Sura 7 – The Heights (Al-Ar’af)

THE HEIGHTS (AL-AR’AF)                        

  • Revealed at :  Mecca
  • Sura :  7
  • Part : (8)  /  9
  • Total Verses :  206
In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful
  Section   1
1 Alif, Lam, Mim, Saad
2 a Book sent down to you, but don’t make your chest heavy from it that you may warn and caution the Believers
3 follow the Revelations sent to you by your Lord, don’t follow any protectors (Aulliya) except Him. little do you remember!
4 many a Town We’ve punished and destroyed by Night or while they slept at noon
5 upon being punished they exclaimed “alas! we were wrongdoers!”
6 We shall definitely question those to whom Our Message was sent and question the Messengers too
7 a­­­nd tell them with facts, for We were not absent
8 the Scale that Day will be correct. those with Heavy scales are the successful
9 but those who’s scales are Light will lose their own selves for they wronged Our Revelations
10 it is We who established you on Earth with provisions for your livelihood. little thanks you give!
  Section   2
11 We created and shaped you; then said to the Angels “bow down to Adam” all did except Satan who refused to bow
12 He asked “why you refused My command to bow?” he said “i am better than him, You’ve created me from Fire and him from clay”
13 He said “go down from this, here is no place for the arrogant and dishonored”
14 he said “give me leave till their revival”
15 (Allah) said “Lo! you are given leave”
16 (Satan) said “Since You’ve banished me. i will lie in wait for those following Your straight path”
17 “then i shall come upon them from their front, back, right or left. most of them you won’t find grateful”
18 (Allah) said “get out from here. you degraded outcast, I shall fill Hell with you all”
19 “Adam you and your Wife live in the Garden eat whatever you want but don’t go near this Tree otherwise you will be Sinners”
20 than Satan whispered to them suggestions to expose what was hidden of their Private Parts saying “your Lord stopped you from this Tree because you might become Angels or Immortal”
21 and he swore to them both saying “i am your sincere adviser”
22 thus he tricked them, and when they tasted from the Tree their Private Parts showed and they started covering themselves with the leaves of Paradise. their Lord called “didn’t I forbid you from this Tree and from Satan your enemy”
23 they said “Lord we were wrong. forgive us and have Mercy, otherwise we will surely be lost”
24 He said “get down with enmity among each other to live on Earth a place with provision provided  for a time”
25 “in it you shall live, die and then brought forth”
Section   3
26 O Children of Adam! We’ve revealed to you coverings to cover your shame and also for beauty, but cover from evil is best. a Sign from Allah for them to remember
27 O Children of Adam! don’t let Satan seduce you like he did to your Parents and made them leave Paradise naked, for he and his clan watches you from where you cannot see. We’ve made Satan a friend of the Disbelievers
28 when they do vulgarity they say “our Parents did it and Allah directed it on us” say “Allah does not command vulgarity so don’t say what you don’t know”
29 say “my Lord commands justice. and you should face Him alone at every place of worship, making His Religion pure. as He created you so shall you return”
30 some He guided, others chose Satan’s way and think they chose correctly
31 O Children of Adam! attend to your beautification at every prayer place, eat drink but without wasting for Allah dislikes wasters
Section   4
32 say: who has forbidden the gifts provided by Allah, the good pure things that are for His Devotees? say: such on Judgment Day will be for those who believed during their life in the World. thus we explain Our Sign for People with understanding
33 say: my Lord has forbidden shameful deeds, committed openly or secretly. Sin’s against Truth or reason, joining Partners to Allah for which He has given no authority, and talking about Allah things you don’t know
34 and for every Nation We’ve appointed a term: and when it comes none can delay or advance it
35 O Children of Adam! if a Messenger comes from amongst you reciting My Revelations than whoever shuns evil and mend their ways shall have no worry or grief
36 but those who reject and scorn Our Signs they are companions of Fire and shall live in it
37 who is more wrong than him who lies against Allah or reject His Verses? they will receive their share from the Book until Our Messenger of Death arrives. and ask them “where are they whom you called besides Allah?” they will reply “they have left us” thus testifying against themselves that they were Disbelievers
38 He will say “enter Nation’s of Humans and Jinn’s into the Fire along with those earlier ones” each group cursing and blaming the previous ones saying “Lord they have misled us give them double punishment in the Fire” He’ll reply “double for all! don’t you get it”
39 than the first one will say to the last “see! you were no better off than us. so taste what you’ve earned!”
