!
44 and as they forgot the warning. We opened all doors for them, than in the midst of their enjoyments We seized them by surprise plunging them in despair
45 that ended the last of evil people. praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
46 say “think if Allah takes away your hearing, sight and seals your Heart than which God can restore it except Allah” see how We explain Our Sign? still they turn away
47 say “think if punishments comes to you suddenly or plainly? would anyone be destroyed other then wrongdoers?”
48 Messengers are sent only to give good news or warning. so good Believers should not fear or grieve
49 but those rejecting Our Sign shall suffer for persisting
50 say “i do not have treasures of Allah nor i know of any secrets nor am i an Angel but i follow the Revelations” say “is the blind equal to a seer?”  think?
  Section   6
51 warn those who fear that they will be brought before their Lord, where none can protect or plead for them, other than Him. therefore be on guard
52 do not send away those who call on their Lord, Morning and Evening seeking His favor. you are not responsible for them nor they for you that you should stop them and join wrongdoer
53 We tried some against others. but they said “are these who Allah chose from among us?”  doesn’t Allah know the grateful!
54 when those who believe in Our Revelations come to you: say “Peace! your Lord has prescribed Mercy for Himself. if any does evil and then repent doing good. Lo! Allah is oft-Forgiving”
55 that’s how We show our Sign, to make sinners visible
  Section   7
56 say “i am forbidden to worship those whom you call other than Allah” say “your desires i cannot follow, otherwise i will go astray and be among the misguided”
57 say “i am on a clear Sign from my Lord but you reject Him. i haven’t got what you’re impatient for, that command lies with Allah He tells the Truth and is the best Judge”
58 say “what you want if it was in my power, the problem would be solved. but Allah knows the wrongdoers”
59 He has the Keys of the unseen none but He knows, whatever is in the Land or Seas. not a leaf falls or a grain in the depths of Earth or anything fresh or dry. but is in a clear Record
60 its He who takes your Soul by Night and knows what you did during the Day. he then raises you up again so that you complete your Term. you finally return to Him and then He will show you your doings
Section   8
61  He is all-Powerful over his worshipers and has set guardians over you. when nearing Death Our Angels take your Soul without fail
62 and is returned to Allah, their Lord: the true, in command and the swiftest to Judge
63 say “who saves you from the darkness of Land and Sea when you call Him discreetly in fear (saying) “if He saves us, we’ll truly be thankful’?”
64 say “it’s Allah who saves you from this and all distress, still you worship others besides Allah “
65 say “He can punish you from above and below, or confuse you with cruelty of one another” see how We explain our Sign’s for your understanding
66 but your people reject the Truth. say “i am not responsible for you”
67 “every Message has a time limit. you shall soon know”
68 stay away from Men involved in vain discussion unless they stop. and if you forget because of Satan, than upon remembering, avoid evil company
69 Believers who do good and fear Allah are not responsible for their deeds but they can remind them to fear
70 forget them who take Religion as a joke and are impressed by Life in this World. but announce; a Soul may ruin itself by its deeds. none can help it except Allah and no ransom will be accepted. those are they who perish by their own doings. they will drink boiling Water and given severe punishment for disbelieving
  Section   9
71 say “shall we call others besides Allah who can neither benefit or harm us and turn back after receiving Allah’s Guidance?  like those whom Satan made fools of (saying) “come to us!”  say “nay Allah’s Guidance is the Guidance, and we’ve been commanded to surrender to the Lord of the Worlds”
72 “and to offer Prayer and fear Allah for you return to Him”
73 its He who created Heavens and Earth in Truth. and only needs to say “be!” and His word is Truth. He controls the Day when the Trumpet will be blown. know-er of Seen and Unseen, all-Wise and Aware
74 when Abraham said to his father Azar “, taking Idols as God? how wrong you and your people are!”
