Sura 5 – The Table Spread (Al-Maeda)

The Table Spread (Al-Maeda)    

  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  5
  • Part: (6) / 7 
  • Total Verses:  120
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 Believers! fulfill your duty. lawful to you are beast of cattle with the exceptions mentioned. game being unlawful while on Pilgrimage: Allah commands what He wills
2 Believers do not violate the sanctity of the symbols of Allah, nor of the Sacred Month, nor the animals brought for sacrifice, or the animal’s garland, nor the people going to the Sacred House, seeking bounty and good pleasures of their Lord. but on completing Pilgrimage you may hunt. do not let your hatred of  people who stopped you going to the Sacred place of worship do wrong but help each other in good and don’t help each other in Sin. for Allah is severe in punishment
3 forbidden (food) to you are: Dead meat, Blood, Swine and food offered in other than Allah’s name. killed by strangling, violent blow, falling to Death, gored to Death, partly eaten by another Animal unless you are able to slaughter it, or in name of Idols or by Diving Arrows for that’s wrongdoing. this Day those who reject Faith have given up all hope of (harming) your Religion, so don’t fear them, fear Me. this Day I have perfected and chosen ‘Islam’ as your Religion. but if anyone sins, forced by hunger and not by will, than Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
4 they ask what is lawful, say: lawful, are the good and pure things caught by your trained hunting animals, who are taught by you the way Allah  taught you, but mention Allah’s name on it. fear Allah, for Allah is swift in taking account
5 this Day good and pure things are made lawful to you. the food of the people of the Book are lawful to you and yours to them as are the chaste believing Woman and also chaste Woman of the people of the Book revealed before you. when you give them their Dowers and live with them in honor desiring chastity not lewdness as secret companions. whoever disbelieves Faith, will be among the losers in the Hereafter
Section   2
6 Believers! before Prayer wash your Face and Hands up to the elbow rub your head and your feet to the ankles or take a bath. but if you are ill or on journey or been to the bathroom, or with Woman and you find no Water then rub your Face and Hands with clean Sand. Allah does not want to create difficulty for you but to make you clean so that He may complete His favor on you that you may give thanks
7 remember Allah and be dutiful to Allah the promise with which He bound you with when you said “we hear, and obey”. fear Allah He knows your Hearts secrets
8 Believers! be firm for Allah is witness to fair dealings and don’t let hatred of others swerve you away from Justice. be just, it’s nearer to piety. for Allah knows your doings
9 Allah promises forgiveness and great rewards to those who believe and do good
10 those who reject Faith and Our Sign’s will be companion of Hell Fire
11 Believers! remember Allah’s favors to you when some Men stretched out their Hands against you but withheld it: fear Allah, and let Believers put their  trust in Allah
Section   3
12 Allah had make an agreement with Children of Israel and appointed from among them twelve (12) chiefs. Allah said “I am with you: if you Pray, give regular Charity, believe, honor and support My Messenger, and offer Allah a kindly loan. I will surely wipe out your sins and make you enter the Garden beneath which river flows. but whosoever after this disbelieves, has gone far astray”
13 since they broke their agreement We cursed them, making their Hearts hard; they changed the words and forgot parts of the Message We sent. and you will never stop to find deceit in them except a few. but forgive and overlook for Allah loves kindness
14 and those who call themselves Christian’s We made an agreement with them but they forgot parts of the Message sent to them so We stirred up enmity and hatred among them till Judgment Day; then Allah will show them their doings
15 O people of the Book! Our Messenger has come to you revealing what you used to hide in the Book and forgiving much. now a Light and a clear Book has come to you from Allah
16 Allah guides any who seeks His Guidance for Peace and safety from darkness into Light guiding them on straight path
17 in Blasphemy are those who say Allah is Jesus Son of Mary. say “who can do anything against Allah if He wishes to destroy Jesus, his Mother and all on Earth? to Allah belongs the supremacy of Heavens and Earth and all between them. He creates and does whatever He wills”
18 Jews and Christians say “we are Allah’s beloved Children” say “than why were you punished for sins” are you the only people created by Him. He punishes or forgives whom He wills. to Allah belongs the Heavens and Earth and all between them. to Him is your journey’s end
19 O people of the Book! We’ve sent you a Messenger making things clear after an interval of Messenger’s. least you say “Allah did not send us any Messenger of good news and warnings”. but now He has sent you one. Allah has power over all things
Section   4
20 when Moses said “my people! remember Allah, when He gave Prophets from among you, and made you Kings and gave what He never gave to anyone before”
21 “my people! go to the Holy Land ordained by Allah and do not turn away or else you will be losers”
22 they said “O Moses! they are powerful people in the Land: we will only enter it when they leave.”
