•  Revealed at:  Makkah
  •  Sura:  35
  • Part:  22 
  • Total Verses:  45
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section 1
1 all praise to Allah the Originator of Heavens and Earth, the Messengers and  Angels with Wings, Two(2), Three(3) or Four (4).  He adds to His Creations at will. Allah has power over all things
2 what Allah gives to Mankind none can withhold and what he withholds none can grant, apart from Him. He’s all Powerful and Wise
3 O Mankind! think of Allah’s kindness towards you. is there  another Creator other than Allah, who provides for you from Heavens or Earth? then why turn away?
4 and if they reject you, like they did to previous Messengers: than  it’s to Allah all things return
5 Allah’s promise is true, so don’t let yourself be deceived by the present Life or the Chief deceiver, misleading you regarding Allah
6 Satan is an enemy to you so treat him as enemy. he invites his supporter to join him into the Fire
7 for the Disbelievers there is terrible Doom but for righteous Believers, forgiveness with excellent reward
  Section 2
8 is he, who’s bad deeds are made to look good making them feel they are right? for Allah leaves stray or guides whom He wills, so don’t sigh for them Allah knows their doings
9 it’s Allah who sends forth winds to raise up the Clouds; We lead it to a Dead Land to revive the Dead Earth. such is the Resurrection!
10 whoever  seeks  glory and power, should know it belongs to Allah alone. only good works with good deed rises to Him. those who plan and do evil will have a terrible doom, and failed plan
11 Allah created you from dust, then from a Sperm drop, and then made you in Pairs. no Female gives birth or conceives except, with His knowledge. nor is any person’s life extended or lessened, but is encoded in a Book and that’s easy for Allah
12 neither are the Two (2) Seas same, ones sweet to drink, other salty. yet from each you can eat tender meat and extract ornaments to wear. you see Ships plow the waves, it’s for you to seek His bounties and give thanks
13 He merges Night into Day and vice versa. He subjected the Sun and Moon to Orbit for a fixed Term. such is Allah your Lord! His is the Kingdom and those you call besides Him don’t own the skin of a date stone
  Section 3
14 if you call them they don’t  hear and if they do  they cannot answer, on Judgment Day they will reject your associations. none can tell you this except Him who knows!
15 O Mankind! it is you who needs Allah. Allah! He is self-sufficient all-    Praiseworthy
16 if He wills He could destroy you and bring about a new Creation
17 and that’s not hard for Him.
18 and no burdened Soul can bear another’s burden even if asked, by a close relative. you can warn those who secretly fear the Lord, to establish regular Prayers. purifying their Soul on path to Allah
19 the blind and the seeing are not alike
20 nor is darkness to light
21 nor is  shade to the Sun’s heat
22 nor are living same as Dead. Allah can make any to hear but you cannot make those in the graves to hear
23 you are but a Warner
24 We sent you with Truth and glad tidings. there’s never a Nation to whom We didn’t send a Warner among them
25 and if they reject you. like their ancestors did when their Messengers came to them with clear Signs, Psalms and the enlightening Book
26 then I caught those Disbelievers, and how (terrible) was My rejection !
  Section 4
27 don’t you see Allah sends down Water from the Sky.  We produce with it fruits of various Colours. and in the Mountain are streaks (paths) of White and Red and diverse shades of Colours and intense Black
28 so are Mankind, and Beasts different in Colour. the learned Devotees fear   Allah the all-Mighty and oft-Forgiving
29 those who read the Book of Allah and Pray regularly, spending secretly or openly from what We give them, look forward to lasting  gain
30 He will reward them, more from His bounty. for He’s oft-Forgiving most Approving
31 that which We’ve Revealed to you of the Book is the Truth, confirming the previous Revelations! and to His Devotees Allah is all-Aware, All-Seer
32 than We gave the Book of Inheritance to Our chosen Devotee. but some wrong their own Souls and some follow middle course. and some by Allah’s leave are ahead in good deeds, that is the highest Honor
33 Garden of Eden they’ll enter! adorned with bracelets of Gold, Pearls and wearing Silk
34 they will say “praise Allah for removing our sorrow, for our Lord is Oft-Forgiving, most Appreciative”
35 “He with His grace settled us infinitely in Mansions where no work or   tiredness shall touch us”
36 as for the Rejecters-they’ll burn in Fire of Hell to the point of Death endlessly without easing the punishment. thus We punish  every ingrate!
