Sura 23 – The Believers (Al-Muminun)



  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  23
  • Part:  18 
  • Total Verses:  118
In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 Successful are the Believers
2 who Pray humbly
3 who avoid loose talk
4 who give Charity
5 and guard their private parts
6 except from their Wives and what their right Hand possess, for than they are blameless
7 but ones whose desires exceeds these limits are Sinners
8 those who keep to their agreement and promise
9 and are attentive in their Prayer
10 they will become Heirs
11 to inherit Paradise and live in it
12 Lo! We’ve created Mankind from an extract of Clay
13 and We placed the Sperm drop fixed in a safe place (Womb)
14 then We made the drop into a clot than We made the clot into a lump of flesh. than the lump into bones and then clothed the bones with flesh. Then from it We developed another Human. Bless Allah the best of Creator
15 later you will die
16 but rise again on Judgment Day
17 We have created above you Seven (7) Heavens and are never negligent of Our Creations
18 and We send down Water in measure’s from the Sky and cause it to penetrate the soil. We can drain it off too!
19 with it We grow for you Gardens of Date palms, Vines with many Fruits for you to eat
20 and­­ a Tree growing on Mount Sinai producing oil and zest for food
21 in the Cattles are example; We give you drink from the Cattle’s belly along with many benefits and its meat you eat
22 and you ride on them like on Ships
  Section   2 
23 We had sent Noah who said “my people worship Allah there is no God except Him. won’t you beware?”
24 the Chiefs of Disbelievers said to his people “He’s just a Man like you who wants to be superior, if Allah wanted to send a Messenger He would’ve sent an Angel we’ve never heard our fathers talk about it”
25 “he is a madman: bear with him awhile”
26 he said “my Lord help me for they reject me”
27 so We inspired him “build an Ark under Our watch and Guidance and when Our Command comes and the oven gushes Water then take pairs of every species Male and Female, along with your people except ones on whom  ruling has been given. and don’t plead for Sinners for they will all be drowned”
28 after embarking on the Ark you and others say “praise be to Allah for saving us from wrongdoing folks”
29 and say “my Lord help us to land with blessed landing for You are the best to alight us”
30 Lo! in these are Signs, for We are regularly testing
  Section   3
31 after them We established another generation
32 and We sent a Messenger from among them “worship Allah, there is no other God. won’t you than fear?”
33 the Disbeliever’s Chief of his people who denied the meeting in the Hereafter and whose Life We had made comfortable in this World said “he is only a Man who eats what you eat and drinks like you”
34 “if you obey a Man like you, you will be losers”
35 “does he promises that after you die and become dust and bones you shall raise again?”
36 “far-flung is what you are promised!”
37 “Life in this World is nothing except that we die, live and not be resurrected”
38 “he’s only a Man inventing lie against Allah, we won’t believe him”
39 he said “my Lord help me for they call me a liar”
40 (Allah) said “in a while they will regret”
41 than We sent a mighty blast that made them like dead Plants. so away with the Sinners!
42 than after them We raised another Generation
43 no Nation can outstay its Term nor delay it
44 and then We sent series of Messengers but each one their people called them liar and so We meted same fate on them. We made them true stories. so away with the Disbelievers
45 then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our Sign and clear authority
46 to Pharaoh and his chiefs but they misbehaved and were arrogant
47 saying “shall we believe in Two (2) Men like us whose people serve us?”
48 they called them liars and thus were destroyed
49 We gave Moses the Book in case they might receive Guidance
50 and We made Son of Mary and his mother a Sign and gave them shelter on the heights with rest and security and flowing Stream
  Section   4
51 O’ you Messengers! eat good things and do good, for I am watching you
52 and this your Nation is one Nation and I am your Lord, so be dutiful
53 but they have broken their Religion into sects each rejoicing in its self
54 so leave them in their confused state
55 do they think because We gave them wealth and children
56 and that We will continue doing good? nay! they don’t realise
57 those who fear the Lord and are cautious
58 and believe in the Signs of their Lord;
59 and do not ascribe partners to their Lord;
60 and give Charity with fearful Hearts that they must return to their Lord
61 those who rush to do good, are successful
62 no Soul We burden more than it can bear We’ve their clear Record, they will not be wronged
63 but their Hearts are confused regarding this and they have other works to do
64 until We mete out punishment on those with luxuries of this World, than see them loudly beg
65 “plead not this Day for We’ll not help you”
66 “for when you heard My Revelations you used to turn back on your heels”
67 “scorning in arrogance as if someone telling stories at Night”
68 don’t they think over the words, or have they received something that their fathers previously did not receive?
