Sura 4 – Women (An-Nisa)


  • Revealed at:  Medina 
  • Sura:  4 
  • Part: (4) / 5 / 6 
  • Total Verses:  176
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 O Mankind! fear your Lord, who created you from a Single Being and from it created its Mate and there from spread a multitude of Men and Women. and fear Allah from whom you demand and the wombs (that bore you). definitely Allah is watching you
2 and give Orphans their wealth. do not exchange good for bad and do not devour adding their wealth into yours, that would be great Sin
3 and if you feel you will not deal justly with the Orphans then marry Women who seem good Two (2), Three (3) or Four (4). but if you think you cannot do justice to so many then marry only One (1), or what your right Hand posses. maybe than you are less likely to do injustice
4 and give Woman their Dower happily as gift. but if they return any part of it than you can take and enjoy it
5 do not give the unintelligent Orphans their wealth that Allah has given you to maintain, but feed and clothe them with it, and advise them good
6 test Orphans until they reach marriageable age and if found sensible hand-over their wealth to them without squandering and not in haste against their growing up. if the guardian is rich let him take no payment but if poor than he can take a just and reasonable portion. when you release their property to them, hand it in front of witnesses. and Allah is enough to take account
7 from what’s left by Parents and near relatives there is a share for Men and a share for Woman. whether property be small or large; a Legal Share
8 but at the time of division if Relatives, Orphans or needy are present give them something from it and speak kindly to them
9 let those (regarding Orphans) have same fear in their minds as if, if they had left their own helpless family behind. and let them fear Allah and speak justly
10 those who devour Orphans wealth unjustly, they eat Fire into their bellies,  they shall enter blazing Fire
 Section   2
11 Allah directs you concerning your Children (inheritance): to the Male is equivalent of portion of Two (2) Females and if more than Two (2) Women than their share is Two third (2/3) of the inheritance and if there is One (1) than Half (1/2). and to each of his Parents a Sixth (6th) if he has a Son. but if he has no Son than his Parents are his Heir. then to his Mother a Third (3rd) but if he has brethren than to his Mother a Sixth (6th ) after paying all Debts and Legacy. your Parents or your Children you do not know which one is useful to you. this is a Commandment from Allah the all-Knowing, Wise
12 to you belong Half (1/2)  of what your Wives leaves if they leave no child, but if there is a child than you get a Fourth (4th ) after paying all legacy and Debts. and to your Wives belongs a Fourth (4th) of what you leave if you have no child. but if you have a child than an Eighth 8th after paying all Debts and legacy. if Man or Woman whose inheritance is in question, has left neither Parents nor child to share but have a distant Heir, a brother or sister. than each of them gets a Sixth (6th) and if they are more than Two (2) than they shall share in the Third (3rd ) after paying all Debts and legacy. a Commandment from Allah the Considerate, all-Knowing
13 these are the Law’s imposed by Allah:  and whoever follows Allah and His Messenger, He will make him enter Gardens with River flowing beneath to live there forever. that’s Supreme achievement
14 but those who disobeys Allah and his Messenger and transgress His limits, He will make him enter Fire to live therein with awful Punishments
 Section   3
15 and those who commit adultery of your Woman, than call (4) Four witness against them and if they testify, than confine them to houses until their Death or Allah finds some other way
16 and those (2) Two (Men and Women) who commit that of you than punish both but if they repent and amend their ways than leave them alone. for Allah is oft-Relenting, most Merciful
17 Allah accepts repentance from those who commit evil in ignorance and repent quickly. to them Allah turns to in Mercy. for Allah is all-Knowing and Wise
18 repentances is useless from those who do evil, and upon facing Death they say “i repent now” nor from those who die rejecting Faith. for such We’ve prepared horrible Punishment
19 Believers! it’s forbidden for you to inherit Women against their will or be brutal in order to take away part of her Dowry that you gave, unless they are guilty of open lewdness. on the contrary live with them in kindness and equity. if you hate them it may happen that you hate a thing wherein Allah has placed much good
20 if you decide to take a Wife in place of another, even if you had given them a treasure trove as Dowry don’t take it back; would you take back by insult and obvious Sin
21 how can you take back after you have gone into each other (consummated), and they have taken a serious pledge from you?