  Section 5
37 their cries for help “our Lord! free us, for now we’ll do right not like before” “but didn’t We give you ample Life so that whoever wants can receive warning? and warner did come to you. now taste, for wrongdoers there is no help”
38 Allah knows the secrets of Heavens and Earth and what’s in the Hearts
39 He has made you inheritors of Earth and if any disbelieve, they are working against own selves. and are hated in the Lord’s sight. their rejection is their own loss
40 say “have you seen the ‘Partners’ whom you call besides Allah? show Me what they’ve created on Earth or do they share the Heavens? or have We given  them any Book as clear evidence?” nay! the evildoers promise nothing to each other except fantasy
41 its Allah who grasps the Heavens and Earth that it doesn’t deviate and if it did, none can grasp it after Him. for He is ever-Lenient, oft-Forgiving
42 they swore seriously by Allah that if a Warner came they’ll be more obedient than any Nation ever. But when Warner did come, their   hatred only intensified
43 arrogantly plotting evil, but evil plots only covers the person who makes it! should they expect different treatment than meted to previous folks? no change will you find in Allah’s way and no turning off
44 haven’t they traveled the Earth and seen the outcome of people  mightier than them? Allah is not such that anything in the Heavens and Earth can escape Him. for He’s all-Knowing, all Powerful
45 if Allah were to punish Mankind according to what they deserve than    He wouldn’t leave a single living Creature on Earth; but He has given them reprieve for a fixed Term and when the Term ends they will know. for Allah sees to all His Devotee



Sura 34 – Sheba (Saba)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 34
  • Part: 22 
  • Total Verses: 54
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section 1
1 All praise be to Allah owner of all in the Heavens and Earth. and praise Him too in the Hereafter. He the  All-Wise, All-Aware
2 He knows what goes into or comes out of Earth and what descends from Heavens or ascends to it. He the most-Merciful, oft-Forgiving
3 Disbelievers say “the Hour will never come” tell them “it surely will come on you, from Him the Knower of unseen. not an Atom’s weight is hidden in the Heavens or Earth from Him nor smaller then that or bigger all recorded in clear Book”
4 so that He may reward the good Believers with forgiveness and rich provisions
5 but for those who challenge Our Sign is painful doom
6 and whoever received the knowledge, can see whatever’s revealed to you from your Lord is true, leading to the path of Almighty the Praiseworthy
7 the Disbelievers taunt “shall we show you a Man who says when you are completely disintegrated and scattered, you shall be created anew?
8 is he lying regarding Allah, or mad? nay! it’s those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, are in torment and  greatly mistaken
   Section 2
9 can’t they see what is before or behind them of the Sky and Earth? if We wished the Earth could’ve  swallowed them or a piece of Sky fall on them. a Sign for every Devotee turning to Allah
10 assuredly We bestowed grace on David “O Mountains and Birds! Sing Allah’s praise with him”, and We made the Iron soft for him”
11 “make coats of mail, and measure the chains correctly. do right for I am watching you”
12 and to Solomon power of the Wind: its early Morning stride was One (1) Months journey and Evening stride was One (1) Months journey. and We also caused a Copper fountain to gush forth for him. the Jinns worked in front of him by his Lords permission and if any deviated from Our command, tasted punishment of burning Fire
13 working as he desired: making high rooms, statues, basins as large as reservoirs, and fixed cauldrons. “give thanks O Son of David” but few Devotees are thankful
14 when We commanded Death for him (Solomon) nothing showed except when a little Creature ate his staff making him fall. only than Jinn’s realised if they had known the unseen they wouldn’t have continued this hated work
15 there was a Sign for Sheba in their homeland, Two (2) Gardens to the right and left. “eat the provisions from  your Lord and be grateful” a just Land and oft-Forgiving Lord!
16 but they rejected, so We sent flood (from Dam) against them making their Two (2) Gardens produce bitter fruit, Tamarisk and few Lote Trees
17 this revenge We took for being ungrateful. and We never punish any except the ungrateful
18 between them and the City We blessed, We placed in prominent positions Cities with easy access “travel safely by Night or Day”
19 but they said “our Lord made our journey’s stages longer” wronging themselves. so We made them like a tale spreading everywhere. a Sign for each tolerant grateful
20 and Satan proved his idea correct. they followed him except for a few Believers
21 but he had no power over them except that We might test those who believed in the Hereafter from those who doubted. for your Lord notices all
  Section 3
22 say: call any whom you like besides Allah. they haven’t an Atom’s strength in the Heavens or Earth. nor do they have share nor are supporter in it, nor are they helpers to Allah
23 no intervention can avail in His presence without His permission. however when from their Hearts fear is removed they say “what did your Lord command?” they say “the Truth. and He is High and Mighty”
24 say: who provides for you from Heavens or Earth? say: Allah and it is either we or you, who are rightly guided or obviously wrong
25 say “you shall not be questioned regarding our Sins nor we for yours”
26 say “our Lord will gather us and Judge between us in Truth. He the all-Knowing”
27 say “show me the Partners you’ve joined Him with? nay! for He’s Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise
28 We have not sent you other then as Messenger of good news and warning to all of Mankind, but most understand not
   Section   4
29 they ask “Truthfully when will this promise be?”
30 say “your meeting is for a Day and you cannot postpone nor forward it an Hour”
31 the Disbelievers say “we don’t believe in this Quran or those before it” if only you could see, the Disbeliever’s standing before their Lord accusing each other! the loathed ones will say to the arrogant “if it weren’t for you we would’ve been Believers”
32 the arrogant will say to the loathed ones “did we stop you from Guidance after you received it? nay! you yourself are guilty”
33 the loathed ones will say to the arrogant “nay! you were scheming Day and Night commanding us to be ungrateful to Allah and set rivals to Him”. and they’ll repent upon seeing the Doom: We shall put yokes round Disbelievers necks, a just requital for their deeds
34 never did We send Messenger to a populations, but rich among them said “we disbelieve with what you are sent with”
35 they said “we’ve more wealth and children we are not the punished!”
