Sura 16 – The Bee (An-Nahl)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  16
  • Part:  14
  • Total Verses:  128
                 In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
                Section   1
1 Allah’s Command will surely come, don’t look to hurry it. Glorified is He far above the Partners they associate Him with!
2 He sends down Angels with His Commands of inspiration to whoever of His Bondmen “warn Mankind! there is no God but I so be dutiful”
3 He created the Heavens and Earth with truth, far above is He what they associate Him with!
4 He created Mankind from Sperm drop, but then Humans challenges Him openly
5 the Cattle He created for you. in them is warmth and many uses and you eat them too
6 you pride in their beauty when you bring them home in the Evening or take them out to pasture in the morning
7 they carry your heavy loads to places where to reach it would’ve tired you. for your Lord is Kind and Merciful
8 He created Horses, Mules and Donkeys for you to ride and for show, and created things you don’t know off
9 to Allah is a straight path, but there are crooked paths too. if Allah so willed He could’ve guided all
Section    2
10 He it is who sends down Rain from the Sky for you to drink, and with it grows vegetation for animals to graze on
11 with it He produces Corn, Olives, Date Palms, Grapes and Fruits; a Sign for philosophers
12 He has organized Night and Day and Commanded the Sun, Moon and Stars to be compliant to you. in it are Signs for the Wise
13 and multitudes of things on Earth that He’s produced in different Colours. Sign’s for people who are aware
14 and made the Sea serviceable for you so that you can eat tender meat and get Ornaments to wear. and for Ships to sail, so that you may   seek His bounty and give thanks
15 and set on Earth firm Mountains that doesn’t shake with you. and created Rivers and roads to guide your way
16 along with Landmarks and Stars for your Guidance
17 is He then who Creates, same as who doesn’t? won’t you then remember?
18 you’ll never be able to count Allah’s favors. for Allah is often Forgiving, most Merciful
19 He knows what you hide or reveal
20 those whom they call besides Allah had created nothing but are themselves created
21 dead, lifeless: they don’t even know when they’ll be raised


Section    3

your God is one God; those who disbelieve in the Hereafter their Hearts fail to understand, being arrogant

23 Allah knows what they hide or reveal, He hates arrogance
24 when asked “what did your Lord reveal?” they say “stories of old”
25 on Judgment Day they’ll carry their own burden and burden of those whom they misled without knowledge, an evil burden!
Section   4
26 those before them schemed too, but Allah struck their buildings foundations and their roofs fell on them. His wrath seized them from where they couldn’t imagine
27 on Judgment Day He will cover them in shame and ask “where are My partners for whom you were so offensive?” the educated ones will say “today is a disgraceful day for Disbelievers!”
28 sinners whose Lives the Angels take while they were committing crimes will surrender saying “we weren’t evil!” the Angels will say “only Allah knows!”
29 “enter the Gates of Hell forever! an evil home for sinners”
30 to the Righteous it is said “what has your Lord revealed?” they’ll say “everything good”. for the good everything in this World is good and better in the next, and for the pious everything excellent
31 they will enter the Garden of Eternity (Eden) beneath which river flows, with fulfilled wishes. that’s how Allah rewards the good
32 those Righteous whose Life when the Angels take (saying) “Peace on you! enter the Gardens for doing good deeds”
33 are they waiting for Angels or the Lord’s commands to come down? like those before them, Allah didn’t wrong them: they wronged themselves
34 their evil deeds surpassed them and what they mocked surrounded them
Section   5
35 the Idolaters say “if Allah had so willed we nor our fathers would’ve worshiped any other except Him, or forbidden anything without His consent” and so did those before them. and are the Messenger’s only sent to convey the Message?
36 to every Nation We sent a Messenger “serve Allah and stop evil”. of them some Allah guided and on some their straying was necessary. do travel the Land and see the Rejectors outcome!
37 even though you want to guide them, but Allah does not guide those whom He leads astray. nor have they any helper
38 they swear by Allah that He will not raise up the dead. nay! He is bound to by His promise, but most of Mankind don’t understand
39 so to explain to them where they differed, and to let the Disbelievers know that they were liars
40 whatever We willed, We only need to say “be!” and it is
Section   6
41 those who leave their homes for Allah cause and suffer oppression, We shall give them good homes in this World and great rewards in the Hereafter. if they but knew
42 such who are tolerant and put their trust in Allah
43 and before you, We’ve sent Messengers who were also Men, whom We inspired. if you don’t know ask those who possess the Message
44 with clear Sign and writings We’ve revealed the reminder (Quran) to you, to explain to Mankind for them to reflect
45 do the wrongdoers think that Allah will not make the Earth swallow them or send them doom from where they cannot imagine?