23 but among the God fearing ones were Two (2) on whom Allah had been gracious they said “attack them, enter by the Gate and victory will be yours. put your trust and Faith  on Allah”
24 they said “O Moses we will never be able to enter while they are there, Moses you and your Lord go fight while we  sit”
25 he said “My Lord i have power only on myself and my brother so separate us from these rebellions”
26 Allah said “than this Land will be banned for them for forty (40) Years and they will roam the Earth puzzled, don’t you grieve over these rebels”
Section   5
27 tell them the story of the Two (2) Son’s of Adam. they each offered a sacrifice but from only one was accepted not the other. the later said “i will surely kill you”  but the other said “Allah only accepts sacrifice from the Righteous”
28 even if you stretch out your Hand to kill me i will not stretch mine to kill you. for i fear Allah, Lord of the Worlds
29 i would rather you become the sinner against me with your own Sin and be awarded Fire. that’s a reward for evil doers
30 than his mind made him murder his brother and he thus became  lost
31 than Allah sent a Raven who started to scratch the ground showing him how to hide his brothers corpse he said “woe to me” said “why wasn’t i even like this Raven least to hide my brothers dead body?” and he felt full of regrets
32 on that basis we ordered the Children of Israel that if anyone kills, unless it’s for murder or corruptions in the Land, it’s as if he has killed the whole of Humanity. and whoever saves a Life it’s as if he has saved the whole of Humanity. even though Our Messengers brought clear Sign’s but many still commit excesses on Earth
33 whoever wages War against Allah, His Messenger and does corruptions in the Land the punishment for such is execution, crucifixion or cutting off Hands and feet from opposite side or be exiled from the land. thus disgrace in this World and doom in the Hereafter
34 except those who repent before being overpowered.  for Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
Section   6
35 Believers! be dutiful to Allah, try to be near  Him  and strive hard for His cause, to succeed
36 as for Rejecters of Faith if they had everything twice repeated on Earth to pay as ransom on Judgment Day still that wouldn’t be accepted from them,  theirs will be terrible Doom
37 they will wish to get out from the Fire but alas it’s indefinite punishment
38 as for the thief, Male or Female, cut off their Hands as a punishment for their wrongdoings. an excellent punishment from Allah, the all Powerful
39 but if they repent and amend their ways then forgive. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, Merciful
40 don’t you know to Allah belongs the supremacy of Heavens and Earth. He punishes or forgives whoever at will. and Allah has power over all things
41 O Messenger! don’t let them make you grieve over those who rush each other to disbelief, and those who say “we believe” with their lips but not their Hearts. the Jews will listen to any lies even from someone not coming from you. changing words from the context and saying “if this is given to you accept it otherwise, beware!” but whoever Allah punishes none can save. Allah does not want them cleansed they are disgraced in this World and seriously punished in Hereafter
42 listening to lies and greedy for illegal gains. if they do come to you for Justice than Judge between them or refuse to interfere, in this way they cannot hurt you. but if you do Judge than Judge fairly which Allah loves
43 strange they come to you for Justice for they have the Torah? wherein is Allah’s Commands still they turn away?  such are really Faithless
Section   7
44 it’s We who revealed the Torah with Guidance and Light, so that the Prophets can Judge the Jews, Rabbi and the Priest’s by it for they were entrusted to protect Allah’s Book and they were witness thereof: therefore fear not Mankind but fear Me. do not trade My Revelations for a little gain or fail to judge by it otherwise you’ll be Disbeliever’s
45 We decreed for them “Life for Life, Eye for Eye, Nose for Nose, Ear for Ear, Tooth for Tooth and Wounds equal for equal” but if you forgive it’s expiation. and whoever does not Judge by Allah’s Revelation are wrongdoers
46 and in the same footing confirming Our previous Revelation We sent Jesus Son of Mary with the Gospel (Ingeel) which has Guidance and information’s verifying the Torah that was sent before. a Guidance and warning to those who guard
47 let the people of the Gospel Judge Allah’s Revelations by it. those who don’t are evildoers
48 and to you We gave the Book in Truth, as confirmations of the previous sent Books, and a watcher guarding over it. do not follow their desires diverting you away from the Truth. for each We’ve prescribed Law and a way. if Allah willed He would’ve created you one community but He wants to test you by what He has given you, so all doing good race towards Allah your goal and He will show you where you differ