75 and We showed Abraham the Kingdom of Heavens and Earth so that he was sure
76 when the Night covered him he saw a Star and said “this is my Lord, but when it set” he said “i don’t like setting things”
77 when he saw the rising majestic Moon he said “this is my Lord” but when it set, he said “unless my Lord doesn’t guide me i will be in the wrong”
78 when he saw the Sun’s rising glory he said “this is my Lord” but when it set he said “my people i am not guilty of joining partners to Allah”
79 “i have turned my Face towards the one who created Heavens and Earth and never shall i join partners to Allah”
80 his people disputed with him he said “you are disputing regarding Allah who has guided me? i do not fear things you join Allah with, unless it’s His will, He understands all things. won’t you than be warned?
81 how should i fear things you associate Allah with, when you are not afraid to join partners to Allah, without any authority given to you? which of the two (2) party has more right to security than?
82 “those Believers who do not confuse their beliefs with wrongdoings, they are rightly guided”
  Section   10     
83 that was Our proof We gave Abraham against his people. We elevate whom We will in degrees. for your Lord is Wise, Aware
84 We gave him Isaac and Jacob and guided them. and before them We guided Noah and among his descendants David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron hence We reward the good
85 and Zachariah, John, Jesus and Elias all in rank of the Righteous
86 and Ishmael, Elisha, Jonas and Lot: We favored them above the Worlds
87 some of their fathers their Children and brethren We chose and guided them on straight path
88 this is Allah’s Guidance He gives to whom He wills his Worshipers. but if they join others with Him all your deeds are lost
89 these are the Men to whom We gave the Book, the Authority and Prophet-hood but if they reject We shall give it to people who won’t reject
90 they have received Allah’s Guidance so follow their Guidance and say “i don’t ask for reward, for it’s no less than a reminder to the Worlds”
  Section 11
91 no justification of Allah do they make when they say “Allah did not send down anything” say “who then sent a Light and Guidance Book with Moses which you made in sheets hiding most and disclosing some. you learn t things that neither you nor your father knew” say “it’s Allah” and leave them in their useless talks
92 this is the blessed Book We’ve revealed, confirming that which We sent before. so that you may warn the Mother of Cities and all around her, those who believe in Hereafter and are constant in Prayer
93 who can be more evil than the one who invents lies regarding Allah or says “i have received inspiration” when he has not or “i can reveal like what Allah revealed” if you could but see on their Death when the Angels stretch their hands and say “give up your Souls! now you will receive punishment for lying and scorning at Signs of Allah”
94 “so you’ve come to Us alone bare like when We first created you, and without thing’s that We gave you. neither your partners is with you. so now they’ve broken all ties and abandoned you!”
  Section   12
95 its Allah who makes the Grains or seed stone to sprout out, the way He brings forth the living from the Dead and Dead from the living. that’s Allah than how you turn away?
96 separator of the Day, from stillness of the Night. and Sun and Moon for calculation, such is the Judgment of the Powerful all-Knowing
97 it is He who has made the Stars to guide you through the darkness of the Land and seas. We’ve explained our Revelations for people who know
98 it is He who has created you from One (1) person, and given you resting place and place to depart from. We have explained Our Revelation for people who understand
99 it is He who sends down Water from the Sky and produce all kinds of vegetation’s. from it emerges green stalk bearing clusters of grains. and from the sprout of the Date palm clusters of Dates hanging low and near, Gardens of Grapes, Olives and Pomegranates, with similar yet different to look at. see the Fruits and their ripeness. these are Sign for the Believers
100 still they make Jinn equal to Allah. He, who has created them! and without knowledge assign to Him Son’s and Daughter’s. praise Him who is high above all this
  Section   13
101 He is the designer of Heaven and Earth, how can He have child when He has no Wife? He created and knows all
102 such is Allah your Lord! the all Creator, so worship him. He has the power to arrange all affairs
103 no vision can reach him, but He sees all. He is above understanding, yet familiar with everything
104 “the proof is there from your Lord, whoever can see will benefit but whoever blinds himself will only harm own self. i am not here to check on you”
105 that’s how We explain in various ways the Verses, so that they may say “you’ve studied” and that We make it clear for the educated
106 follow what you are taught by inspiration. there is no God except Him, and turn away from the Idolaters
107 had Allah willed there would be no Idolaters, nether are you their Guardian nor responsible for them
108 do not insult what they worship in case they insult Allah through ignorance. thus it seems fair to both. and when they return to their Lord He will then inform them of their doings
109 they swear strongly by Allah, that if a Sign came they will believe. say “Sign’s are in Allah’s power. and even if it came, they’ll not believe?”
