Sura 2 – The Cow/Heifer (Al Baqara)


  • Revealed at: Medina
  • Sura:  2
  • Part : (1) / 2  /  3
  • Total Verses:  286
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
 1 Alif  Lam  Mim
 2 this Book is undoubtedly a Guidance for the pious
 3 Believers of the unseen, who Pray and who spend out of what We have given them
 4 who believe in the Revelations sent to you, before you and in the Hereafter
 5 with the Lord’s Guidance they’ll prosper
 6 those Disbelievers whether warned or not just don’t believe
 7 with Hearts and ears sealed by Allah and eyes veiled they’re heading for Doom
Section 2
8 of Mankind, some say “we believe in Allah and the last day” but really don’t
9 thinking to deceive Allah and the Believers, aren’t they deceiving themselves?
10 Allah increase their diseased Hearts and the liars await doom
11 when asked to stop mischief on Earth they say “we want Peace”
12 they are the mischief makers, but can’t see
13 when asked to believe they say “believe like fools?” Aren’t they themselves naive fools
14 upon meeting Believers they say “we believe”, but when with evil ones, they say “we were only joking”
15 Allah will throw their jokes on them making them wander blindly
16 they’ve exchanged Guidance for error therefore losing business and direction
17 like a Man who lights a Fire and when it’s bright, Allah takes away their light leaving them blinded in darkness
18 deaf, dumb, blind and aimless
19 or like the thunder Cloud with zones of darkness, thunder and lightning, they put fingers in their ears to stop hearing thunderclap fearing Death. but Allah encompass the Disbelievers
20 blinded, they walk with help of lightning or stand in darkness, if Allah willed He could’ve made them deaf and blind
    Section   3
21 O! Mankind love your Lord who created you and those before you to receive Guidance
22 He who has made Earth your home and Sky as roof sending down Water to produce fruits for you. so don’t knowingly setup rivals to Allah
23 and if you doubt Our Revelations to Our Messenger than produce a Verse like this with anyone’s help except Allah’s
24 and if you cannot and of course won’t, than be prepared for the Fire whose fuel are Disbelievers and stones
25 give greetings to the Righteous, theirs are Gardens beneath which river flows, where they are given Fruits which they say “looks familiar” for they are given similar looking things. with Pure Companions living there forever
26 Allah is not averse to use examples of even a Mosquito, or something (lower). Believers believe but Disbelievers say, Allah misleads some and guides some. but Allah only misleads the wrongdoers
27 those who break their promise to Allah and break what He ordered joined. creating trouble, they are the losers
28 how can you reject Allah who gave you Life when you were Dead than will make you die than raise you again and again to Him you’ll return
29 He! who created for you all things on Earth then the All Knower turned to Heavens and designed it as Seven (7) Heavens
Section   4
30 your Lord said to the Angels “I am placing a Viceroy on Earth” they replied “won’t this create mischief and bloodshed while we praise You” He replied “I know what you don’t”
31 He taught Adam names of all things than asked the Angels, “tell Me the names of these”
32 they said “glory be! we only know what You the Knower and Wise taught us “
33 He said “Adam tell their names” and he did, Allah said “didn’t I say I know secrets of Earth and what you reveal or hide
34 We said to the Angels “bow down to Adam” all did except Satan thus he became a Disbeliever
35 We said “Adam live with your Wife in the Garden, eat whatever but not from this Tree for you’ll become wrongdoers”
36 but Satan made them disobey and be expelled. We said “get down with enmity in your Hearts and live for a time on Earth with provisions provided”
37 then Adam got some words of inspiration from his Lord, and the Merciful Lord relented and pardoned him
38 We said “get down you all and when you receive My Messages follow them for than you’ll not grieve”
39 but for the rejecting Disbelievers Fire shall be their home
   Section   5
40 O Children of Israel! remember My Favors. keep your promise to Me, like I do to you and fear Me
41 believe in My Revelations confirming what you already have. don’t be foremost to reject or sell them cheaply. fear Me only
42 don’t confuse Truth from lies or hide the Truth knowingly
43 Pray regularly, give regular Charity, and bow down with others
44 do you advise good behavior for others and forget it yourself? you do read the Book! don’t you have sense?
