Sura: 40

Part: 24

Total Verses:  85

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 Ha Mim
2 the Revelation of this Book is from  Allah the Mighty all-Knower
3 who forgives Sin, accepts repentance and is strict in punishment. the generous. there is no God but He, and to Him is the final journey
4 none dispute about Allah’s Sign’s except the Disbelievers so don’t let their daring act in the Land deceive you
5  the people of Noah. than later the Confederates. all Nations plotted against their Messenger arguing falsely trying to refute the Truth. then I seized them!  than how was My punishment !
6 thus the Lords ruling against the Disbelievers proved true. for truly they are companions of Fire !
7 those who bear the Throne and those around it hymn their Lords praise believe in Him and ask forgiveness for other Believers: “Our Lord! you know all regarding Mercy and knowledge so forgive those who repent and follow Your way. save them from punishment of Hell Fire”
8 “Our Lord! grant them Garden of Eden that you promised along with their righteous fathers, wives and offspring’s. you are all-Mighty and Wise”
9 “save them from ill deeds for whoever you save that Day and bestow Mercy, that’ll be their supreme achievement”
  Section   2
10 the Disbelievers will be addressed “Allah’s dislike was greater than your dislike for one another when you were called to Faith and refused”
11 they’ll say “our Lord twice you’ve made us die and twice given life. we confess to our Sins, is there any way out?”
12 “this because when Allah was mentioned you rejected, but when partners were joined to Him you believed. the Command is with Allah the most High, Great!”
13 He showed you His Sign’s sending down provisions from the Sky. none pay heed except  those who repent
14 call Allah with sincere devotion. however much the Disbelievers dislike
15 raised high above Ranks, Lord of the Throne: by His command can send Inspiration to any Devotees to warn of the Day of meeting
16 the Day when they come forth, nothing of theirs hidden from Allah; who will dominate that Day? that’s Allah’s the One the Almighty !
17 on that Day every Soul will be awarded what they deserve without injustice for Allah is swift in taking account
18 warn them of the oncoming Day when the Hearts will choke up their throat, and they unable to nether return it to their chest nor discard it. with no friend or pleader to help the sinners
19 Allah knows the sly eyes and what the Hearts hide
20 Allah will Judge with Truth, whereas those whom they call besides Him cannot Judge at all. Lo! it’s Allah who Hears and Sees all
Section   3
21 don’t they travel around Earth and see the end of people before them. they were superior to them in might and intelligence in the remnant left behind. but Allah summoned them to account for their Sins and they had no defense against Allah
22 because their Messenger came to them with clear Signs and they rejected. so Allah seized them: for He is Strong and stern in punishment
23 indeed We had sent Mosses with Our Sign’s and with clear authority
24 to Pharaoh, Ham an and Korah  but they called him “a Magician telling lies”
25 when he brought them Truth from Us they said “slay his followers son’s and spare their female” but the Disbelievers always blunder in their plot
26 Pharaoh said “leave me to slay Mosses, let him call his Lord! i fear he might change your Religion or create mischief in the Land”
27 Moses said “indeed i have called upon mine and your Lord to help me from every arrogant ones who don’t believe in Day of Account”
Section   4
28 a Believer from Pharaoh’s people disguising his beliefs said “will you kill a Man who says ‘his Lord is Allah? and brings you clear Sign’s, if he’s telling lie’s his lie is upon him but he might be telling Truth then Allah’s wrath maybe on you:” Lo! Allah doesn’t guide corrupt liars”
29 “’O my people you are strong in the Land today, but who will help us from Allah’s punishments?” Pharaoh said “i do and show you what i see and will guide you correctly”
30 then the Believer said: “my people i fear that you’ll have the same fate like the Confederates”
31 “and fate like people of Noah, A‘ad, Thamud and subsequently others:” Allah doesn’t wish injustice to His Devotees
32 “and O my people, i fear for you from the Day of being summoned”
33 “a Day when you shall turn your backs and flee. no savior from Allah: for if the Lord sends you stray non can guide”
34 and Joseph(Yusuf) came to you earlier with clear Sign’s and you didn’t doubt it: but when he died you said Allah won’t send any more Messengers and started doubting. thus Allah lets astray sinning doubters
35 whoever disputes regarding Allah’s Revelation without grounds they are greatly detested in sight of Allah and the Believer’s. thus Allah seals all arrogant wrongdoers Hearts
36 Pharaoh said “O Haman build me a tall tower to reach the path”
37 “path to Heavens so i may climb and see Moses God: for i think he’s liar”. thus whatever Pharaoh did looked appealing to his own eyes and thereby deterring Pharaoh and ruining his plot
Section   5
38 the Believer further said “O my people follow me to the right path”
39 “O my people do not vie for present Life for its transitory. lasting is home in the Hereafter”
40 those who do Evil will get same in return and the righteous Believer Man or Woman will enter Garden of Bliss with endless provisions
41 “O my people! i don’t know why i call you to salvations while you call me to Hell Fire!”
42 “you ask me to join you in Blasphemy against Allah joining Him with that i know nothing about, and i invite you to the Mighty the Forgiver”
43 “surely you call me to ones who cannot grant me anything in this World or Hereafter but our return is to Allah, and the sinners are owners of Fire”
44 “soon you will remember my sayings. i leave my cause to Allah. for Allah sees to His Devotees”
45 then Allah saved him from their scheming and a dreadful doom surrounded Pharaoh’s folks
46 they will be brought into the Fire Morning and Afternoon. and said on the Day upon the Hour “cast Pharaoh’s people with the severest penalty”
47 even in the Fire they will dispute! the weaker saying to the arrogant “we followed you so why don’t you share some of our Fire?
48 the arrogant will say: “we are all in this together, Lo! Allah has Judged between Devotees”
49 ones in the Fire will say to the keepers of Hell “ask the Lord to relieve one Day of our punishments”
50 they will reply “didn’t Messenger came with Sign? they will say ‘yes’. then keepers will say ‘than call’” but than Disbelievers Prayers are useless
Section   6
51 We will help Our Messenger and Believers in this World’s Life and on the Day when the witness arise
52 Sinners that Day won’t gain by giving excuses. for curse and miserable home will be theirs
53 We did gave Moses the Guidance and We made Children of Israel to inherit the Book
54 a guide and Message for people with intelligence
55 so have patient, for Allah’s promise is true. ask forgiveness for your Sins, and praise your Lord in the early Evening and early Morning
56 those who dispute concerning Allah’s Revelations, without any given authority have nothing in their breast except unattainable pride. so seek refuge in Allah.  He’s all-Hearer and Seer
57 certainly Creation of Heavens and Earth is greater than Creation of Mankind. but most people understand not
58 blind and seer are not equal. nor is good deeds from evil. little do you think!
59 without doubt the Hour will come. but most people don’t believe
60 your Lord says “call Me; I will answer. but those arrogant unwilling to serve Me will enter Hell, in disgrace!”
  Section   7
61 it is Allah who made the Night for rest and Day to see, for Allah has infinite bounty for Mankind. yet most Mankind are thankless
62 such is your Lord Allah, Creator of all. no God except Him: than why do you turn away?
63 misled are those who deny Allah’s Revelations
64 it is Allah who made Earth a resting place for you and Sky as canopy. shaped you and made good and provided for you good things. such is Allah! glory to the Lord of the Worlds
65 He is the living. none but He, call Him with sincere devotion. praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds
66 say “i am forbidden to worship that you worship besides Allah. i have received clear Sign’s from my Lord, and am commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds”
67 He who has created you from dust than from a Sperm drop. then a leech like clot, He brings you forth as a child and let you reach full strength than makes you old. some die early and some reach appointed Term and become wiser
68 He it is who gives Life and Death and if He decides a thing. He says ‘Be’ and it is!
Section   8
69 don’t you see those disputing the Sign’s of Allah? how they are turning away?
70 those who reject the Book that We sent with Our Messenger they’ll soon know
71 with iron collar round their necks and being dragged in chains
72 through boiling Water then into the Fire
73 they will be asked “where are whom you joined in worship as  partner”
74 “besides Allah?” they will reply “they’ve left us. but we had not prayed to anything before”, thus Allah leaves the Disbelievers to stray
75 because you gloated on Earth unjustly becoming insolent
76 “enter the Gates of Hell to live” Evil is the home of the arrogant
77 so be patient! for Allah’s promises is true whether you see part of Our promise to them now or We make you die before. it’s to Us they shall return
78 We did send Messengers before you: some of their stories We’ve related to you and some We haven’t. no Messenger can bring any Sign except by Allah’s leave, but when the Command of Allah is issued and the matter is judged with truth and the followers of Evil perishes
Section   9
79 it is Allah who made Cattle for you, some to ride upon and some for food
80 there are many benefits for you from them; you may obtain through them a need that’s in your Heart and be carried on them as on Ships
81 He shows you His Sign’s: then which of Allah’s Sign’s do you deny?
82 don’t they travel on Earth and see the end of those before them. they were numerous than them and superior in power with evidences on Earth. yet all their doings were useless
83 when their Messenger came with clear Sign’s they boasted about their own wisdom but their own mockery enveloped them
84 upon seeing Our punishment they said “we believe in Allah alone and reject the partners we had joined Him with”
85 but accepting Faith upon seeing Our punishment is useless. this is Allah’s way of dealing with His Bondmen and finishing off the Disbelievers