Section   5
40 for the scorners and Rejecters of our Sign’s. the Gates of Heavens will not be opened nor can they enter the Garden until, the Camel goes through the needles Eye. Our punishment for Sinners
41 for them is a bed with layers of coverings of Hell, Our revenge for the unjust
42 as for Righteous Believers We do not burden them more than they can bear. their home is in the Gardens forever
43 We shall remove all grief from their Hearts, and with flowing Rivers beneath them: they will say “praise to Allah who guided us otherwise we would’ve been wrong, His Messenger did explain the Truth”. and they’ll hear a shout “behold! the Gardens you inherited for your deeds”
44 the Gardens Residents will call out to the Residents of the Fire “we’ve got what the Lord promised did you?”  they will say “yes” and the crier between them will yell “Allah’s curse on evil”
45 “those who hinder in Allah’s path, making it crooked they are Disbeliever in the Hereafter”
46 between them shall be a veil and on the Heights will be Men who know them all by their marks. they will call out to the Residents of the Garden “Peace be on you” for they hope to enter but still haven’t
47 but when they see the Residents of the Fire they will say “Lord do not place us with the Sinners”
Section   6
48 People on the Heights will call to certain People whom they identify from their marks saying “what did you gain from your hoardings and arrogance?”
49 “aren’t these the People you swore that Allah will not show Mercy on them? enter the Garden without fear or grief”
50 the Residents of Fire will say to the Resident of the Gardens “pour us some Water or provision Allah has given you” they’ll reply “Allah has forbidden to the Disbelievers”
51 “those who took their Religion as fun and joke and were charmed by Life of this World” that Day We shall forget them as they forgot Our meeting of this Day because they used to reject Our Sign’s
52 We definitely gave them a Guidance Book based on knowledge, explained in detail giving Guidance and Mercy to all Believers
53 do they wait for the outcome? on that Day those who ignored earlier will say “the Messenger did bring us the Truth, can anyone intervene on our behalf or we be sent back so that we behave differently than before?” in fact they have lost their Souls and their plans failed
  Section   7
54 your Lord is Allah who created the Heavens and Earth in (6) Six Days than He mounted the Throne. He makes Night cover the Day following each other in rotation. the Sun, Moon and Stars all are created and Commanded by Him. for He is the Lord of the Worlds!
55 call you Lord modestly in private, for He does not like aggressors
56 and do not create trouble on Earth after it’s organised. call Him in fear and hope, for He is close to the good
57 it’s He who sends Winds as good news of His Mercy of the oncoming Rain Cloud’s, and when they carry the heavy clouds, We drive them to a Dead Land pouring Rain and producing all kinds of Fruits. thus We revive the Dead: if you remember
58 from the good Land the vegetation comes forth by its Lords will, but only worthless comes from the bad Land. thus We explain Our Sign to the thankful
  Section   8
59 We sent Noah to his People he said “my People worship Allah you have none other but Him. i fear for you the punishment of a horrific Day!”
60 but leaders of his peoples said “we see you are plainly mistaken”
61 he said “my People!  i am not mistaken rather i am the Messenger sent from the Lord of the Worlds!”
62 “i am conveying Sincerely the Message of my Lord to you. i know this from Allah you don’t”
63 “don’t you wonder that a Messenger from Allah has come from amongst you to warn you that gladly you may find Mercy”
64 but they rejected him so We saved him along with those in the Ark, and drowned the ones who rejected Our Sign’s: these were blind folks!
  Section   9
65 and to Aad, sent their brother Hud, he said “O my People worship Allah there is no God but Him so won’t you fear?”