45 seek help with patience and Prayer. it’s difficult except for the humble
46 who know for sure they are to meet and return to their Lord
   Section   6
47 O Children of Israel! remember My Favors, that I preferred you to all others
48 fear a Day when no Soul can benefit, mediate, compensate, nor be helped by another
49 remember when We saved you from Pharaoh’s people who tormented you, killed your Sons but spared your Women. that was a major trial from your Lord
50 and when We parted the Sea and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s folks in your sight
51 and We fixed Forty (40) Nights for Moses. and while he was away you chose the Calf and were evil
52 still We forgave you. anticipating a thanks
53 remember We gave Moses the Book and Criterion, giving you chance to be guided
54 and remember when Moses said “my people you’ve wronged in worshiping the calf, kill yourselves so that He forgives you” than the oft-Forgiving turned towards you in forgiveness
55 and remember you said “Moses we won’t believe until we see Allah!” and while you looked on, lightning struck you
56 than We revived you after your Death. perchance you might give thanks
57 We shaded you with the Clouds and sent down Manna (sweet gum) and Quail saying “eat the good things provided by Us”. they did not wrong Us but harmed themselves
58 and remember We said “enter this Town, eat freely. enter the Gates with humility prostrating asking forgiveness We shall forgive and give more to the good”
59 but wrongdoers changed the words given to them and We sent wrath from Heaven for their evil doings
   Section   7
60 and remember when Moses prayed for Water for his people, We said “strike hard on the rock with your staff” out gushed (12) twelve Springs. each Tribe knew their Spring. so eat drink from Allah but don’t’ do evil on Earth
61 and remember you said “Moses we can’t eat the same things, ask your Lord for variety from Earth like herbs, cucumbers, garlic, lentil and onions”  He replied “will you exchange better for worse? go down to any Town and you will get it” and they got humiliations, misery and Allah’s wrath too for slaying His Messengers wrongfully and disbelieving Allah’s Revelations
Section  8
62 the Believers and those who are Jewish, Christian or Sabians, who believe in Allah, the last Day and are good will be rewarded by their Lord and shouldn’t fear or grieve
63 remember We took your promise and raised high the mount above you “hold firmly and remember what We’ve given you so that you may guard”
64 still you rejected. if not for Allah’s mercy you would’ve been losers
65 those among you who broke the Sabbath We said to them “be you Apes! despised and rejected”
66 and We made them an example to their own and the future generations. and a warning for the God fearing
67 remember when Moses said “Allah commands you to sacrifice a Heifer. they said “you make fun of us?” Moses replied “Allah forbids me to be foolish”
68 they said “ask from us what kind?” He says “neither young nor old but middle aged, now do as commanded”
69 they said “ask from us what Colour?”  he said “He says fawn Colour and beautiful”
70 they said “ask from us what she is because all Heifer’s look alike; we wish Guidance if Allah wills”
71 he said “He says not one that ploughs or Waters the fields and without mark” they said “now you bring the Truth” they than sacrificed a Heifer half-heartedly
   Section   9
72 remember when you killed a Man and disputed among yourselves, but Allah was to unveil what you hid
73 We said “strike his body with the (Heifer) flesh piece” and so Allah brings the Dead to Life a Sign for you to see and perhaps understand
74 still after that your Heart is hard, worse than rocks! because even rivers flows from rocks and some split spewing out Water. while others fall in Allah’s fear. Allah is not inattentive of your doings
75 do you still have hope for them to be true when a group of them heard Allah’s word and they changed it after understanding it
76 and when they meet Believers they say “we believe” but in private they say to each other “ask them what Allah has revealed, so that you argue with your Lord” can’t you see?
 77 don’t they know that Allah knows what they hide or reveal?
78 among them are the uneducated ones who do not know the Book, they but guess
79 curse on them who write the Book with their own hands and say “it’s from Allah!” for little gains, woe to their hands for writing and woe to their earnings
80 they say “Fire will not touch us except for a few Days” say “has Allah promised you that! because Allah doesn’t break His promise or you don’t know what you say”
81 nay! those who profit from evil and are deep in Sin, they are owners of Fire. there they’ll reside
82 and those who believe and do good they are owners of Gardens. and there they’ll reside
  Section   10    
83 and remember We took promise from Children of Israel: worship only Allah, be kind to your Parents, Relatives, Orphans and Needy. speak fairly to people, Pray regularly and give regular Charity. but you reverted back except for few reluctant ones
84 and We also took your promise: don’t shed blood among yourselves. nor throw your own people out of their homes. and you endorsed this as a witness
85 still you kill each other and make people homeless by aiding against them and being evil. if taken captive you ransom them, whereas their expulsion was itself illegal. do you believe part of the Book and reject the rest? than what should be the answer to such behavior except shame in this Worlds Life and worst on Judgement Day. Allah is not unaware of your doings
86 these people buy Life of this World in place of the Hereafter. their punishment will not be lessened nor will they be helped
Section   11
87 We gave Moses the Book followed by a series of Messenger and gave Jesus Son of Mary a clear Sign helped with the Spirit. whenever a Messenger comes whom you dislike, arrogantly you call some imposter and others you kill?
88 they say “our Hearts are hardened” no it’s Allah’s curse for their Blasphemy! little they believe
89 and when a Book comes from Allah confirming what they already have. although they themselves were asking for victory over Disbelievers after receiving it they reject it. Allah curses the faithless
90 miserably they pay for their Soul. denying what Allah had sent down, and resenting it given to any of His Devotees. thus incurring wrath upon wrath on themselves with shameful Doom
91 when told “believe in what Allah has sent down” they say “we believe in what was sent to us” yet they reject others even if it confirms to what they have?  say “why did you slay the previous Prophets then?”
