Sura 12 – Joseph (Yusuf)


  • Revealed at Makka
  • Sura : 12
  • Part : (12) / 13
  • Total Verses : 111
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Ra these are Verses of the wise Book
2 the Quran that We’ve sent down in Arabic for you to understand
3 and through this Quran We relate to you beautiful stories that you’ve never heard before
4 when Yusuf said to his father “father i see Eleven Stars, the Sun and Moon; all bowing down to me!”
5 he replied “my dear son don’t tell your brother’s this, in case they plot against you as Satan is Mankind’s open enemy”
6 “your Lord prefers you and will teach you to interpret Dreams, perfecting His Favors on you, and to the family of Jacob, like He did for your forefathers Abraham and Isaac. Allah is Wise, all-knowing”
Section 2
7 in Yusuf and his brothers are Sign’s for those interested
8 they said “Yusuf and his brother are our father’s favorite, even though we are many. really our father is odd”
9 “kill Yusuf or cast him out of the Land so that your father start’s favoring you, and later on you can become good”
10 one said “don’t kill him but throw him down a well so that some travelers may find him”
11 they said “father why don’t you trust us with Yusuf, aren’t we his well-wishers?”
12 “tomorrow let him come with us to play and enjoy. we’ll take care of him”
13 (Jacob) said “it saddens me to let him go with you. you may become careless and the wolf may devours him”
14 “how can a wolf eat him when we are a large group, shouldn’t we’ve been dead by now!”
15 so they took him with plans to throw him down the well. and We inspired in him; ‘you shall tell them their this deed when they won’t recognize you’
16 in the Evening they came crying to their father
17 they said “O! father, we went racing leaving Yusuf by our stuff and the wolf devoured him. you won’t believe but we tell the truth”
18 they stained his shirt with false blood. he said “no! i think you’ve invented this lie. i with patience seek Allah’s help”
19 a Caravan came, and they sent their Water carrier, and when he let his bucket down he exclaimed “good news here is a boy!” and they hid him as a treasure. Allah knowing it all
20 and sold him cheaply for a few Dirham’s attaching no value to him
Section 3
21 the Egyptian Man who bought him said to his Wife “let’s keep him we might adopt him as a Son, he may bring us luck”. this way We established Yusuf in the Land to teach him interpretations of events. Allah is the Leader of His affairs but most of Mankind know not
22 when Yusuf attained full manhood We gave him wisdom and knowledge. the way We reward the good
23 but she who’s house he was staying in, locked the doors and tried to seduce him saying “come!”  he said “Allah forbids this, and has treated me honorably. wrongdoers never succeed”
24 she desperately desired him and he would’ve reciprocated if he hadn’t seen his Lord’s Sign. and We turned wrong doings away from him as he was Our chosen Devotee
25 they raced each other to the door.  she tore off his shirt from behind and suddenly saw her husband there. she said “what should be the punishment to one who wished to do Evil to your family except prison or doom?”
26 (Yusuf) said “it is her who asked me to commit evil” a witness of her own folk said “if his shirt is torn from front than she is truthful and he’s liar!”
27 “but if his shirt’s torn from behind than she lies and he speaks the truth”
28 so when he saw (Yusuf’s) shirt torn from the back he said “it’s you women who is most deceitful”
29 “O Yusuf go away from this and you (my wife) ask forgiveness for your sins”
Section 4
30 the Women in the City said “Al-Aziz’s Wife is asking an evil act from her (Slave) boy. he must’ve obsessed her Heart with violent love we think she’s going astray”
31 when she heard their sly remarks she invited them and prepared a banquet and gave each one a knife and said “(Yusuf) come out to them!” when they saw him they all cut their hands exclaiming “Lord! this is no other but an Angel”
32 she said “it’s for him you blamed me! i asked from him an evil act but he wasn’t interested. now if he refuses, he shall be imprisoned and disgraced”
33 he said “my Lord! prison is acceptable to me than what they ask and if You don’t fend them off me i shall possibly incline towards them and be foolish”
34 his Lord heard his Prayers and ward them off him. for He hears and knows
35 and it seemed good to the Men to put him in prison for sometimes
Section 5
36 With him in prison were two (2) young Men. one said “i dreamt that i was pressing wine” while the other said “i dreamt that i was carrying bread on my head and Birds were eating from it”  can you interpret our dreams for we think you are good at it”
37 he said “before food arrives for you both i shall interpret your dream’s the way my Lord has taught me” and i stay away from Religion of the folks who disbelieve in Allah and the Hereafter
38 “i follow Religion of my father, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s, it isn’t for us to join partners to Allah. all this is Allah’s gifts to Mankind but most are unthankful”
39 “O my both cell-mates, are many disputing Lord’s better or Allah the one Almighty?”