49 Judge them by Allah’s Revelations and beware of their vain desires to divert you away from Allah’s teachings. and if they turn away, than know that Allah’s will is to punish them for their sins. truly most people are evil
50 is it Judgment of ignorance time’s that they desire? but who can Judge better than Allah for people with sure Faith?
Section   8
51 O Believers! don’t take Jews and Christians as friends otherwise you are one of them, they are only each other’s friend. and Allah dose not guide the unjust
52 you see them run to people with sick Hearts saying “we fear a tragedy might befall us”  perhaps they are expecting from Allah a success or command then will they repent from  their hidden thoughts
53 the Believer’s will say “are these the people who swore by Allah that they were with you?” they are failures and  losers
54 Believer’s! whoever defect’s from Faith, Allah shall than bring people whom He loves and who loves Him, who will be humble with the Believers and stern with the Disbelievers striving fearlessly in Allah’s way. such is His grace He gives to whom He wills. Allah covers and knows all
55 your guardian is Allah, His Messenger and those Believers who Pray, give regular Charity and humbly bow down
56 whoever turns to Allah, His Messenger and the Believer’s, it’s than the companionship of Allah that will triumph
Section   9
57 Believers! do not take as friends people who mock at your Religion, even if they’ve received the Book before, or are Disbelievers. but fear Allah if you believe
58 when you call to Pray they take it as a joke; because these people don’t understand
59 say “people of the Book are you disapproving us because of our Faith in Allah and His present and past Revelations. and most of you are evildoers?”
60 say “shall i tell you worse, those who had incurred the curse of Allah, some He turned into Apes and some Swine. and the Idol worshiper are further astray from  straight path”
61 they come to you saying “we believe” in fact they come in disbelief and go out in disbelief. Allah knows what they hide
62 you see many of them competing each other in Sin, devouring illegal earning and doing wrong. all they do is evil
63 why don’t the Rabbis and Priests forbid them from sinful talks and devouring of unlawful acquired wealth? truly they are evildoers
64 Jews say “Allah’s hands are tied” no! it’s their Hands tied and cursed for saying so. His is outstretched handing out His bounty. but the Revelations you have received from Allah increases them in rebellion and Blasphemy. and with enmity and hatred among each other until the Day of Judgment. every time they start a Fire for War Allah extinguishes it. they strive to corrupt Earth. Allah doesn’t love corrupter
65 if only the people of the Book believed and become good. We would’ve ended their sins and brought them into Garden of Bliss
66 if only they had followed the Torah, Gospel and all the Revelations from their Lord. they would’ve been happy from top to toe. while some people are moderate but most are evil
Section   10
67 O’ Messenger! proclaim the Message sent to you by your Lord otherwise your mission is incomplete. Allah will protect you from people. for Allah does not guide the Faithless
68 say “people of the Book you have nothing, until you accept the Torah, Gospel and the Revelations from your Lord” but what makes them rebel is the Revelations sent to you, so don’t grieve over the Faithless
69 Believers,  Jews, Sabians, Christians, whoever believe in Allah and the last Day, does good will not suffer or grieve
70 We took an agreement of the Children of Israel and We sent Messengers, but every time Messenger  came whom they didn’t like they either rejected or killed
71 thinking none will question, they became like blind and deaf.  still Allah relented. but many are knowingly blind and deaf. Allah sees their doing
72 they do Blasphemy who say “Allah is Christ the Son of Mary” but Christ said “Children of Israel worship Allah my Lord and your Lord” whoever joins other God’s with Him, Allah forbids him Paradise. his home is Fire. for the evil there is no helper
73 they do Blasphemy who say “Allah is third of the Three (3) in trinity” when there is no God except one Allah. and if they don’t stop from saying this the Blasphemers will have a terrible Doom
74 why don’t they turn and ask Allah for forgiveness for He is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
75 Christ Son of Mary was a Messenger like all the rest before him. his mother was a pious Woman they both used to eat food. see how Allah shows his Sign’s but see how they turn away!