92 Moses came to you with clear Sign, but you started to worship a calf and were evil
93 and remember We took promise from you and made the mount prominent above you “hold fast what We’ve given you and listen”. they said “we hear and reject” and because of this the calf entered into their Hearts. say “evil are your thoughts and Faith”
94 say “if the last Home with Allah is for you alone and not for anyone else. sincerely than Pray for Death”
95 but they will never Pray for Death, because of what their Hands had done. Allah knows the evildoers
96 you will find them greedier than Idolaters, each wishing for (1000) Thousand Years Life.  still that will not save them from the punishment. for Allah sees their doings
   Section   12
 97 say “whoever is Gabriel’s enemy; for he revealed it (Quran) in your Heart by Allah’s leave, confirming what was (Books) sent before. a Guidance and good news for Believers”
 98 whoever is an enemy to Allah and to His Angels, His Messengers, to Gabriel and Michael, Allah is enemy of these faithless!
 99 We have disclosed Signs to you but none reject except the wicked
 100 isn’t it not that every time they make agreement, a group rejects it.  nay! most are faithless
 101 and when Allah’s Messenger comes to them, confirming what they have (Book). a group who’ve received the Book fling it behind them acting ignorant
 102 they followed the Devils lie against Solomon. for Blasphemy was not done by Solomon but by the Devil, teaching Men Magic that came down at Babylon to Angels Harut and Marut, they didn’t teach anyone without saying “we are here for the thrill, do not do Blasphemy” so by Allah’s leave people learned from them how to cause separation between husband and wife.  but also realised what they learnt harmed them without benefit with no place in the Hereafter. for those who indulge in this (Magic) are buying evil for price of their Soul! only if they but knew!
 103 if they had stayed Believers and against evil their reward would’ve been far better, only if they but knew
    Section   13
104 Believers don’t say rudely “listen!” instead say “kindly look upon us” and be listeners otherwise for Disbelievers is Doom
 105 no disbelieving people of the Book or the Pagan want anything good for you from Allah but Allah’s mercy is on whomever. for His gifts are infinite
 106 no Revelation of Ours do We abolish or forget rather it’s improved or made better. for Allah has power over all
 107 don’t you know to Allah belongs the sovereignty of Heaven’s and Earth. and non except Allah is your guardian or helper
 108 will you question your Messenger like Moses was questioned? whoever changes Faith becoming faithless has lost his way
 109 many jealous people of the Book would like to make you Disbeliever after your belief. but after they know the Truth forgive them and overlook until Allah commands. for Allah is all Powerful
 110 establish Prayer, give Charity you will find all good deeds that you’ve sent is with Allah.  who oversees your doings
 111 they say “none will enter Heaven unless they are Jews or Christians”   this is their view, say “show proof if you are Truthful”
 112 nay whoever submit to Allah, believes and does good the Lord will reward him for he should not fear or grieve
Section   14
 113 the Jews say “Christian’s have nothing to support them” and Christian say “the Jews have nothing to support them” but both read the (same) Book and are still illiterate.  Allah will Judge their difference on Judgment Day
 114 who is worse than ones who prevent Allah’s worship in places of worship spoiling them? they should not enter it except in fear. for them is disgrace in this World and suffering in the Hereafter
 115 to Allah belongs the East and West wherever you look He prevails with intelligence
 116 they say “Allah has a Son” nay!  to Him belongs all in the Heaven’s and Earth. everything worships Him
 117 the originator of Heavens and Earth. only has to say “be!”  and it is there
 118 the ignorant say “why doesn’t Allah speaks to us or send a Sign?” they talk like earlier people their Hearts are alike. We’ve made the Sign’s clear to any people with Faith
 119 We’ve sent you as bearer of good news and warnings. you’ll not be questioned regarding people who get the Fire of Hell
 120 the Jews and Christians won’t be happy unless you follow their Religion say “Allah’s Guidance, is the Guidance” but if you had followed their desires after receiving Guidance, you would’ve found no protector or helper against Allah
 121 those who have the Book study it properly and believe in it. those who reject are the losers
      Section   15
 122 Children of Israel! remember that I had favored and preferred you above all
 123 and save yourself from the Day when no Soul can benefit another nor offer compensation, aid nor be helped
 124 remember! after testing Abraham He said “I will make you leader of Nations” Abraham asked “and my descendants too” He answered “not the evil ones”
 125 remember that We made the House (Kaba) a place to assemble safely, you stand where Abraham stood for Prayer.  We commanded Abraham and Ishmael to purify My House for those who go round it, stay in it or bow down in Prayer
 126 and remember when Abraham said “my Lord make this a peaceful City provide Fruits for whoever believe in Allah and the last Day” He replied “as for the Disbelievers i will give ease for a while than doom and into the Fire with evil end”
 127 Abraham and Ishmael started construction of the House “our Lord accept this from us, for You hear and know all”
 128 “our Lord make us and the future generation Muslims bowing down to You, show us how to worship and be Merciful for You are oft-Relenting, most Merciful”
 129 “our’ Lord!  send a Messenger from amongst them reciting your Revelations and educate them with the Book. for you are all Powerful with Intelligence”
      Section   16 
130 only a fool would turn away from Abraham’s Religion, for We have chosen Abraham for the World and in the Hereafter among the Righteous
131 his Lord said “bow” and he replied “I do to the One who cherish the Universe”
132 and this gift Abraham left for his Son so did Jacob “my Sons Allah has chosen Islam for you so don’t die faithless”
133 did you witness Jacob’s Death? he said “my Sons who will you worship after my Death” they replied “your God and your father’s Abraham’s, Ishmael’s, and Isaac’s the one Allah we bow to”
134 they were bygone people and will be rewarded for what they did and you what you do. you will not be questioned regarding them!
