Sura 30 – The Romans (Ar-Rum)


  • Revealed at: Makka
  • Sura: 30
  • Part: 21
  • Total Verses: 60
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful
Section 1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 The Romans have been defeated
3 in the near land, but will soon be victorious
4 within  Three (3) to Nine (9)Years the decision is with Allah concerning past and future and on that Day the Believers will rejoice
5 with Allah’s help, He helps whom He wills the all-Mighty, Merciful
6 it’s Allah promises, which He never fails but people don’t understand
7 they understand Worldly show and are unmindful of the Hereafter
8 don’t they think about themselves and that Allah has created not the Heavens and Earth and all between them except with Truth and for a Term, still many of Mankind deny meeting their Lord
9 don’t they travel and see the outcome of those before them. they were stronger, cultivating the Earth, populating it more than them. they rejected their Messengers who came with clear Signs. Allah did not wrong them but they wronged themselves
10 evil will be the ending of those who do evil. for they rejected and ridicule Allah’s Sign
Section 2
11 It is Allah who begins Creations and repeats it. then to Him you will return
12 on the Day that Hour, the guilty who rejected Allah will be in grief
13 with none to mediate, they will even reject their contacts!
14 on the Day in the Hour they will be  separated
15 Believers who did good will rejoice in the Garden of Delight
16 and the Rejecters who denied Our Sign and meeting of Hereafter will be punished
17 praise Allah in the start of Night and early Morning
18 Yes! praise to Him in the Heavens and Earth. in the late afternoon and evening
19 it is He who brings out living from the dead and dead from living and gives Life to Earth after it’s death. same way you shall be brought forth
20 and among His Signs are, He created you from Dust and as Humans you are spread wide
21 and among His Signs are He created your Mates from among you so that you may find Peace in them, and planted love between you. a Sign for those who reflect
22 among His Signs are the Creation of Heavens and Earth, and difference in your Language and Colour. a Sign for the well-informed
23 among His Signs are your sleep at Night and by Day to seek His bounty. a thought for those who heed
24 among His Signs are the Lightning of fear and hope. and He sends Water from the Sky to revive the dead Earth. a Sign for intelligent people
25 and among His Signs are, the Heavens and Earth standing by His command. He calls you once and you emerge from Earth
26 to Him belongs whosoever in the Heavens and Earth. all are obedient to Him
27 it is He who can easily begin Creation and will repeat it. to Him belongs the highest  description in the Heavens and Earth, for He is the all-Mighty, all-Wise
Section 4
28 He gives an example of yourself “do you share the wealth We gave you with your servants and fear them as equals?” thus We explain Our Sign for people who understand
29 the illiterate wrong doers follow their own lust; who will guide them whom Allah has led astray. for them there is no help
30 so turn your face towards the Faith. consistent with the way He has made Mankind and without change. that is the right Religion
31 turn to Him in Repentance. establish regular Prayers. and be not those who ascribe Partners
32 those who break their Religion into sect, each group rejoicing in itself
33 when in trouble touches Mankind they call Him repenting, but when He shows mercy some give Him credit joining others
34 being ungrateful! enjoy awhile but soon you will know
35 or did We authorize them to join Partners
36 when We show mercy, people rejoice but are miserable when evil befalls them of their own doings
37 don’t they see Allah gives or restricts provisions to whom He wills.  Sign for the Believers
38 so give to the poor, needy or the wayfarer it is best for whomsoever seek tolerance with Allah, they will prosper
39 Interest that you gain through other properties has no value with Allah, but Charity you give seeking Allah’s approval  multiplies may folds
40 Allah has created and provided for you, then will cause you to die and give you Life again. can anyone else do that? glory be to Him ! above all what they associate
Section 5 
41 evil appears in the land and sea by Mankind’s own hands doing, and Allah makes them taste their own work, hoping they might return
42 say “travel around the World and see their outcome!” most were Idolaters
43 so face yourself towards the right Religion before Allah’s unavoidable Day when Mankind shall be divided
44 those who disbelieve shall suffer its consequence while the Righteous make provisions for themselves
45 so that He may rewards the good from His bounty, He does not love the Faithless
46 among His Signs, He sends herald of Wind from His mercy to make Ships sail by His command and for you to seek His favor and be grateful
47 before you, We sent Messengers with clear Signs to their own people. those who rejected got Our wrath. for We always aid Believers
48 it is Allah who sends Winds to raise the Clouds in the sky than breaking it into pieces and causing Rain from within to fall on whomever of His Devotee, and they rejoice!
49 even though sometimes back they were in despair
50 so consider the pattern of Allah’s mercy! how He gives Life to Earth after its death. and the same will give Life to the Dead. He has power over all
51 and if We send Wind which turns (their fields) yellow, than they become ungrateful
52 so you cannot make the dead or deaf to hear the call who already had turned to flee
53 nor can you call back the blind from straying. or make anyone hear except those who believe in Our Revelations as Muslims
Section 6 
54 Allah who created you weak then gave you strength then again weakness and grey hair. He creates what He wills and is all Knowing, all-Powerful
55 on the Day when the Hour comes, the guilty will swear it has only been an hour. thus were they ever deceived!
56 but those with knowledge and faith will say “really you did linger within Allah’s Decree to the Judgment Day, and this is that Day and you were not aware!”
57 on that Day  no excuse will benefit them nor will they be allowed to seek Allah’s desire
58 all is explained in the Quran for Mankind but if you show any Sign the Disbelievers will say “you talk vain”
59 because Allah has sealed the Hearts of those who understand not
60 be patient for Allah’s promise is true. and don’t let those uncertain shake your Faith!