36 say “my Lord increases or limits provisions to whoever He pleases. but most understand not”
   Section   5
37 it is not your wealth or children that bring you near Us, but your belief and good deeds, for them are multiple rewards and they’ll live highly in peace and security
38 those who work against Our Sign, challenging it, they will be punished
39 say “my Lord increases or restricts provisions to whichever Devotee He pleases and any least bit you spend for Him, He replaces. He provides the best”
40 one Day He will gather them together and say to the Angels “was it you these people worshipped?”
41 they will reply “glory be! You are our protector and guardian not them, nay! but most worship Jinns and believed in them”
42 so on that Day they won’t have power over each other for profit or harm. and We shall say to the wrongdoers “taste the penalty of Fire for rejecting”
43 upon hearing Our Revelations, they say “this is only a Man hindering us from ways practiced by our fathers, an invented lie!” the Disbelievers upon learning the Truth say “it’s plain Magic!”
44 That We haven’t given them Books to study nor had We sent them Messengers as warner before you
45 but those before them rejected and these have not achieved a tenth of what We granted to those: yet when they rejected My Messenger, than how terrible was My rejection!
   Section   6
46 say “I urge you one thing. wake-up for Allah’s sake, in pairs or alone and reflect. your companion is not possessed but is a warner for you in faces of a terrible doom”
47 say: “I ask no reward from you it’s in your own interest. my reward is from Allah alone. He witness all things”
48 say: “my Lord sends down the Truth, He the Knower of all unseen things”
49 say: “the Truth has arrived and falsehood shall perish and not return”
50 say: “if I stray I am the loser but if I am rightly guided that’s inspirations from Allah to me. Lo! He’s all-Hearer and Nearer”
51 if you could but see them shake with terror with no escape, and being seized close by
52 than they will say “we believe in it” but then they’ll be too far away  from it
53 seeming they did reject Faith before, and guess about the unseen  from afar
54 and a barrier will be set between them and their desires as done with such people previously. for they were distrustful and in doubt



Sura 33 – Combined Forces – (Al-Ahzab)




  •  Revealed at:  Medina
  •  Sura:  33
  • Part:  21 / 22 
  • Total Verses:  73
   In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 O Prophet! fear Allah and don’t heed the disbelievers and hypocrites. Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise
2 but follow your inspiration from your Lord. Allah knows your doings
3 and trust Allah. He is enough as a trustee
4 Allah has not given Man Two (2) Hearts within his body, nor has He made your Wives whom you say look like your Mother’s back as your real Mother, nor has He made your adopted Sons your real Son, these words are by your mouth. but Allah tells the truth and guides rightly
5 address them through their father that is more just with Allah and if you don’t know their fathers than call them brothers in Faith. and your freed slaves but it’s no sin if you make mistakes, it’s what’s in your heart’s intention. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
6 the Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves and his Wives are their mothers. some blood Relations are closer to each other in Decree of Allah than Believers and immigrants, nevertheless be kind to those brothers. this is written in the (Decree) Book
7 when (Remember) We took pledge from the Prophets, from you, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Son of Mary, a strong pledge
8 that He may question the steadfast of their loyalty, and He has prepared severe punishments for the Disbelievers
  Section   2
9 O Believers remember Allah’s Favors on you. when they came upon you in masses and We sent against them winds and force that you couldn’t see but Allah the all-Seer saw your doings
10 and they came upon you from above and below. your eyes dimmed Heart gasping thinking worst thoughts about Allah
11 being assessed the Believer were severely shaken
12 the hypocrite and ones with sickly Heart said “Allah and His Messenger promised us nothing but illusion”
13 when a group said “Men of Yathrib run, you cannot stand this. some asked the Messenger’s leave by saying “our houses lie open” in fact it wasn’t, they just wanted to flee
14 if enemy had surrounded them they would’ve very shortly resorted to treason
15 when they had promised Allah not to turn their backs, and promise made to Allah must be answered for
16 say “running away from death or killing won’t benefit you for it will be a short lived comfort”
17 say “who can protect you if Allah gives you punishments or mercy?” for they will not find another helper or protector besides Allah
18 Allah knows who stops (people) from fighting in Allah’s way when they call their brothers “come to us and they themselves hardly join the war”
19 envious over you. than when in fear of death you’ll see their eyes revolve looking at you but when it’s over they smite you with sharp tongues in their greed for goods. they are Faithless and it’s easy for Allah to make their deeds futile
20 they think the Allies have not withdrawn and if they should join again they would’ve wished they were wandering with the desert Bedouins, inquiring about you. but if with you they would hardly fight
  Section   3
21 in the Messenger of Allah you have an excellent example for anyone who looks up to Allah, the last Day and remembers Allah much
22 when the Believers saw the Allied forces they said “this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us that was true” and it only increased their Faith and submission
23 among the Believers are Men who fulfill their agreement to Allah. some paid in Death (battle) and some still awaiting without hesitation
24 so that Allah may reward true Men for their Truth and punish or forgive the hypocrites. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
25 and Allah repulsed the Disbelievers in their rage with no gain, thus preventing attacks on the Believers. for Allah is Powerful and Mighty
26 and those people of the Book who aided them (Disbelievers), Allah drove them down from their strongholds with panic stricken Hearts. some you killed and made some prisoners
27 He made you inherit their Lands, Houses and Goods and also Land where you hadn’t walked before. for Allah is all-Powerful
  Section   4
28 O’ Prophet! say to your Wives “if you desire Life of this World than come! I will provide and release you handsomely”
29 but if you seek Allah and his Messenger and home in the Hereafter than for the virtuous Allah has prepared great reward”
30 O Wives of the Prophet! if any of you are guilty of open illegal Sexual intercourse. than the punishment is doubled for her
31 and if you are good and devoted to Allah and His Messenger than We shall reward her double with rich provisions
32 O Wives of the Prophet! you are not like any other Woman. if you do fear, than don’t speak softly, but speak generally least he with passion in his Heart yearns.
