Sura 31 – Luqman (Luqman)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  31
  • Part:  21
  • Total Verses:  34s
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 these are Verses of the Wise  Book
3 a guide and Mercy for the good
4 those who Pray, give Charity and believe in the Hereafter
5 such are guided by their Lord; they will prosper
6 Mankind who do idle talk to mislead from Allah’s path, without knowledge making mockery of it for them is shameful Doom
7 upon hearing Our Verses they turn away in pride as if their ears are deaf. so announce a painful doom for them
8 the Believers who do good will be in Gardens of Bliss
9 forever, the promise of Allah is true. He’s all-Powerful, all-Wise
10 you see the Heavens He’s created without pillars, and set on Earth firm Mountains lest it should shake with you. and scattered all kinds of animals on it, and send down Water from the Sky producing on Earth all kinds substantially
11 such are the Creations of Allah? now show Me what did others besides Him created. Nay ! clearlywrongdoers are in error!
  Section   2
12 We gave wisdom to Luqman “be grateful to Allah” for whoever does so benefits his own Soul. as for the ungrateful, Lo! Allah is Self-sufficient, all-Praiseworthy
13 and when Luqman urged his Son “Son! don’t join in worship others with Allah for it’s great Sin”
14 and We’ve commanded Mankind regarding Parents: the mother bears in weakness and hardships, then she weans for two (2) Years. “show your gratitude to Me and to your Parents, for to Me is your return”
15 but if they make you join things with Me and you don’t understand than don’t obey. be in their company in this Life, but follow those who repent and obey for your return is to Me than I will tell you your doings
16 “O my Son if a weight of a Mustard seed were in a rock or in Heavens or Earth, Allah will reveal it, for He knows and understands the finest mysteries”
17 O my Son! establish Prayer, be good and forbid evil. and patiently bear whatever comes. for these are some important commandments
18 don’t turn your Face away from people in pride or walk rudely, for Allah dislikes proud showoff’s
19 walk modestly and subdue your voice, for harsh voice sounds like a donkeys bray”
  Section   3
20 Don’t you see Allah has subjected to your use all things in the Heavens and Earth? and has given you His bounty seen and unseen? still Mankind dispute about Allah without knowledge, without Guidance nor an enlightened Book
21 when told “follow what Allah sent down” they say “we’ll follow what our fathers followed” what! even if it be Satan leading them to the Fire of doom
22 anyone who surrenders his face to Allah doing good, has grasped a firm hold, as all ending rests with Allah+
23 and don’t grieve at those who reject as their return is to Us then Allah will tell them their deeds for He knows their Hearts
24 We let them enjoy a little and then met-out severe punishment
25 if you ask them who created Heavens and Earth, they’ll say “Allah” say “praise be to Allah” but most understand not
26 to Allah belongs all in the Heavens and Earth: Allah is He, the Self-sufficient, all-Praiseworthy
27 if all the Trees on Earth were pen’s and all Oceans ink with Seven (7) more added to it, still Allah’s words cannot be exhausted. Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise
28 the Creation and resurrecting of you all is like a Single Soul. Allah is all-Hearer, all-Observer
29 don’t you see how Allah merges Night into Day and merges Day into Night; and set the Sun and Moon Orbiting to an appointed Term. Allah is all aware of your doings?
30 because Allah is reality and all others they join Him with are false. Allah the most-High, most Great
  Section   4
31 don’t you see how Ships glide on the Sea by Allah’s grace? that He may show you of His marvels. in it are Signs for the steadfast and grateful
32 when a wave engulfs covering them they cry to Allah offering sincere devotions and when on shore some compromise. non reject Our Signs except the disloyal ungrateful
33 O Mankind! be dutiful to your Lord and fear the Day when no Parents can benefit their child and no child can benefit their Parents. don’t let this present Life deceive you nor the Arch Deceiver (Satan) deceive you regarding Allah
34 only Allah knows the Hour. it is He who sends down Rain and knows what is in the Womb. no one knows what he will earn tomorrow or in which Land he will die. Lo! Allah is all-Knower, all-Aware