Sura 78 – The Tidings / Great News (An-Naba)


  • Revealed at : Makkah
  • Sura:  78
  • Part:  30 
  • Total Verses:  40
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 what are they disputing about?
2 regarding the great News
3 about which they disagree
4 nay! they shall soon know!
5 nay again! they shall soon know!
6 haven’t We made Earth vast?
7 and the Mountains as pegs?
8 and created you in Pairs
9 and gave you sleep for rest
10 and made the Night as covering
11 and the Day for livelihood?
12 and built over you Seven (7) strong Heavens
13 and placed a dazzling Light?
14 didn’t We send down Clouds with enough Water
15 so that We may produce Corn, Plants
16 and Gardens of thick foliage?
17 but the Day of decision is fixed
18 the Day when the Trumpet sounds and you’ll come out in multitude,
19 and the Heavens open like Gates
20 and Mountains will disappear like mirages
21 Lo! Hell lies in wait
22 home for the transgressor
23 to live there for ages
24 there’s no cool taste nor  drink
25 instead: boiling fluid and cold pus
26 a befitting  reward
27 for they didn’t fear  accountability
28 and called Our Signs false.
29 all is Recorded!
30 “so taste” We won’t increase anything except your punishment
Section   2
31 but for the Righteous, is success
32 Gardens and vineyards
33 and an admirable Companion of same age
34 and a flowing Cup
35 no bad words will they hear nor lies
36 reward from your Lord, an adequate gift
37 the Lord of Heaven’s and Earth and all between them, the Beneficent with whom none can speak
38 that Day the Spirits and Angels will stand in rows and only speak when permitted by the Beneficent  and speak correctly
39 that Day is reality so whoever wants then turn toward his Lord
40 Lo! We have warned you of the oncoming Doom when Mankind will see what his Hands has sent earlier and the Disbelievers will say “wish that i were dust!”