33 stay in your houses without showy display like in the ignorant times. establish regular Prayers, give Charity, obey Allah and His Messenger for Allah wishes to remove uncleanness from you, members of the House, so that you are pure and spotless
34 and heed what is reviewed in your House of Allah’s Revelations and wisdoms. for Allah is most-Kind, Aware
  Section 5
35 for Muslim Men and Woman, for Believing Men and Woman, for Pious Men and Woman, for Obedient Men and Woman, for Truthful Men and Woman, for humble Men and Woman, for Men and Woman who give Charity, for Men and Woman who Fasts, for Chaste Men and Woman and Men and Woman who praise Allah much, for them Allah has prepared Forgiveness and great Reward
36 it does not befit believing Men or Woman to question a matter which has been decided by Allah and His Messenger: if anyone disobeys them is on the wrong path
37 and when you said to him who had received Allah’s grace and you’re favor “keep your Wife and fear Allah” but you hid in your Heart what Allah was to reveal. you feared the people but it’s more befitting to fear Allah. so when Zaid had completed the formalities (of Divorce) from her, We joined her in Marriage to you. an example that it’s no Sin for Believers to marry the ex-Wife of his adopted Son after he completes the necessary formalities. for Allah’s command must be fulfilled
38 there’s no blame on Prophet in fulfilling Allah’s duty. this was Allah’s way in the past. and Allah’s command is determined Decree
39 those who convey Allah’s Message and fear none but Him, Allah is enough to take account
40 Mohammad is not a father of any Man among you, but a Messenger and the Seal of Prophets. Allah is All-Aware of everything
  Section   6
41 Believers! remember Allah frequently
42 glorifying Him Morning and Afternoon
43 He it is who sends blessings on you as do His Angels. that He may bring you out from Darkness and into Light. He is full of Mercy to the Believers
44 their salutation on the Day they’ll meet Him will be “Peace” and He has prepared a generous Reward for them
45 O Prophet! We’ve sent you as Our witness and bearer of good news and warnings
46 and as one inviting to Allah by His leave. like Lamp spreading Light
47 so announce the good news to Believers that they shall be greatly rewarded
48 don’t obey the disbelievers and hypocrites and disregard their annoyance. trust Allah for He is enough as Trustee
49 Believers! when you marry believing Woman and Divorce them before Sexual Intercourse, than no waiting period (Iddah) is required, so set them free with handsome gifts
50 O! Prophet! lawful to you are your Wives who’s Dowry you’ve paid, and those that you’re right hand possesses assigned to you by Allah. daughters of your paternal uncles and aunts and daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts who migrated with you, any believing Woman who gives herself to the Prophet provided he wants to marry her. that’s only for you and not for others. We know what We’ve intended for them regarding their Wives and what their right hand possess, so that you are not blamed. Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
51 you may reorganize or receive (Wives) whom you please and invite one whom you have set aside, that is better for their comfort to prevent grief, giving happiness with all that you give. Allah knows what’s in your Heart. He is All-Knowing, Most-Patient
52 after this no more Woman is lawful for you nor change them for other Wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those whom your right hand possesses. Allah watches over all things
  Section   7
53 Believers! don’t enter Prophets house for a meal and wait for its preparation. but when invited enter, eat and leave. don’t wait to chat, as this annoys the Prophet and he feels ashamed to dismiss you but Allah tells the truth. if you want than talk to them (his Wife) from behind a screen for it’s pure for you and their Hearts. it not right to annoy Allah’s Messenger, nor should you ever marry his Wives after him. for that’s enormity in Allah’s sight
54 whether you reveal or conceal anything Allah’s all-Knowing
55 it is no  sin for them to appear before their Fathers or their Sons, their Brothers or their Brothers Sons or their Sisters Sons or their Woman or what their right hand possess. be mindful for Allah witnesses everything
56 Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet. Believers! you too send your blessing and salutations with all respect
57 whoever annoys Allah and his Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this World and the Hereafter with humiliating Doom
58 those who defame believing Men and Woman are guilty of slander and thus are Sinners
  Section 8
59 O Prophet! tell your Wives and Daughters and believers Woman to draw their cloaks around them, (when journeying) which is most convenient so that they are recognised and not annoyed. Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
60 truly! if the hypocrites with diseased Hearts and the agitators in Medina don’t stop! We shall stir you against them then they will not be able to stay as neighbors for long
61 being cursed, whenever found they will be seized and slain mercilessly
62 this was previously practiced by Allah and you will not find it changed
63 Men ask you about the Hour say “only Allah knows. how can I explain, maybe it’s near!”
64 Lo! Allah has cursed the Disbelievers and prepared for them a blazing Fire
65 to live there forever: no protector or helper will they find
66 the Day their Faces will be turned into the Fire they will say “wish we had obeyed Allah and His Messenger!”
