Sura 8 Spoils Of War (Al-Anfal)


  • Revealed at :  Medina    
  • Sura :  8
  • Part :  9 / 10    
  • Total verses :  75   
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 they ask you regarding the Booty say “War spoils belongs to Allah and His Messenger, so keep your relationship straight and obey them if you believe”
2 Believers’ Hearts quiver at the mention of Allah and their Faith and trust increases upon hearing His Revelations
3 those who Pray regularly and spend from the gifts We gave them
4 they are true Believers and rate highly with their Lord, receiving pardon and gifts
5 even when your Lord asked you to leave your Home for Truth, to the dislike of some Believers
6 disputing with you about the Truth after it’s verified, as if facing death
7 when Allah promised that you can have one of the Two (2) Parties and you chose the unarmed one. Allah willed victory for the Truth by His words and to cut off the roots of Disbelievers
8 so that Truth succeeds and falsehood fails much to the disappointment of the evil doers
9 remember when you asked your Lords help and He replied “I will help you with a Thousand (1000) Angels rank on rank”
10 Allah intended to give hope and to ease your heart. victory only comes from Allah, the Wise and Powerful
Section   2
11 remember when He made you fall asleep to calm you and cause rain from sky to fall and remove the blemish of Satan from you making your Heart strong and feet stable
12 also when your Lord inspired the Angels “I am with you, so support the Believers, I will put terror in the Hearts of Disbelievers, wound their necks and fingertips”
13 this because they opposed Allah and His Messenger and whoever opposes, Allah punishes severely
14 so “taste!  for Disbeliever’s torture is the Fire”
15 Believers! never turn your backs on Disbelievers when at War
16 anyone who does, unless necessary in War or to retreat to own troop, he will incur wrath of Allah and live in Hell, an evil destination
17 you did not kill them but it was Allah, and you did not throw but it was Allah to test the Believers, for He Hears and Knows all
18 and makes the Disbelievers plan weak
19 if you want decision, it is here now but if you stop it’s better. but if you persist We shall too, it is useless for you even if your forces were multiplied. for Allah is always with the Believers
Section   3
20 Believers obey Allah and his Messenger. do not turn away when you hear
21 don’t be like those who say “we hear” but don’t
22 the worst beasts in Allah’s sights are the deaf, dumb with no sense
23 if they were any good Allah would’ve made them listen, but they would’ve turned away rejecting
24 Believers, be attentive to Allah and His Messenger when He calls you, for Allah comes between an individual and his Heart and finally all return to Him
25 protect yourself from punishment which does not only fall on Wrongdoers. for Allah is strict in punishment
26 remember when you were few and weak in the Land and afraid that people might ruin you, how He protected, strengthened and provided good things for you so that you might be thankful
27 Believers, do not betray Allah and his Messenger or steal things entrusted to you
28 remember you’re possession and your children are just a trial, as your highest reward is with Allah
  Section   4
29 Believers! If you fear Allah, he will give you ways to remove evil from you and forgive you, for Allah has infinite Bounty
30 remember how the Disbelievers schemed against you to imprison, kill or drive you away. they plotted but Allah planned too for He’s the best of Planners
31 when our Revelation is recited to them they say “we’ve heard before and can speak like this, these are stories of old”
32 remember how they said “O Allah! if this is true then send a Rain of stones or a painful doom”
33 but Allah would not send while you were among them or while they asked for pardon
34 but what excuse do they have that Allah should not punish them, when they stop people from entering the Sacred Mosque. they are not it’s Guardians? only the Pious can be Guardians. but most do not understand
35 their prayer at the house is nothing but whistling and clapping hands “so taste the punishment for your disbelief”
36 the Disbelievers spend their wealth preventing people from Allah’s path. they will continue but in the end will have only regrets and assemble in Hell
37 so that Allah may separate the evil from the good. He will heap evil losers into Hell
Section   5
38 tell the Disbelievers if they cease, their past will be forgiven but if they persist then they have examples of the Ancient punishments
39 and fight them till there is no mischief and becomes the Religion all of it for Allah. but if they stop surely Allah sees their work
40 and if they refuse, know that Allah is your best Helper and Protector


  • Revealed at :  Medina    
  • Sura :  8
  • Part :  9 /( 10)    
  • Total verses :  75   
41 remember one fifth (1/5th) one fifth of the Booty you gained, belongs to Allah and His Messenger, near Relatives, Orphans, Needy who don’t beg and Wayfarers. that is if you believe in Allah and the Revelations that He revealed to his Devotee on day of Rules, when the Two (2) armies met, for Allah can do all