135 they say “become Jew or Christian for correct Guidance” say “no! the right Religion is of Abraham and Ishmael they weren’t Idolaters”
136 say “we believe in Allah and the Revelations sent to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes, Moses, Jesus and the Prophets. there is no difference and we’ve surrendered”
137 and if they believe as you do than they are right if not than there is a breach and Allah will equal you against them. for He hears and knows
138 our Religion is Baptism of Allah, none can match! and it’s Him we worship
139 say: will you dispute regarding ours and yours Lord Allah. seeming ours and your ways are different. for we look up to Him alone
140 or do you mean that Abraham Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes were Jews or Christians? do you know better than Allah? who is more unjust than ones who hide Allah’s Revelations after receiving it?  for He does not over look, you do!
141 those were bygone people they shall reap for their own doings as you yours and you won’t be questioned regarding them:


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura :  2
  • Part :  1 / (2 )/ 3
  • Total Verses :  286
          In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   17
142 the foolish will say “why have they changed the Qibla?” say “East and West all belongs to Allah. He guides whomever correctly”
143 thus We have made you a balanced Nation, an example for Mankind and the Messenger an example over you. the usual Qibla was changed to test those who follow or reject the Messenger. it was difficult but not for the guided. your efforts are not wasted. Allah is kind and Merciful
144 We see you face the Heavens. now shall We turn you to a pleasing Qibla. wherever you are turn towards the Sacred Mosque. those who receive the Book know its the Truth. Allah is not unaware
145 even if you show people of the Book all the Sign still they will not follow your Qibla nor you theirs let alone follow each others. but if after receiving knowledge you follow their desires than you are indeed wrong
146 the people of the Book understand this the way they understand their Sons but some knowingly hide the Truth
147 the Truth is from your Lord. so do not doubt!
Section   18
148 each has set goal so join in the good works. Allah will bring you together. He has power over all
149 wherever you are turn towards the direction of the Sacred Mosque (Masjid ul Haraam) that is correct. Allah dose not ignore your doings
150 so wherever you are, turn your faces towards the Sacred Mosque. None disputes except the evil ones.. don’t fear them but fear Me. so that I may bless and guide you
151 like the way I’ve sent Messenger’s from amongst you, who recites Our Revelations and teaches you the Book, wisdom and new knowledge
152 remember Me like I remember you. be thankful and don’t reject Faith
     Section   19
153 Believers! seek help with patience and Pray. Allah is with the steadfast
154 for those who died in Allah’s way don’t say “they are Dead” no! they are living (Shaheed) only you don’t realise
155 surely We’ll test you with fear hunger, loss in wealth, lives or benefits but those who endure give them good news
156 even in misfortune, they say “we belong to Allah and return to Him”
157 Allah’s blessings and mercy on them. they are truly guided
158 the (mount) Safa and Marwa are among the Sign’s of Allah and in Pilgrimage or other times it is no Sin to go round it. Allah knows and is aware of those who themselves do good
159 those who hide the Revelations which We’ve revealed and made clear in the Book, are condemned by Allah and by those with power’s to condemn
160 except from those who repent, regret and accept, them I forgive for I am often Forgiving and Merciful
161 Disbelievers who die rejecting have the curse of Allah, the Angels and all of Mankind
162 forever Doomed their sentence will not be lessened or revoked
163 your Allah is one and only the most Gracious and Merciful
     Section   20
164 In creating Heavens and Earth, and alternating of Night and Day,  the sailing of Ships for Mankind’s livelihood, and Allah sending down Water from the Sky to revive the dead Earth. Distribution of all kinds of beasts, movement of the Wind and Clouds between Heavens and Earth:  are Signs for intelligent people.
165 still there are people who worship and love others instead of Allah, but the Believers love for Him is never ending. if only the Disbelievers could see their Doom.  for Allah is all Powerful in giving violent punishments
166 and when the followed will disassociate themselves from their followers, and upon seeing punishment will lose all hopes
167 the followers will say “if only we had another chance we would’ve disown them like they’ve disowned us” thus Allah will show them their disappointing deeds, with no way out from the Fire
     Section   21
168 Mankind! eat from Earth that is lawful and good. do not follow the Devil for he is your arch enemy
169 he advises you to say shameful evil things, and to say concerning Allah things you don’t know
170 when told “follow Allah’s Revelations” they say “we’ll follow only our fathers” What! even if they were uneducated without Guidance
171 the likeness of Rejecters of Faith is like a Goat herd shouting to things that hear nothing. still they keep calling. like deaf, dumb, blind and brainless
172 Believers! eat the good things We’ve provided and give thanks to Allah if it is He you worship
173 forbidden for you is Dead meat, blood, swine and things on which is read other than Allah’s name, but if forced by necessitates and not exceeding limits you are guiltless. Lo! Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
174 those who hide Allah’s Revelations in the Book for little gain they are eating Fire, for Allah will not address or cleanse them on Judgement Day. terrible will be their punishment
175 they are the ones who buy error in place of Guidance and sufferings in place of forgiveness. what courage for the Fire!
