Sura 21 – The Prophets (Al-Anbiya)



  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  21
  • Part:  17 
  • Total Verses:  112
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section   1
1 Mankind is nearing their reckoning, still they are heedless!
2 and scorn the Lords latest Message jokingly
3 their hearts preoccupied, Wrongdoers secretly discuss “isn’t he nothing but a Man like you, than should we succumb to Magic knowingly?”
4 he said “my Lord knows all languages of Heavens and Earth He is all-Knower and all-Hearer”
5 they say “these are muddled dreams, no! he has invented it, no! he is a poet, let him bring a Sign like the previous Messengers”
6 not one of the Towns that We destroyed believed before them, will they then believe?
7 before you, We did not inspire anyone other than Men. ask those who have the Reminder if you don’t know
8 nor gave them immortals bodies that did not require food
9 and fulfilled Our promise saving them and whomever We pleased, and destroyed the excessive
10 We have revealed a Book for you as a Reminder.  Don’t you understand?
Section 2
11 many evil populations We’ve destroyed settling new ones in their places?
12 when they felt Our punishment oncoming they tried to flee
13 don’t run come back to your luxurious living and home to give account
14 they cried “ah! certainly we’ve been  evil”
15 and their this cry did not stop until We cut them like reaped fields
16 We didn’t create Heavens and Earth and all between them for fun
17 if We ever wanted too! We could’ve found things nearer to Us
18 We fling truth over falsehood destroying its head ending it. Woe! for the things you ascribe
19 all in the Heavens and Earth belongs to Him. even those near Him are not proud or tired to serve Him
20 and glorify Him Night and Day without wilting
21 or have they chosen Earthly Gods who can raise the dead?
22 if there were Gods besides Allah both would’ve been in confusion. glory to Allah Lord of the Throne and things they join Him with!
23 He cannot be questioned but they will be
24 or do they have other Gods besides Him? say “bring proof, as these Revelations are for those with me and those before me. but most do not know and so are hostile”
25 no Messenger did We send before you with Message other than “there is no God except I so worship Me”
26 they say “most Gracious has got a Son” glory to Him!  they are His honored Devotees
27 they do not speak until He speaks, and act only by His Command
28 He knows their future and past. except for the chosen ones,  none can intervene, they from His fear stand in awe
29 if any should say “I am God besides Allah” for him is Hell like the Sinners
Section 3
30 don’t the Disbelievers see that Earth and Heavens were one Solid Mass and We parted them and made every Living Being from Water, won’t they then believe?
31 We’ve set firm Mountains lest it shakes with them, with wide pathways to guide them
32 and We’ve made the Sky safe and well-guarded roof, still they turn away from its Sign!
33 and He who has created Night and Day the Sun and Moon each gliding in its own Orbit
34 none before you have We made immortal. than if you die, would they be immortal?
35 everyone has to die and We shall tempt you with evil and good and to Us is your return
36 the Disbeliever scoff at you when they see you and say “is he who talks about your Gods?” and they disbelieve the Gracious
37 human are born impatient. soon I will show My Sign, than you will not ask to speed it up
38 they ask “truly, when will this promise materialize?”
39 if only the Disbelievers knew how they will not be able to avoid the Fire from their face and backs. with none to help
40 suddenly it will come as a shock, they cannot avoid it not  even get respite
41 mocked were the previous Messengers, but the scoffers were surrounded by their own mockery
Section 4
42 say  “who can protect you Night and Day from the Beneficent?” still they reject the Lord
43 or do they have Gods that can guard them from Us. none have powers to aid and defend themselves from Us
44 these men and their forefathers have enjoyed good things until Life grew long for them. can’t they see how slowly We reduce their land from its outlaying borders? so can they win
45 say “I am warning you by the Revelations! but those deaf won’t hear”
46 but if a breath of the Lords wrath touches them they will say “woe on us, alas! we did wrong”
47 on Day of Judgment, We will set up scales of balance so that everyone gets due justice, even if it is the weight of a mustard seed. and We are enough to calculate
48 in the past We gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion and a bright light and a Message for the good
49 those who secretly fear the Lord and dread the Hour
50 this is a blessed Message, will you than reject?