22 do not marry Woman whom your fathers married. except what had happened in the past it is Indecent, Shameful an Evil
Section   4
23 forbidden for you (to Marry) are your: mothers, daughters, sisters, father’s sisters, mother’s sisters, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, your foster mothers and foster sisters, your wives mothers your step-daughters whom you are the guardian born of your Wives whom you have gone in, if you haven’t gone in than its no Sin. Wives of your Son’s, who are of your own loins. and it is forbidden to marry Two (2) sisters at the same time except what had happened in the past; for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most Merciful


  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  4
  • Part: 4 / (5) / 6
  • Total Verses:  176
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
24 all married Woman are forbidden to you except what your right hand possess. it’s Allah’s Decree for you. all others are lawful provided you seek them with gifts from your property in honest wedlock not lust, apparently deriving benefit from them, give them their prescribed Dowries. there’s no Sin whatever you mutually decide later. Lo! Allah is all-Knowing, Wise
25 whoever cannot afford to marry free believing Woman they may marry believing maids whom your right Hand posses. Allah knows your Faith, you are one from another so marry them with their guardians permission and give them their Dowers justly, they being chaste not lustful but if after being honorably married they commit lewdness their punishment is half of that of a free Woman. this is for you who fear to commit Sin, but for you self-restraint is better. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
 Section   5
26 Allah wishes to explain and guide you by giving past examples. and turn to you. Allah is all-Knowing, Wise
27 Allah wishes to be  close to you, but those who follow their lusts want you to be far, far away
28 Allah desires to lighten your burden: for Man was created weak
29 Believers! do not squander your wealth in pride instead do trade with mutual goodwill. and don’t kill one another. Lo! Allah is ever Merciful!
30 those who do that in aggression and injustice, soon We shall cast them into the Fire. it’s easy for Allah
31 if you avoid the great Sin’s,  we shall expel out all evil from you and make you enter the Honored Gate
32 don’t envy some whom Allah had made to excel others. for to Men share of what they’ve earned and to Women share of what they’ve earned. ask Allah for His Bounty. He knows all things
33 to each We’ve appointed Shares and Heirs to property left by Parents and Relatives. give due to whom you’re right Hand made agreement with; Allah Witnesses all
 Section   6
34 Men are protectors and maintainers of Woman for Allah has made one excel the other, and because they support Woman with their means. good Women are loyal and trustworthy, guarding what Allah would have them guard. as for the disloyal ones, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and scourge them, but if they obey than do not take revenge. for Allah is most High, Great
35 if you fear separation than appoint arbitrator one from each side, but if they wish for Peace Allah will reconcile them. for Allah is all-Knowing, Aware
36 serve Allah do not join Partners to Him. and be good to Parents, Relations, Orphan, needy, near neighbors, neighbors who are strangers, fellow travelers, wayfarer and what your right hand possess.  Allah loves not the proud or boastful
37 those who hoard their wealth, command greediness on others and hide Allah’s bounty that He gave them. for such Disbelievers We’ve prepared a terrible Doom
38  and those that show-off their wealth but have no Faith in Allah and the last Day, taking Satan as a friend. what a dreadful friend!
39 what would have happened if they had believed Allah and the last Day, and spend from His given provisions? for Allah knows them
40 Allah is not unjust even to tiniest weight of an Atom. for any good done he will multiply it with great Rewards from Himself
41 how will it be if we bring from each people a witness and make you as a witness against them?
