Sura 17 – The Children of Israel (Bani-Isra’il)



  • Revealed at:  Mecca
  • Sura: 17
  • Part: 15
  • Total verses: 111
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
Section 1
1 Glorified is He who took His Devotee on journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest one with blessed precincts, to show him Our Signs. for He hears and sees all
2 We gave Moses the Book to guide the Children of Israel saying “take none except Me as your Lord”
3 and O the descendants of those We carried with Noah the grateful!
4 and gave warning to the Children of Israel in the Book that “you will do mischief in the land twice and become tyrant and arrogant”
5 when Our first warning came. We sent Our most cruel slaves inside your homes to complete Our task
6 then gave you victory over them along with wealth, children and manpower
7 whether you do good or bad it’s for your own self. when Our second warning came We permitted your enemy to disfigure your face and enter the Mosque like before, destroying everything
8 your Lord might show mercy to you. but if you repeat, We will do the same, with Hell as prison for the Disbelievers
9 because this Quran guides justly, with news of a great reward for the good
10 and for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, is a terrible doom
Section 2
11 still the impulsive Mankind  calls upon Allah for help in evil or  good
12 We’ve made two Signs, one for Night another for Day, than darkened the Sign of night and brightened the Sign of Day. for you to earn Allah’s rewards and to calculate the years. all are explained in details
13 We have tied on every person’s neck his  deeds, and We shall bring out his Book wide opened on Judgment Day
14 “read your Book and be a judge against yourself”
15 whoever does good or bad it is for own self, no one bears another’s burden. and We never punish until We send a Messenger
16 when We decide to destroy a population, We send definite orders, to the rich and when they disobey, We destroy them completely
17 many a generation We’ve destroyed after Noah. your Lord knows and views all the sins of His Devotee
18 whoever asks for fast life We grant to anyone We wish, but he shall burn in Hell disgraced and rejected
19 a Believer’s work is always appreciated, those who want and works towards the Hereafter
20 on both Our bounties are never forbidden
21 see how We prefer one more, just as they will be preferred more in the Hereafter
22 don’t join Allah with other God’s otherwise you’ll be disgraced and abandoned
Section 3
23 your Lord commands you to worship Him alone. do your duty to your parents, if one or both become old do not disrespect or shout but speak to them with honor
24 be kind and compassionate and  say “my Lord have mercy on them as they’ve brought me up when i was young”
25 your Lord knows what you really mean. He forgives the righteous who turn to Him repeatedly in  repentance
26 who gives to the kinsman and poor their due without becoming spendthrift
27 the spendthrifts are the Satan’s brother who is ungrateful to his Lord
28 and if you cannot give what Allah has ordered you, but are awaiting a mercy from your Lord then speak kindly to them
29 don’t be a miser or spendthrift, for both is blame worthy putting you in poverty
30 really your Lord increases or decrease provisions for whomever. He knows and sees all
Section 4
31 it is a great sin to kill your children in fear of poverty as We shall provide for you both
32 and an evil sin to have unlawful sex
33 and to take life which Allah has forbidden except for just cause. whoever is killed wrong fully We have given power to his Heir, but do not let him exceed the limit because he is helped
34 do not touch orphans property except to improve it. when the orphan attains maturity fulfill the obligations otherwise you will be questioned
35 and measure correctly with correct weight for that is better in final ending
36 do not follow things you do not know because all acts of hearing sight and heart will be questioned
37 do not walk with arrogance on Earth for you cannot break the Earth nor be tall as the mountains
38 all evils are hated in your Lord’s sight
39 this is part of the rule of wisdom your Lord revealed to you. do not set rivals of other Gods to Him lest you are blamed and thrown in Hell
40 has the Lord chosen for you sons and taken for himself Angels as daughters? how foolish you talk
Section 5
41 We have explained in the Quran various ways for them to take heed but it only increases their aversion
42 say “if there were other Gods along with Him” as they say then they would’ve certainly found a way to the Lord of the Throne
43 He is glorified and exalted high above what they say!
44 the Seven Heavens and Earth and all in it, glorifies His praise but you don’t understand. He is ever forbearing and often forgiving
45 when you recite the Quran We put an invisible veil between you and those who disbelieve the Hereafter
46 with coverings over their heart’s and deafness in their ears, with extreme dislike they  turn their backs and flee when the Lord is mentioned
47 We know what they hear when they listen to you but in secret consul they say “you are only following a madman!”
48 see their examples? they are astray and can never find a way
49 they say “when we are bones and in fragments how will we become a new Creation”
50 say “you can be stones or iron”
51 “or some created thing that you think is greater” then they will say “who shall bring us back?” say “He who created you first” then they will shake their heads and say “when?” say “perhaps soon!”
52 “on the Day when He calls you and you reply with His praise. you will think it’s only been a short while!”
Section 6
53  and say to My Devotees -speak good because Devil creates conflicts and disagreements between you for he is Mankind’s enemy
54 your Lord knows you, it’s His will if He forgives or punish you, for We have not sent you as their guardian
55 your Lord knows all Beings in the Heavens and Earth. We did  preferred some Prophets above others, to David We gave the Psalms
56 say “call whoever you want they have neither the power to remove your problem or shift it on someone else”
57 those whom they call upon, themselves desire means of access to the Lord hoping for mercy and fearing His punishment. a thing to fear!