Sura 36 Ya Sin (Ya Sin)



  • Revealed at:  Makka
  •  Sura:  36
  •  Part: (22) / 23
  •  Total Verses: 83
  In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section 1
1 Ya – Sin
2 by the wise Quran
3 you are indeed one of the Messengers
4 on a straight path
5 with Revelations from  the Almighty, most Lenient
6 to warn people whose forefathers received no warning and are unmindful
7 the word has proved true against most of them, so they won’t believe
8 We have put iron collars on their necks up to their chins  forcing up their heads
9 We’ve put bars in front and behind, covering them so that they cannot see
10 it’s same whether you advise them or not they’ll not believe
11 you can only warn those who follow the Message and fear the Mighty Unseen, give them good news of forgiveness and rich rewards
12 truly We shall give Life to the Dead, and We’ve recorded what they’ve sent before along with its trail all is recorded in a clear Book
  Section  2
13 tell them the legend regarding people of the Town when the Messengers came to them
14 We sent Two (2) Messengers both they rejected. so as support We sent a Third and they said “we’ve been sent on a mission to you”
15 they replied “you are people like us, the Beneficent sends nothing, you are liars”
16 they said “our Lord knows we have been sent to you”
17 “with a duty to convey the Message”
18 they said “we predict an evil omen from you, if you don’t stop, we’ll stone you, with serious punishment from us”
19 they said “your evil omens be with you! just because you are reminded? nay! you are sinning folks!”
20 than a Man came running from the farthest part of Town saying “O my people! believe these Messengers”
21 “obey the guided who ask for no reward”
22 “why shouldn’t I serve Him who created me and to whom we shall return?”
23 “if I take other Gods besides Him, and the Beneficent decides to harm me their mediation cannot help or save me”
24 “than I shall certainly blunder”
25 “truthfully! I’ve believed in your Lord so hear me!”
26 it was said “enter Heaven.” He said “Ah! if only my people knew”
27 “how my Lord has pardoned me and honored me”
28 We didn’t send down after him any host from Heaven against his people, We didn’t need to
29 it was one Mighty blast and they were silent dead
30 alas for Mankind! there didn’t came a messenger to them that they didn’t mock at
31 don’t they see how many generations We’ve destroyed? which won’t return to them
32 but each unmistakably will be brought before Us
Section 3
33 and a Sign for them is the dead Land. We give it Life and produce grains for them to eat
34 producing Gardens of Date Palms and Vines with gushing Springs of Water
35 that they may eat the Fruits, it was not their Hands that made it! wont they give thanks?
36 glory be to Him who created in pairs all things the Earth produces. including their own kind and things they know not!
37 a Sign for them is the Night. We withdraw the Day from them and they plunge into darkness
38 the Sun runs its own course for a fixed period. That’s the Decree of the all-Mighty, all-Wise
39 and the Moon We’ve measured its position till it returns like an old shriveled Date Palm leaf
40 the Sun is not permitted to overtake the Moon nor the Night to overtake the Day. Each floats in its own Orbit
41 and a Sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden ship
42 and We’ve created similar, like that for them to ride on
43 if We wanted We could’ve drowned them, and there’ll be none to shout for them
44 unless it was Our Mercy and as an enjoyment for them for a while
45 when they are told “beware regarding your future and your past, so that you may find Mercy”
46 never a Sign comes from among the Signs of their Lord, and they reject it
47 when told “spend from what Allah has given you”. the Disbelievers say to the Believers “should we feed those who, if Allah wanted, He could’ve fed them. you are but clearly mistaken”
48 further they ask “when will this promise be if you are truthful?”
49 they don’t need anything except a single Blast. taking them by surprise while they dispute
50 then they won’t be able to make a Will nor return to their family
Section 4
51 when the Trumpet is sounded. and Lo! from their graves they rush to their Lord
52 saying “woe to us, who raised us from place of sleep?” this what the Beneficent promised and the Messenger told truth”
53 it’s but a single Blast and they’ll all be brought up before Us!
54 on that Day no Soul shall be wronged the least, except be repaid for their deeds
55 the inhabitants of Paradise that Day will  be joyfully occupied
56 with their Wives under pleasant shades, reclining on Thrones
57 every Fruits they’ll have, whatever they desire
58 “Peace” a word from the Merciful Lord
59 “stay away O Sinners from this !”
60 “didn’t I command you Children of Adam not to worship Satan, for he is your arch enemy?
61 “and you should worship Me for that’s the straight path”
62 but he led a great many of you astray, have you no sense?
63 this is Hell which you were warned off!
64 burn in it this Day, for disbelieving
65 that Day We shall seal their mouths. but their Hands will speak to Us and legs will bear witness as to their doings
66 that Day We could’ve gouge their eyes out, making them struggle for the way but then how would they see?
67 or if wanted We could’ve fixed them. making them powerless to go forward nor return
Section 5
68 to whom We grant long Life, We reverse their existence, won’t they understand?
69 We have not taught him poetry nor is it appropriate for him. this is only a Reminder and a plain Quran
70 to warn the living that a charge may prove true against the Rejecters
71 don’t they see Our handiwork, the Cattle We’ve created that they own
72 subjecting them in their use, some for riding and some they eat
73 getting profit from them as well as drink. shouldn’t they be grateful?
74 still they take Gods other than Allah thinking they might get help
75 it’s not in their power to help them. and their group will be brought forward
76 so let not their talks upset you. We know what they hide or reveal
77 don’t Mankind see what We’ve created them from mixed Male and Female discharge, yet they challenge openly
78 comparing Us and forgetting their own Creation. saying “who will give Life to dry and decayed bones?”
79 say “He will give Life who first created them. for He’s all-Knower of every kind of Creations!
80 the same who produces Fire out of Green Trees and Lo! you Light Fire from it!
81 isn’t He who created the Heaven and Earth, able to create likewise? yes He’s the Supreme, all-Knowing Creator
82 when He intends something He commands “be” and it is!
83 so glory to Him who’s Hands commands all. and to Him you shall be returned