42 on that Day those who disbelieved and rejected the Messenger will wish they were level with Earth but will not be able to hide a single fact from Allah
Section   7
43 Believers! do not Pray in state of intoxication until you know what you say nor when dirty except on journey until you’ve bathed. if you are ill or on journey or been to the bathroom or with Women and you have no Water then take clean Earth and rub with it your Face and Hands. for Allah is Kind, Forgiving repeatedly
44 don’t you see how some who were given portion of the Book, they buy error and try to mislead you from right path
45 but Allah knows your enemy: Allah is sufficient as guardian and protector
46 some Jews distort the words and say “we hear and we disobey” and “hear what is not heard” and “hear us” with a twist of their tongue, thereby slandering Religion.  it would’ve been better and proper if they’d said “we hear and obey” and “do hear” and “do look at us” Allah cursed them for their disbelief and only a few will believe
47 O people of the Book, believe Our Revelations which confirms to the previous one that you have, before We change the face of some and turn them on their backs and curse them the way We’ve cursed the Sabbath breakers. Allah’s command is always executed
48 Allah dose not forgives those who join Him with Partners. but He forgives anything else at will. to join Allah with Partners is the Greatest Sin
49 haven’t you seen some people praising themselves for purity? Allah purifies whom He wills. and they will not be wronged even the husk on a date stone
50 see how they invent lie against Allah!  that itself is an obvious  Sin
Section   8
51 haven’t you seen those who were given a portion of the Book?  but believed in sorcery and false deities and said to the Disbelievers that “they are better guided then the Believers”
52 they are cursed by Allah and whoever Allah curses, you will find have no helper
53  or do they share power in the Sovereignty; in that case  they won’t give Mankind even a speck on Date stone
54 or do they envy Mankind for what Allah gave from His Bounty. for We’ve bestowed on the family of Abraham the Book, Wisdom and a great Kingdom
55 some believed and some who turned away, Hell is sufficient for burning
56 those who disbelieve Our Sign We will cast them in the Fire and as soon as their skin gets burnt We will cover them with new skin for them to taste the torment. for Allah is Mighty, Wise
57 Believers who do good shall live forever in Gardens beneath which river flows,and in cool shades with pure innocent Spouses
58 Allah commands you to return deposits to its rightful owners. if you Judge between Mankind than do just Judgment with His excellent teachings. Allah is Hearing and Seeing
59 Believers! obey Allah and obey the Messenger. and if you dispute with those in power than refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if its Allah and the Last Day you believe in. that’s better and more suitable in the end
Section   9
60 haven’t you seen those who say that they believe in the Revelations sent to you and before you? still than they take advise from Satan although they were told not to. Satan’s wishes to lead them far astray
61 when invited “come see Allah’s Revelations to the Messenger” you can see the hypocrites turn from you in disgust
62 how would it be if misfortune struck them from their own hands doings and they come to you swearing by Allah that “we only wanted Peace?”
63 Allah knows those Men Hearts. stay away from them and warn them in a way that touches their Souls
64 We’ve sent no Messengers except that he should be obeyed by Allah’s leave. even when they had wronged themselves they could’ve come to you wanting you to ask Allah to forgive them, they would’ve found Allah oft-Forgiving, Merciful
65 but no!  by Lord they will not believe until you Judge their dispute to their liking and than they’ll accept it completely
66 if asked to give up their Life or home few will: but it would’ve been better and more strengthening if they did
67 for We would’ve Ourselves rewarded them greatly
68 and We would’ve guided them correctly
69 whoever obeys Allah and His Messengers are in the company favored by Allah: of the Prophets, Saints, Martyrs and the Righteous. Ah! what a beautiful Companionship!
70 such are the gifts from Allah, sufficient is Allah the all Knower
Section   10
71 Believers take care and advance in groups or all together
72 there are some Men who lag behind and if you had a  misfortune they’d say “Allah had been Gracious to me since i was not among them”
73 and if good fortune from Allah befell you they’d say “wish i was there than i would’ve made a great fortune from it!”
74 whoever fights in Allah’s cause, trades his Life of this World for the Hereafter, whether killed or is victorious in Allah’s way on him We shall bestow massive Rewards
75 and why shouldn’t you fight in Allah’s cause to help those poor Men Women and Children who cry out “Our Lord help and protect us from this Town and  its people. and send us from You a protector and a helper”
76 Believer’s fight for the cause of Allah, fight the Disbelievers and followers of Devil. for Satan is ever weak
Section   11
77 haven’t you seen those who were told to hold back their hands and practice regular Prayer and Charity? but later when asked to fight, behold! a group of them were afraid of Men – even more – than Allah, saying “our Lord why have You ordered us to fight why don’t You let us live for a while?”  tell them “this World’s comfort is for a short period, the Hereafter is far better and you will not be wronged to the husk of a Date stone”
78 “Death will find you even if you hide in strong high towers” and if good befalls them they say “it’s from Allah” and if bad befalls “it’s your doing” “it’s all’s from Allah” strange they don’t understand?
79 whatever good befalls you it’s from Allah, and bad from your own doing. We’ve sent you as Messenger of Mankind, and enough is Allah as witness
80 whoever obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah: but whoever turns away: We’ve not sent you to check their deeds
81 they say “obedience” but when they leave you a group plot all Night saying things very different to what you’ve told them, Allah records their nightly plot. stay away from them trust Allah, Allah is enough as Trustee
82 don’t they consider the Quran? if it hadn’t been from Allah they would’ve found much discrepancy in it
83 if any news regarding safety or fear comes to them, they voice it instead of telling the Messenger or someone in authority. proper investigators would’ve checked it out. it’s only Allah’s mercy otherwise, other than some all would’ve followed Satan
84 fight for Allah’s cause. you are only answerable for yourself. encourage Believers. maybe Allah might restrain Disbeliever’s might. for Allah is Strong and Mighty and can met out punishment
85 whoever intervenes in good shall have share of it and if for bad shall bear its consequence. Allah has power over all things
86 when greeted reply with an even better greeting or at least the same. Allah takes careful account of all things
87 Allah! there is no God but He: He will without doubt gather you all together on Judgment Day. and whose statement is truer than Allah’s!