42 when you were on near side of the valley and they on far side and the Caravan lower then you, than even if you had chosen to meet you wouldn’t have. but in order to finalize what Allah ordained, that ones who dies, dies with clear proof or live, lives with clear proof. For Allah Hears and Knows all
43 remember when Allah showed them as few in your dream, but if Allah had shown them as many you would’ve surely weakened and disputed. Allah saved you for he knows your heart
44 and also upon encounter He showed them as few, in your eyes and they saw you as few too so that Allah ends the matter, for all things reverts back to Him
Section   6
45 Believers! when you meet with opposition be firm and remember Allah much, for success
46 obey Allah and His Messenger. do not dispute for you will lose strength. Allah is always with the Steadfast
47 don’t be like those who come out of their Homes boastfully to be seen by people and obstruct them from Allah’s way, still Allah surrounds their doings
48 when Satan made their work seem just to them saying “none can conquer Mankind today, i am protecting you” but when the Two (2) armies met he fled saying “i had nothing to do with you for i can see, what you cannot. Allah ‘s punishment is very harsh”
Section   7
49 the hypocrites and ones with diseased Hearts say “these people are misled by their Religion” but those who trust Allah, Allah is all Powerful, Wise
50 if you could see the Angels when they come to take the Disbelievers Soul they slash their Faces and backs saying “taste punishment of Hell Fire”
51 “this, because of what your hand did, for Allah is not unjust to His Devotees”
52 “just like the punishments given to Pharaoh’s people and those before them for they rejected Allah’s Revelations so We destroyed them for their sins. for Allah is all Powerful severe in punishment”
53 “because Allah will never change an approval on people until they change their own selves. He Hears and Knows all”
54 like Pharaoh’s people and those before them who oppose their Lords Signs so We destroyed them and drowned all the people of Pharaoh for wrongdoings
55 Disbelievers are the worst creatures in Allah’s sight
56 they are the ones with whom you had an agreement but they break it each time and are not afraid of Allah
57 so if you triumph in War, than give them severe punishment so that their supporters flee and are taught
58 in case of disloyalty reply them in like. for disloyalty is disliked by Allah
Section   8
59 and don’t let the Disbelievers think they can escape for they can never save themselves
60 arm yourself fully in Warfare including Steeds etc, against Allah and your enemies and the enemies you may not know but He knows. whatever you spend Allah will reimburse and not treat you unjustly
61 if they want Peace, you too opt for Peace. trust Allah for He Hears and Knows all
62 but if their intention are to deceive than Allah is enough, He who has supported you with help and with Believers
63 He has united their hearts and even if you spend everything on Earth to join them you could not have done, but Allah did. He the most Powerful and Wise
64 O’ Messenger enough is Allah for you and your followers
Section   9
65 O’ Messenger! Encourage Believers to fight. because Twenty (20) devoted Believers can fight Two hundred (200) and One hundred (100) can fight One thousand (1000)
66 Allah has made your task easy, for He knows your weakness.  if there is One hundred (100) devoted Believers they can fight Two hundred (200) and One thousand (1000) can fight Two thousand (2000). Allah is with those who tolerate
67 taking prisoners does not befit a Prophet until he has made slaughter in the Land. you look for short term gains while Allah desires for you the Hereafter
68 had a previous rule not been there, you would’ve had severe punishment for Booty you took
69 now enjoy your Booty as lawful and good but be mindful. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful
Section   10
70 O’ Messenger!  tell the captives in your hands “if Allah finds any goodness in your Heart he will give better than what you’ve lost, He is oft-Forgiving most Merciful”
71 but if they deceive you like they deceived Allah before. Allah has given you power over them. For He is all Knower and Wise
72 Believers who left their Homes, wealth and lives to fight for Allah and those who helped them are each other friends and helpers. but those who did not emigrate, you do not need to protect them until they do. you can only help them regarding Religion, except those with whom you have a mutual pact. Allah is watching you
73 Disbelievers protect each other! and if you don’t do likewise, then there will be confusion and corruption on Earth
74 Believers who leave their Homes to fight for Allah and those who aid them are true Believers, for them is forgiveness of sin with generous provisions
75 those who later believed and left their Homes together with you, they are part of you. but blood Relatives have prior rights in the Order of Allah. for He is all Knower