66 the leader of Disbelievers among his People said “we feel you are foolish and a liar”
67 “O my People i am not foolish but a Messenger from the Lord of the Worlds”
68 “i am conveying my Lords Message and am your trustworthy adviser”
69 “don’t you wonder that a Messenger from amongst you has come to warn you, you are successors of People of Noah and command respect. remember Allah’s favor’s so that you may prosper”
70 they said “you ask us to worship Allah and give-up what our fathers worshiped? than show us what you threaten us with if you are truthful”
71 he said “you have already received Allah’s punishment and wrath, still you dispute over names that you and your fathers gave without Allah’s authority. than wait, for i am waiting too”
72 We saved him along with his People by Our Mercy and destroyed the base of those who rejected Our Sign’s
  Section   10
73 to Thamud people We sent their brother Salih, he said “my people you have no God except Allah so worship Him. a Sign from your Lord is this she-Camel let her graze on Earth, don’t hurt her otherwise you will be severely punished”
74 “and remember He made you successors of Aad People and settled you on Earth. you made palaces in the plains and carved out homes in the Mountains. so remember His gifts and stop mischief on Earth”
75 their scornful Chiefs said to the weak and powerless Believers “do you know that Salih is Messenger from his Lord” they said “yes! and we believe the Revelations sent through him”
76 then the arrogant Group replied “and we reject what you believe”
77 and they killed the she Camel against the Lords Command and said “Salih bring what you threaten us with if you are the Messenger”
78 and an Earthquake seized them, in the Morning they were found flat in their homes
79 Salih left them saying “my People i did convey the Lords Message but you didn’t care for good advice”
80 and Lut! who said to his People “you commit Sin like no Man in the World ever did”
81 you lust after Men instead of Woman, you have sinned beyond bounds
82 his peoples said “turn them out of the City these are Men who want to be pure”
83 and We saved him and his family except his Wife who stayed behind
84 and We rained a rain (Brimstone) on them. see the ending of the Sinners
  Section   11
85 to the Madyan (sent) their brother Shu’aib who said “O my People! worship Allah none except Him, you have received His clear Sign’s, give full measures and Weights, do not cheat withholding peoples things nor do mischief on Earth after it’s set in order. that’s better for you if you believe”
86 “and do not lurk on Allah’s paths in hope to make it crooked and turn away Believers. remember when you were few, how He multiplied you. and see the wrongdoers end”
87 “and if there are some who believe and some who reject the Message of Allah with which i have been sent, have patience until Allah, the best Judge decides between us”


  •             Revealed at :  Mecca
  •             Sura :  7
  •             Part : 8  /  (9)
  •             Total Verses :  206
88 Chief of his arrogant People said “ Shu’aib we shall drive you out of our Town with your Believers, or else come back to our Religion. he said “what, even if we hate it?”
89 we would be lying against Allah, if we return to your Religion, from which He rescued us. unless Allah wills, we shall never return to it Allah knows and we trust Him.  “our Lord decide between us and our People, for You are the best Judge”
90 leaders of his disbelieving people said “if you follow Shu’aib surely you will be ruined!”
91 but the Earthquake seized them and before Morning they lay flat in their homes
92 those who denied Shu’aib became as if they had never lived there, those who rejected him were losers!
93 Shu’aib left saying “my People i did convey the Lords Message and gave you good advice. than how can i grieve over the Disbelievers”
Section   12
94 We do not send Prophet to a Town until We afflict the People with trouble and hardship so that they may grow humble
95 than We change their misery to wealth and they begin to say “our fathers suffered than became wealthy” but then suddenly We take them by surprise
96 if People of the Town believed and shunned evil surely We would’ve given them blessings from the Sky and on Earth but Since they rejected We held them on account
97 did People of the Town felt secure from Our wrath coming over them by Night?
98 or did they feel secure of Our wrath coming while playing in broad Daylight?
99 or do they at all feel secure from Allah’s plan?  none can, except the doomed!
  Section   13
100 isn’t it clear to the Earth‘s inheritors, that if We wanted, We can punish and seal their Hearts to prevent them from listening
101 such were stories of the Towns We told you. Messengers were sent with clear proof but People wouldn’t believe as they had rejected before. thus Allah seals the Heart’s of the Disbelievers
102 mostly We found their promise untrue and them rebellious
103 after them We sent Moses to Pharaoh and his Chiefs, but they too rejected. than see the end of the wrongdoers!
