Sura 83 – Defrauding / Cheating (Al-Mutaffifin)

Defrauding / Cheating (Al-Mutaffifin) 

  • Revealed at:  Makkah
  • Sura:  83
  • Part:  30
  • Total Verses:  36
In The Name Of Allah, The  Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 woe to the defrauders
2 when taking by measure take correctly
3 but when  giving by measure to people, give less
4 do they think they can get away?
5 on most Powerful Day
6 Day when Mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?
7 the Record of the Sinners is in Sijjin
8 and what will explain to you what Sijjin is?
9 it’s a written Record
10 woe to the Rejecters that Day!
`11 who deny the Day of Judgement
12 no one denies it except criminal Sinner’s
13 when Our Revelations are recited to them they say “stories of old!”
14 no! it’s their doings  that’s  rusted their Heart’s
15 they will be barred from their Lord
16 and will burn in Hell
17 they will be told “this is what you rejected!”
18 the Record of the  Righteous is in Illiyin
19 now what will explain to you what’s Illiyin?
20 a written Record
21 attested by those nearest to (Allah)
22 truly the Righteous shall be in delight
23 on Thrones looking on
24 you could see their radiant Faces
25 they are given Pure Wine, to drink that’s sealed
26 sealed with Musk: to get it, let the strivers strive
27 it’s mixed with Water of Tasneem
28 a Spring from where those near (to Allah) drink
29 the sinner used to laugh at the Believer’s
30 and winked at each other whenever they passed by
31 going back to their own folk’s joking
32 when they saw them they said “these astray folk!”
33 yet they weren’t sent as their Guardian!
34 but this Day the Believers will laugh at Disbelievers
35 from Thrones looking on
36 aren’t the Disbelievers paid well for their doings?