Section   12
88 why should you be divided into two groups regarding the hypocrites, Allah has cast them back for their deeds. whoever Allah leaves even if you want you’ll never find a way for them
89 they want you to disbelieve like them so that you are alike. so don’t take them as friends till they turn in Allah’s way. but if they revert back find them and kill them, and take no friend or helper from among them
90 except those who’ve joined groups with whom you have Treaty, ones who’s Hearts forbids them to have War with you or their own people. if Allah had willed He would’ve given them power over you making them fight you. so if they restrain and offer Peace then Allah allows you no way against them
91 others who wish to gain security from you as well as their own folks and each time they are sent into temptations they succumb to it: if they don’t withdraw from you nor promise to stop nor hold back their hands than seize them and kill them wherever, you’ve Our clear Authority
Section   13
92 never should a Believer kill a Believer. and if he killed by mistake than he should set free a believing Slave and pay blood-money to the family of the slain unless they forgo it as Charity. and if the person killed was from your enemy and was a Believer than freeing of a believing Slave. but if he belonged to people with whom you have Treaty than the blood-money to be paid to his family plus a believing Slave freed. for those who find this beyond their means, must Fast for two (2) consecutive Months to repent to Allah. Allah is all-Knower, Wise
93 Hell forever is for the Believer who kills another Believer knowingly. Allah’s wrath and curse is upon him  and He has prepared for him a terrible doom
94  Believers! when you go to war for Allah’s cause, and if anyone who offer you Peace don’t say “you are not a Believer”, in desire of perishable goods of this Life. with Allah there are plenty bounties. remember the way you were before and Allah gave you Guidance. therefore investigate carefully for Allah knows your doings
95  those Believers who sit and are not disabled, aren’t the same as those who fight in Allah’s cause with their wealth and lives. to all He has promised good. but Allah has granted a higher Rank and Reward on those who strive and fight than those who sit.
96 degrees especially bestowed by Him with forgiveness and mercy. for  Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
Section   14
97 when the Angles take the Soul’s of those who die in Sin, they will ask “what did you do?” they will reply “we were oppressed on Earth” (Angels) say “wasn’t Allah’s Earth vast enough to move away” for them it’s Hell, an evil end
98 except the weak and feeble Men, Woman and Children. powerless, oppressed and not guided
99 for them there is hope of forgiveness for Allah often repeatedly forgives
100 whoever leaves home for Allah’s cause, will find many a refuge on this wide and spacious Earth. if he dies as a refugee for Allah and His Messenger than for him is sure Reward with Forgiveness and Mercy
Section   15
101 when traveling through Earth you are not blamed if you shorten your Prayer, in case Disbelievers attacks, truly Disbelievers are your open enemy
102 when you are with them leading their Prayer. let one group stand in prayer with their arms while others guard them when they finish they take the rear guarding position while  next group who haven’t prayed prays, taking their arms and all precautions. the enemy wants you to neglect your arms etc so that they can finish you all at once. you are not blamed if you lay down your arms in the rain or if ill but take care. for Disbelievers Allah  has prepared a terrible Doom
103 when you perform Prayer celebrate Allah’s praise standing, sitting or reclining. and when in safety perform regular Prayer at the fixed stated times
104 do not slack regarding the enemy. you and them are suffering in similar hardships, but you have Allah’s support and they have none. Allah is all-Knowing, Wise
Section   16
105 We’ve sent you the Book with Truth so that you can Judge between Mankind, as guided by Allah therefore don’t plead for the sinners
106 seek Allah’s forgiveness for He is oft–Forgiving and Merciful
107 don’t plead for people who deceive their own Soul. Allah doesn’t love liars and sinners
108 they can hide from Men but not Allah. He’s with them in their plot making at night. Allah surrounds their doings
109 ah! you can plead for them in this World, but who will plead to Allah and defend them on Judgment Day
110 whoever sins and wrongs his Soul but then ask for forgiveness, he will find Allah oft-Forgiving and Merciful
111  anyone who commits crime wrongs his own Soul. Allah is all Knowledgeable  and Wise
112 anyone putting the blame on an innocent for his own crimes carries on himself a huge lie and an obvious Sin
Section   17
113 if it weren’t for Allah’s kindness and Mercy towards you, a group would’ve plotted to mislead you but only misled their own selves and couldn’t harm you.  Allah has taught you the Book, Wisdom and things you didn’t know. Allah’s grace on you is infinite
114 most of their secret talks are useless, but if anyone does it for Charity justice or Peace among people. and whoever does this seeking Allah’s favor We shall give them  massive Rewards
115 whoever opposes the Messenger after receiving Guidance and follows other than path of Believer. We shall leave him on his chosen path to Hell, an evil retreat
Section   18
116 Allah does not forgive anyone who joins partners to Him, but may forgive whom He wills. those who join partners to Him are far, far astray
117 and instead of Him call only deities. and pray to none other than the rebellious Satan
118 Allah did curse him. and he said “i will surely take some of your bondmen”
119 “to mislead them and create in them false desire commanding them to slit ears of the Cattle and to deface Allah’s Creations” whoever forsakes Allah and takes Satan as guide is a clear loser
120 Satan promises them stirring up false desires in them. Satan  promises are nothing but deception
121 for such their home is Hell without escape
122 but those Believers doing good. We shall admit them into Gardens beneath which river flows to live there forever. a true promise from Allah. and who can be truer than Allah?