Sura 27 – The Ants (Namal)



  • Revealed At:  Makka
  • Sura:  27
  • Part:  19
  • Total Verses:   93

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient

  Section   1
1 Ta Sin. These are Verses from  a clear Book the Quran
2 A  guide and good news for the Believers
3 for those who Pray regularly, give Charity and believe in the Hereafter
4 those who disbelieves in the Hereafter, We’ve made their deeds pleasing, and they are blindly astray
5 with evil punishment they are the biggest losers
6 for you are being taught the Quran from the all-Wise, all Knowing
7 when Moses said his family “that I see a Fire afar  I will go and check it out and may bring you a flame to keep warm”
8 but when he went there he heard voices “blessed is whoever is in and around the Fire and glory to Allah the Lord of the Worlds”
9 “Moses! I am Allah the all-Mighty, all-Wise”
10 now throw your staff down! but when he saw it withering like a snake he tried to run “O Moses! Messengers are not afraid in My presence”
11 “if an evil person becomes good, I am oft-Forgiving, most-Lenient”
12 “now put your hand on your chest, it will come out white and unhurt. these are among the (9) Nine Signs you take to Pharaoh for he and his people are evil”
13 but when they saw Our Sign, they called it Magic
14 rejecting the Sign in mean arrogance, even though their Soul accepted it, than see their end!
  Section   2
15 and We gave knowledge to David and Solomon they said “all praise to Allah for choosing us above many Believers”
16 Solomon inherited David and said “O Mankind! we’ve been taught language of the Birds and been given all things surely as favor “
17 and gathered together before  Solomon his army of Jinn’s, Men and Birds in a combat group
18 until they reached the valley of Ants, an Ant said “run to your homes Solomon’s army may crush us unknowingly”
19 Solomon smiled at her words and said “ my Lord give me strength to thank you for all things you have bestowed on me and my parents and make me do good and add me among your good Devotee’s”
20 he inspected the Birds and said “why I don’t see Hoopoe, is he absent?”
21 I will certainly punish or kill him if he doesn’t have a good excuse
22 just then Hoopoe came and said “I have seen that you don’t know, nor catch news from Saba?”
23 “there is a Woman ruling them, self-sufficient with a mighty Throne”
24 “they are Sun worshippers, and Satan has made their deeds pleasing, keeping them away from Allah”
25 “Allah who brings to light what is hidden in Heavens and Earth and knows what you hide or reveal”
26 “Allah! there is no God but He of the Throne Supreme”
27 Solomon said “soon I shall know if you told the truth or lied”
28 “go with my letter to them and return, than see their reply”
29 (the Queen said) “O Chiefs! here is a noble letter”
30 “from Solomon ‘in the name of Allah most gracious and lenient’
31 “don’t come against me but come to me as Muslims”

Section   3

32 she said “advisor’s advise me for I always decide after your advice”
33 they said “we are strong and powerful but command is yours so you decide”
34 she said “when Kings enter a country they spoil it shaming its people”
35 “I will send presents to him and see what reply his envoy brings”
36 but when Solomon received he said “what! you want to help me with gifts? but what Allah has given me is far better than what you got, no! you rejoice in your gifts”
37 “go back and make sure that we will arrive with such a troop that they cannot match and expel them in shame making them humble”
38 he said “Chiefs! who can bring me her Throne before she comes and surrenders?”
39 a strong Jinn said “I will bring it, before you rise from your place”
40 another who knew the Book said “I will bring it before the twinkle of an eye” when (Solomon) saw it placed before him he said “this is Lords grace! to see if I am thankful or not, whoever gives thanks, he thanks his own Soul but if unthankful! the Lord is self-sufficient honored”
41 modify her Throne we’ll see if she recognise it and she is guided or not
42 and when she came she was asked “is this your Throne?” she replied “it resembles” we knew it and had already bowed in Islam
43 but what she worshipped besides Allah diverted her, for she came from disbelieving folks
44 she was asked “enter the high palace” but when she saw it she thought it was water and picked her skirt up baring her legs. Solomon said “it is palace paved with glass” she said “my Lord I have wronged my Soul and I submit with Solomon to Allah, the Lord of the World’s”
  Section   4
45 indeed We sent to Thamud’s their brother Salih saying “serve Allah” but they broke into Two (2) opposing groups ”
46 he said “O my people why do you rush towards evil instead of good. why not ask Allah’s forgiveness to receive Mercy”
47 they said “bad luck we get from you” and those with you. he said “your bad luck is with Allah for you are being tested”
48 in the city there were Nine (9) person’s doing evil in the land with no change
49 they said  “let us swear by Allah that we will attack him and his family at Night and say to his relative that we didn’t witness his families destruction and we are telling the truth
50 they schemed and so did We. with them being unaware
51 see their plots ending, for We destroyed them all
52 their houses ruined because their work was evil. a Sign for the intelligent
53 but saved the good Believers
54 Lut said to his people “will you commit indecency knowingly?”
55 “why do you lust after Men rather than Woman?” really you are ignorant
56 but their answer was only  “drive out Lut and his family for they are clean”
57 so We saved him and his family except his wife, her faith to remain behind
58 and showered a dreadful evil rain on those who were warned
  Section   5
59 say “praise be to Allah and His chosen Messenger. who is better? Allah or the partners they ascribe to him”
60 isn’t He who created the Heavens and Earth and sends down water from the sky? and with it We cause to grow delightful orchid that you cannot grow. can there be any god besides Allah? no! but there are people who ascribe equals
61 isn’t He who made the Earth firm thus habitable with Rivers in its midst and immovable Mountains and made a barrier separating the Two (2) Seas. is there any god’s besides Allah? no! but most know not
62 isn’t He who listens to your distress call and relieves you, and made you the inheritors of Earth. joining gods besides Allah? little do you think
63 isn’t He who guides you in the darkness of Land and Seas, sending wind as good news of His kindness? joining gods besides Allah? exalted is Allah what they join Him with!
64 isn’t He who originates Creations and repeats it and provides for you from Heavens and Earth? is there any god besides Allah? say “bring evidence if you are truthful!”
65 say “none in the Heavens or Earth knows what is hidden except Allah, nor can say when they will be raised”
66 does their knowledge understand the Hereafter? no! for still they doubt and cannot see
  Section   6
67 the Disbelievers say “when we and our fathers are dust, will we really be raised again?”
68 “true we and before our forefathers were promised this? but these are old stories”
69 “travel on Earth and see the ending of the guilty!”
70 “but do not grieve or trouble yourself over their plot”
71 they also say “when will this threat come if you are truthful?”
72 “maybe what you want to hurry is close behind!”
73 “verily your Lord is full of kindness to Mankind, still most are ungrateful”
74 and your Lord knows what they hide in their breasts or reveal
75 nor is there anything of the unseen in Heavens or Earth which is not in a clear record
76 verily this Quran explains to the Children of Israel most things in which they disagreed
77 a guide and mercy for the Believers
78 the Lord will judge between them by His ruling for He is all-Mighty, all-Wise
79 so trust Allah for you are standing for truth
80 truly the dead cannot hear your call nor can the deaf as they turn to flee
81 nor can you guide the blind. Only Believers will listen who submitted as Muslims
82 and when the final word is against them than We shall bring out a Beast from the Earth to speak to them. for Mankind was not certain regarding Our Revelations
Section   7
83 the  Day when We shall gather from every Nation a group had who rejected Our Signs, and they’ll  be driven
84 and when they arrive, He will say “did you reject My Revelations when you didn’t grasp its knowledge or what was it you did?”
85 and the word will be complete against them and they won’t be able to answer
86 don’t they see that We’ve made the Night for resting and Day for to see, Sign for people who believe
87 on the Day the Trumpet is blown, terror will leash in Heavens and Earth except on such whom Allah wills. and all will come to Him humbled
88 you think the Mountains are firmly fixed but they will fly like clouds the works of Allah who organizes things in perfect order. and He knows your doings
89 whoever brings a good deed will enhance it and be safe from the fear of that Day
90 but the evildoers will be thrown headlong into the Fire. should you be rewarded for anything other than your deeds?
91 (say) “I am commanded to serve the Lord of this City that He blessed and to whom all things belongs. and to be among the Muslims”
92 to recite the Quran. whoever dose good dose it for own Soul. and whoever strays say- “I am  one of the Warner’s”
93 and say “praise be to Allah who will show you His Sign and you shall recognise it for your Lord is not unaware of your doings”



