Sura 79 – Those who tear out (An-Naziat)


  • Revealed at :  Makkah
  • Sura:  79
  • Part:  30 
  • Total Verses:  46
       In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 by those who tear out violently
2 by those who draw out gently
3 and by those who glide smoothly
4 and those  who accelerate as if racing
5 and than those who execute the Commands
6 the Day when everything that can tremble, will tremble violently
7 followed by subsequent ones
8 that Day when Hearts beat painfully
9 and with downcast eyes
10 they’ll say “shall we be restored again?”
11 “even after being rotten bones?”
12 saying “that will be useless”
13 but then it will only need one shout
14 behold! all will be awake
15 haven’t you heard Moses story?
16 when his Lord called him to the Sacred valley of Tuwa;
17 “you go to Pharaoh for he has sinned beyond bounds”
18 “and say to him ‘would you purify yourself?’”
19 “i will guide you to your Lord whom you should fear?”
20 and he showed him the Great Sign
21 but he denied and rejected it
22 and quickly turned away
23 then he gathered and announced
24 saying “i am your exalted Lord”
25 so Allah punished him and made him an example for past and the future generations
26 Lo! here’s a lesson for those who fear
Section   2
27 are you harder to create or the Heaven’s He built?
28 He gave it height and perfection
29 and made the Night dark, than brought out its Light
30 then He spread the Earth
31 and brought forth from it Water and pastures
32 and fixed firmly the Mountains
33 for you and your Cattle’s use
34 but when the great Disaster strikes
35 a Day when Mankind will remember his actions
36 with the Hell-Fire visible for all to see
37 than as for the sinners
38 who chose this World’s Life
39 Hell will be their home
40 but for those who feared his Lord and prevented his Soul from lust
41 Garden will be their home
42 they ask you about the Hour “when will it come?”
43 why? what can you tell?
44 your Lord knows it’s Term
45 you are just a Warner who fears it
46 on that Day it will feel like it’s happened in an Afternoon or the Morning