69 or do they not recognise their Messenger that they reject him?
70 and say “he is mad?” no! he brings them the Truth that most hate
71 if the Truth was what they desired than the Heavens and Earth and all in it would’ve been corrupted! nay We’ve brought them the Reminder but they turn away from it
72 or did you ask them for some reward? but your Lord’s bounty are better for He provides the best
73 Lo! you invite them to a straight path
74 and those who disbelieve in the Hereafter are deviating from that path
75 even if We had Mercy on them and removed their problems they would still be wandering in their distraction blindly
76 We’ve punished them but still they are not humble nor pray to the Lord
77 until We open the Gates of brutal punishment, then they’ll be plunged
Section   5
78 He it is who gave you Hearing, Sight and Hearts. little thanks you give?
79 He who created you on Earth and to Him you’ll return
80 He it is who gives Life and Death and to Him is the altering of Night and Day. won’t you then understand
81 rather, their talk are similar to the previous people
82 they say “really! after we die and are dust and bones shall we be raised again?”
83 “this was promised to us and our fathers before, they are just ancient stories”
84 say “than to whom does the Earth and everything in it belongs to if you know?”
85 they will reply “to Allah” say “than won’t you take advice”
86 say “who is the Lord of the Seven (7) Heaven and the Supreme Throne?”
87 they will say “Allah” say “than won’t you beware?”
88 say “in who’s hands is the Sovereignty but who needs no protection himself if you know?”
89 they will reply “Allah’s” say “than how are you misled?”
90 We gave them the Truth: but they are liars
91 Allah has no Son’s or partners. if He did than each god would’ve taken away things they created, some would’ve overpowered others. glory to Allah and things they join Him with
92 knower of the Seen and Unseen. high above what they ascribe as partners to Him
  Section   6
93 say “my Lord if you show me that which they are threatened with”
94 “than my Lord do not put me among the wrong doers”
95 We indeed can show you that which We threatened them with
96 repel Evil with that which is best, We know their allegations
97 and say “my Lord I seek shelter in You from the whisperings of the Devil”
98 “and I seek shelter with You in case they are present”
99 on approaching Death they say “my Lord send me back to do good that I left behind”
100 so that I may do right which I had ignored. no! it is just talks”. behind them is a barrier until Resurrections Day
101 the Day the trumpet is blown, there won’t be any relationships nor will anyone inquire regarding each other
102 those who’s balance is heavy will be successful
103 but those with Light balance are ones who lost their Souls and will live in Hell
104 the Fire will burn their Faces, glum with lips displaced
105 “wasn’t My Revelations recited to you but you rejected them”
106 they will say “my Lord our misfortune surrounded us putting us astray”
107 “Our Lord! take us out of here if we return, than surely we are Evil”
108 He will say “remain rejected and don’t speak to Me”
109 a group of My Devotees who were there said “my Lord we believe, forgive us and show Mercy because You are kind”
110 “but you mocked at them so much, that you even forget My Message”
111 today I have rewarded them for their patience they are the achievers
112 He will say “how many Years you stayed on Earth?”
113 they will say “we stayed a Day or part of it, ask those who keep account”
114 He will say “you only stayed a little if you knew”
115 “do you think We created you as a joke and you will not be brought to Us?”
116 exalted be Allah the true King there is no god but He. Lord of the Supreme Throne!
117 whoever joins any other god besides Allah without proof. his reckoning will only be with his Lord. Disbelievers will not succeed
118 say “my Lord forgive and have Mercy, for You are best who shows Mercy!”