40 those that you worship besides Him are just names given by you and your fathers without Allah’s authority and He has Commanded you to worship none but Him. that is the right Religion but most people know not
41 “my both cell-mates, one of you will pour wine for your Lord and the other will be crucified and Birds will eat from his head. this is the answer to your inquiry”
42 and he said to the one whom he knew would be released “mention me to your Lord” but Satan made him forget. thus he stayed in prison some years more
Section 6
43 the King said “i dreamt Seven (7) fat Cow’s eaten by Seven (7) lean ones, and Seven (7) green corn and Seven (7) dry ones. can any you Chief’s interpret my dream”
44 they said “mixed up dream!  we cannot interpret”
45 than the one released remembered and said “i will announce the interpretations, so let me go”
46 “O Yusuf” he said “ truthful one interpret this dream of Seven (7) fat cows eaten by Seven (7) lean ones and Seven green corns and others dry. so that i can go and tell the people”
47 he said “you shall sow for  Seven (7) Year’s as usual but what you reap leave it in the ear except a little for you to eat”
48 “after that will come Seven (7) hard Year’s when you shall eat what you’ve saved but save a little from that too”
49 “than comes another year with abundant rain and people will press (grapes and oil)”
Section 7
50 the King said “bring him to me” but when the news bearer came to him he said “go to your Lord and ask him regarding the affair of the ladies who cut their hands for i am sure he remembers their scheme”
51 (King) said “what happened when you tried to seduce innocent Yusuf?” the ladies said “by Allah we have nothing against him, and further Al Aziz’s Wife said “since the truth is out i confess it was i who tried seducing him, he who is truthful”
52 (Yusuf said)“this! for i wanted him to know that i have never been untrue to him in his absence, for Allah will never guide the disloyal”


  • Revealed at : Makka
  • Sura : 12
  • Part : 12 / (13 )
  • Total Verses : 111
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
53 “neither would i forgive myself, for we are prone to mistake’s unless the Lord forgives, for i am sure He is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
54 than the King said “bring him to me; he will serve me personally” after speaking said to him “be assured you are in my presence today honored and trusted”
55 (Yusuf) said “let me guard the countries Store Houses for i understand it”
56 so We gave Yusuf power in the Land to control it as, when and where he pleased. for We give Mercy to whomever and waste not reward of the good
57 but truly the reward of the Hereafter is best for the good dutiful Believers who fear Allah
Section  8
58 when Yusuf’s brother’s came. he recognised them but they didn’t
59 and when he had given them their supplies he said “bring to me your step-brother one from your father. don’t you see i give correct measure and hospitality?”
60 “and if you don’t than you won’t get any measure, nor come near me”
61 they said “we shall certainly try to win him from his father”
62 and (Yusuf) told his servants to put their money they traded with back into their bags. so that they find out upon reaching home and might return back
63 and when they reached they said “O’ father we won’t get any more grain if we don’t take our brother with us. so let him with us so that we get our measure, we’ll take good care of him”
64 he said “should i trust you with him after what you did to his brother? only Allah can take his care. He who is most Merciful to those who show Mercy”
65 when they opened their baggage they found their money returned. they exclaimed “father! what else do we need now we can get more food for our family; we’ll take care of our brother and bring back an extra Camel load of grains. this is too little!”
66 (Jacob) said “i don’t trust him with you all unless you swear by Allah that you’ll bring him back unless you yourselves are caught.” when they had promised he said “over all this we say Allah is our witness and guardian”
67 further he said “Son’s you all don’t enter from same Gate rather by different Gates. i can’t make you gain anything against Allah. it’s only with Allah’s command for i put my trust in Him like those who trust do”
68 and when they entered as told by their father which didn’t achieve them anything against Allah rather it satisfied Jacobs Soul for he was by Our orders knowledgeable; but most Mankind know not
Section 9
69 when they were in Yusuf’s presence. he invited his brother to stay with him. saying “i am your own brother so don’t worry about them”
70 finally when he had provided them provisions, he put the cup into his brothers bag then a crier shouted out “O you! in the caravan are surely thieves!”
71 they turned “what have you lost?”
72 “the Kings bowl is missing! whoever finds it, will be rewarded a Camel load full i promise”
73 they said “by Allah we’ve not come to create trouble in the Land nor are we thieves”
74 he said “than what would be the punishment if you’ve lied?”