76 say “will you worship something besides Allah, which does not have power to harm or benefit you?  but Allah it is who hears and knows all”
77 say “O people of the Book do not exceed limits in your Religion other than the Truth nor follow those peoples wrongdoings who led themselves and many astray”
Section   11
78 the Children of Israel were cursed by tongue of David and of Jesus Son of Mary because they rebelled and disobeyed
79 nor don’t they stop each other from being wicked and doing evil
80 you will see many friendly with the Disbelievers. they have sent forward evil for their Souls and Allah’s wreath and Doom is on them
81 if they had believed in Allah, His Prophet and what is revealed to him they wouldn’t have been friends. but many are evil
82 you will find the most hostile towards you are the Jews and then the Idolaters, and the nearest in love with the Believers are those who say “ we are Christians” that is because amongst them are Priest and Monks and they are not arrogant

The Table Spread (Al-Maeda)  

  • Revealed at:  Medina
  • Sura:  5
  • Part:  6  /  (7 )
  • Total Verses:  120
83 when they hear  the Revelations sent to the Messengers you’ll see their eyes with tears for they realise the Truth  and say “our  Lord we believe mark us among the Witnesses”
84 “how could we not believe for we hope our Lord will include us with the good”
85 Allah rewarded them for their Prayer to live eternally in Gardens with river flowing beneath. a reward for the good
86 but those who disbelieve and reject our Revelations are companions of Hell Fire
Section   12
87 Believers do not prohibit good things, which Allah has permitted.  do not violate, for Allah dose not love excesses
88 eat all things, which Allah has made lawful and good for you, Believers fear Allah
89 Allah will not question if you were unintentional in your promise but will question if it’s done intentionally. the penalty is: the feeding of Ten (10) needy people with same food as your family eats. or clothing them or freeing of a Slave. if this is beyond your means than Fasting for Three (3) Days. when you make a promise keep it. thus Allah explains  His Sign’s to you so that you may be thankful
90 Believers! alcohol, Gambling, Idols and diving Arrows are all works of Satan avoid them to be successful
91 Satan wants to entice enmity and hatred in you with help of alcohol and Gambling. to keep you away from Allah’s remembrance and Prayer, won’t you than decline?
92 obey Allah and obey His Messenger; know that if you reject Our Messenger, his duty is only but to advise!
