Sura 28 – The Story – (Al-Qasas)


  • Revealed at :  Makka
  • Sura:  28
  • Part:  19 / 20 
  • Total Verses: 88
 In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
1 Ta Sin Mim
2 These are Verses of a Book that explains clearly
3 We recite to you some stories of Moses and Pharaoh in truth for the Believers
4 Pharaoh made himself powerful in the land and broke up his people into groups. a group he oppressed by killing men and keeping their Woman for he committed great sin
5 We favored the weak group to make them rulers and inheritors
6 to establish them in the land We let Pharaoh, Haman and their people to get from them what they feared
7 and so We inspired Moses mother “feed him but when you are afraid for his safety than without fear cast him away into the River for We will restore him to you, and make him a Messenger”
8 so the people of Pharaoh picked up their own enemy who was to be their cause of much grief, for Pharaoh and his people were sinners
9 Pharaoh’s wife said “he is our joy, do not kill him. we may even adopt him as a Son. without realising”
10 although Moses mother nearly gave it away, had We not made her Heart strong with faith
11 she told his sister “follow him” and she followed from afar, them being unaware
12 as We ordained, he refused suck from others “shall I tell you of a good family who can sincerely take care?”
13 so We restored him back to his mother, soothing her eyes and without grief she realised that Allah’s promise is true. but most do not understand
  Section   2
14 when he became mature and well-known, We gave him wisdom and knowledge, Our reward for the good
15 undetected he entered the city and found two men fighting one from his party another from his enemies. his Man called out for help and Moses struck and killed the enemy. saying “this is Satan’s doing, who is a misleading enemy”
16 he said “my Lord I have wronged my Soul forgive me! and Allah the lenient and forgiving, forgave him”
17 he said “my Lord all that you have given me never will I help any sinners”
18 but the next morning he saw the same Man fighting and asking for his help Moses said “you are a troublemaker”
19 when he caught the Man who was enemy to both, the Man said “Moses will you kill me like you killed the Man yesterday you prefer tyranny in the land not reform”
20. than there came a Man running from the remote parts of the city saying “the Chiefs are planning to kill you, my best advice is to getaway”
  Section   3
21 fearful Moses left saying “Allah help me from wrongdoers”
22. facing Madyan Moses said “hope my Lord puts me on the right path”
23 when he reached the water area he saw shepherds watering and Two (2) woman’s waiting, he asked them “what’s the matter?” they replied “we cannot water until the men finish theirs. our father is old”
24 so he watered for them and resting in the shade he said “Lord I need all the goodness you send down to me”
25 later one of them said shyly “my father invites you and wants to reward you for watering” so he went and told the whole story. he replied “don’t worry you escaped from wrongdoers”
26 one said “father employ him we need someone strong and trusting”
27 he said “I want you to marry one of my daughters provided you stay with me for eight (8) years and if you stay for ten (10) it is your goodness. I do not want to be hard, but you will find me upright
28 so it is settled whichever terms I fulfill let there be no ill will between us. Allah is our witness
  Section 4
29 after completing the term Moses was traveling with his family when he saw a Fire from direction of Mount Tur. he said “wait here while I go to check the Fire, I may bring some news or a brand of Fire to warm yourself”
30 upon reaching, he heard a voice from the right side of the valley from a blessed Tree saying “O Moses I am Allah the Lord of the Worlds”
31 “throw your stick!” it started to move like a snake and Moses tried to run “do not be afraid come close you are safe”
32 “now put your hand on your chest without fear, it will come out White. take these Two (2) proofs to the evil Pharaoh and his people
33 he said “ my Lord I have killed their Man they might kill me”
34 “my brother Aaron is powerful in speech allow him to help me for they might refuse me”
35 Allah said “certainly We will strengthen your arm with your brother and give you both power so that they cannot touch you and with Our Sign you and your followers will succeed”
36 when Moses came to them with Our Sign’s they said “this is invented Magic we’ve never heard this from our forefathers”
37  Moses said “my Lord knows who came with guidance from Him and joyful Hereafter, but wrongdoers will not prosper”
38 Pharaoh said “chiefs I don’t know of any God beside myself. Haman! bake some clay bricks and build palace high enough to reach Moses Lord, for I think he is a liar”
39 he was arrogant and wicked in the land; they never thought they’ll return to us!