46 or He may not catch them in the midst of their rushing here and there, so that there’d be no escape?
47 or that He may seize them by causing them to suffer gradually. for your Lord is Kind and Merciful
48 don’t they see what Allah has created? even the shadows incline to the right and left, bowing humbly to Him
49 everything in Heavens and Earth, all living Creatures, Angels prostrate to Allah for none are arrogant
50 fearing their Lord above them and doing what they are Commanded
Section   7
51 and Allah said “do not take Two (2) Gods: there is only One Allah. so fear Me”
52 everything in the Heavens and Earth belongs to Him. and to Him alone is our duty. will you then fear anything other than Allah?
53 all comfort is from Allah and on all misfortune you cry out aloud to Him
54 but when He removes your grief. some of you join others to your Lord
55 showing their thanklessness to Us. enjoy!  soon you shall know
56 they allocate part of what We gave them, to things they don’t know – by Allah! you will surely be questioned for lying
57 they ascribe Daughters to Allah. His magnificence! and choose whatever they want for themselves
58 upon hearing the birth of his Female (child) his face darkens with grief
59 he hides himself from his people in shame, should he keep it with hatred or bury it into Earth. evil is their judgment
60 those who disbelieve in the Hereafter are an evil example. but to Allah applies the highest example. for He’s all-Mighty, Wise
Section   8
61 if Allah were to punish Mankind for wrongdoings, than He would not leave a Single living Creature. but He’s given them a breather for a fixed Term. and when it comes, none can delay nor forward it an Hour
62 things they hate, they assign to Allah. their tongues lie saying all good things are for them. without doubt Fire is for them! they’ll be sent there first and abandoned
63 by Allah! We’ve sent to the Nations (Messengers) before you. but Satan made their work appear attractive to themselves, he is their helper today. for them is severe punishment
64 We haven’t sent down the Book to you except, that you may explain to them about which they differ. and as a Guide and Mercy for the Believers
65 Allah sends Rain from the Sky to give Life to the dead Earth. a Sign for those who listen
Section   9
66 a lesson to learn regarding the Cattle. We produce for you from their bellies between excretions and blood, refreshing milk to drink
67 and from Fruits of Date-Palm and Grapes you derive strong drinks and food. Signs for those with sense
68 the Lord told the Bees – make hives on Mountains, Trees, and on habitations
69 eat all Earth’s produce  and follow Allah’s easy ways.  out of their bodies comes drink of varying Colours that has medicinal effect for Mankind. a Sign for the thinkers
70 its Allah who creates you and causes your death. but some live up to old age becoming childlike after being knowledgeable. Allah is Knower and all-Powerful
Section   10
71 Allah has favored some with more gifts than others, they won’t give their gifts to what their right Hand posses to make them their equal. will they then deny the favours of Allah?
72 He has given you Mates from your own kinds and from them Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren and provided good things for you. will they then believe in false things and be ungrateful to Allah?
73 and worship other than Allah, things that have no power to neither provide anything for sustenance in the Heavens or Earth nor ever will?
74 don’t create equality with Allah. He knows you don’t
75 Allah gives you example of a slave under a control of another and a man who received great favors from Us, who spends secretly and openly, are they both equal? praise Allah but most don’t understand
76 Allah gives yet another example of Two (2) Men one dumb, useless and a burden on his master, is he same as he who commands justice and is Righteous?
Section   11
77 Allah holds the mysteries of Heavens and Earth. it’s not the matter of the Hour, but it’s like a wink of an Eye or even faster, for Allah over all is all-Powerful
78 He it is who brought you forth from your Mother’s womb knowing nothing. and gave you Hearing Sight and Heart so that you may give thanks
79 don’t they see the Birds how they stay up in the Sky? nothing except Allah holds them. a Sign for the Believers
80 it’s Allah who gave you peaceful homes, and also gave houses made from animal skins that is Light to carry on journeys. and on break journeys things made from wool, fibers and hair, articles of convenience for a while
81 Allah made for you shade from the things He created, and created for you places of shelter in the Mountains, and made garments to protect you from heat and in War.  thus completing His favours so that you may bow to Him
82 if they reject, your duty is only to clearly convey
83 they know it, but deny Allah’s favours, most are Disbelievers
Section   12
84 the Day when We shall raise from every Nation a Witness no excuse will be accepted from Disbelievers nor any favours given
85 when the Wrongdoers see the doom. it will not be decreased nor respite given
86 and when those who join others to Allah see their partners. they will say “my Lord these are the partners we joined with You”. but their partners will fling at them saying “liars!”