123 it’s not your desire nor people of the Book’s. whoever does evil he shall be repaid accordingly, and will find none helping or protecting them against Allah
124 Believers Male or Female who do good will enter Heaven and will not be wronged the slightest
125 who is better in Religion than the one who surrenders himself to Allah, does good in the way of Abraham the upright? for Allah chose Abraham for friend
126 everything in Heaven’s or Earth belongs to Allah. He surrounds all things
Section   19
127 they ask you regarding Woman. Allah has already given instructions regarding them along with the Scripture recited to you, concerning female Orphans whom you don’t want to give what is prescribed but you wish to marry, and also concerning weak Children. deal justly with the Orphan’s. whatever good deeds you do Allah is aware
128 if a Wife fears ill-treatment or desertion from her Husband there is no harm if they have an acceptable settlement between themselves. Peace is better than greed which is present in Men minds. if you do good and stay away from evil Allah knows your doings
129 you’ll never be able to treat your wives equally however much you try but don’t incline on one and turn away from the other leaving her hanging on, act rightly fearing Allah. indeed Allah is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
130 but if they leave than Allah will provide for all from His Bounty. for Allah is wise, He cares
131 to Allah belongs all in the Heaven’s and Earth. We have instructed the people of the Book before you and instructing you to fear Allah. but if you deny: still all in the Heaven’s and Earth belongs to Him. Allah  the ever Rich, all Praise worthy
132 to Allah belongs all in the Heaven’s and Earth.  He is enough as its defender
133 if He wills He can destroy you O Mankind! and create other race instead. Allah has Power to do this
134 anyone desirous of reward in this Life should realise with Allah is reward of this World and the Hereafter. and He is Hearer, Seer
Section   20
135 Believers stand firmly for justice, as witness to Allah. even if it be against you, your Parents or kin against rich or poor for Allah can protect both. do not follow after lust and distort or decline to do justice. Allah knows what you do
136 Believer’s! believe in Allah, His Messenger and the Book He sent to His Messenger and Book He sent to those before. whoever disbelieves His Angels, His Book His Messengers and Judgment Day are far, far astray
137 those who believe than reject and then again believe and then reject with increase disbelief. Allah will never forgive or guide their way
138 to the hypocrite is a Message that a painful doom awaits them
139 those who take Disbelievers instead of Believers as friends do they seek honour? nay! all honour’s are with Allah
140 He has already explained in the Book that you should not be part of a Blasphemy conversation unless the conversation is changed. otherwise you’d be like them, for Allah will gather hypocrites and Disbelievers together in Hell
141 they who wait and watch, when good befalls you they say “weren’t we with you?” and if good befalls them they say “haven’t we got mastery over you and saved you from the Believers” Allah will Judge between you on Judgment Day and Allah will never let the Disbelievers get a way over the Believers
Section   21
142 the hypocrite assumes they are outsmarting Allah with a pretense of praying, and to be seen by Men. little they care about Allah;
143 with distracted minds wavering between this group and that. whoever Allah leaves to astray you’ll never find way for him