Sura 18 – The Cave (Al-Kahf)


  • Revealed At Makka
  • Sura :18
  • Part :(15) /  16   
  • Total Verses : 110
 In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 praise be to Allah who Revealed to His Devotee a Book with no crookedness
2 but straight, to warn of severe punishment and good news from Him. and reward for the Righteous Believers
3 to live forever
4 furthermore to warn those who say “Allah has got a Son”
5 neither they nor their fathers had any such knowledge; dreadful lie’s what their mouths say!
6 you will kill yourself grieving over their footsteps for not believing this statement
7 whatever We’ve made on Earth is a glittering show to test who’s best in conduct
8 and lo! We shall make its soil dry and barren
9 or do you think the Companions of the Cave and the engraving were wonders of Our Sign’s?
10 when the youths fled to the cave and said “O’ Lord give mercy on us and You provide for us a right way”
11 so We sealed their hearing in the Cave for a number of Years
12 then We roused them in order to test which of the  Two  groups was best at calculating the Year’s they’d spent
Section  2
13 We relate to you a true story! these youths believed in their Lord and We increased them in Guidance
14 We strengthen their Hearts, they stood up and said “our Lord is Lord of Heavens and Earth we shall not call any God besides Him for that will amount to excesses”
15 “our people chose to worship God’s other than Him, with no proof isn’t those who lie against Allah grossly mistaken?”
16 when you reject the worshippers of other things besides Allah and return to the cave your Lord will shower His Mercy on you with comfort and ease
17 they would’ve seen the Sun rising moving away to the right from their cave and upon setting turning away from them to the left while they lay in the  midst.  it’s a Sign of Allah. the rightly guided are guided by Him.  and those whom He forgets, you won’t find a guiding friend for them
  Section 3
18 you would’ve thought they were awake while they slept. We turned them to their right and left. their dog stretched his Two  fore legs at the entrance. if you had seen them you would’ve fled shocked in fright
19 than We woke them so that they can question each other. one said “how long have you been” they said “a Day or so” another said “Lord knows best…. now send one of you with this silver coin to the City: see what food he can get. be careful and polite, don’t let anyone know about you
20 “if they find out they will stone you or force you back to their religion and you won’t prosper”
21 this is how We make them known to people, so that they realise Allah’s promise regarding the Hour is true. the people disputed about their case among themselves. some said “build a building  over them their Lord knows them best” those who oversaw their affairs said “we’ll construct a worship place over them”
22 some say they were Three the Fourth was a dog. others say Five and Sixth was the dog, only guessing. or Seven and the Eight was the dog. you say “only Lord knows how many and non knew except a few therefore don’t discuss  without proof nor consult them regarding these people
  Section   4 
23 don’t say things like “i will do this tomorrow”
24 without adding “if Allah wills” and if you forget than say “hope my Lord will guide me closer to the right path”
25 and they stayed in the cave for Three hundred and  Nine Years
26 say “only Allah knows how long” believe in Him who knows the secrets of Heavens and Earth. how clearly He sees and hears! they haven’t any protector like Him nor does He shares His Command with anyone
27 recite His Book revealed to you, none can change His words. nor will you find refuge besides Him
28 include yourself with persons who remember the Lord Morning and Evening, seeking His face and don’t let your eyes overlook them desiring Life of this World nor follow those whose Hearts We’ve permitted to neglect Our remembrance and follow their own lust and whose case are lost
29 say “Truth is from your Lord” whether you believe it or not. and for wrongdoers We’ve prepared high flames surrounding like walls and if they ask for help they will be given Water like boiling oil scalding their Faces a dreadful drink. and an ill resting place
30 as for the Believers their reward for doing good will never be lost
31 for them is Garden of Eternity with rivers flowing beneath. wearing bracelets of Gold and green garments of fine Silk and Gold brocade. reclining on raised Throne, a blessed reward and beautiful resting place!
Section  5
32 tell them story of the Two Men. to one We had given  Two Garden of grapes surrounded by Date Palm with cultivated fields in their midst
33 each garden’s full of Fruits unfailing. and in its midst We caused a gushing river
34 he boasted to friends “i am richer than you and a more Powerful  person”
35 and went to his Garden in unjust state saying “this will never perish”
36 “nor will the Hour ever come and if i am returned to my Lord i will surely find something better in exchange”
37 his friend said while arguing “you disbelieve in Allah who created you from dust and then a sperm drop and made you a Man?”
38 “as for me He is Allah my Lord, i don’t join partners to Him”
39 “why didn’t you say when you entered the Garden that ‘it’s Allah’s will the all Powerful, if you see me less than you in wealth and Children”
40 “maybe Allah may give me something better and might send thunderbolt making your Garden flat hillside”
41 or the Water in your Garden disappear underground and you cannot find it
42  so Allah did exactly this. the Man wrung his Hands counting his losses and saying “wish i hadn’t joined partners to my Lord”
43 he had no people who could help or save him from Allah
44 your protection comes from Allah the true God giving best reward and success
Section 6 
45 give them examples of Life of this World.  when We send Rain from the Sky the vegetation absorbs it but soon becomes dry and scattered by the Wind. it’s Allah who prevails over all
46 wealth and Children are ornaments of this World’s Life but good deeds are better in Allah’s sight for reward and hope
47 one Day We shall remove the Mountains and you’ll see a leveled Earth and We’ll gather them together, leaving non out
48 assemble before Allah in ranks – now you have come to Us the way We created you first. and you thought We will not keep Our commitment to meet you
49 when the Book is placed in front of you, the Sinners will cry out in terror “what kind of Book this is which does not leave out anything small or big” to none will your Lord be unjust
  Section 7
50 We said to the Angels “bow down to Adam” all did except Iblis he was of the Jinn he refused the Lords command. will you then take him and his offspring as friends instead of Me? they are your enemies! what an exchange for Evildoers
51 I didn’t call them to see the Creation of Heaven and Earth nor their own Creations nor do I take misleaders as helpers
52 the Day when He’ll say “call the partners you ascribe to Me” but when they call and won’t get reply than We’ll create a barrier between them
  Section 8 
53 the guilty will realise they are about to fall into the Fire with no escape
54 everything is explained in the Quran for people’s benefit but Mankind mostly argue
55 what is holding Mankind from believing after receiving Guidance or asking forgiveness from their Lord. do they want ancient treatment or come face to face with Doom
56 We only send Messengers to give good news and warnings but the Disbelievers argue and disprove the Truth taking My Sign and warning as a joke
57 who is more wrong than one who is reminded of their Lords Revelations but rejects forgetting what their Hands had sent? We’ve veiled  their Hearts so they won’t understand and made ears deaf, so even if you call they won’t accept Guidance
58 your Lord is most Forgiving, Merciful. if He took them to task He would’ve punished them.  but as their Term is fixed  they cannot escape
59 such Townships! We’ve destroyed for their wrongdoings. with fixed destruction time
Section 9 
60 Moses told his servant “i will not give up until i reach the junction of two  seas or travel endlessly”
61 but when they reached the junction, they had forgotten the Fish that had swam away
62 at length Moses said to his servant “bring the meal early as we are tired from traveling”
63 he replied “remember when we were on the rocks, i forget to tell you, Satan made me forget the Fish and it swam away marvelously into the Sea!”
64 Moses said “this is what we were after” so they retraced their footsteps
65 there they found one of Our Devotees (Khidr), on whom We had bestowed Mercy and taught from Our Own presence
66  Moses asked (Khidr) “may i follow you so you can teach me about the Truth that you were taught”
67 he replied “it’s very difficult to follow me”
68 “how can you be patience of things you don’t understand”
69 Moses said “Allah willing you will find me patience and not disobeying”
70 he said “if you follow me than don’t ask questions until i speak regarding it”
Section   10  
71 when they both boarded the boat he made a hole in it. Moses asked “you did this to drown the people in it? strange!”
72 he said “didn’t i tell you, you won’t have patience”
73 Moses said “don’t rebuke me for forgetting or be hard”
74 than they walked on until they came upon a youth and he (Khidr) killed him. Moses said “you killed an innocent Man who hadn’t killed anyone that’s Evil”