87 they will submit to Allah that day as their lies will vanish from  them
88 those who disbelieved and obstruct in Allah’s way will receive torment over torment for spreading corruptions
89 from every Nation one day We will raise a Witness against them from their own people and then bring you against them.  We gave you the Book (Quran) as a guide explaining everything.  a Mercy and Good news for Muslims
Section   13
90 Allah commands justice, good deeds, and kindness to Relatives. He forbids sinful, evil or wicked acts and urges you to be cautious
91 fulfill the covenant of Allah when you’ve accepted it and don’t break your promise as you have made Him your protector. He knows your doings
92 don’t be like one who breaks the strong spun yarn into thin threads, making your words a pretense between yourselves because of one Nation being numerous than the other. it’s Allah’s trial, He will explain on Judgment Day where you differed
93 if Allah so willed, all would be one Nation. but He puts astray or guides whoever. and you will be questioned regarding your deeds
94 don’t turn your promise into dishonesty between yourselves.  for because of you a foot slips after firm foothold and you may taste evil for hindering in Allah’s path with awful doom
95 don’t make small gain for the price of Allah’s covenant, what Allah has is far better, if only you knew
96 what you have will vanish, what Allah has remains We shall give gifts to the steadfast according to their best actions
97 to good believing Man or Woman, We shall give good pure Life and reward according to their best actions
98 so read the Quran and ask Allah for protection from Satan the outcast
99 he has no power over Believers who put their trust in their Lord
100 his power is only on those who follow him and join partners to Allah
Section   14
101 when We replace an Ayah with another – its Allah’s will what he reveals. they say “you are a liar” but most know not
102 say, the Holy Spirit has brought it down from your Lord with Truth, to strengthen, guide and give good news to the Muslims
103 We know they say “it’s a Man who teaches him”. but the language they refer to is foreign and this is in clear Arabic
104 those who disbelieve Allah’s Revelations, Allah will not guide, but punish them terribly
105 It’s those who disbelieve in Allah’s Revelations they create falsehood they are the liars
106 whoever disbelieves in Allah after believing except those who are forced, and do not mean from the Heart will have Allah’s wreath and punishment
107 because they preferred this Life rather than Hereafter, Allah does not guide Disbelievers
108 He has sealed the Heart’s, Hearing and Sight of the heedless
109 definitely in the Hereafter they are losers
110 Lo! those who flee after being victimized who struggled and fought but were patent. your Lord subsequently is oft-forgiving most Merciful
Section   15
111 the Day when every Soul will beg for himself and each Soul be paid in full without injustice
112 Allah sets an example: a fully self sufficient community having all amenities from everywhere. they rejected Allah’s favors so Allah surround them with extreme hunger and terror for their doings
113 they denied the Messenger who came from among them and so got the wrath, for tyranny
114 eat Allah’s given lawful good food and give thanks, if it is He you worship
115 He forbids you dead meat, blood, swine and any animal slaughtered in other than Allah’s name. but if forced by necessities or disobeyed unknowingly than Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
116 don’t lie saying “this is Lawful or that is Forbidden” inventing lie’s against Allah never   succeeds
117 for little pleasure, they get painful doom
118 to Jews We forbade the same what We forbade you and wrong them not. but they wronged themselves
119 but your Lord to those who commit Sin in ignorance and repent becoming good. Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
Section   16
120 Abraham was truly a leader of a Nation, obedient to Allah, and was no Idolater
121 he was thankful for Allah’s favor who chose and guided him on the right path
122 We gave him good in this World and in the Hereafter he’ll be among the Righteous
123 than We inspired you “follow Abraham’s Religion the upright who was no Idolater”
124 Sabbath was imposed only for those who disagreed concerning it. and Allah will Judge their differences on Resurrections Day
125 invite to your Lords way with wisdom, fair preaching and good arguments. truly your Lord knows those astray and those guided
126 if you catch them, then only do what they did to you. but being patience is best
127 endure patiently with Allah’s help.and don’t be upset about their plot