Sura 18 – The Cave (Al-Kahf)


  • Revealed At Makka
  • Sura :18
  • Part :(15) /  16   
  • Total Verses : 110
 In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 praise be to Allah who Revealed to His Devotee a Book with no crookedness
2 but straight, to warn of severe punishment and good news from Him. and reward for the Righteous Believers
3 to live forever
4 furthermore to warn those who say “Allah has got a Son”
5 neither they nor their fathers had any such knowledge; dreadful lie’s what their mouths say!
6 you will kill yourself grieving over their footsteps for not believing this statement
7 whatever We’ve made on Earth is a glittering show to test who’s best in conduct
8 and lo! We shall make its soil dry and barren
9 or do you think the Companions of the Cave and the engraving were wonders of Our Sign’s?
10 when the youths fled to the cave and said “O’ Lord give mercy on us and You provide for us a right way”
11 so We sealed their hearing in the Cave for a number of Years
12 then We roused them in order to test which of the  Two  groups was best at calculating the Year’s they’d spent
Section  2
13 We relate to you a true story! these youths believed in their Lord and We increased them in Guidance
14 We strengthen their Hearts, they stood up and said “our Lord is Lord of Heavens and Earth we shall not call any God besides Him for that will amount to excesses”
15 “our people chose to worship God’s other than Him, with no proof isn’t those who lie against Allah grossly mistaken?”
16 when you reject the worshippers of other things besides Allah and return to the cave your Lord will shower His Mercy on you with comfort and ease
17 they would’ve seen the Sun rising moving away to the right from their cave and upon setting turning away from them to the left while they lay in the  midst.  it’s a Sign of Allah. the rightly guided are guided by Him.  and those whom He forgets, you won’t find a guiding friend for them
  Section 3
18 you would’ve thought they were awake while they slept. We turned them to their right and left. their dog stretched his Two  fore legs at the entrance. if you had seen them you would’ve fled shocked in fright
19 than We woke them so that they can question each other. one said “how long have you been” they said “a Day or so” another said “Lord knows best…. now send one of you with this silver coin to the City: see what food he can get. be careful and polite, don’t let anyone know about you
20 “if they find out they will stone you or force you back to their religion and you won’t prosper”
21 this is how We make them known to people, so that they realise Allah’s promise regarding the Hour is true. the people disputed about their case among themselves. some said “build a building  over them their Lord knows them best” those who oversaw their affairs said “we’ll construct a worship place over them”
22 some say they were Three the Fourth was a dog. others say Five and Sixth was the dog, only guessing. or Seven and the Eight was the dog. you say “only Lord knows how many and non knew except a few therefore don’t discuss  without proof nor consult them regarding these people
  Section   4 
23 don’t say things like “i will do this tomorrow”
24 without adding “if Allah wills” and if you forget than say “hope my Lord will guide me closer to the right path”
25 and they stayed in the cave for Three hundred and  Nine Years
26 say “only Allah knows how long” believe in Him who knows the secrets of Heavens and Earth. how clearly He sees and hears! they haven’t any protector like Him nor does He shares His Command with anyone
27 recite His Book revealed to you, none can change His words. nor will you find refuge besides Him
28 include yourself with persons who remember the Lord Morning and Evening, seeking His face and don’t let your eyes overlook them desiring Life of this World nor follow those whose Hearts We’ve permitted to neglect Our remembrance and follow their own lust and whose case are lost
29 say “Truth is from your Lord” whether you believe it or not. and for wrongdoers We’ve prepared high flames surrounding like walls and if they ask for help they will be given Water like boiling oil scalding their Faces a dreadful drink. and an ill resting place
30 as for the Believers their reward for doing good will never be lost
31 for them is Garden of Eternity with rivers flowing beneath. wearing bracelets of Gold and green garments of fine Silk and Gold brocade. reclining on raised Throne, a blessed reward and beautiful resting place!
Section  5
32 tell them story of the Two Men. to one We had given  Two Garden of grapes surrounded by Date Palm with cultivated fields in their midst
33 each garden’s full of Fruits unfailing. and in its midst We caused a gushing river
34 he boasted to friends “i am richer than you and a more Powerful  person”
35 and went to his Garden in unjust state saying “this will never perish”
36 “nor will the Hour ever come and if i am returned to my Lord i will surely find something better in exchange”
37 his friend said while arguing “you disbelieve in Allah who created you from dust and then a sperm drop and made you a Man?”
