Sura 80 – He frowned (Abasa)


  • Revealed at: Makkah
  • Sura: 80
  • Part: 30 
  • Total Verses: 42


In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 he (the Prophet)  frowned and turned away
2 when the blind Man came to him
3 what could tell you that he might’ve become pure
4 or been warned and benefited from it
5 is it those who are  self-sufficient
6 only them, you pay attention to?
7 although you won’t be blamed if he doesn’t become pure
8 but whoever comes earnestly to you
9 with fear
10 do you neglect them?
11 Nay! for this is a warning
12 for whoever wants; be mindful
13 in the honored Book (Quran)
14 Glorious, purified
15 handwritten by scribes
16 Noble and Pious
17 Woe to Man!  How ungrateful he is?
18 what did He created him from
19 a Sperm drop. then He shaped him in due proportion
20 and He made his way easy;
21 then He made him to die and buried in grave;
22 than at His will, will bring him to Life
23 but Man doesn’t do what Allah commands him to
24 let Man consider his food
25 how We shower Water
26 and split the Earth in gaps
27 to produce Grains
28 Grapes and nutritious Plant
29 and Olives and Dates
30 with dense Gardens
31 and Fruits and pastures
32 for you and your Cattle
33 but when the Big Bang comes
34 that Day Man will flee from his own Brother
35 his Mother his Father
26 his Wife his Children
37 so concerned about himself that he is unmindful of others
38 some Faces that Day will be beaming
39 laughing, rejoicing
40 other Faces that Day will be dust-ridden
41 darkness will cover them
42 those are the Rejecters the Sinners