Sura 33 – Combined Forces – (Al-Ahzab)




  •  Revealed at:  Medina
  •  Sura:  33
  • Part:  21 / 22 
  • Total Verses:  73
   In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
  Section   1
1 O Prophet! fear Allah and don’t heed the disbelievers and hypocrites. Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise
2 but follow your inspiration from your Lord. Allah knows your doings
3 and trust Allah. He is enough as a trustee
4 Allah has not given Man Two (2) Hearts within his body, nor has He made your Wives whom you say look like your Mother’s back as your real Mother, nor has He made your adopted Sons your real Son, these words are by your mouth. but Allah tells the truth and guides rightly
5 address them through their father that is more just with Allah and if you don’t know their fathers than call them brothers in Faith. and your freed slaves but it’s no sin if you make mistakes, it’s what’s in your heart’s intention. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
6 the Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves and his Wives are their mothers. some blood Relations are closer to each other in Decree of Allah than Believers and immigrants, nevertheless be kind to those brothers. this is written in the (Decree) Book
7 when (Remember) We took pledge from the Prophets, from you, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Son of Mary, a strong pledge
8 that He may question the steadfast of their loyalty, and He has prepared severe punishments for the Disbelievers
  Section   2
9 O Believers remember Allah’s Favors on you. when they came upon you in masses and We sent against them winds and force that you couldn’t see but Allah the all-Seer saw your doings
10 and they came upon you from above and below. your eyes dimmed Heart gasping thinking worst thoughts about Allah
11 being assessed the Believer were severely shaken
12 the hypocrite and ones with sickly Heart said “Allah and His Messenger promised us nothing but illusion”
13 when a group said “Men of Yathrib run, you cannot stand this. some asked the Messenger’s leave by saying “our houses lie open” in fact it wasn’t, they just wanted to flee
14 if enemy had surrounded them they would’ve very shortly resorted to treason
15 when they had promised Allah not to turn their backs, and promise made to Allah must be answered for
16 say “running away from death or killing won’t benefit you for it will be a short lived comfort”
17 say “who can protect you if Allah gives you punishments or mercy?” for they will not find another helper or protector besides Allah
18 Allah knows who stops (people) from fighting in Allah’s way when they call their brothers “come to us and they themselves hardly join the war”
19 envious over you. than when in fear of death you’ll see their eyes revolve looking at you but when it’s over they smite you with sharp tongues in their greed for goods. they are Faithless and it’s easy for Allah to make their deeds futile
20 they think the Allies have not withdrawn and if they should join again they would’ve wished they were wandering with the desert Bedouins, inquiring about you. but if with you they would hardly fight
  Section   3
21 in the Messenger of Allah you have an excellent example for anyone who looks up to Allah, the last Day and remembers Allah much
22 when the Believers saw the Allied forces they said “this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us that was true” and it only increased their Faith and submission
23 among the Believers are Men who fulfill their agreement to Allah. some paid in Death (battle) and some still awaiting without hesitation
24 so that Allah may reward true Men for their Truth and punish or forgive the hypocrites. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
25 and Allah repulsed the Disbelievers in their rage with no gain, thus preventing attacks on the Believers. for Allah is Powerful and Mighty
26 and those people of the Book who aided them (Disbelievers), Allah drove them down from their strongholds with panic stricken Hearts. some you killed and made some prisoners
27 He made you inherit their Lands, Houses and Goods and also Land where you hadn’t walked before. for Allah is all-Powerful
  Section   4
28 O’ Prophet! say to your Wives “if you desire Life of this World than come! I will provide and release you handsomely”
29 but if you seek Allah and his Messenger and home in the Hereafter than for the virtuous Allah has prepared great reward”
30 O Wives of the Prophet! if any of you are guilty of open illegal Sexual intercourse. than the punishment is doubled for her
31 and if you are good and devoted to Allah and His Messenger than We shall reward her double with rich provisions
32 O Wives of the Prophet! you are not like any other Woman. if you do fear, than don’t speak softly, but speak generally least he with passion in his Heart yearns.