104 Moses said “Pharaoh i am a Messenger from Lord of the Worlds”
105 “i can say nothing, except the Truth concerning Allah, now i come to you from your Lord, let the Children of Israel leave with me”
106 he replied “if truly you’ve come with clear proofs than show us”
107 than (Moses) threw his Rod and it turned into a Snake
108 and drew out his Hand and everyone saw it White!
  Section   14
109 Pharaoh’s chiefs said “he is a well-versed Magician”
110 “his plan is to throw you from your Land, then what?”
111 they said “keep him and his brother in suspense and send your Men to the Cities”
112 “to bring every known Magician to you”
113 and the Magicians said to Pharaoh “surely we will be rewarded if we win”
114 he replied “yes and you will be closest to me”
115 they said “Moses will you cast first or shall we?”
116 Moses said “you cast” and when they cast the People became enchanted upon seeing their Magic
117 We inspired Moses “throw your rod” and behold! it ate up all their demonstrations
118 thus Truth was confirmed and all their doings were useless
119 they returned defeated and disgraced
120 the Magicians fell down prostrate
121 saying “we believe in Lord of the Worlds!”
122 “Lord of Moses and Aaron”
123 Pharaoh said “you believe in him without my permission? you’ve devised this plan to drive People out of this City. soon you will know”
124 “i will cut off your Hands and feet on the opposite sides and crucify you”
125 they said “then we return to Our Lord!”
126 you want to take revenge on us because we believed the Lords Sign that we received. “O Lord give us patience and let us die as Muslims”
Section   15
127 Pharaoh’s chiefs said “will you leave Moses and his People to do evil in the Land and forget you and your God” he said “kill their Sons but let their Women live, we have power over them”
128 Moses said to his People “Pray patiently for Allah’s help. this Earth belongs to Allah. He gives to whoever he wants. the end is for the good”
129 they said “we’ve had troubles before and after you came” he said “maybe Allah will destroy your enemy and make you rulers of the land and is checking your deeds”
  Section   16
130 and We punished Pharaoh and his People with Years of famine as a warning
131 but in good times they said “this is because of our doings” and when in trouble say “this is due to ill omen of Moses and his People” know that their evil omens are only from Allah but most don’t realise!
132 they said “whatever Magic tricks you show us we shall not believe it”
133 so We sent on them floods, locust, pests, frogs and blood the Sign’s that didn’t need explaining, but People were deep in Sin
134 when in trouble they said “Moses appeal to your Lord His promise to you and save us. if this disaster is removed we shall believe and let you and the Children of Israel go”
135 but every time We removed their punishment to a fixed Term which they had to reach, they broke their promise
136 so We took revenge and drowned them into the Sea because they rejected nor heeded Our warnings
137 We made the People who were considered weak inheritors of the East and West part of Land and blessed it. and your Lord completed His promise to the tolerant Children of Israel. We destroyed all the fine buildings and works of Pharaoh and his People
138 and took the Children of Israel across the Sea, where they met some idol worshipers who said “Moses make an idol for us like their idol” he replied “you people are ignorant”
139 “and will be destroyed because of your vain doings”
140 he said “should i look for God other than Allah when it’s Allah who has given you superior gifts?”
141 and saved you from Pharaoh’s People who gave horrible punishment killing your Sons and sparing your Women. that was a trial from your Lord
  Section   17 
142 We fixed for Moses (30) Thirty nights plus (10) Ten thus completing the (40) Forty nights period with his Lord. Moses said to his brother Aaron “be in charge of my people and avoid Sin”
143 when Moses reached the decided place and the Lord spoke to Moses, Moses said “My Lord, show yourself to me” Allah said “you cannot really see me but look at the Mountain closely if you can see it standing than you will see Me” and when the Lord revealed His Magnificence, the Mountain came crashing down and Moses fainted, when he woke up he said “glory my Lord to You!  i repent and i am the first of Believers”
144 He said “Moses I have chosen you above People with my Message and My spoken words, so accept what I gave you with thanks”
145 We inscribed Law’s on Tablets for him Commanding and explaining all matters. (saying) “hold these firmly and direct your people to follow better ways, soon I will show you the home of evildoers”
146 and those behaving arrogantly on Earth. I will turn them away from My Revelations. even if they see it they will not believe or adopt the right way, but will adopt wrong ways. because they rejected and ignored Our Revelations
147 those that disbelieve Our Sign and meeting of the Hereafter, futile are their efforts, do they deserve reward for their past deeds?