67 they will say “O’ Lord we obeyed our Chiefs the great ones and they put us in the wrong path”
68 Our Lord! give them double punishment with great curse!
   Section   9
69 Believers! don’t be like those who insulted Moses. but Allah proved his innocence. for in Allah’s sight he held a high place
70 Believers! be dutiful and fear Allah, speak always the truth
71 so that He may make your behavior whole and unblemished, forgiving your Sins. whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has attained supreme achievement
72 We did offer the Trust to the Heavens, the Earth and the Mountains: but they refused to take on being afraid, but Mankind undertook it. proving of being unjust and foolish
73 therefore Allah will punish the hypocrite Men and Woman and the disbelieving Men and Woman. but Allah will turns to Mercy to believing Men and Woman. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful



Sura 32 – Prostration (As-Sajda)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 32
  • Part: 21
  • Total Verses:  30
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif lam mim
2 Without doubt the Revelations of this book is from Lord of the Worlds
3 or do they say “he invented it?” nay! this is the Truth from your Lord so that you may warn the people who did not receive any Warner before you so that they maybe guided
4 it is Allah who created the Heavens and Earth and all between them in Six (6) Days. then He mounted the Throne. there is none except Him to protect or mediate for you. won’t you then heed?
5 He rules His affair’s from the Heaven to the Earth and which will then go up to Him in One (1) Day the measure of which is a Thousand (1000) of your Years
6 such is the Knower of the Invisible and Visible. the all-Mighty, most-Merciful
7 He created all things good. He began the Creation of Humans out of Clay
8 and He made his offspring from the Semen of despised Fluid
9 then He shaped him and breathed into him of His Spirit. giving you Hearing Sight and Heart, little thanks you give
10 they say “when we are lost in the Earth how can we be re-created” nay! they deny the meeting with their Lord
11 say “Angel of Death is given the task of taking your Souls: than shall you be brought back to your Lord”
Section 2
12 if only you could see the guilty bowing low their heads in front of their Lord “O Lord we’ve seen and heard send us back and we will be righteous. as we now know”
13 and if We willed We could’ve given Guidance to each Soul but because of My given word that “I shall fill Hell with Jinns and Mankind all together”
14 then “taste, for you forgot Our meeting, so today We too shall forget you forever for your doings”
15 only those who believe Our Revelations, upon hearing  bow down in admirations praising their Lord without pride
16 forsaking their beds to remember their Lord in fear and hope, spending from what We gave them
17 no one knows the joyful reward Allah has hidden for them for their deeds
18 so is a Believer same as an evil Sinner? certainly not
19 Believers doing good for them will be Gardens to live in  for their good deeds
20 but for the evildoers their home is Fire. whenever they try to flee they are forced back in and told “taste the doom of Fire for what you called lies”
21 certainly We will let them taste the lower punishment before the higher, hoping they might retract
22 who could be more wrong than them who hear the Lords Revelations and turn away? Lo! We shall punish the guilty
Section 3
23 indeed We’ve given Moses the Book and don’t doubt about meeting him. We’ve made it as guide for Children of Israel
24 when they became steadfast and devoted Believers, We appointed from them Leaders who guided under Our command
25 on Judgment Day your Lord shall Judge between them where they differed
26 can’t they learn from the many generation that We’ve destroyed before, even the place where they walk is a Sign. Won’t they then heed?
27 don’t they see that We sent Rain on dry soil to grow crops providing food for them and their Cattle? can’t they see?
28 they say “when will this Judgment be, if you are Truthful?”
29 say  “on Judgment Day the Disbelievers won’t gain if they then believe nor be given respite”
30 so withdraw from them and wait. they too are waiting



Sura 31 – Luqman (Luqman)


  • Revealed at:  Makka
  • Sura:  31
  • Part:  21
  • Total Verses:  34s
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 these are Verses of the Wise  Book
3 a guide and Mercy for the good
4 those who Pray, give Charity and believe in the Hereafter
5 such are guided by their Lord; they will prosper
6 Mankind who do idle talk to mislead from Allah’s path, without knowledge making mockery of it for them is shameful Doom
7 upon hearing Our Verses they turn away in pride as if their ears are deaf. so announce a painful doom for them
8 the Believers who do good will be in Gardens of Bliss
9 forever, the promise of Allah is true. He’s all-Powerful, all-Wise
10 you see the Heavens He’s created without pillars, and set on Earth firm Mountains lest it should shake with you. and scattered all kinds of animals on it, and send down Water from the Sky producing on Earth all kinds substantially
11 such are the Creations of Allah? now show Me what did others besides Him created. Nay ! clearlywrongdoers are in error!
