Sura 15 – The Rocky Tract – (Al-Hijr)



  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 15
  • Part: 14
  • Total verses: 99

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 Alif Lam Ra  these are Verses of a Book, a plain Quran
2 the Disbelievers, how they wish they were Muslims
3 let them eat, enjoy and be preoccupied now, soon they’ll know
4 We’ve never destroyed a Township unless a Decreed is assigned to it
5 no Nation can predict nor delay it
6 they say “you who received the Message are a madman!
7 why don’t you bring Angels, if you are truthful?”
8 We do not send down Angels except with Truth, but then they will have no breather
9 We it is who sent the Message, and We are it’s Guardian
10 We did send Prophets before you to the ancient religious sects
11 but never a Messenger came to them whom they didn’t mock
12 thus We put in the Hearts of the criminals
13 that they should not believe even though they have examples of previous people
14 even if We open the Heavens’ Gate’s and they keep climbing up
15 they’d say “our eyes are influenced by Magic”
Section   2
16 its We who’ve set mansions of Stars in the Heavens, a beauty to see
17 and guarded them from every outcast Devil
18 except ones who cunningly get a hearing but than is chased by bright flaming Fire
19 and the Earth We’ve spread out; set firm Mountains and produced all kinds of things in due balance
20 and provided for your survival, and survival of those whom you are not responsible for
21 there is not a thing whose stores We do not hold, and We only send it down in due measures
22 We send fertilizing Wind, and provide Water from the Sky for you. although you don’t hold its stores
23 its We who give Life and cause Death and its We who are the inheritor
24 surely We know the first generation who have passed away and the present and the future ones
25 certainly your Lord will gather them all together, He is aware and Wise
Section   3
26 We created Man from Clay of Mud molded into shape
27 and Jinn We created earlier from Fire of smokeless flame
28 and your Lord said to the Angels “I am about to create a Man out of Clay of Mud molded”
29 “when I’ve made and breathed My Spirit into him, bow down and prostrate to him”
30 so all Angels together prostrated themselves
31 except Satan (Iblis); he refused to be among the prostrators
32 He said “O Satan why didn’t you prostrate with the others?”
33 said “i will not prostrate to a mortal made of Clay and altered into shape”
34 He said “than get out of here, you outcast!”
35 “with curse on you till Judgment Day”
36 said “my Lord give me a breather, till they are raised”
37 He said “respite is granted”
38 “till the Day of the appointed time”
39 said “O my Lord since you’ve put me astray i shall make wrong ways appear good to them and mislead them
40 except those completely devoted”
41 He said “indeed that way leads straight to Me”
42 “for you shall have no power over My Devotees. except those who put themselves in the wrong and follow you
43 to Hell, a place promised for them”
44 which has seven (7) Gates; with specific group assigned for each Gate
Section   4
45 the Pious will be among the Gardens and Fountains
46 “enter here in peace and security”
47 We shall remove all hurt from their Hearts. with brethren facing each other on raised couches
48 no tiredness shall they feel, nor asked to leave
49 announce to my Devotees that I am often Forgiving, most Merciful
50 but My punishment is most painful
51 tell them about Abraham’s guest
52 when they came to him and said “Peace!” he replied “we are afraid of you”
53 they said “don’t be afraid we’ve come with good news of your forthcoming wise Son”
54 he said “now, you bring me this good news when i am old? what’s the use?”
55 they said “this is good news in truth, so don’t despair!”
56 he said “who despairs from Lord’s Mercy except those astray?”
57 he said “so what is your business O Messengers?”
58 they said “we’ve been sent to people deep in Sin”
59 “except the family of Lut, whom we shall save”
60 “but not his Wife who shall remain behind”
Section   5
61 and when the Messengers came to the family of Lut
62 he said “you people are unknown folks”
63 they said “yes, and we’ve come to you with what they have been doubting”
64 “for we bring you the Truth, and we tell the truth”
65 “travel in the remaining part of the Night with your family, follow behind them, let none to look back. do as ordered”
66 and We explained to him the Decree, that the roots of them will end by the Morning
67 the people of the City came rejoicing
68 Lut said “these are my guests. don’t disgrace me”
69 “fear Allah and don’t shame me”
70 they said “haven’t we forbidden you from people?”
71 he said “here are my daughters (marry) if you must”
72 by your Life they roamed blindly in their intoxications
73 than the awful blast swept over them at sunrise
74 and We turned it upside down and rained on them stones of baked clay
75 surely in these are Sign’s for those who see
76 and they were right on the high road
77 surely in these are Sign for the Believers
78 the inhabitant of the Woods were also Sinner
79 so We took Our revenge on them, they were both visibly on open highway
Section   6
80 the inhabitants of the Rocky tract also denied the Messenger
81 We sent them Our Sign’s. but they constantly rejected
82 they made homes cut out from the Mountains and felt secure
83 but the blast seized them by early Morning
84 all their doings were useless!
85 We didn’t create Heavens and Earth and all between them except with truth, the Hour is surely coming so overlook their sins and forgive
86 for your Lord is the Creator the all Knowing
87 We’ve bestowed on you the Seven (7) often repeated Verse and the glorious Quran
88 do not strain your eyes or grieve looking at what We gave to certain class. and lower your wings towards the Believers
89 and say “Lo! i am just a Warner”
90 as We’ve send down on the dividers
91 who have made the Quran into parts
92 by the Lord! each one We shall call to account
93 regarding their doings
94 so announce what you are commanded, and avoid the Idolaters
95 Lo! We will defend you from those who jeer
96 who join other Gods with Allah, soon they will know
97 We do know why your Heart grieves from their talks
98 celebrate your Lords praise and join those who bow in admiration
99 serve your Lord until comes the expected Hour