144 O Believers! don’t befriend Disbeliever’s in place of Believers. giving Allah an open proof against yourselves?
145 the hypocrites in the lowest depths of Fire. no helper will you find for them
146 except those who repent and amend ways. and are sincere in their Religion to Allah. and are with the believers Allah will grant these Believers immense Rewards
147 what would Allah gain by punishing you if you are grateful and a Believer? Allah recognizes and is aware


  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  4
  • Part: 4 / 5 /(6)
  • Total Verses:  176
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
148 Allah does not love harsh words; it should only be spoken by someone who had been wronged. Allah is Hearer, Knower
149 whether you announce or hide good deeds or forgive evil. Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Powerful
150 those who deny Allah and His Messenger and wish to separate Allah from His Messenger saying “we believe in some and reject others”   seeking a midway course
151 they are truly  Disbelievers and We’ve prepared  shameful punishment for them
152 the Believers who believe in Allah and His Messengers making no distinction between any of the Messenger’s, We shall soon reward them. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
Section   22
153 people of the Book asked you to make a Book descend from Heaven. they asked Moses even greater: saying “Moses show us Allah!” but when they saw the thunder and lightning they were dazed with their belief. still they started worshipping a calf.  even after all this We forgave them and gave Moses clear proof of authority
154 at their pledge We made the mount to tower above them. and  We said “enter the Gate humbly” and commanded them “don’t violate the Sabbath” and We took from them a firm promise
155 but they broke their agreement; they rejected Signs of Allah; they slew the Prophet’s wrongly, saying “our Hearts are hardened” nay! Allah has sealed it for their Blasphemy and little it is they believe
156 because they rejected Faith and spoke against Mary, a grave slander
157 they said “we killed Jesus Son of Mary the Messenger of Allah” but they have not killed or crucified him but it appeared so to them. for those who disagree concerning it are imagining it. and for sure they didn’t kill him
158 nay! Allah took him up to Himself. Allah the all-Powerful, Wise
159 none of the people of the Book, but must believe in him before his Death and on Resurrection Day he shall be a witness against them
160 because of wickedness of Jews we forbade them some good things, which were previously lawful for them. and because they hindered many from Allah’s way
161 as they were taking Interest from people which is forbidden. and devouring peoples wealth falsely. We’ve prepared for  those of them a grievous Doom
162 but those who are knowledgeable and the Believers who believe the Revelation sent to you and those before you, who Pray regularly, give regular Charity and believe in Allah and the Last Day, We will reward them greatly
Section   23
163 We gave you inspiration like We did to Noah and other Messengers after him: to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, Solomon and to David the Psalms
164 We have already told you some of the stories while some We have not; and to Moses Allah spoke direct
165 Messengers who gave good news and warning. so that Mankind cannot argue with Allah after the Messengers; Allah is Mighty and Wise
166 and Allah Himself testifies that what He revealed to you is from His own knowledge. the Angels bear witness too. but Allah is enough as witness
167 those who disbelieve and stop others from Allah’s way have strayed far far away
168 as for the Rejecters and wrongdoers Allah will never forgive nor guide them to a path
169 except on way to Hell to live forever, which is easy for         Allah
170 O Mankind! your Messenger has come to you with Truth from Allah: so believe; that’s best for you. if you don’t still everything in the Heaven’s and Earth belongs to Allah. He is all Knowing, Wise
171 O people of the Book! do not overstate your Religion and do not say anything except the Truth concerning Allah. Jesus Christ Son of Mary was a Messenger of Allah by His word which He conveyed to Mary and a Spirit sent by Him. so believe in Allah and His Messenger and don’t say “Trinity” stop! that’s better for you. Allah is One Allah. it’s far above His Divine Majesty that He should have a Son. all what’s in the Heaven’s and Earth is His and Allah is enough as its defender
Section   24
172 Christ will never scorn to serve or worship Allah nor do His favored Angels. but as for the arrogant scorners He will gather them up to Him.
173 as for the good He will reward them with added Bounty. and the proud and scornful ones He will punish them terribly; they will not find against Allah any protecting friend nor helper
174 Mankind! your Lord has sent you credible proof a clear Light
175 those who believe and follow Allah He will take them into His Mercy and grace and  guide them to Himself on straight path
176 they ask you to state a ruling. say; Allah directs regarding those who have no relatives – on Death of a childless Man who has a sister, half (1/2) of his property goes to her and likewise he would’ve inherited same if she died childless, if Two (2) sisters than Two Third’s (2/3) of the inheritance and if brothers and sisters than the Male has equivalent share of Two (2) Female. Allah clarifies it so that you don’t make mistake. Allah is Knower of all things


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