  • Revealed At Makka
  • Sura :18
  • Part :15/ (16)
  • Total Verses : 110
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
75 he answered “didn’t i tell you, you won’t have patent?”
76 (Moses) replied “if i question again than don’t keep me because than you’ll have an excuse”
77 so they traveled until they came to a Township where they asked for food but were refused. than they saw a broken wall which he fixed, Moses said “if you wanted to you could’ve earned for fixing it”
78 the Man said “this is the parting between me and you but i will tell you regarding which you couldn’t keep patience”
79 “concerning making the boat unserviceable, it belonged to the poor workers on the river they needed it but their King was taking all good boats forcibly”
80 as for the youth, he was Evil, his Parents were Believers and he would’ve disgraced them by rebelling and disbelieving
81 “so we intended that the Lord will give them another better than him in purity and affections”
82 “and the wall i rebuilt belonged to Two (2) Orphans. beneath it was treasure from their father who was a good Man. so your Lord desired that upon maturity they get it out. this is not my doings. such are the interpretation that you couldn’t bear”
  Section 11
83 they ask you about Zul-Qarnain say” i will tell you something regarding him”
84 “We established his power on Earth and granted him access to all things”
85 so he followed a way
86 till he reached the place of the setting Sun and found it setting in murky Waters near some folks. We said “Zul-Qarnain you can punish these people or show kindness”
87 he said “whoever is wrong will be punished and then sent back to the Lord who will punish severely”
88 but the good Believers will have easy task and a superb reward by Our command
89 than he followed a road
90 until he came to a place where the Sun was rising over people on whom We had not provided any shade
91 and he went on. We knew what lay ahead of him
92 still he carried on
93 until he reached people living between Two  Mountains they could hardly understand a word
94 and they said to Zul-qarnain “Gog and Magog are doing mischief in the Land we will honor you if you can set a barrier between us?”
95 he said “God’s honor is better! but help me with your strength and i will put a strong barrier between you
96 “bring me Iron blocks” with it he filled the gaps of the Mountain, then said “blow” until he made it hot as Fire, then said “bring me molten Lead to pour over it”
97 after this they were powerless and couldn’t climb or dig out
98 he said “this is my Lord’s mercy: but when the Lord’s promise comes, all will turn to dust “
99 the Day We shall let them surge like waves one on another: and when the  Trumpet is blown  We shall gather them together
100 that Day We’ll present Hell plainly visible to the Disbelievers
101 who’s eyes had been veiled from My remembrance, nor could they bear to hear
Section  12
102. do the Disbelievers think they can take my Devotees as protectors besides Me? We’ve made Hell for the Disbeliever’s entertainment
103 say “shall We tell you whose deeds will give them great loss?”
104 ones whose efforts are wasted in this World but still think they are doing good
105 they are the Disbelievers, who deny the Revelations and the meeting with their Lord. useless are their works and We’ll not give them any importance on Judgment Day
106 Hell is the Rejecters reward who joke about My Revelation and My Messengers
107 as for Righteous Believers they have Garden of Paradise for entertainment
108 there they’ll live with no desire to leave
109 say “if the Sea was ink still the words of my Lord will not be exhaust even if you add another’
110 say “i am a Man like you. the inspiration came to me that your Lord is one Allah and whoever wants to meet Him, let him do good and not join partners to Him”

Sura 17 – The Children of Israel (Bani-Isra’il)



