Sura 29 – The Spider (Al-Ankabut)


  • Revealed at :  Makka
  • Sura: 29
  • Part:  20
  • Total Verses:  69
                In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient
  Section   1
1 Alif Lam Mim
2 Do Mankind think that by saying “we believe” they won’t be tried?
3 We had tested people before them, and Allah knows the honest from the liars
4 Wrongdoers think they can surpass Us. evil is their result
5 Whoso looks forward towards meeting Us. Allah’s reckoning is near, He Hears and Knows
6 Whoso works towards it, works for himself alone, for Allah is free of all needs from all Creations
7 Whoso does good, We will blot out their evil and reward them fully
8 We have instructed people to show kindness to parents but, if they put you against Allah and you do not understand than do not listen, for your return is to Me and I will tell you your deeds
9 and the good Believers, We shall admit them with the good
10 some among Mankind say “we believe in Allah” but when tested they change their words as if it was the wreath of Allah! but if any helps comes from Allah they say “we were always with you” doesn’t He know what’s in the Hearts of His Creations !
11 Allah knows whoever believes or pretends
12 the Disbelievers say to the Believers “follow our way and we will take on your sins” they lie, they cannot take on nothing
13 they will bear their own sins plus other sins and on Judgment Day will be called to give account for lying
  Section   2
14 We sent Noah who stayed with his people for a thousand Years less fifty. the flood engulfed the Wrongdoers
15 but We saved him and the Companion of the Ark. making them a Sign for all Mankind
16 and Abraham! he said to his people “best is to serve and fear Allah, if only you know”
17 “instead of Allah you worship idols that have no power to give you anything. ask Allah for provisions. serve Him and be grateful. for to Him is your return”
18 if you reject like the earlier Nations, the Messenger’s duty is to preach only
19 don’t you see how easily Allah originates Creations and repeats it
20 say “travel around the Earth and see how He originates Creations”
21 “He punishes or shows mercy to whomever He pleases. and to Him you return”
22 you cannot escape Him on Earth nor the Heavens, and besides Allah you have no protector or helper
  Section 3 
23 those who reject Allah’s Signs and meeting with Him will get no mercy. for them is terrible doom
24 nothing except this was his folks words “kill him! burn him” but Allah saved him from the Fire, a Sign for the Believers
25 He said “since you have chosen idols instead of Allah. the love between you is only life of this World but on Resurrection Day you will deny and curse each other as your home is the Fire with no helper
26 Lut believed Him and said “I will leave home for sake of my Lord the all-Mighty, all-Wise”
27 We gave Abraham, (sons) Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob (Yaqub) and decreed Prophet hood and the Book for his future generations rewarding him in this Life and among the Righteous in the Hereafter
28 Lut said to his people “you commit lewdness like no one ever did”
  Section   4
29 you approach (sodomy) Men and obstruct roads, and commit evil jointly? his people replied “if you are true than bring us Allah’s doom”
30 he said “my Lord help me against these wrongdoers”
31 so to Abraham Our Messenger came with the good news saying “we are going to destroy this townships evil people”
32 Abraham said “but Lut is there” they said “we know we will save him and his followers except his wife who shall remain there”
33 when the Messengers went and told Lut he was worried and felt helpless but they said “don’t fear we are going to save you and your followers but your wife shall remain there”
34 “for we are going to bring upon the Wrongdoers of this township punishment from the Sky”
35 “leaving it as a Sign for the people with understanding”
36 to the Madyan We sent their brother Shu’aib, he said “serve Allah, believe in the Last Day and avoid evil”
37 but they rejected him and the Earthquake flattened them in their homes
38 and Ad’s and Thamud’s its clear from their ruins, they were intelligent and gifted but Satan made their works look enticing and kept them away
39 and Korah, Pharaoh and Haman to them Moses went with clear Signs they rejected but could not surpass Us
40 each one We punished for their crimes. some with a violent stone showers, some with blast and some the Earth swallowed up and some drowned. it was not Allah who hurt them but they hurt their own Souls
41 the likeness of those who choose protector other than Allah is like a spider spinning to make a home. it is the weakest of all home. if only they but knew
42 Allah knows what things they call instead of Him. for He is all-Mighty, all-Wise
43 such parables we put forward for Mankind, but none will understand except the sensible
44 “Allah created Heaven and Earth with Truth” a Sign for the Believers
  Section   5
45 recite the Book which is inspired in you and establish regular Prayer that prevents you from evil. but most important is the remembrance of Allah who knows your doings
46 do not dispute with people of the Book except to better it. with the unjust, say “we believe in what’s revealed to us and revealed to you. our God and your God is One and to Him we submit as Muslims
47 thus We have revealed the Book to you and to those who got the Book before will believe as some others do. and none will reject Our Signs except the Disbelievers
48 you did not know how to read any Book before nor wrote any Book with your right Hand, otherwise those with pride would’ve doubted
49 nay! these are clear Signs in the breasts of those blessed with knowledge. and only the unjust reject
50 they say “why aren’t Signs sent down to him”  say “Signs are with Allah and I am only a Warner”
51 Isn’t the Book read out to them enough? which has mercy and reminder for the Believers
  Section   6
52 say “Allah is enough as witness between me and you; He knows what is in the Heavens and Earth. those with pride who reject Allah are losers”
53 they ask you to hasten punishment. if it had not been set for a term they would’ve surely got it. and it will arrive suddenly
54 they ask you to hasten punishment, He’ll definitely will descend over the Disbelievers
55 on the Day they will surely get Hell from above and beneath their feet and will hear “ taste for your doings”
56 oh my Devotees who believe! truly my Earth is spacious therefore worship Me
57 every person has to die. and returned to Us
58 good Believers home is forever in the Heavens in lofty Mansions with Rivers flowing beneath. an excellent reward
59 those who persevere, and trust their Lord!
60 many a Creatures are there who do not carry their own provision; Allah provides for them and for you. He the all-Hearer, all-Knower
61 if you ask them who created the Heaven and Earth and organized the Sun and Moon they will say “Allah” how than they can turn away?
62 Allah enlarges provisions to whichever Devotee He pleases and grants it by measures. Allah is aware of all things
63 if you were to ask, who sends down Rain from the Sky giving Life to the dead Earth? they will say “Allah” say “praise be to Allah” but they understand not
  Section   7
64 Life of this World is just pastime and play. but home in the Hereafter is true Life, if only they but knew
65 when on Ship they praise only Allah. but when He brings them safely to land they ascribe to Him partners
66 Shrugging off ungratefully Our gifts while enjoying it, soon they will know
67 don’t they see We’ve made a safe sanctuary for them? while all around them people are snatched away still they believe in falsehood and reject Allah’s bounty?
68 who is more wrong then the ones who invents lie about Allah and rejects faith upon receiving it? shouldn’t Hell be their home?
69 and those who strive in Our path, We shall guide them to Us for Allah is with the good




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