176 because Allah’s sent the Book in Truth, but those who disagree are in open revolt
Section   22
177 in preference to turning your head East and West, it’s better to believe in Allah the last Day, the Angels, the Book, and Messengers. and spend for love of Him, give to your relatives, Orphans, needy, wayfarer and those who ask, or set slaves free, Pray regularly and give Charity often. to keep your commitments, be firm and tolerant through dangerous and trouble times, such are God fearing people
178 Believers the Law of Equality is prescribed for you in the case of Murder, the free for free, Slave for Slave and Woman for Woman but if brother of the murdered forgives and you fulfil his just demand generously. than that’s mercy from your Lord, after this whoever exceeds the limits will have painful punishment
179 in Law of Equality, there is Life. you O’ People with intelligence! so restrain yourself
180 when on Death bed it is your duty to leave your wealth reasonably to your Parents and near relations in kindness. this is a duty upon the God-fearing
181 anyone changing the Will after hearing it is guilty. for Allah hears and knows
182 but if anyone fears wrongdoing by the Testator and makes Peace among the parties for then it is no Sin. for Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
     Section   23
183 Believers! fasting is prescribed on you like it was on those before you to learn self-control
184 for certain number of Day’s: but whoever is sick or on journey can Fast the number of Days later, and for those who find it difficult there’s ransom of feeding a needy Man. and whoever gives more it’s better. but than fasting is better if only you knew
185 in Ramadan the Quran was revealed, a guide for mankind with clear proofs of Guidance and Judgment. so all present during this Month should Fast unless sick or on journey, than equal number of Days later. Allah desires ease not hardship to complete the period, so that you may praise Him and be thankful
186 when My Devotees ask you concerning Me, I am always near I listen to each call. and they should listen to Mine, trust Me so that they walk guided
187 permitted are you to have Intercourse with your Wives in the Night of Fast they are your garments and you are theirs. Allah knows and forgives yours secret doings. be with them and do what Allah asked, eat drink till the White thread of Dawn is distinct from the Black. than strictly observe Fast till nightfall, don’t approach them but be at your devotions at the Mosque. these are Allah’s limits so don’t cross it. hence Allah makes His Sign’s clear to Mankind to teach them self-control
188 do not ruin your property nor use it to gain access to the Judges to devour part of others property
     Section   24,
189 they ask you about the new Moon say: it’s but Signs to mark the fixed Seasons for Mankind and Pilgrimage. and it’s not proper to enter your houses from the back (as Idolaters did in certain Seasons) but enter through proper doors. fear Allah to be successful
190 fight for Allah those who fight you but don’t exceed the limits. for Allah dislikes aggressors
191 kill them wherever you find them and throw them out from where they threw you out, for harassment and tyranny is worst than slaughter. but don’t fight them in the Holy Mosque unless they attack you first and if they attack, than kill them. that’s a befitting reply for Disbelievers
192 but if they stop Lo! Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
193 fight them till end of oppression until Faith in Allah is restored, but if they stop, you stop too except against persistent tyrants
194 the prohibited Month is for the prohibited Month and for the prohibited things in retaliation, but if anyone attacks you than attack likewise. be dutiful to Allah and know He is with those who restrains
195 spend your wealth for Allah but don’t ruin yourself with your own Hands. do good, Lo! Allah loves the good
196 perform Hajj or Umra for Allah and if prevented than send whatever gifts but don’t shave your head until it has reached there. anyone sick or has ailment of head can compensate by Fasting or feeding the poor or offer sacrifice: and if later on wishes to continue the Umra on to Hajj, than he should give offering that he can afford, otherwise Fast for (3) Three Days during Hajj and (7) Seven Days upon returning total of (10) Ten Days this is for them who live away from the Sacred Mosque. be dutiful remember Allah is strict in punishment
     Section   25
197 for Hajj the Months are well known. if you embark on Pilgrimage than let there be no obscenity, wickedness nor swearing, your good deeds Allah knows. take a provision for your travel, but good behavior is best provision. Men of intellect fear Me
198 you are not guilty if you seek your Lords bounty, when descending from Mount Arafat and by the Sacred Monument. remember and praise Allah the way He has directed you, even though you were astray before
199 hurry forward along with the crowd and ask Allah’s forgiveness, for Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
200 when you complete your Holy Rites praise Allah like you would for your Father and more! but of Mankind there are some who say “our Lord give us in this World!”  they will get nothing in the Hereafter
201 while some say “our Lord give us good in this World and the Hereafter. and keep us away from Fire!”