  Section   2
12 We gave wisdom to Luqman “be grateful to Allah” for whoever does so benefits his own Soul. as for the ungrateful, Lo! Allah is Self-sufficient, all-Praiseworthy
13 and when Luqman urged his Son “Son! don’t join in worship others with Allah for it’s great Sin”
14 and We’ve commanded Mankind regarding Parents: the mother bears in weakness and hardships, then she weans for two (2) Years. “show your gratitude to Me and to your Parents, for to Me is your return”
15 but if they make you join things with Me and you don’t understand than don’t obey. be in their company in this Life, but follow those who repent and obey for your return is to Me than I will tell you your doings
16 “O my Son if a weight of a Mustard seed were in a rock or in Heavens or Earth, Allah will reveal it, for He knows and understands the finest mysteries”
17 O my Son! establish Prayer, be good and forbid evil. and patiently bear whatever comes. for these are some important commandments
18 don’t turn your Face away from people in pride or walk rudely, for Allah dislikes proud showoff’s
19 walk modestly and subdue your voice, for harsh voice sounds like a donkeys bray”
  Section   3
20 Don’t you see Allah has subjected to your use all things in the Heavens and Earth? and has given you His bounty seen and unseen? still Mankind dispute about Allah without knowledge, without Guidance nor an enlightened Book
21 when told “follow what Allah sent down” they say “we’ll follow what our fathers followed” what! even if it be Satan leading them to the Fire of doom
22 anyone who surrenders his face to Allah doing good, has grasped a firm hold, as all ending rests with Allah+
23 and don’t grieve at those who reject as their return is to Us then Allah will tell them their deeds for He knows their Hearts
24 We let them enjoy a little and then met-out severe punishment
25 if you ask them who created Heavens and Earth, they’ll say “Allah” say “praise be to Allah” but most understand not
26 to Allah belongs all in the Heavens and Earth: Allah is He, the Self-sufficient, all-Praiseworthy
27 if all the Trees on Earth were pen’s and all Oceans ink with Seven (7) more added to it, still Allah’s words cannot be exhausted. Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise
28 the Creation and resurrecting of you all is like a Single Soul. Allah is all-Hearer, all-Observer
29 don’t you see how Allah merges Night into Day and merges Day into Night; and set the Sun and Moon Orbiting to an appointed Term. Allah is all aware of your doings?
30 because Allah is reality and all others they join Him with are false. Allah the most-High, most Great
  Section   4
31 don’t you see how Ships glide on the Sea by Allah’s grace? that He may show you of His marvels. in it are Signs for the steadfast and grateful
32 when a wave engulfs covering them they cry to Allah offering sincere devotions and when on shore some compromise. non reject Our Signs except the disloyal ungrateful
33 O Mankind! be dutiful to your Lord and fear the Day when no Parents can benefit their child and no child can benefit their Parents. don’t let this present Life deceive you nor the Arch Deceiver (Satan) deceive you regarding Allah
34 only Allah knows the Hour. it is He who sends down Rain and knows what is in the Womb. no one knows what he will earn tomorrow or in which Land he will die. Lo! Allah is all-Knower, all-Aware



Sura 30 – The Romans (Ar-Rum)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 30
  • Part: 21
  • Total Verses: 60
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 The Romans have been defeated
3 in the near land, but will soon be victorious
4 within  Three (3) to Nine (9)Years the decision is with Allah concerning past and future and on that Day the Believers will rejoice
5 with Allah’s help, He helps whom He wills the all-Mighty, Merciful
6 it’s Allah promises, which He never fails but people don’t understand
7 they understand Worldly show and are unmindful of the Hereafter
8 don’t they think about themselves and that Allah has created not the Heavens and Earth and all between them except with Truth and for a Term, still many of Mankind deny meeting their Lord
9 don’t they travel and see the outcome of those before them. they were stronger, cultivating the Earth, populating it more than them. they rejected their Messengers who came with clear Signs. Allah did not wrong them but they wronged themselves
10 evil will be the ending of those who do evil. for they rejected and ridicule Allah’s Sign
Section 2
11 It is Allah who begins Creations and repeats it. then to Him you will return
12 on the Day that Hour, the guilty who rejected Allah will be in grief
13 with none to mediate, they will even reject their contacts!
