Sura 86 – Night Comer / Bright Star (At-Tariq)


  • Revealed at: Makkah
  • Sura: 86
  • Part: 30
  • Total Verses: 17
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 by the Heavens and the Bright Star (At-Tariq)
2 and what will tell you what the Bright Star is?
3 it’s a dazzling Star!
4 with no human but it has a protector over it
5 let a person think what he’s created from!
6 created from an ejecting fluid
7 emitted from between the loins and ribs
8 surely He is able to bring him back
9 the Day when secrets are laid open
10 people will be powerless and helpless
11 by the Sky giving recurring Rain
12 and by the splitting of Earth (for vegetation)
13 this (Quran) is a decisive word
14 it’s not for fun
15 they are planning a scheme
16 I am scheming too
17 so give the Disbelievers a gentle break