110 We shall make their Hearts and eyes turn away because they first disbelieved, and We shall leave them to wander blindly


  • Revealed at:  Mecca 
  • Sura:  6
  • Part:  7 / ( 8)
  • Total Verses:  165


Section   14
111 even if We send Angels to them or if the Dead spoke to them or We collect everything before their eyes, still they will not believe unless Allah wills, yet most ignore it
112 similarly for every Messenger We’ve created an enemy of Men and Jinn’s inspiring one another with fancy speech to deceive, if you’re Lord wanted they would not have done this. so leave them in their design
113 let the Hearts of those, who disbelieve in the Hereafter be happy and let them receive what they may
114 say “shall i find a Judge other than Allah when it is Him who sent you the Book with explanation” they know well the Books that are sent from their Lord. so don’t doubt
115 faultless is your Lords words in truth and justice. none can change it: for He hears and knows all
116 if you were to obey most on Earth they will mislead you from Allah. for they only guess and lie
117 your Lord knows, who drift away from Him and who receives Guidance
118 So eat from, on which Allah’s name has been read, if you believe in his Sign
119 why shouldn’t you eat on which Allah’s name is read, when he has explained to you what is forbidden except under emergency? but many misled others for their own urges and lack of knowledge. Your Lord knows the violators
120 avoid all Sin visible or hidden. sinners will get “due” payment
121 it’s a Sin to eat on which Allah name has not been read. the evil ones do inspire their friends to challenge you. for you will be an Idolater if you obey them
  Section   15
122 the Dead to whom We gave Life and knowledge so that he can walk in the society is the same as the one who lives forever in darkness? hence to the Faithless their own doings seems pleasing
123 And so in every Town We’ve placed evil Men as leaders who plot but only harm their own Soul and cannot see
124 when they get a Sign they say “we want the same Sign that Allah’s Messenger got” Allah knows best whom to give Message. soon Allah will disgrace the evil plotters with severe punishment
125 whoever Allah wishes to guide He opens their breast to Islam. the Disbelievers He does not guide and as result closes their breast as if you are climbing up the Sky
126 this is a straight road of your Lord. explained in details for the intelligent
127 their home will be of Peace in the Lords presence who will be their guardian because of what they did
128 one Day He will gather them together “you crowd of Jinn, you have misled Mankind ” their supporters among Men will say “our Lord we’ve gained from each other but now we’ve reached our Term that You’ve fixed” He will say “Fire is your home so live there forever except as Allah pleases” your Lord is all Wise and knowing
129 that’s how we make the wrongdoers support each other for on account of what they’ve earned
  Section   16
130 “crowd of Jinn and Mankind! didn’t Messengers came to you reciting My Verses and warning you of your this Day meeting?” they will reply “yes we agree” and it’s Life of this World that deceived them. thus proving that they rejected Faith
131 therefore your Lord will not destroy Township for its Sin without warning its people
132 Degrees are set for all according to their deeds. your Lord is not Unaware
133 your Lord is self-sufficient full of Mercy, if He willed He could destroy you and put another in your place. the way He raised you from offspring of others
134 whatever you’re promised will occur: you cannot escape it
135 say “O! my people do whatever you can so shall i, you will soon know who has a happy abode. for wrongdoers won’t succeed”
136 they assign to Allah what He has created of the crops and Cattle saying “this is for Allah and this” for our “Partners!” but the share they assign to their partners don’t reach Allah and what they assign to Allah reaches their “Partners”! evil is their Judgment
137 in the eyes of the Disbelievers their Partners made it seem appealing, killing their Children and so leading them to destruction and confusion in the Religion. if Allah willed they wouldn’t have done, so leave them to their devices
138 they say certain Cattle and crops are forbidden to eat except what we please and there are Cattle forbidden to carry burden, or Cattle with Allah’s name not mentioned; lying against Allah. soon He will avenge their lies
139 they say “whatever is in the Cattle’s womb is reserved for our Men and prohibited to our Woman but if still born than all can share” He will punish them for their sayings. He the Wise and aware
140 losers are those who kill their Children foolishly, forbidding food that Allah has provided for them, lying against Allah. indeed they are astray without heeding Guidance