14 on the Day in the Hour they will be  separated
15 Believers who did good will rejoice in the Garden of Delight
16 and the Rejecters who denied Our Sign and meeting of Hereafter will be punished
17 praise Allah in the start of Night and early Morning
18 Yes! praise to Him in the Heavens and Earth. in the late afternoon and evening
19 it is He who brings out living from the dead and dead from living and gives Life to Earth after it’s death. same way you shall be brought forth
20 and among His Signs are, He created you from Dust and as Humans you are spread wide
21 and among His Signs are He created your Mates from among you so that you may find Peace in them, and planted love between you. a Sign for those who reflect
22 among His Signs are the Creation of Heavens and Earth, and difference in your Language and Colour. a Sign for the well-informed
23 among His Signs are your sleep at Night and by Day to seek His bounty. a thought for those who heed
24 among His Signs are the Lightning of fear and hope. and He sends Water from the Sky to revive the dead Earth. a Sign for intelligent people
25 and among His Signs are, the Heavens and Earth standing by His command. He calls you once and you emerge from Earth
26 to Him belongs whosoever in the Heavens and Earth. all are obedient to Him
27 it is He who can easily begin Creation and will repeat it. to Him belongs the highest  description in the Heavens and Earth, for He is the all-Mighty, all-Wise
Section 4
28 He gives an example of yourself “do you share the wealth We gave you with your servants and fear them as equals?” thus We explain Our Sign for people who understand
29 the illiterate wrong doers follow their own lust; who will guide them whom Allah has led astray. for them there is no help
30 so turn your face towards the Faith. consistent with the way He has made Mankind and without change. that is the right Religion
31 turn to Him in Repentance. establish regular Prayers. and be not those who ascribe Partners
32 those who break their Religion into sect, each group rejoicing in itself
33 when in trouble touches Mankind they call Him repenting, but when He shows mercy some give Him credit joining others
34 being ungrateful! enjoy awhile but soon you will know
35 or did We authorize them to join Partners
36 when We show mercy, people rejoice but are miserable when evil befalls them of their own doings
37 don’t they see Allah gives or restricts provisions to whom He wills.  Sign for the Believers
38 so give to the poor, needy or the wayfarer it is best for whomsoever seek tolerance with Allah, they will prosper
39 Interest that you gain through other properties has no value with Allah, but Charity you give seeking Allah’s approval  multiplies may folds
40 Allah has created and provided for you, then will cause you to die and give you Life again. can anyone else do that? glory be to Him ! above all what they associate
Section 5 
41 evil appears in the land and sea by Mankind’s own hands doing, and Allah makes them taste their own work, hoping they might return
42 say “travel around the World and see their outcome!” most were Idolaters
43 so face yourself towards the right Religion before Allah’s unavoidable Day when Mankind shall be divided
44 those who disbelieve shall suffer its consequence while the Righteous make provisions for themselves
45 so that He may rewards the good from His bounty, He does not love the Faithless
46 among His Signs, He sends herald of Wind from His mercy to make Ships sail by His command and for you to seek His favor and be grateful
47 before you, We sent Messengers with clear Signs to their own people. those who rejected got Our wrath. for We always aid Believers
48 it is Allah who sends Winds to raise the Clouds in the sky than breaking it into pieces and causing Rain from within to fall on whomever of His Devotee, and they rejoice!
49 even though sometimes back they were in despair
50 so consider the pattern of Allah’s mercy! how He gives Life to Earth after its death. and the same will give Life to the Dead. He has power over all
51 and if We send Wind which turns (their fields) yellow, than they become ungrateful
52 so you cannot make the dead or deaf to hear the call who already had turned to flee
53 nor can you call back the blind from straying. or make anyone hear except those who believe in Our Revelations as Muslims
Section 6 
54 Allah who created you weak then gave you strength then again weakness and grey hair. He creates what He wills and is all Knowing, all-Powerful
55 on the Day when the Hour comes, the guilty will swear it has only been an hour. thus were they ever deceived!
56 but those with knowledge and faith will say “really you did linger within Allah’s Decree to the Judgment Day, and this is that Day and you were not aware!”
57 on that Day  no excuse will benefit them nor will they be allowed to seek Allah’s desire
58 all is explained in the Quran for Mankind but if you show any Sign the Disbelievers will say “you talk vain”
59 because Allah has sealed the Hearts of those who understand not
60 be patient for Allah’s promise is true. and don’t let those uncertain shake your Faith!


Sura 29 – The Spider (Al-Ankabut)


  • Revealed at :  Makka
  • Sura: 29
  • Part:  20
  • Total Verses:  69
                In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section   1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 Do Mankind think that by saying “we believe” they won’t be tried?
3 We had tested people before them, and Allah knows the honest from the liars
4 Wrongdoers think they can surpass Us. evil is their result
5 Whoso looks forward towards meeting Us. Allah’s reckoning is near, He Hears and Knows
6 Whoso works towards it, works for himself alone, for Allah is free of all needs from all Creations
7 Whoso does good, We will blot out their evil and reward them fully
8 We have instructed people to show kindness to parents but, if they put you against Allah and you do not understand than do not listen, for your return is to Me and I will tell you your deeds
9 and the good Believers, We shall admit them with the good
10 some among Mankind say “we believe in Allah” but when tested they change their words as if it was the wreath of Allah! but if any helps comes from Allah they say “we were always with you” doesn’t He know what’s in the Hearts of His Creations !