93 it’s no Sin for Believers who do good and what they had eaten before. be attentive and dutiful, believe and do good. again guard against evil and believe. again guard against evil and do good. again be mindful of your duty and do good. for Allah loves the good
Section   13
94 Believers! Allah will try you with game of Spears by your Hand. to test and see who fears Him in secret; and whoever Sin after this will have painful Doom
95 Believers! don’t kill wild animal while on Pilgrimage or in the Pilgrimage garb. if you do intentionally, the compensation is an offering of domestic animal brought to the Kaba same as ones he killed, in presence of Two (2) known Judge’s, or feeding of the poor or to Fast equivalent Days, to taste his evil doing. Allah forgives whatever happened in the past but if repeated Allah will reckon with him for He is Mighty able to revenge
96 you are permitted to hunt and eat Fish from the Sea. but kill no Land animals while on Pilgrimage or wearing Pilgrim garb. fear Allah to whom is your return
97 Allah has made Kaba a Sacred place a refuge for Mankind. and also the Sacred Month, and offerings of animals and their garlands. so that you may know Allah  has knowledge of all in the Heavens and Earth and all things
98 know that Allah is serve in punishment but is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
99 the Messenger’s duty is to convey. but Allah knows all what you reveal or hide
100 say “bad and good are not equal. although bad may attract you. so fear Allah O’ people with understanding to succeed”
Section   14
101 Believers! don’t ask questions regarding things which if made clear would’ve troubled you. but if you had asked during Revelations of the Quran it would’ve been explained. Allah forgives this for He is oft-Forgiving and Merciful
102 people before you had asked, and because of this lost their Faith
103 Allah did not introduce (superstition) a slit ear she Camel, or she Camel on free pasture or Idol sacrifices for twin births in animals or stallions-Camel freed from work. it’s Blasphemers who invent lie against Allah and most are senseless
104 when invited “come follow Allah’s Revelations” they say “it’s enough that we follow our forefathers” what! even if their fathers had no knowledge or Guidance?
105 Believers! guard your own Souls. evil cannot harm you if you follow Guidance. when you return to Allah He will than show you your doings
106 Believers! when you are nearing Death and want to make a Will. take Two (2) just Men known to you or others from outside as Witness. and if traveling on Earth and Death is close. and you doubt them than ask them after Prayer to swear by Allah “that we do not want any worldly gains even though we are close relatives, we will not hide Allah’s evidence otherwise we’d  be sinners”
107 but if these Two (2) are guilty of Sin than let two (2) others stand in their place who are closely concerned who claim a lawful right, let them swear by Allah saying “our witness is truer than theirs and we have not sinned otherwise we are evil!”
108 it is more likely that they are truthful because they will fear that other promises can be taken up after theirs. so fear Allah and listen for Allah does not guide disobedient people
Section   15
109 one-Day Allah will gather all the Messengers together and ask “what was the response you got” they will reply “we don’t know only you know the secret”
110 than Allah says “Jesus Son of Mary remember My favors to you and your Mother and how I strengthen you with the Holy Spirit so that you spoke from the cradle  and  how I taught you the  Book, wisdom, Torah and the Gospel. when you made a clay Bird and breathed into it by My leave it became Bird. and how by My leave you healed those born blind and the lepers and made the Dead alive.  and how  I restrained  the Children of Israel  from you when you showed them My Sign’s and the Disbeliever’s said ‘it Magic’ ”
111 “and when I inspired the Disciples to have Faith in Me and my Messengers” they said “we believe and bear witness that we bow down to Allah as ‘Muslims’ ”
112 the Disciples said “ask your Lord to send down a table spread for us from Heaven” Jesus said “fear Allah if you have Faith”
113 they said “we wish to eat and satisfy our Hearts, and know that whatever you said was the Truth and we maybe a witness”
114 Jesus Son of Mary said “O Allah our Lord, send down a table spread with eatables form Heaven for the first and last of us a Sign from You. give us provisions for You provide the best”
115 Allah said “I will send; but after that if anyone rejects Faith than I shall inflict such punishment that none had ever received!”
Section   16
116 and when Allah will say “O’ Jesus Son of Mary did you say to the people “worship me and my Mother as Two (2) Gods besides Allah?” he will say “glory be how could i say such, You know what’s in my mind and i don’t know Yours. for you only know all the secrets”
117 “i told them what You commanded me to ‘worship Allah mine and your Lord’ i was their Witness when i lived among them. but when You took me away You were their Witness”
118 if You punish them they are Your worshipers, if You forgive them You are the all-Mighty and Wise
119 and when Allah say’s “today is the Day in which the truthful will benefit from their Truth, for them are eternal Gardens with river flowing beneath” with Allah pleased with them and they with Him , that’s a  great success
120 to Allah belongs the Sovereignty of Heavens and Earth and all in it. for Allah has Power over all