202 they will receive what they earned, for Allah is quick to account
203 remember Allah on the appointed Days. there is no Sin if anyone leaves in Two (2) Days or stays on with good intentions. fear Allah and know you all return to Him
204 there are some Men whose talks on Life of this World dazzles you and he calls Allah to witness what’s in his Heart. however he’s a firm enemy
205 when he turns away he plans evil on Earth destroying crops and Cattle, but Allah dislikes evil
206 when reminded “fear Allah!” he becomes worst with pride.  he will rest in Hell
207 but some Men would give their lives for Allah. and Allah appreciates this from His Devotees
208 Believers! accept Islam whole-heartedly don’t follow the Devil, your archenemy
209 and: if you revert back after receiving clear Signs than note Allah is all Powerful and Wise
210 are they waiting for Allah to descend from Cloud’s with Angels? but then the case is closed! for to Allah all cases refer back
     Section   26
211 ask the Children of Israel how many proofs they’ve received. now if anyone substitutes Allah’s favors. Allah will punish severely
212 the present Life dazzles the Disbelievers they mock the Believers. but the upright will be above them in the Hereafter. Allah’s gifts are infinite on whomever
213 Mankind was one community and Allah sent Messenger’s to guide and warn them with Books to sort people’s differences out. After receiving the Revelations none differed between themselves except in hatred for each other. Allah guided the Believers of Truth from their differences and whoever He wills to a straight path
214 do you think you will enter Heaven without trial like the bygone people? they too suffered even their Messenger’s cried out with them saying “where’s Allah’s help?” ah! its always near!
215 they ask you what they should spend.  say “spend for good, on Parents, relations, Orphan, poor and needy, whatever good you do Allah is aware
     Section   27
216  fighting is advised for you though you dislike it. you may dislike a thing that’s good and like a thing that’s bad. only Allah knows you don’t
217 they ask you regarding War in the Sacred Month say “War is prohibited but worse is to prohibit people from Allah’s path or drive them out from Sacred Mosque” tyranny and disorder is worse than murder, they will not stop fighting until you disbelieve and if they succeed and whoever dies in disbelief their works will be lost in this Life and the Hereafter. their friend and home is the Fire
218 Believers who suffered exile, fighting in Allah’s way have hope for Allah’s mercy for He’s Merciful and oft-Forgiving
219 they question regarding strong Drinks and Gambling say “in both are great Sin with little benefit but the Sin is greater than benefit” they ask how much they are to spend say “whatever remains after your needs” thus His Signs are clear for your considerations
220 on this Life and the Hereafter, they ask regarding Orphans say “do whatever is good for them they are your brethren” Allah knows who means mischief or good and could put you in problems for He’s is Powerful and wise
221 don’t marry disbelieving Woman until they believe. marrying a believing Slave woman is better than a Disbeliever even though she attracts you. nor marry your daughters to Disbeliever until they believe. a man Slave is better than the Disbeliever even though he attracts you. Disbelievers call you to the Fire but Allah calls you to Gardens and forgiveness with clear Signs for Mankind. so celebrate His praise
     Section   28
222 they ask concerning Woman Menstruation. say “it’s an illness” so leave Woman alone until they are clean, and when bathed approach them in anyway, anytime or place ordained. for Allah loves those who care for cleanliness
223 your Wives are your tilt so approach them whenever and however. but do good work for your Soul, fear Allah you return to Him, and give Believers good news
224 make not Allah by your oath an excuse against doing good or being Righteous or in making Peace among Mankind. Allah Hears and Knows
225 Allah will not question you for your thoughtless Oath taking, but you’re intentions and He is oft-Forgiving and Tolerant
226 those who promise to abstain from their Wives a waiting period of Four (4) Months is commanded after which if they return. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
227 but if their decision to Divorce is final. Allah is Hearer and Knower
228 Divorced Woman shall wait apart for Three (3) Monthly Periods. it’s unlawful for them to hide her pregnancy if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. their husband can take them back during that time if both desire reconciliation. Women have rights similar to rights against them in fairness. but Men are a degree above them. Allah is Mighty and Wise
Section   29
229 Divorce must only be pronounced Twice and both parties should stay together on fair Terms or separate in kindness. it is against Law to take back what you gave them except, if you both feel you’ll go beyond Allah’s limits than it is no Sin if she gives something for her freedom. these are the limits set by Allah, so don’t cross them and become wrongdoers
230 and if a husband Divorces his Wife then he cannot remarry her unless she marries another and her new husband Divorces her, than there is no Sin if they reunite provided they keep in Allah’s limits. He makes it clear to those who have knowledge