Section   18
148 Moses folk’s, in his absence, created a low sounding calf from the ornaments. don’t they see it could neither speak nor guide them? they worshiped it, and thus became wrongdoers
149 and when they regretted and realized their mistake they said “if our Lord won’t forgive us, than we are lost “
150 when Moses returned to his people, angry and sad he said “you committed evil in my absence, do you want your Lords early Judgment?” then he put down the Tablets and seized his brothers hair pulling him towards him and said “my Mother’s Son my people think i am weak and nearly killed me!” don’t make my enemies rejoice at my fall, and don’t put me among the evildoers
151 Moses prayed “O my Lord forgive my brother and me and have Mercy on us for you are most Merciful”
  Section   19
152 those who worshiped the Calf will have the wrath from their Lord and shame in this World, thus We revenge the inventor of lies
153 but the wrongdoers who repent and believe. Lo! their Lord is oft-Forgiving most Merciful
154 when Moses anger calmed down he picked up the Tablets and in the writing was Guidance and Mercy for those who fear
155 Moses chose (70) Seventy Men for Our meeting place and when violent trembling came upon them he said “Lord if you wanted you could’ve destroyed us already, for the doing’s of our ignorant. this is a test from You, for it’s on You to put astray or guide anyone. You are our Savior and best at Forgiving so forgive us and give us Mercy”
156 and choose for us good in this World and in the Hereafter for we have turned to you. He said “I will punish whom I will, yet My Mercy is for all, and declare it for those who do good, give Charity and believe Our Revelations”
157 those who follow the unlettered Prophet already mentioned in Torah and the Gospel, for he teaches them the difference of right and wrong, allows them good and forbids bad. and remove their heavy load and restraints. so those who believe him, honor and follow the light sent down to him such will prosper
  Section   20
158 say “O People! i am Messenger of Allah to who belongs all in the Heavens and Earth there is no God except Him, He gives Life and Death. believe in Allah and his unlettered Messenger, who is Allah’s Believer, and follow him on the right path”
159 there was a Group of Moses People who were true and did justice
160 We divided them into Twelve (12) Tribes, and when his People asked Moses for Water We inspired in him “strike the Rock with your Rod” and out gushed Twelve (12) Springs. each Tribe knew their Spring. and We gave them shade from the Cloud and Manna and Quails (saying) “eat the good things We’ve given you. for they couldn’t harm Us but they harmed their own Souls”
161 they were told “live in this Town and eat whatever you wish but speak humbly even when you enter its Gates: We shall forgive your Sins and reward the good”
162 but the evil ones changed the words that We gave, so We sent a wrath from Heaven for their wrongdoings
Section   21
163 ask them of the Town by the Sea who broke their Sabbath. how the big fish came to them openly on their day of Sabbath. but the Day they broke the Sabbath Fish did not come to them. this was a trial for the wrongdoers
164 when a group asked “why do you preach those who you know Allah will destroy soon?” the preachers replied “to do my duty towards my Lord, that perhaps they may fear Him”
165 when they ignored the warning. We rescued those who shunned evil and gave severe punishment to the Sinners
166 so when they were committing evil and boasting. We said “be ye ‘Apes’ hated and rejected”
167 and your Lord declared that He will send against them those who will give them cruel punishment. for your Lord is quick to retaliate but oft-Forgiving and Merciful
168 We divided them in groups on Earth. some were good some quite the opposite We tried them with prosperity and poverty in case they might return
169 after them generation came inheriting the Book and they choose vain pride, saying “we will be forgiven” but if they get another chance they will repeat. didn’t they promise to study the Book and speak only the Truth regarding Allah? the Hereafter is better for those who avoid (evil). don’t you understand?