38 “as for me He is Allah my Lord, i don’t join partners to Him”
39 “why didn’t you say when you entered the Garden that ‘it’s Allah’s will the all Powerful, if you see me less than you in wealth and Children”
40 “maybe Allah may give me something better and might send thunderbolt making your Garden flat hillside”
41 or the Water in your Garden disappear underground and you cannot find it
42  so Allah did exactly this. the Man wrung his Hands counting his losses and saying “wish i hadn’t joined partners to my Lord”
43 he had no people who could help or save him from Allah
44 your protection comes from Allah the true God giving best reward and success
Section 6 
45 give them examples of Life of this World.  when We send Rain from the Sky the vegetation absorbs it but soon becomes dry and scattered by the Wind. it’s Allah who prevails over all
46 wealth and Children are ornaments of this World’s Life but good deeds are better in Allah’s sight for reward and hope
47 one Day We shall remove the Mountains and you’ll see a leveled Earth and We’ll gather them together, leaving non out
48 assemble before Allah in ranks – now you have come to Us the way We created you first. and you thought We will not keep Our commitment to meet you
49 when the Book is placed in front of you, the Sinners will cry out in terror “what kind of Book this is which does not leave out anything small or big” to none will your Lord be unjust
  Section 7
50 We said to the Angels “bow down to Adam” all did except Iblis he was of the Jinn he refused the Lords command. will you then take him and his offspring as friends instead of Me? they are your enemies! what an exchange for Evildoers
51 I didn’t call them to see the Creation of Heaven and Earth nor their own Creations nor do I take misleaders as helpers
52 the Day when He’ll say “call the partners you ascribe to Me” but when they call and won’t get reply than We’ll create a barrier between them
  Section 8 
53 the guilty will realise they are about to fall into the Fire with no escape
54 everything is explained in the Quran for people’s benefit but Mankind mostly argue
55 what is holding Mankind from believing after receiving Guidance or asking forgiveness from their Lord. do they want ancient treatment or come face to face with Doom
56 We only send Messengers to give good news and warnings but the Disbelievers argue and disprove the Truth taking My Sign and warning as a joke
57 who is more wrong than one who is reminded of their Lords Revelations but rejects forgetting what their Hands had sent? We’ve veiled  their Hearts so they won’t understand and made ears deaf, so even if you call they won’t accept Guidance
58 your Lord is most Forgiving, Merciful. if He took them to task He would’ve punished them.  but as their Term is fixed  they cannot escape
59 such Townships! We’ve destroyed for their wrongdoings. with fixed destruction time
Section 9 
60 Moses told his servant “i will not give up until i reach the junction of two  seas or travel endlessly”
61 but when they reached the junction, they had forgotten the Fish that had swam away
62 at length Moses said to his servant “bring the meal early as we are tired from traveling”
63 he replied “remember when we were on the rocks, i forget to tell you, Satan made me forget the Fish and it swam away marvelously into the Sea!”
64 Moses said “this is what we were after” so they retraced their footsteps
65 there they found one of Our Devotees (Khidr), on whom We had bestowed Mercy and taught from Our Own presence
66  Moses asked (Khidr) “may i follow you so you can teach me about the Truth that you were taught”
67 he replied “it’s very difficult to follow me”
68 “how can you be patience of things you don’t understand”
69 Moses said “Allah willing you will find me patience and not disobeying”
70 he said “if you follow me than don’t ask questions until i speak regarding it”
Section   10  
71 when they both boarded the boat he made a hole in it. Moses asked “you did this to drown the people in it? strange!”
72 he said “didn’t i tell you, you won’t have patience”
73 Moses said “don’t rebuke me for forgetting or be hard”
74 than they walked on until they came upon a youth and he (Khidr) killed him. Moses said “you killed an innocent Man who hadn’t killed anyone that’s Evil”

  • Revealed At Makka
  • Sura :18
  • Part :15/ (16)
  • Total Verses : 110
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
75 he answered “didn’t i tell you, you won’t have patent?”
76 (Moses) replied “if i question again than don’t keep me because than you’ll have an excuse”
77 so they traveled until they came to a Township where they asked for food but were refused. than they saw a broken wall which he fixed, Moses said “if you wanted to you could’ve earned for fixing it”
78 the Man said “this is the parting between me and you but i will tell you regarding which you couldn’t keep patience”
79 “concerning making the boat unserviceable, it belonged to the poor workers on the river they needed it but their King was taking all good boats forcibly”
80 as for the youth, he was Evil, his Parents were Believers and he would’ve disgraced them by rebelling and disbelieving
81 “so we intended that the Lord will give them another better than him in purity and affections”
82 “and the wall i rebuilt belonged to Two (2) Orphans. beneath it was treasure from their father who was a good Man. so your Lord desired that upon maturity they get it out. this is not my doings. such are the interpretation that you couldn’t bear”
  Section 11
83 they ask you about Zul-Qarnain say” i will tell you something regarding him”
84 “We established his power on Earth and granted him access to all things”
85 so he followed a way
86 till he reached the place of the setting Sun and found it setting in murky Waters near some folks. We said “Zul-Qarnain you can punish these people or show kindness”
87 he said “whoever is wrong will be punished and then sent back to the Lord who will punish severely”
88 but the good Believers will have easy task and a superb reward by Our command
89 than he followed a road
90 until he came to a place where the Sun was rising over people on whom We had not provided any shade
91 and he went on. We knew what lay ahead of him
92 still he carried on
93 until he reached people living between Two  Mountains they could hardly understand a word
94 and they said to Zul-qarnain “Gog and Magog are doing mischief in the Land we will honor you if you can set a barrier between us?”
95 he said “God’s honor is better! but help me with your strength and i will put a strong barrier between you
96 “bring me Iron blocks” with it he filled the gaps of the Mountain, then said “blow” until he made it hot as Fire, then said “bring me molten Lead to pour over it”
97 after this they were powerless and couldn’t climb or dig out
98 he said “this is my Lord’s mercy: but when the Lord’s promise comes, all will turn to dust “
99 the Day We shall let them surge like waves one on another: and when the  Trumpet is blown  We shall gather them together
100 that Day We’ll present Hell plainly visible to the Disbelievers
101 who’s eyes had been veiled from My remembrance, nor could they bear to hear
Section  12
102. do the Disbelievers think they can take my Devotees as protectors besides Me? We’ve made Hell for the Disbeliever’s entertainment
103 say “shall We tell you whose deeds will give them great loss?”
104 ones whose efforts are wasted in this World but still think they are doing good
105 they are the Disbelievers, who deny the Revelations and the meeting with their Lord. useless are their works and We’ll not give them any importance on Judgment Day
106 Hell is the Rejecters reward who joke about My Revelation and My Messengers
107 as for Righteous Believers they have Garden of Paradise for entertainment
108 there they’ll live with no desire to leave
109 say “if the Sea was ink still the words of my Lord will not be exhaust even if you add another’
110 say “i am a Man like you. the inspiration came to me that your Lord is one Allah and whoever wants to meet Him, let him do good and not join partners to Him”