Sura 20 – Taha (Taha)


  • Revealed At  :  Makka
  • Sura  :  20
  • Part  :  16
  • Total Verses :  135
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
Section   1
1 Ta Ha
2 We have not sent down the Quran to distress you
3 but as a reminder for those who fear
4 a Revelation from Him who created the Earth and the elevated Heavens
5 and then the Beneficent rose over the Throne
6 to Him belongs all that’s in the Heavens and Earth and all in between them as well as beneath the soil
7 and if you speak aloud, He knows the secrets and what is hidden
8 no God except Him, with the most beautiful Names
9 have you heard Moses story?
10 when he saw a Fire he said to his family “wait here I will go and see in case I can bring some fire or receive guidance”
11 and when he came near the Fire, he heard “Moses !”
12 “I am your Lord so take off your shoes, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa”
13 “for I’ve chosen you, listen to the Revelations”
14 “for I am Allah there is no God except Me so worship and perform the prayer for Me”
15 “the Hour is near but hidden, for every Soul to be rewarded for its deeds”
16 “don’t let the Disbelievers who follow their lust, divert and finish you”
17 “now! what’s in your right hand Moses?”
18 he said “my rod I lean on it and beat fodder for my flock besides other uses”
19 He said “throw it Moses!”
20 he did and it turned into a slithering Snake
21 “don’t be afraid catch it and it will be the same again”
22 “now put your hand to your side, it will come out white, not diseased this is Our sign”
23 “and to show you more greater Sign”
24 “go to Pharaoh who has exceeded all limits”
Section   2
25 (Moses said) “my Lord make my chest big”
26 “and my work easy”
27 “and remove the impediment from my tongue”
28 “so that they understand my words”
29 “and give me a helper from my family”
30 “my brother Aaron (Harun)”
31 “adding his strength to mine”
32 “making us share our work”
33 “to glorify You”
34 “and remember You much”
35 “because You see us well”
36 (Allah) said “your prayer is granted”
37 “and We had also favored you before”
38 “when We inspired your mother”
39 saying “put him in a chest and cast him into the river, he will be found on the banks by My and his enemy, I have clothed him with love so that he is trained according to My will”
40 your sister goes ahead and says “shall I show you someone who can look after the baby?” and so you came back to your mother cooling her eyes. but than you killed a man and We saved you from trouble, testing you repeatedly. than you stayed for some years with people of Midian and finally came here as We intended
41 “I choose you for Myself”
42 “go with your brother and My Sign and don’t be sluggish in My remembrance”
43 “both of you go to Pharaoh who has greatly gone astray”
44 “and both speak mildly he may listen”
45 they said “we are scared he might become a tyrant”
46 He said “don’t fear I am with you hearing and listening”
47 “both of you go and say” ‘we are Messengers sent by your Lord. don’t trouble the Children of Israel and let them go with us, for we bring Message of peace to those who follow right guidance”
48 “and it is revealed to us that punishment awaits the Rejectors”
49 Pharaoh said “who than is your Lord?”
50 “Our Lord is He who gives to each thing its Form and Nature. and Guidance”
51 said “what than is the condition of previous Generations?”
52 “My Lord has it in a Record Book He never mistakes nor forgets”
53 “He has made Earth as a bed for you with paths in it and has sent Water from the Sky thereby producing different kinds of Plants”
54 “for you to eat and feed your Cattle” these are Sign’s for intelligent people
Section   3
55 from there We’ve created you, and shall return you in there than again bring you out
56 we showed Pharaoh all our Sign but still he rejected
57 he said “Moses! with Magic you have come to drive us out of our land”
58 “we can match your Magic, let’s meet at a convenient place without fail”
59 Moses said “fine on Festival Day, let all people gather when the sun is up
60 so Pharaoh retreated and after summing up his plans returned
61 Moses said to them “woe to you, do not lie against Allah least He destroys you for lying”
62 and they doubted one another secretly
63 they said “both Magicians’ came to drive us out of our land and end the traditions”
64 “so organize your plans and come to war front, the winner shall succeed”
65 “they said “Moses, will you throw first or shall we?”
66 he said “you throw first!” and their ropes and rod started to move with Magic
67 and Moses felt scared
68 We said “don’t worry you are in control”
69 “now throw which is in your right hand it will eat up all their fake Magic for Magic trick never succeeds”
70 the Magician fell flat saying “we believe in Moses and Aaron’s God”
71 Pharaoh said “you believe in him without my permission? this must be your leader teaching you Magic, I will cut your hands and feet from opposite side and crucify you on Palm trees trunks to show you who can give lasting punishment”
72 they said “we prefer what has come to us, do whatever you want we will never regard you better than the Clear Signs”
73 “for we are Believers and hope our Lord forgives our faults and the Magic you made us perform, for Allah is better and permanent”
74 the guilty when they come to their Lord, for them is Hell where they will neither live nor die
75 but who comes to Him as Believers with good deeds will be in high Ranks
76 Garden of Eden with river flowing beneath, are the reward forever for the good
Section   4
77 We revealed to Moses “travel by night with my Devotees and strike without fear a dry path into the Sea, nor be afraid of being over taken”
78 Pharaoh pursued after them but the Water engulfed them completely
79 for Pharaoh, instead of guiding, he misguided his people
80 “O Children of Israel We saved you from your enemy and made an agreement with you on right side of the Mount and sent down Manna and Quails”
81 eat the good things provided by Us avoid evil otherwise on whomever My wrath falls they perish
82 without doubt I forgive repeatedly those who try to be good Believers
83 “O Moses! what made you haste from your people?”
