Introduction – by Mrs. P.A.A.

Dear friends, Salam-Alaikum,

The Quran is an extraordinary text written over a thousand years ago and that continues to be read to this day by billions of people around the world. It describes major historic events and many inspirational individuals. It gives explanations of astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine, geography and countless other sciences that have recently been factually proved by expert research in the various fields. It tells us of beauty, family and children, cleanliness, halal foods, health, business, Interest on loans and the joys of everyday life, it has rhyming verses, while giving guidance, laws and moral codes of conduct to carry on our lives plus many more. It is this variety and depth that leads to its ever increasing appeal.

You can read the Translations / Interpretations right now –  Just select the Sura (chapter) name or Sura number from the lists in the right hand side column of this page.

About this Translation / Interpretation

Although I read parts of the Quran as a child and had verses of it read to me by family, the verses were all in Arabic which was sadly a language I did not quite understand. As a result, I could not fully appreciate what a remarkable text I was reading. However, in my early 20s, I was given a copy of the Quran translated into English by M. Picktall. As I began reading verses in English, I was very soon struck with how extraordinary and powerful this book was.

I realised that I wanted my own family, particularly my own children, to read and understand this too.

However, the only issue I found with the translation I had – and also with other translations I later read – were that they relied on formal more elaborate English, which meant that, although the text was very well written, the words were mostly in old English, and so were intense and difficult to understand. This was, in my view, a possible obstacle to a wider readership of this remarkable book.

So I set about to work on, what I believed to be, a more concise and clearer version, both for my children, and for that matter readers of any age, education level or background who might find it helpful. This is my attempt. I have tried my best, through using as many different formal translations as possible, to find the simplest way of expressing the meaning. When I say I tried my best, I mean that I have now spent more than 25 years in my effort to ensure that I did not misinterpret anything and that the full glory of the Quran was still intact with my simplification – certainly my children are no longer children! In fact it is with the help and support of my husband and my children, that I have been able to complete, write and proof-read my these Translations/Interpretations and upload them online. I am grateful to them and to all those who helped me to complete my work, by the grace of Allah.

After I completed this Translation / Interpretation

You will also see in this work, that I have included a certain phrase within the title.  There is a story concerning this:

Late one Friday, as I completed the computerization of my years of work (with the kind help of two typists), I was resting and thinking of my years of effort.  I mumbled to my husband about wishing for a sign as to the title for my interpretation, he smiled and said he will think about a title for my work, I than fell soundly asleep.  That very night, I had a profound and unforgettable dream.  In this dream I saw myself sitting elegantly on a chair wearing a glowing white dress, and on my lap rested a very beautiful rich looking heavy Book with deep royal Crimson velvet hard cover. A bright light was emitting from it. As I opened the hard cover first page of the beautiful book, written in the centre of the glowing white  page were seven words in bold black capital letters



Just then I woke up and in the dark scribbled those words down in my bedside filofax, a thing I had never done before. I, then again, fell asleep.  The next morning I shared this dream with my husband and showed him this scribbled words  that I had written in my half-asleep state. I couldn’t quite understand what these 7 words really meant. We both pondered over it and than suddenly my husband smiled and said “you’ve got the confirmation you asked for from Allah himself sending you the title for your translation!” I had never felt so thrilled and elated in my whole life as I felt then.

Still I will say no one can precisely translate every shade and tone of the verses of the Quran, and in my own simplification and interpretation I too will have made errors, for which I sincerely hope Allah will forgive me.

And I hope you, the reader, find it simple to read and understand.

Although I still do not fully understand the meaning of those seven words, but I feel and very much hope this is the truth and that Allah has accepted my years of work ! for He is the:



One thought on “Introduction – by Mrs. P.A.A.

  1. mashallah, i have just read the intro, very impressive. I will read through gradually but I must commend you for your work. May allah reward you your efforts and strenthen you with Its might!

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