170 as for those who follow the Book and Pray regularly, never shall We let the reward of the good go to waste
171 when We shook the Mountain and when they felt it may fall over them (We said) “hold fast what We’ve given you, maybe you may fight off (evil)”
  Section   22
172 when you’re Lord brought forward from the loins of the Children of Adam’s their offspring and made them testify against themselves (saying) “am I not your Lord?” they said “yes” (this) in case you should say on Judgment Day “we were unaware”
173 or you may say “because of the deeds of our Idolater Fathers, will You than destroy us on account of what those people did?”
174 thus We explain in details Our Revelations that perhaps you may revert
175 tell them the story of him who upon receiving Our Sign disregarded it, and so Satan seized him and lead him astray
176 if We wanted we could’ve elevated him but he chose the Earth and lust. he is like a Dog whether attacked or unharmed he will always loll out his tongue just like those who Reject Our Sign. tell them the stories so that they think
177 evil as an example are people who reject Our Sign’s doing wrong to their own Soul
178 whoever Allah guides is on right path and whomever He rejects are losers
179 already many Jinn and Humans We’ve made for Hell. for their Hearts do not understand, their eyes do not see and ears do not hear. they are like Cattle even worse! and heedless
180 the most beautiful Names are Allah’s call Him by them. and avoid company of those who do Blasphemy to His name for they will soon be punished
181 among those We’ve created, are people who guide with truth and instruct justice
  Section   23
182 those who Reject Our Sign’s. We will punish them unexpectedly
183 although a breather I will grant them, for My plans are strong
184 don’t they think? their companion is not mad but a wise Warner
185 don’t they at all consider Allah’s authority governing Heavens and Earth and all His created things, and that their end may well be near. what else will they believe in after this?
186 whoever Allah rejects are alone and astray
187 they ask you about the Hour when will it come? say “only Allah knows and will show it at the right time” heavy is its burden upon the Heavens and Earth and it will come suddenly. they ask you as if you know, say “Allah only knows but most Mankind knows not”
188 say “i do not gain or lose except what Allah wills. if i knew the unseen than i would’ve amassed enough good so no evil could touch me but i am only a Warner and bringer of good news to the Believers”
  Section   24 
189 He it is who created you from a Single Being and made out of the same his Mate, so that he finds comfort in her. when they unite she carries a Light burden which slowly becomes heavy and they both Pray to Allah “if You give us a healthy child we shall be grateful”
190 but after they receive a healthy child they join partners to Him in what He had given them. but Allah is high above what they join Him with
191 joining Him with things who cannot create anything but are themselves created!
192 neither can they give help, nor help themselves!
193 if you call them to Guidance they will not listen. it is same whether you call or remain silent
194 those whom you call besides Allah are subjects like yourself. call them and see if they answer, if you are truthful
195 do they have feet to walk, Hands to hold, Eyes to see, or Ears to hear? say “call your Partners and scheme your worst, and give me no breather”
196 “for Allah is my protector, He revealed the Book and protects the Righteous”
197 “but those you call besides Him cannot help you nor help themselves”
198 if you invite them to Guidance they don’t hear, you can see them looking at you but they don’t see
199 hold to forgiveness, direct what’s right and stay away from the ignorant
200 and if Satan troubles you take shelter in Allah. He hears and knows
201 those who guard when evil thoughts cross their minds they remember Allah and they can then see
202 but their brothers (the Satan’s) plunge them into the wrong constantly
203 when you don’t bring a Revelation they say “why haven’t you chosen one?” say “i only follow what the Lord revels to me, these are His insight, Guidance and Mercy for the Believers”
204 listen quietly and attentively when the Quran is recited so that you may receive Mercy
205 remember your Lord with humbleness and respect, in a mild voice Morning and Evening without neglect
206 those near to their Lord do not turn away to Serve, Praise and Bow down before Him