231 after Divorce, after the Woman completes their Terms, keep or release them in kindness. but don’t take them back to hurt or take advantage of them. if anyone does that he wrongs his Soul. don’t make Allah’s Revelations a joke. but remember Allah’s grace on you and the Book and wisdom so be dutiful. know Allah is aware
    Section   30
232 after you Divorce Women and they complete their Term do not put difficulty in their paths if they wish to re-marry their ex-husbands and if that was the agreement. this instruction is for all who believe in Allah and the Last Day that’s most virtuous and cleaner. Allah knows you don’t
233 Mothers shall breast-feed her child for Two (2) full Years and its the responsibility of the Father to feed and clothe them but not beyond his means. and no Mother to be treated unfairly on account of her child or the Father treated unfairly on account of his. a (Father’s) Heir shall be chargeable in the same way. there is no Sin if you both mutually decide to put the Children in foster Mother’s care, provided you pay what you agreed on reasonable basis. be dutiful for Allah sees your doing
234 if you die leaving behind Wives, they must wait Four (4) Months and Ten (10) Days. after this Term you are not blamed for what they do in decency. Allah knows what you do
235 it’s no Sin if you make an offer of Marriage or keep it to yourself. Allah knows that, but do not contact them secretly except in honorable ways. and do not consummate the Marriage till their Term ends. beware of Him. know that Allah is oft-Forgiving and Forbearing
     Section   31
236 it is no Sin if you Divorce Woman before consummation or fixing of Dower. but provide for them, the rich by his means and poor by his, a gift of reasonable amount is the duty of good-doers
237 if you Divorce before consummation of Marriage but have fixed the Dower than give half of the Dower unless she forgoes it. or better still he forgoes it on whose Hand is the Marriage tie, to forgo is near to piety. be kind Allah is watching
238 Pray regularly, especially the middle Prayer and stand in Allah’s devotion
239 if in danger Pray on foot or riding. but when in safety remember Allah and His teachings which you had not known before
240 those about to die, should provide for your Wives One (1) Year provision with residence. but if they leave there is no Sin on you what they do within their rights. Allah is Mighty and Wise
241 to provide reasonable maintenance for Divorced Woman is the duty of the Righteous
242 thus Allah makes His Signs clear for you to understand
Section 32
243 visualize those who fled their homes in thousands for fear of Death and Allah said “die!” but than He brought them back to Life. for Allah is full of kindness. but Mankind is ungrateful
244 fight for Allah’s cause. know that He’s Hearer and Knower
245 who will loan Allah an attractive loan and get it back increased Manifolds? its Allah who increases, and to Him is your return
246 imagine the Chiefs of Children of Israel after Moses, they said to their Prophet “give us a King and we will fight in Allah’s way” the Prophet asked “if you were commanded will you than fight. they replied “we cannot refuse since we were turned out of our homes” but when commanded they refused except a few. Allah knows the evil ones
247 their Prophet said “Allah has made Talut (Saul) your King” they said “how can he have power over us we have more authority and he is not even wealthy?” he said “Allah has chosen him above you and bestowed on him abundant gifts and kingdom. Allah is all Caring and Knowing”
248 their Prophet said: a Sign of his authority is the Ark with an assurance from your Lord, the relics left by Children of Moses and Children of Aaron carried by the Angels. Sign for true Believers
Section   33
249 when Talut (Saul) set out with his army he said “Allah will test you by the stream. if anyone drinks from it will not be with my army only a sip from your Hand is excused” but everyone drank except a few. those who crossed the river with him said “today we cannot fight Goliath (Jalut)” and some who knew they are to meet with their Lord said “how often by Allah’s leave a small army defeated a big army, Allah helps the steadfast”
250 they prayed when they met Goliath (Jalut) and his army “our Lord give us stamina and strengthen our feet, help us against the Disbelievers
251 by Allah’s will they defeated them. David slew Goliath. and Allah gave him the Kingdom, Knowledge and Intelligence. had Allah not checked some Men by means of others they would’ve corrupted the Earth. but Allah is kind to the entire World
252 these are Signs of Allah: We recite to you with Truth: and you are one of the Messengers


  • Revealed at:  Makka                                
  • Sura :  2
  • Part :  1 / 2 / ( 3)
  • Total Verses :  286
          In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
253 of those Messenger’s We made some to excel others. to some Allah spoke, others He raised them in degrees. to Jesus Son of Mary, We gave clear Sign’s and supported him with Holy Spirit. if Allah so willed the later generations wouldn’t have fought  each other, after receiving clear proofs, some believing some disbelieving if Allah willed they wouldn’t have fought, but  that’s Allah’s will!