  • Revealed at:  Mecca
  • Sura: 17
  • Part: 15
  • Total verses: 111
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
Section 1
1 Glorified is He who took His Devotee on journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest one with blessed precincts, to show him Our Signs. for He hears and sees all
2 We gave Moses the Book to guide the Children of Israel saying “take none except Me as your Lord”
3 and O the descendants of those We carried with Noah the grateful!
4 and gave warning to the Children of Israel in the Book that “you will do mischief in the land twice and become tyrant and arrogant”
5 when Our first warning came. We sent Our most cruel slaves inside your homes to complete Our task
6 then gave you victory over them along with wealth, children and manpower
7 whether you do good or bad it’s for your own self. when Our second warning came We permitted your enemy to disfigure your face and enter the Mosque like before, destroying everything
8 your Lord might show mercy to you. but if you repeat, We will do the same, with Hell as prison for the Disbelievers
9 because this Quran guides justly, with news of a great reward for the good
10 and for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, is a terrible doom
Section 2
11 still the impulsive Mankind  calls upon Allah for help in evil or  good
12 We’ve made two Signs, one for Night another for Day, than darkened the Sign of night and brightened the Sign of Day. for you to earn Allah’s rewards and to calculate the years. all are explained in details
13 We have tied on every person’s neck his  deeds, and We shall bring out his Book wide opened on Judgment Day
14 “read your Book and be a judge against yourself”
15 whoever does good or bad it is for own self, no one bears another’s burden. and We never punish until We send a Messenger
16 when We decide to destroy a population, We send definite orders, to the rich and when they disobey, We destroy them completely
17 many a generation We’ve destroyed after Noah. your Lord knows and views all the sins of His Devotee
18 whoever asks for fast life We grant to anyone We wish, but he shall burn in Hell disgraced and rejected
19 a Believer’s work is always appreciated, those who want and works towards the Hereafter
20 on both Our bounties are never forbidden
21 see how We prefer one more, just as they will be preferred more in the Hereafter
22 don’t join Allah with other God’s otherwise you’ll be disgraced and abandoned
Section 3
23 your Lord commands you to worship Him alone. do your duty to your parents, if one or both become old do not disrespect or shout but speak to them with honor
24 be kind and compassionate and  say “my Lord have mercy on them as they’ve brought me up when i was young”
25 your Lord knows what you really mean. He forgives the righteous who turn to Him repeatedly in  repentance
26 who gives to the kinsman and poor their due without becoming spendthrift
27 the spendthrifts are the Satan’s brother who is ungrateful to his Lord
28 and if you cannot give what Allah has ordered you, but are awaiting a mercy from your Lord then speak kindly to them
29 don’t be a miser or spendthrift, for both is blame worthy putting you in poverty
30 really your Lord increases or decrease provisions for whomever. He knows and sees all
Section 4
31 it is a great sin to kill your children in fear of poverty as We shall provide for you both
32 and an evil sin to have unlawful sex
33 and to take life which Allah has forbidden except for just cause. whoever is killed wrong fully We have given power to his Heir, but do not let him exceed the limit because he is helped
34 do not touch orphans property except to improve it. when the orphan attains maturity fulfill the obligations otherwise you will be questioned
35 and measure correctly with correct weight for that is better in final ending
36 do not follow things you do not know because all acts of hearing sight and heart will be questioned
37 do not walk with arrogance on Earth for you cannot break the Earth nor be tall as the mountains
38 all evils are hated in your Lord’s sight
39 this is part of the rule of wisdom your Lord revealed to you. do not set rivals of other Gods to Him lest you are blamed and thrown in Hell
40 has the Lord chosen for you sons and taken for himself Angels as daughters? how foolish you talk
Section 5
41 We have explained in the Quran various ways for them to take heed but it only increases their aversion
42 say “if there were other Gods along with Him” as they say then they would’ve certainly found a way to the Lord of the Throne
43 He is glorified and exalted high above what they say!
44 the Seven Heavens and Earth and all in it, glorifies His praise but you don’t understand. He is ever forbearing and often forgiving
45 when you recite the Quran We put an invisible veil between you and those who disbelieve the Hereafter
46 with coverings over their heart’s and deafness in their ears, with extreme dislike they  turn their backs and flee when the Lord is mentioned
47 We know what they hear when they listen to you but in secret consul they say “you are only following a madman!”
48 see their examples? they are astray and can never find a way
49 they say “when we are bones and in fragments how will we become a new Creation”
50 say “you can be stones or iron”
51 “or some created thing that you think is greater” then they will say “who shall bring us back?” say “He who created you first” then they will shake their heads and say “when?” say “perhaps soon!”
52 “on the Day when He calls you and you reply with His praise. you will think it’s only been a short while!”
Section 6
53  and say to My Devotees -speak good because Devil creates conflicts and disagreements between you for he is Mankind’s enemy
54 your Lord knows you, it’s His will if He forgives or punish you, for We have not sent you as their guardian
55 your Lord knows all Beings in the Heavens and Earth. We did  preferred some Prophets above others, to David We gave the Psalms
56 say “call whoever you want they have neither the power to remove your problem or shift it on someone else”
57 those whom they call upon, themselves desire means of access to the Lord hoping for mercy and fearing His punishment. a thing to fear!
58 there is not a population but We shall destroy or punish severely before Judgment Day. all is written in the Book
59 nothing stopped Us from sending the Ayat’s but people of old rejected it. We sent a she camelto the Thamud’s as a Sign and warning to be afraid of but they wronged her
60 and when We told you “your Lord has covered Mankind”. and the Vision We showed you was a trial for Mankind, including the cursed tree (Zaqqum tree) mentioned in the Quran as a warning, but it only increased their severe disobedience  transgression
Section 7
61 when We said to the Angles “bow down to Adam “all did except Satan who said “should i bow in front of man You made of Clay?”
62 “see  since You have honored him more than me, if You give me a break until Judgment Day, i will surely mislead most of his descendants except a few”
63 (Allah) said “go do it if you can, than whoever follows you I will fill Hell with  you all”
64 “lead whoever you can to destruction with your voice and use your cavalry and infantry against them or share with them wealth, children or make promises” for Satan only promises to deceive
65 “as for My Devotees, you will be powerless over them”  your Lord is sufficient as their protector
66 it is your Lord who makes the ship sail smoothly at sea and for you to seek His gifts and mercy
67 and when in problem at sea none hears your call except Him, but when He brings you to safety you forget becoming ungrateful!
68 do you then feel scared that the land may swallow you or a sand storm may engulf you with no protection?
69 or send you again at sea and send hurricane to drown you for being ungrateful, with none to help against Us
70 We have honored the Children of Adam and provided them with transport on land and sea and with provisions of good and pure things. and given them special favors above a greater part of Our creations
Section 8
71 One day, We shall assemble all Mankind with their Imams. those given Record in there right hand will read it and know it is not unjust
72 but those who were blind in this World, will stay blind in the Hereafter and far stray
73 their aim was to tempt you away from Our Revelations and change it then they would have befriended you
74 if We hadn’t made you strong, you would have inclined towards them
75 than We would’ve given you double (punishment) in this Life and also in Death with none to help you against Us
76 they wanted to scare and expel you from the land but than they would’ve stayed there for a little while
77 this is the way We dealt with Our previous Messengers and you will find no change
Section 9
78 establish regular Prayers at setting of the Sun till darkness. the early morning Quran recitation is always witnessed
79 pray in some parts of the night with the night prayer , your Lord may raise your status to a prestigious position
80 say “O my Lord let my entrance be good and also my exit  and honor me with an aid from Your presence
81 say “when truth is present, falsehood is bound to vanish”
82 the Quran We sent is healing and a mercy for the Believers and brings ruin to the evil
83 upon receiving Our favors people turns away, but when ill touches, he is in despair
84 say “everyone acts the way they want but Allah knows who is on right path”
Section 10
85 they ask you regarding the Spirit say “the Spirit is by my Lords command and only a little about it is explained to you”
86 if We willed We could take away what We’ve revealed to you, then there’ll be none you can appeal to sympathize against Us
87 it’s the kindness of your Lord that is great
88 say “if the whole of Mankind and Jinn join together still will not be able to produce a Quran like this”
89 all Signs are clear in the Quran still people give excuses not to believe
90 they say “we won’t believe until you make a spring gush forth from the Earth”
91 “or cause a river to spring from the midst of your garden of dates palm and vines”
92 “or cause pieces of sky to fall on us. or bring Allah and His Angles before us”
93 “or have a house of gold and mount a ladder to the sky still we won’t believe until you bring down a Book for us to read” say “glory to my Lord i am nothing but a man sent as Messenger?”
Section 11
94 what kept man from belief after receiving guidance was they said “Allah sent man as Messenger?”
95 say “if Angles walked in Peace on Earth We would’ve certainly sent from Heavens Angles as Messengers (Apostle)”
96 say “Allah is enough as witness between us. for He sees His Devotees”
97 whoever Allah guides is led aright but whom Allah leaves has no protector. We shall gather them on Judgment Day with their face blind deaf and dumb in Hell, every time the flame decreases We shall increase the fire
98 because they rejected Our Ayat’s saying “when we are bones and fragments will we really be created again?”
99 don’t they realize that Allah who created the Heavens and Earth has power to create the like of them? it is because of His ruling for the Term which He promised that the Disbelievers accept nothing except disbelief
100 say “if you were controlling the treasures of mercy of my Lord you would’ve kept without spending for Man is stingy”
Section 12 
101 to Moses We gave Nine (9) clear Signs then ask the Children of Israel when he came to them and Pharaoh said “Moses magic has taken effect on you!”
102 Moses said “you know very well this is from the Lord of Heavens and Earth i think Pharaoh you are doomed”
103 so he tried to throw them out from the land but We drowned them all
104 We said to the Children of Israel “live safely in the land, but when, the last promise comes near you shall be gathered as a mixed crowd”
105 We’ve sent down with the Truth and in truth sent you as Messenger of good news and warning
106 a Quran sent in stages so that you can recite it at intervals to Mankind
107 “whether you believe or not those who know when they hear it, they fall prostrate on their faces in adoration”
108 saying “glory to our Lord who’s promise must be fulfilled”
109 their face down with tears and full of humbleness
110 say “call Allah or Rahman whatever name you call, His are the most beautiful names. and say your Prayer’s neither aloud nor silently but in middle tone of voice
111 say “Praise be to Allah who has no son or partner, neither does He need any protector from humiliation. Magnify Him for His Greatness and Glory”