75 they said “if found in whoever’s bag, should be held for punishment that’s how we punish wrongdoers”
76 so he started searching their baggage and finally brought it out from his brothers bag. thus We plan for Yusuf for he couldn’t have held his brother legally by the Kings law unless Allah willed. We bestow wisdom on whomever but overall knowledgeable is the all Knowing!”
77 they said “he steals like his brother who stole before” but Yusuf didn’t divulge secrets of his Heart. he said to himself “you are in bad situation and Allah knows the truth what you claim!”
78 they said “dignified one! he has an old father, you can keep one of us instead for we see you are good”
79 he said “that’s forbidden by Allah; we can only hold the thief. otherwise it would be wrong”
Section 10
80 when they realised it was useless. they discussed among themselves and the eldest said “didn’t your father took promise in Allah’s name and how before this how you failed concerning Yusuf? therefore i will not leave this Land until my father permits me or Allah commands; for He’s the best to command”
81 “go to your father and say ‘father! your Son committed a theft, we are its witness that’s all we know and we couldn’t stop the unseen”
82 “ask in the Town where we’ve been or the Caravan we came back in and you’ll know we speak the truth”
83 Jacob said “you’ve invented this story, i will wait. maybe Allah will bring them all back.  He the all knowing, Wise
84 turning away from them he said “how i grief for Yusuf! and his eyes turned white with sorrow and sadness”
85 they said “by Allah please stop remembering Yusuf otherwise you’ll become ill or die”
86 he said “i only complain to Allah regarding my sorrows. and what i know from Allah you don’t”
87 “O my Son’s! go and ask about Yusuf and his brother don’t despair of Allah’s Mercy no one loses hope of Allah’s Mercy except the Faithless”
88 than when they went back they said “O Chief! our family is distressed we’ve bought little capital so please give us full measure in charity for Allah rewards the charitable”
89 he said “now you realise how you dealt with Yusuf and his brother?”
90 “are you Yusuf?” he replied “i am Yusuf and this is my brother, `Allah has been kind to us. for he who is good and patient Allah will never make them lose their reward”
91 they said “Allah has really preferred you above us. and we’ve sinned”
92 he said “today don’t condemn yourselves, Allah may forgive you for He is Merciful to those who show Mercy”
93 “go take my shirt and put it on my father’s faces he will be able to see. and then all of you come together to me”
Section 11
94 when the caravan left Egypt their father said “i can smell Yusuf, don’t think me to be mad”
95 they said “you’ve gone senile!”
96 when the bearer of good news came, putting it (shirt) over his Face, immediately he regained his sight. he said “didn’t i say what i know from Allah you don’t!”
97 they said “father ask forgiveness for our Sins, for we were bad”
98 he said “i will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord, He the oft-Forgiving, Merciful”
99 when they met Yusuf, he settled his Parents in his own home saying enter Egypt safely if Allah pleases”
100 honoring his Parents so much that they fell prostrate before him. he said “O my father Allah fulfilled my old dream,, He brought me out of prison and brought you out of the dessert after Satan put enmity between us brothers. my Lord understands the mysteries of His own plans for He is all knowledgeable and Wise
101 “O my Lord You’ve given me power, taught me to interpret dreams and events. O You! Creator of Heavens and Earth, You are my protector (Wali) in this World and the Hereafter, make me die as Muslim and join me with the Righteous”
Section 12
102 such an incidence had occurred which We reveal to you, you weren’t there when they planned their plot
103 although most Mankind won’t believe however much you desire
104 nor do you ask reward for this; for it’s no less than a reminder and advice to the Worlds
105 how many Sign’s in the Heavens and Earth they pass by? still they turn away!
106 most do not believe in Allah, without joining Him with (Partners)
107 do they feel secure from the oncoming Wrath of Allah or the Hour coming suddenly upon them unaware?
108 say “this is my way i invite to Allah with clear proofs, i and whoever follows me. glory be to Allah, for i am not an Idolaters”
109 nor did We send before you, other than Men to whom We revealed, among the people of Township. don’t they travel the Earth and see the ending of those before them? but home of the Hereafter is for the Righteous who fear, won’t you then understand?
110 until the Messengers give up hope and think they’ve been treated as liars. that’s when Our help will reach them till they are safe. the sinners will never be able to evade Our punishment
111 there is in their stories instructions for the intelligent people, not an invented story but a confirmation of what happened before, a detailed guide and Mercy for the Believers