     Section   34
254 Believers!  spend from the gifts We gave you, before the Day comes when there will be no bargaining, friendship or intersession: the Disbelievers are wrongdoers
255 Allah! there is no God but Him, the Living the Infinite, does not rest nor sleeps. He owns all in the Heavens and Earth, none can intervene without His permission? He knows what’s before them and what is behind and they know nothing except what He wills. His Throne covers the Heavens and Earth and He’s never tired to take care of it. He is Magnificent the Supreme
256 none is forced to follow Religion. Truth stands out from False. he who shuns wrong and joins Allah has joined the strong unbreakable Hand-hold. for Allah Hears and Knows
257 Allah protects the Believers and will bring them out from Darkness into Light.  but the Disbelievers guardians will take them from Light into Darkness. such deserves the Fire and will live there
    Section   35
258 visualize him who argued with Abraham because Allah had given him power? Abraham said “my Lord can give Life and Death” he replied “so can I” Abraham said “but Allah can make the Sun rise from the East can you make it rise from the West?” this embarrassed the Disbelievers. Allah dose not guide unjust folks
259 or example of the one who passed by the ruins said “how could Allah bring this to Life?” and Allah caused him to die for One hundred (100) Years than revived him. He asked “how long did you sleep?” Man replied “a Day or part of it” He said “no! One hundred (100) years, look at your food and drink it didn’t rot, look at you donkey! and We made this a Sign for Mankind look at the bones how We set them and cover it with flesh!”  when this became clear he said “I know now Allah is the all Powerful”
260 when Abraham asked “my Lord how do you give Life to the Dead” Allah said “don’t you believe?” Abraham replied “yes but just to satisfy my Heart” Allah replied “take (4) Four Birds tame them to come to you, than place pieces of each on every hill and call out to them. they will speedily come to you.  know that Allah is Powerful and Wise”
     Section   36
261 the likeness of those who spend in Allah’s way is like a grain of corn: it grows Seven (7) ears and each ear has a Hundred (100) grains. for Allah gives manifolds increase to whomever. Allah is all Caring, all-Knowing
262 those who spend in Allah’s cause, without mentioning or hurting with reminders of their generosity. their reward is with their Lord. no fear or grieve shall come to them
263 kind words and forgiveness is better than Charity followed by hurt. Allah is Absolute and Lenient
264 Believers! don’t forgo your Charity by reminding and injury like those who spend only to show-off to men but don’t really believe in Allah or the last Day, their example is like a rock with some dust on when heavy rain falls it becomes a bare stone. they profit nothing from their gains. Allah dose not guide Disbelievers
265 and those who spend their wealth to please Allah and to strengthen their Soul are like elevated Gardens when heavy Rain falls it produces double harvest even a little Rain is sufficient. Allah sees your doings
266 does anyone wants to have a Garden with Date Palms, Fruits and flowing River but is old with young Children and his Garden catches Fire.  Allah’s Sign for your thought!
     Section   37
267 Believers! offer good things which you’ve earned and what We’ve produced from Earth for you, don’t offer bad things that you wouldn’t take except with closed eyes. remember Allah is Self-Sufficient and Praiseworthy
268 the Devil promises destitution making you do evil things. but Allah promises Forgiveness with Bounties. for Allah Cares and Knows
269 He gives intelligence to whom He wills, they are the fortunate ones. but non realise except men of understanding
270 whatever Charity you spend or promise, Allah knows. the wrong doers have no helpers
271 announcing Charity is fine. but better if you quietly give the needy. it will cleanse off some of your evils. Allah knows your doings
272 Guidance is not your duty but Allah’s. whatever good you spend benefits your Soul in finding Allah’s approval. and whatever you spend will be returned in full with justice
273 (Charity) is for the needy who cannot go about seeking in the Land, being modest the foolish man thinks’ they are not needy. but you can know them by their mark. they do not beg annoyingly. whatever good you give be assured Allah knows
Section   38
274 those who spend their wealth by Night or Day secretly or openly their reward is with their Lord. they shall not fear or grieve
275 those who take Interest (usury), cannot prosper except he will stand with the Devil’s touch. they say “trade is like Interest”. but Allah allows trade and forbids Interest. those after realising this refrain, they  are forgiven but those who repeat, Fire is their home
276 Allah does not bless Interest (usury) but will give more for Charity, for He dose not like thankless sinners
277 Believers who do good, pray and give Charity regularly, their Lord will reward them. they shouldn’t fear nor grieve
278 Believers!  fear Allah and forgo your demand for any remaining Interest (usury). if you Believe
279 if not than prepare for War with Allah and his Messenger. but if you forgo, you have your principal sum. don’t do wrong and you won’t be wronged
280 if Debtor is in problem give him time to repay, but if you forgo as Charity it is even better. if only you knew
281 and save yourself from the Day when you return to Allah, when every Soul will be fully paid for their doings without injustice
     Section   39
282 Believers! record your future commitment of Debt for a fixed period of time in writing. written by a writer as between the parties, let not the writer refuse to write: as Allah has taught him so let him write. dictated by the Debtor without omitting anything and fearing Allah, but if he who owes the Debt is uneducated or cannot understand then let his guardian. dictate along with witness two (2) of your chosen Men or one (1) Man and two (2) Women in case one forgets the other can remind her. and the witness should not refuse when summoned. do not reject writing, big or small it is a just and suitable way to record evidence in Allah’s sight and best to prevent doubts between you. except with goods exchanging Hand’s there is no need to write. but on any transactions witness is a must. it is a Sin to trouble or harm the writer or the witness. be dutiful, for Allah is teaching you and knows
283      if on a journey and cannot find a writer than a promise with possession is sufficient. and if one entrusts a thing with another, than he should discharge his trust fearing Allah. his Heart is sinful whoever hides evidence. for Allah knows your doings
     Section 40
284 to Allah belongs all in the Heavens and Earth. whether you hide or show your thoughts, Allah will call you to account. and He forgives or punishes whoever He wills. and is all Powerful
285 the Messenger believe what his Lord revealed to him as do the Believers, each believe in Allah, His Angels, the Book and His Messengers and say “we make no distinction between any of His Messengers” saying “we hear and obey, your forgiveness we seek our Lord for to You we return”
286 no Soul Allah burdens beyond its capability. it gets every good that it earns or suffers every ill that it deserves “our Lord don’t condemn us if we forget or make mistakes, don’t burden us the way You did to ancient people or that which we cannot bear. Pardon and forgive our Sins, and be Merciful. You are our protector; help us against the Faithless”


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