Sura 15 – The Rocky Tract – (Al-Hijr)



  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 15
  • Part: 14
  • Total verses: 99

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 Alif Lam Ra  these are Verses of a Book, a plain Quran
2 the Disbelievers, how they wish they were Muslims
3 let them eat, enjoy and be preoccupied now, soon they’ll know
4 We’ve never destroyed a Township unless a Decreed is assigned to it
5 no Nation can predict nor delay it
6 they say “you who received the Message are a madman!
7 why don’t you bring Angels, if you are truthful?”
8 We do not send down Angels except with Truth, but then they will have no breather
9 We it is who sent the Message, and We are it’s Guardian
10 We did send Prophets before you to the ancient religious sects
11 but never a Messenger came to them whom they didn’t mock
12 thus We put in the Hearts of the criminals
13 that they should not believe even though they have examples of previous people
14 even if We open the Heavens’ Gate’s and they keep climbing up
15 they’d say “our eyes are influenced by Magic”
Section   2
16 its We who’ve set mansions of Stars in the Heavens, a beauty to see
17 and guarded them from every outcast Devil
18 except ones who cunningly get a hearing but than is chased by bright flaming Fire
19 and the Earth We’ve spread out; set firm Mountains and produced all kinds of things in due balance
20 and provided for your survival, and survival of those whom you are not responsible for
21 there is not a thing whose stores We do not hold, and We only send it down in due measures
22 We send fertilizing Wind, and provide Water from the Sky for you. although you don’t hold its stores
23 its We who give Life and cause Death and its We who are the inheritor
24 surely We know the first generation who have passed away and the present and the future ones
25 certainly your Lord will gather them all together, He is aware and Wise
Section   3
26 We created Man from Clay of Mud molded into shape
27 and Jinn We created earlier from Fire of smokeless flame
28 and your Lord said to the Angels “I am about to create a Man out of Clay of Mud molded”
29 “when I’ve made and breathed My Spirit into him, bow down and prostrate to him”
30 so all Angels together prostrated themselves
31 except Satan (Iblis); he refused to be among the prostrators
32 He said “O Satan why didn’t you prostrate with the others?”
33 said “i will not prostrate to a mortal made of Clay and altered into shape”
34 He said “than get out of here, you outcast!”
35 “with curse on you till Judgment Day”
36 said “my Lord give me a breather, till they are raised”
37 He said “respite is granted”
38 “till the Day of the appointed time”
39 said “O my Lord since you’ve put me astray i shall make wrong ways appear good to them and mislead them
40 except those completely devoted”
41 He said “indeed that way leads straight to Me”
42 “for you shall have no power over My Devotees. except those who put themselves in the wrong and follow you
43 to Hell, a place promised for them”
44 which has seven (7) Gates; with specific group assigned for each Gate
Section   4
45 the Pious will be among the Gardens and Fountains
46 “enter here in peace and security”
47 We shall remove all hurt from their Hearts. with brethren facing each other on raised couches
48 no tiredness shall they feel, nor asked to leave
49 announce to my Devotees that I am often Forgiving, most Merciful
50 but My punishment is most painful
51 tell them about Abraham’s guest
52 when they came to him and said “Peace!” he replied “we are afraid of you”
53 they said “don’t be afraid we’ve come with good news of your forthcoming wise Son”
54 he said “now, you bring me this good news when i am old? what’s the use?”
55 they said “this is good news in truth, so don’t despair!”
56 he said “who despairs from Lord’s Mercy except those astray?”
57 he said “so what is your business O Messengers?”
58 they said “we’ve been sent to people deep in Sin”
59 “except the family of Lut, whom we shall save”
60 “but not his Wife who shall remain behind”
Section   5
61 and when the Messengers came to the family of Lut
62 he said “you people are unknown folks”
63 they said “yes, and we’ve come to you with what they have been doubting”
64 “for we bring you the Truth, and we tell the truth”
65 “travel in the remaining part of the Night with your family, follow behind them, let none to look back. do as ordered”
66 and We explained to him the Decree, that the roots of them will end by the Morning
67 the people of the City came rejoicing
68 Lut said “these are my guests. don’t disgrace me”
69 “fear Allah and don’t shame me”
70 they said “haven’t we forbidden you from people?”
71 he said “here are my daughters (marry) if you must”
72 by your Life they roamed blindly in their intoxications
73 than the awful blast swept over them at sunrise
74 and We turned it upside down and rained on them stones of baked clay
75 surely in these are Sign’s for those who see
76 and they were right on the high road
77 surely in these are Sign for the Believers
78 the inhabitant of the Woods were also Sinner
79 so We took Our revenge on them, they were both visibly on open highway
Section   6
80 the inhabitants of the Rocky tract also denied the Messenger
81 We sent them Our Sign’s. but they constantly rejected
82 they made homes cut out from the Mountains and felt secure
83 but the blast seized them by early Morning
84 all their doings were useless!
85 We didn’t create Heavens and Earth and all between them except with truth, the Hour is surely coming so overlook their sins and forgive
86 for your Lord is the Creator the all Knowing
87 We’ve bestowed on you the Seven (7) often repeated Verse and the glorious Quran
88 do not strain your eyes or grieve looking at what We gave to certain class. and lower your wings towards the Believers
89 and say “Lo! i am just a Warner”
90 as We’ve send down on the dividers
91 who have made the Quran into parts
92 by the Lord! each one We shall call to account
93 regarding their doings
94 so announce what you are commanded, and avoid the Idolaters
95 Lo! We will defend you from those who jeer
96 who join other Gods with Allah, soon they will know
97 We do know why your Heart grieves from their talks
98 celebrate your Lords praise and join those who bow in admiration
99 serve your Lord until comes the expected Hour