  Section   17
141 He it is who created Gardens with or without trellis, with Date Palms and crops of varying taste, Olives and Pomegranate similar yet different. eat the seasons Fruit’s but pay the due on Harvest Day. and don’t waste as Allah dislikes wasters
142 of Cattle, some are for carrying load and some for food. eat what Allah has provided, and don’t follow the Devil’s footsteps who’s your arch enemy
143 eight pairs: a pair of Sheep and a pair of Goat; say has He forbidden the two Males or two Females or what the two Females womb contains? speak if you truly know
144 a pair of Camel and an Oxen pair; say has He forbidden the two Males or two Females or what the two Females womb contains? were you present when Allah had instructed this? who is more wrong than one who invents lie against Allah misleading ignorant people? for Allah dose not guide wrongdoers
  Section   18            
145 say “i haven’t found anything revealed to me, forbidding anything to be eaten, unless it be Dead meat, bleeding or flesh of Swine for that is unclean and foul. and on which, name other than Allah’s been mentioned unless driven by grave necessity not craving” Lo! your Lord is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
146 to the Jew We Forbade them ones with undivided hoofs and fat of ox and Sheep except which was on their backs, insides or bones. this punishment was for their disobedience. for We are truthful
147 if they deny you, say “your Lord is all-Embracing, Merciful but His wrath will never be withdrawn from the guilty”
148 the Idolater’s say “had Allah willed we or our fathers wouldn’t have joined Partners to Him nor had been forbidden anything” like those before them rejected until they tasted our wrath, say “ if have you any facts than produce it? you only guess and lie”
149 say “the final word is with Allah, if he wanted He would’ve guided you all”
150 say “bring your witness and prove that Allah forbade such and such. if they do don’t be part of it, don’t follow the fancies of those who reject Our Revelations and disbelieve the Hereafter: holding others equal to their Lord
  Section   19
151 say: “i will recite what Allah has forbidden you” join not Partners to Him, be kind to Parents, do not kill Children on plea of poverty because We provide for you both. do not commit Sin whether secret or open, don’t kill except for Justice. this is His command for you to understand
152 do not approach Orphans wealth except to better it, when Orphan is mature give full measure justly; We do not burden any Soul beyond their capability; speak justly even if it concerns relative; fulfill Allah’s covenant; this He command’s that you may remember
153 and this is My way of leading straight: don’t follow other paths that will divert you away from His path. thus He command’s you that you may be Righteous
154 furthermore, We gave the Book to Moses fulfilling and explaining everything for the Righteous. a Guidance and Mercy and to believe in meeting with their Lord
  Section   20
155 and this is a blessed Book We’ve sent down explaining everything, follow it and be on-guard that you may receive Mercy
156 in case you say “the Book was revealed to Two (2) earlier Sect and we didn’t know what they studied;”
157 or you should say “if only we had received the Book, we would’ve followed the Guidance better” now since your Lord has sent you the Guidance and Mercy, who would be more wrong than the one who rejects Allah’s Revelations. for them soon is a dreadful punishment
158 are they waiting for the Angels or the Lord or His Sign to come to them? but the Day when it does comes it won’t benefit those who didn’t believe before or earned good through its Faith. say “you wait! so are We”
159 those who divide and break Religion into sect they are not your concern; their case lies with Allah who will inform them what they did
160 he who does good will receive Ten (10) times the same: he who does evil will receive according to his evil: none shall be wronged
161 say “my Lord has guided me on a straight path, the right Religion that of Abraham who was no Idolater”
162 say “my Prayer, sacrifice, living and dying are all for Allah. the Lord of the World’s”
163 no partners has He;, thus i am Commanded and i am the first to believe
164 say “shall i look for others, when Allah is Lord of all things? everyone earns on his own account and not answerable for others burden’s. you return to your Lord and He will inform you where you disputed”
165 He has made you Rulers of Earth: with some in higher ranks than others: to test you in the gifts He gave: for your Lord is quick in punishment: yet He’s often Forgiving most Merciful


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