51 We bestowed on Abraham good conduct and were aware of him
Section 5
52 when he said to his father and the people “what are these images to which you are devoted”
53  they said “our fathers worshipped them”
54 he said “you and your fathers were terribly wrong”
55 they said “do you bring truth or are you joking”
56 he said “no! your Lord is He who created the Heavens and Earth and I testify to that”
57 “by Allah I have planned something for your idols after you turn your backs and leave”
58 and he broke them to pieces except the biggest, thinking they might turn to it
59 they said “who has done this to our Gods he must indeed be evil”
60 they said “we heard a youth called Abraham talk about them”
61 they said “present him before the people’s eyes for them to see”
62 they said “Abraham are you the one who did this to our Gods?”
63 he said “this! their chief has done, ask them if they can speak?”
64 and they turned to themselves saying “surely you yourself are in the wrong”
65 confused and ashamed they said “you know well they cannot speak”
66 said “you worship than instead of Allah that which cannot benefit or harm you”
67 “fie upon you for worshiping something besides Allah, have you no sense?”
68 they said “do something burn him and protect your Gods”
69 We said Fire become cool and keep Abraham safe
70 than they did a ploy against him, but We made them lose greatly
71 We saved him and Lot to the land which We have blessed for peoples
72 and gave him Isaac and a grandson Jacob and made them both good
73 and made them chiefs by Our command giving inspirations to do good, Pray regularly and give Charity.and  they worshipped Us
74 to Lot We gave Judgment and knowledge and saved him from an evil town that did abomination
75 taking him into our mercy, for being good
Section 6
76 Noah cried to Us and We saved him and his family from great calamity
77 saved him from evil people who rejected Our Sign, drowning them all
78 remember David and Solomon they gave Judgment concerning the field the sheep had strayed into at Night and We witnessed their Judgment
79 and made Solomon to understand matters and to each we gave Judgment and knowledge. We subdued the hills and birds to sing Our praise with David
80 and taught him how to make garments of mail to save you in War. won’t you be grateful?
81 and We gave Solomon power to control the violent wind towards Our blessed land. We know all things
82 and guarded the Devils who dived and did other works for him
83 and Job who cried to his Lord “I am terribly distressed and You who can show mercy”
84 We heard and removed his distress, and restored his family and people as a mercy and remembrance from Us and reminder for Devotees
85 remember Ishmael, Idris,  Isaiah (Dhul-Kifl) all were steadfast men
86 We admitted them into Our mercy for being upright
87 and remember Jonah (Zun-nun) who went of angry thinking We were powerless over him! but then he cried out in darkness saying “there is no God save Allah I was wrong”
88 (Aya-e-Karima) so We answered and saved him from misery. for We save Believers
89 and when Zachariah cried “my Lord don’t leave me childless. for you are the best for inheritor”
90 We heard and gave him, John (Yahya) curing his wife. they were quick to do good and used to call Us with love, fear and submission
91 and she the virgin, We breathed into her through Our Spirit and made her and her son a Sign for the people
92 this your Religion, is one Religion and I am your Lord so worship Me
93 but they broke their Religion among themselves. to Us all shall return
94 Believer’s little good deeds We record, it will not go to waste
Section 7
95 but there is a ban on any population that We’ve destroyed, for they shall not return
96 until Gog and Magog are let loose swarming out of every hill
97 than the true promise will come and the Disbelievers eyes will stare in horror saying “alas, we didn’t pay heed and did wrong!”
98 you and your Gods you worshipped besides Allah, will come and be fuel for Hell
99 had these really been Gods they would not have come to this. all shall abide there
100 only wailing nothing else they will hear
101 those on whom We had sent Our kindness, will be far from it
102 not a slight sound of Hell will they hear. while living the way their Soul desired
103 the supreme terror will not touch them, and Angels will receive them saying “this is the promised Day”
104 the Day We roll up the Heavens like a written scroll rolled up. and produced the first Creations, same way We shall repeat it. that’s a promise We shall fulfill
105 We’ve written in the Psalms (Az-Zabur) after the Reminder that my Devotees shall inherit the Earth
106 this is a plain statement for Allah’s Devotees
107 We did not send you except as a mercy for  the Worlds
108 say “what has been inspired in me is that, your Allah is one Allah. won’t you than surrender?”
109 if they reject than say “I have warned you all alike, although I don’t know if what is promised is near or far”
110 “He knows your thoughts and what you say”
111 “I don’t know that this is a trial for you or enjoyment for a while”
112 say “ my Lord you judge with truth! our Lord is the most Gracious whose help is sought against the blasphemies you utter!”