58 there is not a population but We shall destroy or punish severely before Judgment Day. all is written in the Book
59 nothing stopped Us from sending the Ayat’s but people of old rejected it. We sent a she camelto the Thamud’s as a Sign and warning to be afraid of but they wronged her
60 and when We told you “your Lord has covered Mankind”. and the Vision We showed you was a trial for Mankind, including the cursed tree (Zaqqum tree) mentioned in the Quran as a warning, but it only increased their severe disobedience  transgression
Section 7
61 when We said to the Angles “bow down to Adam “all did except Satan who said “should i bow in front of man You made of Clay?”
62 “see  since You have honored him more than me, if You give me a break until Judgment Day, i will surely mislead most of his descendants except a few”
63 (Allah) said “go do it if you can, than whoever follows you I will fill Hell with  you all”
64 “lead whoever you can to destruction with your voice and use your cavalry and infantry against them or share with them wealth, children or make promises” for Satan only promises to deceive
65 “as for My Devotees, you will be powerless over them”  your Lord is sufficient as their protector
66 it is your Lord who makes the ship sail smoothly at sea and for you to seek His gifts and mercy
67 and when in problem at sea none hears your call except Him, but when He brings you to safety you forget becoming ungrateful!
68 do you then feel scared that the land may swallow you or a sand storm may engulf you with no protection?
69 or send you again at sea and send hurricane to drown you for being ungrateful, with none to help against Us
70 We have honored the Children of Adam and provided them with transport on land and sea and with provisions of good and pure things. and given them special favors above a greater part of Our creations
Section 8
71 One day, We shall assemble all Mankind with their Imams. those given Record in there right hand will read it and know it is not unjust
72 but those who were blind in this World, will stay blind in the Hereafter and far stray
73 their aim was to tempt you away from Our Revelations and change it then they would have befriended you
74 if We hadn’t made you strong, you would have inclined towards them
75 than We would’ve given you double (punishment) in this Life and also in Death with none to help you against Us
76 they wanted to scare and expel you from the land but than they would’ve stayed there for a little while
77 this is the way We dealt with Our previous Messengers and you will find no change
Section 9
78 establish regular Prayers at setting of the Sun till darkness. the early morning Quran recitation is always witnessed
79 pray in some parts of the night with the night prayer , your Lord may raise your status to a prestigious position
80 say “O my Lord let my entrance be good and also my exit  and honor me with an aid from Your presence
81 say “when truth is present, falsehood is bound to vanish”
82 the Quran We sent is healing and a mercy for the Believers and brings ruin to the evil
83 upon receiving Our favors people turns away, but when ill touches, he is in despair
84 say “everyone acts the way they want but Allah knows who is on right path”
Section 10
85 they ask you regarding the Spirit say “the Spirit is by my Lords command and only a little about it is explained to you”
86 if We willed We could take away what We’ve revealed to you, then there’ll be none you can appeal to sympathize against Us
87 it’s the kindness of your Lord that is great
88 say “if the whole of Mankind and Jinn join together still will not be able to produce a Quran like this”
89 all Signs are clear in the Quran still people give excuses not to believe
90 they say “we won’t believe until you make a spring gush forth from the Earth”
91 “or cause a river to spring from the midst of your garden of dates palm and vines”
92 “or cause pieces of sky to fall on us. or bring Allah and His Angles before us”
93 “or have a house of gold and mount a ladder to the sky still we won’t believe until you bring down a Book for us to read” say “glory to my Lord i am nothing but a man sent as Messenger?”
Section 11
94 what kept man from belief after receiving guidance was they said “Allah sent man as Messenger?”
95 say “if Angles walked in Peace on Earth We would’ve certainly sent from Heavens Angles as Messengers (Apostle)”
96 say “Allah is enough as witness between us. for He sees His Devotees”
97 whoever Allah guides is led aright but whom Allah leaves has no protector. We shall gather them on Judgment Day with their face blind deaf and dumb in Hell, every time the flame decreases We shall increase the fire
98 because they rejected Our Ayat’s saying “when we are bones and fragments will we really be created again?”
99 don’t they realize that Allah who created the Heavens and Earth has power to create the like of them? it is because of His ruling for the Term which He promised that the Disbelievers accept nothing except disbelief
100 say “if you were controlling the treasures of mercy of my Lord you would’ve kept without spending for Man is stingy”
Section 12 
101 to Moses We gave Nine (9) clear Signs then ask the Children of Israel when he came to them and Pharaoh said “Moses magic has taken effect on you!”
102 Moses said “you know very well this is from the Lord of Heavens and Earth i think Pharaoh you are doomed”
103 so he tried to throw them out from the land but We drowned them all
104 We said to the Children of Israel “live safely in the land, but when, the last promise comes near you shall be gathered as a mixed crowd”
105 We’ve sent down with the Truth and in truth sent you as Messenger of good news and warning
106 a Quran sent in stages so that you can recite it at intervals to Mankind
107 “whether you believe or not those who know when they hear it, they fall prostrate on their faces in adoration”
108 saying “glory to our Lord who’s promise must be fulfilled”
109 their face down with tears and full of humbleness
110 say “call Allah or Rahman whatever name you call, His are the most beautiful names. and say your Prayer’s neither aloud nor silently but in middle tone of voice
111 say “Praise be to Allah who has no son or partner, neither does He need any protector from humiliation. Magnify Him for His Greatness and Glory”