Sura 13 – The Thunder (Ar-Ra’d)



  • Revealed at:  Makkah
  • Sura:  13
  • Part: 13
  • Total Verses:  43
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Mim Ra these are Verses of the Book revealed by your Lord to you in Truth. but most of Mankind disbelieve
2 Allah is He, who raised the Heavens without support that you can see; then mounted the Throne. He arranged the Sun and Moon each run in Orbit for a term. He manages all affairs explaining the Signs in details, so that you have no doubt in meeting with your Lord
3 He it is who has spread the Earth, set firm Mountains and Rivers, with Fruits in Pairs of Two (2) of each kind. He made Night as a veil over Day.  a Sign’s for your thoughts
4 on Earth are neighboring tract and Gardens of vines, green crops and Palm Trees growing Two (2) or Three (3) out of single root or from only One, watered by same water yet some are tastier than others. a Signs for those who understand!
5 it makes you wonder at their strange saying “when we are dust will we really be created anew?” they disbelieve the Lord, and will have yokes round their neck and live in Fire
6 they ask you to hurry onto evil rather than good, even though they’ve seen forewarning punishments before them. still the Lord often forgives wrongdoings of Mankind. but He is strict in punishment too
7 the Disbelievers say “why isn’t a Sign sent to him by his Lord?” but than you are only a Warner and guide for all
Section 2
8 Allah knows what every Female bears, and how much the womb fail or exceeds. all is measured and in His sight
9 He  knows the unseen and seen: He is Great the Most High
10 It is all the same if you hide His speech or announce openly. or hide by Night or walk freely by Day
11 for each person there are Angels in succession, guarding the front and back by Allah’s command. Allah will not change peoples condition unless they change it themselves. and if He wishes to punish, none can stop or find besides Him any to protect
12 it is He who shows you Lightning, as fear and hope. and it is He who raises up the heavy Clouds
13 Thunder repeats His praise, so do the Angels in awe. He sends earsplitting thunder-bolt and strikes whomever. yet still Mankind disputes about Allah’s Might?
14 true Prayer is for Him alone. any others they pray to, hear them no more than if they were to stretch both hands for water to reach their mouth but cannot drink. for useless are Disbeliever’s Prayers
15 all Beings in Heavens and Earth bow down to Allah whether willing or unwilling, even their Shadows bow Morning and Evening
16 say “who is the Lord and sustainer of the Heavens and Earth” say “Allah!” say “than how come you choose others as protectors, ones who have no power to do good or harm even to themselves.  say; is a blindman equal to a seer? or is darkness equal to light? or have the partners they assign to Allah created similar Creations?” say “Allah is Creator of all, the One Almighty”
17 He sends Water from the Sky making channels flow according to its measure, while the surge sweeps away the foam that accumulates, just like when making metal ornament and utensils. the scum is passed away upon the banks while that which is of use for Mankind remains. thus Allah sets forth a parable
18 for those who answered Allah’s call is Paradise, but those who don’t, even if they give everything on Heavens or Earth as ransom or more, for them is terrible reckoning with Hell and misery as their Home
Section 3
19 is it then one who believes that what’s revealed to you from your Lord is the truth be like the one who is blind? only people with understanding pay heed
20 and those who fulfill the promise of Allah without breaking it
21 those who join together things Allah commanded to be joined and fear the Lord and the terrible judgment
22 those who patiently seek approval of their Lord, Pray regularly, spend secretly what We gave them and openly overcome evil with good. their end is good
23 they shall enter Eden (Paradise) with those among their fathers, partners and children who were good. the Angels will come to them from every Gate saying;
24 “Peace to you, for enduring patiently! excellent is the final Home”
25 but those who break Allah’s promise after accepting. break what He has commanded to be joined, do mischief on Earth, on them is a curse; and an evil Home
26 Allah increases or grants by strict measures, provisions to whom He wills. and they rejoice but Life of this World is a brief enjoyment compared to the Hereafter
Section 4
27 Disbelievers say “why doesn’t his Lord send him a Sign?” say “Allah sends astray whom He wills but guides those who repent to Him”
28 “Believers who find satisfaction in their Hearts in remembrance of Allah; for undoubtedly Hearts do find satisfaction in Allah’s remembrance”
29 “for the righteous Believers happiness and Paradise is their journeys end”
30 thus We’ve sent you to a community, where other communities had passed away before, so that you may recite the Revelations We’ve inspired in you. to the Disbelievers say “Allah is my Lord and there is no other God, and I put my trust and my return to Him “
31 if there was a Quran with which you could move Mountains or break the Earth to pieces or make the Dead speak (than this is it!). but Allah is the Supreme command. don’t the Disbelievers know if He so willed He could’ve guided all Mankind. disaster will not cease to strike the Disbelievers, or lay close to their homes until Allah’s threat arrives, for He never fails His promise
Section 5
32 Messengers were mocked before you, but still for Disbelievers I granted a break, but finally seized them. so how was My punishment!
33 isn’t it He who watches every Soul and knows what it earned? still they join partners to Allah. say “name them!” are you saying something He doesn’t know on Earth? or is it just show of words? nay! their plotting seems fair to Disbelievers that’s why they are kept away from the right path. for whoever Allah sends astray none can guide
34 for them there is punishment in this Life and worse in the Hereafter with no protector against Allah
35 similarity of the Paradise promised to the Pious! are Rivers flowing beneath with infinite Provisions, Shade and Reward for the good, but the Disbelievers end is the Fire
36 some rejoice with the Book We’ve revealed to you and some deny parts of it. say “I am commanded to serve only Allah not join partners to Him, I call Him and to Him is my return”
37 thus We’ve revealed it to be a Judgment of Authority in Arabic. if you were to follow their desires than you would’ve no protector nor defense against Allah
Section 6
38 We did send Messengers before you and made Wives and Children for them, it was not their duty to bring a Sign unless Allah permits. and for each matter there is a Decree
39 it’s up to Allah, if He blots out or confirms what He pleases, for He has the Mother of the Book (Al-Lauh-e-Mahfuz)
40 whether We show you part of what We’ve promised them or take your Soul before it, your duty is only to convey and Ours to take account
41 don’t they see how We gradually reduce their Land from its borders? when Allah Commands none can stop, for He is swift to take account
42 those before them devised plot. but Allah has the Master plan for He knows every Soul’s doings.  soon the Disbelievers will know who ends up Home!
43 the Disbelievers say “you are not a Messenger” say “Allah is enough as witness between you and me” and those whoever has knowledge of the Book