84 he said “they close on my footsteps so i came to you to please You”
85 “We tested your people and in your absence the As-Samiri has led them astray”
86 Moses returned to his people angry and sad and said “O my people didn’t you get a good promise from the Lord? or was the wait too long? or did you wanted Lord’s wrath on you that you broke your promise to me”
87 they said “we did not break any promise ourselves but we were made to carry weights of peoples ornaments and cast them as As-Samiri suggested”
88 “he produced a calf body with a low sound saying this is yours and Moses God, and Moses has forgotten”
89 couldn’t they see it could not answer, nor benefit or harm them
Section   5
90 Aaron had already told them “my people this is your test. your Lord is the Beneficent so stop and obey me”
91 they said “we will not stop, until Moses returns”
92 (Moses) said “what stopped you when you saw them going astray”
93 “O Aaron why didn’t you follow my orders?”
94 he said “O my mother’s son! don’t seize my beard or hair for I feared you will say, that you have caused Children of Israel to divide without waiting for my word!”
95 (Moses) said “what have you to say Samiri?”
96 he replied “they didn’t see what i saw and i threw in a handful (dust) from the Messenger’s footprints as suggested by my Soul”
97 said “now go! for in this life say ‘don’t touch me!’ there is more in store for you. see! your god, we will burn it and scatter it over the Sea”
98 your God is one Allah, who is all Knowledgeable
99 We relate some stories of old to you, and gave you Message from Our Presence
100 if anyone rejects, they will carry a big load on Judgment Day
101 in that condition a sad burden on that Day!
102 the Day when the Trumpet will sound and We gather together all the criminals blue or blind-eyed
103 whispering to each other “it’s only been Ten (10) Days”
104 We know their talk when their best man says “it’s only been a Day”
Section   6
105 they ask regarding the Mountain say “my Lord will blast them into dust”
106 “and He will level it”
107 “nothing crooked or curved you will see there”
108 that Day they follow the caller, without crookedness, all sound hushed in the Lord’s presence except a faint murmur
109 none can intercede except who the Lord allows and permits
110 He knows their future and past in a way they cannot imagine
111 faces humbled before the Living the Eternal. those burdened with Sin are failures
112 but the good Believers need not fear of injustice or cuts
113 We have Revealed an Arabic Quran and explained in details with warnings to fear Allah and be warned
114 high above all is Allah the true King, don’t rush with the Quran until Revelations are completed but say “my Lord increase me in knowledge”
115 We had taken a promise from Adam but he forgot, also We didn’t find any determination in him
Section   7
116 when We said to the Angels “bow down to Adam. all did except Satan (Iblis)”
117 than We told Adam “this is your and your wife’s enemy don’t make him get you out of the Paradise and into misery”
118 “for there is enough for you not to go hungry or naked”
119 “nor from thirst or the Sun’s heat”
120 but Satan whispered “Adam shall I show the Tree of Life and an eternal Kingdom”
121 as a result they ate the fruit and their nakedness appeared. they started sewing leaves as cover. so Adam disobeyed the Lord and went astray
122 still Allah forgave him and gave him Guidance.
123 he said “get down from here you both with enmity among yourselves but if any Guidance come from Me and whoever follows it, will not go astray or grieve
124 but whoever turns away will have a hard life and be raised as blind on Judgment Day
125 and will say “Lord why have you raised me as blind now?”
126 He will say “you forgot Our Revelations likewise We forgot you!”
127 this how We requite them who transgress and disbelieves the Lords Sign, and the Hereafter is more grievous and lasting
128 can’t they think how many generations We’ve destroyed before them where they walk? a Sign for the intelligent
Section   8
129 they would’ve been punished, but because of the Lord’s past ruling and the term being fixed
130 be patient to what they say, celebrate and praise your Lord before rising and setting of the Sun. glorify Him part of the Night and ends of the Day that you may find solace
131 don’t get upset from things We gave for enjoyment to some as test. what Allah provides for you is better and more lasting.
132 command your family the prayer and be patient in it, We give sustenance not ask you for it, the ending is for the good
133 they say “why doesn’t he bring a Sign from his Lord. didn’t they see the proof in the previous Books”
134 and if We had punished them they would’ve said “my Lord why didn’t you send a Messenger so that we would’ve followed the Revelations before our humiliation and disgrace”
135 say “each one is waiting, so wait and see who is straight and on right path”