40. so We seized and flung them into the sea. observe the end of the sinners
41 and made them leaders inviting to the Fire with no help on Resurrection Day
42 along with a curse following them in this World and despised on Resurrection Day
  Section   5
43. after We destroyed the earlier generation, We gave Moses the Book as enlightenment and warning for Mankind
44. you were not on the Western side where We gave the Commandment to Moses nor were you a witness
45 We raised many a generation for long time, you were not dwelling with the people of Madyan nor showing them Our Sign but it was We who sent the Messengers
46 nor were you on side of Tur when We did call, still a mercy from your Lord for you to warn the people who had no warning before to take note
47 otherwise if a disaster should happen of their own hands doing they might say “Lord why didn’t you send a Messenger for we would’ve followed your Sign and been a Believer”
48 but when the Truth came from Us they say “why isn’t He given Signs like ones Moses got?”  but didn’t they reject what Moses got? they said “Two (2)  Magic helping each other and we disbelieve in both “
49 say “than bring a Book from Allah which is better than both that I may follow if you are truthful”
50 and if they don’t listen to you than know that they follow their own lust, and are devoid of Allah’s guidance. for He does not guide Wrongdoers
  Section   6
51 now when We have caused the words to reach them so that they take notice
52 those to whom We gave the Book before this, do believe in it
53 when they hear it they say “We believe, for it is the Truth from our Lord and we had believed in it even before”
54 twice will they receive reward for repelling evil with good and spend from what We gave them
55 upon hearing evil talk they say “to us our deeds and to you yours Peace be to you. we don’t seek the ignorant”
56. you will not be able to guide whom you like but Allah guides whom He will’s and knows who are guided
57 they say if we follow you, our lands will be taken away. tell them, haven’t we given them a safe place to live (Mecca) with all provisions provided from Us? still most don’t understand
58 how many thankless population We’ve destroyed! their dwellings lie vacant except a few and We take it over
59. never does your Lord destroys civilization unless His sent Messenger is rejected by the evildoers
60. whatever you have been given is for this Worlds comfort and beautification, but that which is with Allah is far better and lasting. don’t you than understand?
  Section   7
61 is it the same? Our promise in truth or them who want this Life’s glitter and will be prosecuted on Resurrection Day
62 the Day He will say “where are my partners that you stated”
63 those charged will say “my Lord! we led them astray as we were astray. we are innocent in front of you, they never worshipped us”
64 it will be said “call your partners?” and they call without response and also see their doom in front.  if only they had heeded guidance!
65 that Day He will ask “what was your answer to the Messenger?”
66 that Day a good answer will be unclear. neither will they question each other
67 only those who had repented believed and were good may be successful
68 your Lord does create and choose. nobody has any say in it. high above the partners they join Him with
69 He knows what their breasts hide and what they reveal
70. He is Allah. all praise from First to Last is for Him. His is the decision and all returns to Him
71 say “if Allah made the Night endless till Judgment Day which God will give you Light other than Allah. won’t you than listen?”
72 say “if Allah made the Day endless till Judgment Day which God will give you Night for rest. won’t you than see?”
73 it is His mercy that He has given you Night and Day. to rest and seek His bounty be grateful
74 when on the Day He will call them saying “produce My partners that you imagined?”
75 and from every Nation We shall take a Witness and say “bring your proof” than they will realise that Truth is with Allah and what their invented lies will disappear
  Section   8
76 Korah (Qarun) was of Moses people but was arrogant towards them. We made him so rich that to carry keys of his treasures was a burden even to group of strong men. his people said “don’t boast, Allah dislikes it”
77 “but seek the Hereafter with what Allah has given you and don’t neglect the present World lawful enjoyment as Allah has been good to you. don’t do corruption in the land which Allah dislikes”
78 he said “all this has been given to me on account of certain knowledge which I have” didn’t he not know so many generation We had destroyed before, more powerful and richer than him?
79 so he went to his people in flashiness and those whose aim was this World’s grandeur said “wish we had fortune like Korah (Qarun)”
80 but the enlightened ones said “pity on you! Allah’s reward is best for the good steadfast Believers”
81 then We made the Earth swallow him and his Dwellings. with no host to help nor he could help himself
82 those people who yearned for his place the previous Day began to say “it is Allah who gives or takes away from his Devotees. if it was not for His mercy the Earth would’ve swallowed us. the Rejecters never prosper”
  Section   9
83 Heaven will only be assigned to those who do not commit oppression and wickedness on Earth. the end is only for the good
84 anyone does good will be rewarded better for his deeds. and whoever does evil will be punished accordingly
85 He who has given you the Quran will bring you back to the place of return. say “my Lord knows who brings guidance and who is in error”
86 you never expected that the Book will be revealed to you but it’s His mercy. therefore, do not support the Disbelievers
87 after receiving the Revelations don’t let them divert you from Allah rather invite them to your Lord and do not join partners
88 don’t join Allah with others for there is no God except Him. all will perish except His Face. only His Commands and to Him you’ll return