33 stay in your houses without showy display like in the ignorant times. establish regular Prayers, give Charity, obey Allah and His Messenger for Allah wishes to remove uncleanness from you, members of the House, so that you are pure and spotless
34 and heed what is reviewed in your House of Allah’s Revelations and wisdoms. for Allah is most-Kind, Aware
  Section 5
35 for Muslim Men and Woman, for Believing Men and Woman, for Pious Men and Woman, for Obedient Men and Woman, for Truthful Men and Woman, for humble Men and Woman, for Men and Woman who give Charity, for Men and Woman who Fasts, for Chaste Men and Woman and Men and Woman who praise Allah much, for them Allah has prepared Forgiveness and great Reward
36 it does not befit believing Men or Woman to question a matter which has been decided by Allah and His Messenger: if anyone disobeys them is on the wrong path
37 and when you said to him who had received Allah’s grace and you’re favor “keep your Wife and fear Allah” but you hid in your Heart what Allah was to reveal. you feared the people but it’s more befitting to fear Allah. so when Zaid had completed the formalities (of Divorce) from her, We joined her in Marriage to you. an example that it’s no Sin for Believers to marry the ex-Wife of his adopted Son after he completes the necessary formalities. for Allah’s command must be fulfilled
38 there’s no blame on Prophet in fulfilling Allah’s duty. this was Allah’s way in the past. and Allah’s command is determined Decree
39 those who convey Allah’s Message and fear none but Him, Allah is enough to take account
40 Mohammad is not a father of any Man among you, but a Messenger and the Seal of Prophets. Allah is All-Aware of everything
  Section   6
41 Believers! remember Allah frequently
42 glorifying Him Morning and Afternoon
43 He it is who sends blessings on you as do His Angels. that He may bring you out from Darkness and into Light. He is full of Mercy to the Believers
44 their salutation on the Day they’ll meet Him will be “Peace” and He has prepared a generous Reward for them
45 O Prophet! We’ve sent you as Our witness and bearer of good news and warnings
46 and as one inviting to Allah by His leave. like Lamp spreading Light
47 so announce the good news to Believers that they shall be greatly rewarded
48 don’t obey the disbelievers and hypocrites and disregard their annoyance. trust Allah for He is enough as Trustee
49 Believers! when you marry believing Woman and Divorce them before Sexual Intercourse, than no waiting period (Iddah) is required, so set them free with handsome gifts
50 O! Prophet! lawful to you are your Wives who’s Dowry you’ve paid, and those that you’re right hand possesses assigned to you by Allah. daughters of your paternal uncles and aunts and daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts who migrated with you, any believing Woman who gives herself to the Prophet provided he wants to marry her. that’s only for you and not for others. We know what We’ve intended for them regarding their Wives and what their right hand possess, so that you are not blamed. Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
51 you may reorganize or receive (Wives) whom you please and invite one whom you have set aside, that is better for their comfort to prevent grief, giving happiness with all that you give. Allah knows what’s in your Heart. He is All-Knowing, Most-Patient
52 after this no more Woman is lawful for you nor change them for other Wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those whom your right hand possesses. Allah watches over all things
  Section   7
53 Believers! don’t enter Prophets house for a meal and wait for its preparation. but when invited enter, eat and leave. don’t wait to chat, as this annoys the Prophet and he feels ashamed to dismiss you but Allah tells the truth. if you want than talk to them (his Wife) from behind a screen for it’s pure for you and their Hearts. it not right to annoy Allah’s Messenger, nor should you ever marry his Wives after him. for that’s enormity in Allah’s sight
54 whether you reveal or conceal anything Allah’s all-Knowing
55 it is no  sin for them to appear before their Fathers or their Sons, their Brothers or their Brothers Sons or their Sisters Sons or their Woman or what their right hand possess. be mindful for Allah witnesses everything
56 Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet. Believers! you too send your blessing and salutations with all respect
57 whoever annoys Allah and his Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this World and the Hereafter with humiliating Doom
58 those who defame believing Men and Woman are guilty of slander and thus are Sinners
  Section 8
59 O Prophet! tell your Wives and Daughters and believers Woman to draw their cloaks around them, (when journeying) which is most convenient so that they are recognised and not annoyed. Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful
60 truly! if the hypocrites with diseased Hearts and the agitators in Medina don’t stop! We shall stir you against them then they will not be able to stay as neighbors for long
61 being cursed, whenever found they will be seized and slain mercilessly
62 this was previously practiced by Allah and you will not find it changed
63 Men ask you about the Hour say “only Allah knows. how can I explain, maybe it’s near!”
64 Lo! Allah has cursed the Disbelievers and prepared for them a blazing Fire
65 to live there forever: no protector or helper will they find
66 the Day their Faces will be turned into the Fire they will say “wish we had obeyed Allah and His Messenger!”
67 they will say “O’ Lord we obeyed our Chiefs the great ones and they put us in the wrong path”
68 Our Lord! give them double punishment with great curse!
   Section   9
69 Believers! don’t be like those who insulted Moses. but Allah proved his innocence. for in Allah’s sight he held a high place
70 Believers! be dutiful and fear Allah, speak always the truth
71 so that He may make your behavior whole and unblemished, forgiving your Sins. whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has attained supreme achievement
72 We did offer the Trust to the Heavens, the Earth and the Mountains: but they refused to take on being afraid, but Mankind undertook it. proving of being unjust and foolish
73 therefore Allah will punish the hypocrite Men and Woman and the disbelieving Men and Woman. but Allah will turns to Mercy to believing Men and Woman. for Allah is oft-Forgiving, most-Merciful