11 Allah knows whoever believes or pretends
12 the Disbelievers say to the Believers “follow our way and we will take on your sins” they lie, they cannot take on nothing
13 they will bear their own sins plus other sins and on Judgment Day will be called to give account for lying
  Section   2
14 We sent Noah who stayed with his people for a thousand Years less fifty. the flood engulfed the Wrongdoers
15 but We saved him and the Companion of the Ark. making them a Sign for all Mankind
16 and Abraham! he said to his people “best is to serve and fear Allah, if only you know”
17 “instead of Allah you worship idols that have no power to give you anything. ask Allah for provisions. serve Him and be grateful. for to Him is your return”
18 if you reject like the earlier Nations, the Messenger’s duty is to preach only
19 don’t you see how easily Allah originates Creations and repeats it
20 say “travel around the Earth and see how He originates Creations”
21 “He punishes or shows mercy to whomever He pleases. and to Him you return”
22 you cannot escape Him on Earth nor the Heavens, and besides Allah you have no protector or helper
  Section 3 
23 those who reject Allah’s Signs and meeting with Him will get no mercy. for them is terrible doom
24 nothing except this was his folks words “kill him! burn him” but Allah saved him from the Fire, a Sign for the Believers
25 He said “since you have chosen idols instead of Allah. the love between you is only life of this World but on Resurrection Day you will deny and curse each other as your home is the Fire with no helper
26 Lut believed Him and said “I will leave home for sake of my Lord the all-Mighty, all-Wise”
27 We gave Abraham, (sons) Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob (Yaqub) and decreed Prophet hood and the Book for his future generations rewarding him in this Life and among the Righteous in the Hereafter
28 Lut said to his people “you commit lewdness like no one ever did”
  Section   4
29 you approach (sodomy) Men and obstruct roads, and commit evil jointly? his people replied “if you are true than bring us Allah’s doom”
30 he said “my Lord help me against these wrongdoers”
31 so to Abraham Our Messenger came with the good news saying “we are going to destroy this townships evil people”
32 Abraham said “but Lut is there” they said “we know we will save him and his followers except his wife who shall remain there”
33 when the Messengers went and told Lut he was worried and felt helpless but they said “don’t fear we are going to save you and your followers but your wife shall remain there”
34 “for we are going to bring upon the Wrongdoers of this township punishment from the Sky”
35 “leaving it as a Sign for the people with understanding”
36 to the Madyan We sent their brother Shu’aib, he said “serve Allah, believe in the Last Day and avoid evil”
37 but they rejected him and the Earthquake flattened them in their homes
38 and Ad’s and Thamud’s its clear from their ruins, they were intelligent and gifted but Satan made their works look enticing and kept them away
39 and Korah, Pharaoh and Haman to them Moses went with clear Signs they rejected but could not surpass Us
40 each one We punished for their crimes. some with a violent stone showers, some with blast and some the Earth swallowed up and some drowned. it was not Allah who hurt them but they hurt their own Souls
41 the likeness of those who choose protector other than Allah is like a spider spinning to make a home. it is the weakest of all home. if only they but knew
42 Allah knows what things they call instead of Him. for He is all-Mighty, all-Wise
43 such parables we put forward for Mankind, but none will understand except the sensible
44 “Allah created Heaven and Earth with Truth” a Sign for the Believers
  Section   5
45 recite the Book which is inspired in you and establish regular Prayer that prevents you from evil. but most important is the remembrance of Allah who knows your doings
46 do not dispute with people of the Book except to better it. with the unjust, say “we believe in what’s revealed to us and revealed to you. our God and your God is One and to Him we submit as Muslims
47 thus We have revealed the Book to you and to those who got the Book before will believe as some others do. and none will reject Our Signs except the Disbelievers
48 you did not know how to read any Book before nor wrote any Book with your right Hand, otherwise those with pride would’ve doubted
49 nay! these are clear Signs in the breasts of those blessed with knowledge. and only the unjust reject
50 they say “why aren’t Signs sent down to him”  say “Signs are with Allah and I am only a Warner”
51 Isn’t the Book read out to them enough? which has mercy and reminder for the Believers
  Section   6
52 say “Allah is enough as witness between me and you; He knows what is in the Heavens and Earth. those with pride who reject Allah are losers”
53 they ask you to hasten punishment. if it had not been set for a term they would’ve surely got it. and it will arrive suddenly
54 they ask you to hasten punishment, He’ll definitely will descend over the Disbelievers
55 on the Day they will surely get Hell from above and beneath their feet and will hear “ taste for your doings”
56 oh my Devotees who believe! truly my Earth is spacious therefore worship Me
57 every person has to die. and returned to Us
58 good Believers home is forever in the Heavens in lofty Mansions with Rivers flowing beneath. an excellent reward
59 those who persevere, and trust their Lord!
60 many a Creatures are there who do not carry their own provision; Allah provides for them and for you. He the all-Hearer, all-Knower
61 if you ask them who created the Heaven and Earth and organized the Sun and Moon they will say “Allah” how than they can turn away?
62 Allah enlarges provisions to whichever Devotee He pleases and grants it by measures. Allah is aware of all things
63 if you were to ask, who sends down Rain from the Sky giving Life to the dead Earth? they will say “Allah” say “praise be to Allah” but they understand not
  Section   7
64 Life of this World is just pastime and play. but home in the Hereafter is true Life, if only they but knew
65 when on Ship they praise only Allah. but when He brings them safely to land they ascribe to Him partners
66 Shrugging off ungratefully Our gifts while enjoying it, soon they will know
67 don’t they see We’ve made a safe sanctuary for them? while all around them people are snatched away still they believe in falsehood and reject Allah’s bounty?
68 who is more wrong then the ones who invents lie about Allah and rejects faith upon receiving it? shouldn’t Hell be their home?
69 and those who strive in Our path, We shall guide them to Us for Allah is with the good