Sura 11 – Hud (Hudd)



  • Revealed at:  Mecca
  • Sura:  11
  • Part: (11)/12
  • Total Verse:  123
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section   1
1 Alif Lam Ra Verses of the Book perfected and explained further from the all-Knowing
2 worship none but Allah “i am sent by Him to warn and give you good News”
3 “repent and ask forgiveness from your Lord that He may grant happiness  from His grace for a Term to those eligible. but those who reject i fear  for them  doom of a great Day”
4 for to Allah you return and He is all Powerful
5 they cover their Breasts to hide from Him. even with clothing Allah knows what they hide or reveal. He the all-Knower of Hearts


  • Revealed at:  Mecca
  • Sura:  11
  • Part: 11 / (12)
  • Total Verse:  123
6 there is no Creatures living on Earth whose requirements are not dependent on Allah. He knows its dwelling and permanent resting place. all is recorded in a Clear Book  (Lauh-e-Mahfuz)
7 He created the Heavens and Earth in Six (6) Days and His Throne was on the Water, that He might try those whose deeds are best. but if you tell them “you shall be raised up after Death” the Disbelievers are sure to say “it’s Magic”
8 and if We delay the Doom until a said term they’ll say “what delays it?” but they’ll know the Day when it reaches them and surrounds their mockery
  Section   2
9 when We give mercy and then withdrew it, they become desperate and ungrateful
10 but after withdrawing We give Mercy, they say “i have no evil”. and become arrogant and  boastful
11 except ones who are patience doing good. for them is forgiveness and great Reward
12 in case you may feel uncomfortable to show part of what is Revealed, lest they may say “why doesn’t Angel or Treasure come down to him” remember you are only a Warner, Allah is the overall Guardian
13 or they say “this is invented” than ask them to bring (10) Ten Verses with any help other than Allah’s! if they are Truthful
14 “if they cannot then know this Revelation can only come from Allah for there is no God but Him. won’t you then become Muslims?”
15 whoever want the glittering life of this World they will get it in full measure
16 because for them, there is nothing in the Hereafter except Fire. vain are their desires with fruitless deeds
17 can they who rely on clear Sign’s from their Lord, and a Witness from Him recites it. and before it came the Book of Moses a Guidance and Mercy, they believe in it but those who reject, their place is in the Fire. this is the Truth from your Lord but then most of Mankind disbelieve
18 isn’t he wrong who invents a lie against Allah and when brought in front of their Lord their Witness say’s “they lied against their Lord. Allah’s curse on Wrongdoers”
19 “those who stop from Allah’s path and look for crookedness, are Disbelievers in the Hereafter”
20 such cannot escape from Earth neither have they any protector besides Allah, their penalty is twice as they were unwilling to listen or see
21 such have lost their own Souls and all that they’ve invented will vanish
22 they are great losers in the Hereafter
23 those who do good and are humble in front of their Lord will have home forever in Paradise
24 the likeness of both these groups are as; the blind and deaf, and the seer and hearer. won’t you than understand?
  Section   3
25 we sent Noah to his people he said “O people i have come here as a plain Warner”
26 “serve only Allah, otherwise a terrible Day awaits you”
27 the Disbelievers Chiefs said “we see you as ordinary Man like us, and only those rejected from us follow you with immature judgment. we don’t see you above us. in fact we think you are liars”
28 he said “my people see i have clear Sign and mercy from my Lord but you cannot comprehend it, can we force you to accept it since you hate it?”
29 “my people i don’t ask you for wealth, Allah will reward me. but i will not send away the Believers for they have to meet with their Lord,  and you, i realise are ignorant”
30 “my people who will save me from Allah if i drive them away. can’t you not think”
31 “i haven’t told you that i have Allah’s treasures or know the unseen or that i am an Angel. or said that Allah won’t be kind to ones whom your eyes hate. only Allah knows their Souls. otherwise i will be Wrongdoer”
32 they said “Noah you disagreed and extended the dispute, now show what you threaten us with if you are truthful”
33 he said “only Allah can show you and than you cannot escape from it”
34 “as much as i want it’s no use to advise you, if it be that Allah wants you astray, He is your Lord and to Him you return”
35 or do they say “he has made it up?”  tell them  “if i did it is my sin but i am free from your sins”
  Section   4
36 it was inspired to Noah “none of your people believe except those who had already believed so don’t despair over their deeds”
37 “construct a Ship (Ark) under Our eyes and inspiration and don’t speak again about the Sinners for they are about to drown”
38 so he started constructing a Ship (Ark). the chiefs made fun of him as they passed by. and he replied “if you mock us now we can soon do likewise”
39 “for soon you shall know on whom lasting shameful doom falls”
40 finally by Our command the oven erupted and We said “board with pairs; Two (2) of each kind along with your family, except those on whom the word has already gone forth and the Believers; and none believed him except few
41 He said “board it in Allah’s name, whether it rests or moves, for the Lord is oft-Forgiving, Merciful”
42 so it floated with them on waves like mountains and Noah called his Son who was apart “join me! don’t be with the Disbelievers”
43 his Son replied “i will climb Mountain and escape from the water” he replied “today none can escape from Allah’s Commandment” except he who has His mercy and a huge wave came between them and drowned him
44 it was said “O Earth! absorb the Water and Sky stop! (Rain)” the water subsided, fulfilling the Command. it (Ark) rested on Mount Judi and it was said “away with the Sinners”
45 Noah called the Lord begging “my Lord my Son is my family and Your promise is true. You are a fair Judge”
46 He replied “Noah he is not your family he was evil so do not ask for what you don’t know. I warn you don’t be  like the ignorant”
47 Noah said “O my Lord i seek refuge in you for asking for things i don’t know. if you don’t forgive me and have Mercy i will be lost”
48 it was said “Noah disembark with Peace and blessings from Us. for a long time there will be enjoyment for the people than from Us a disaster
49 these are some of the stories We reveal to you which no one knows, be patient. the end is for those who are Pious
 Section   5 
50 sent to A’ad people, was Hud their brother who said “my people worship Allah you have no other God but He. you only but  invent”
51 “my people i am not asking you for reward, that  will come from my Creator don’t you understand ”
52 “my people ask forgiveness and repent. He will give abundant Rain and power to your strength. do not turn back to sin”
53 they said “Hud you have no proof, we won’t leave our Gods  on your words, we do not  believe you”
54 “we think that some of our God’s has possessed you with evil” he replied “i call Allah to be my witness and bear witness, that i am free from what you join partners”
55 “others with Him! so you all scheme, without giving me a break”
56 “i trust Allah, mine and your Lord. He can grasp any moving Creature from their Forefront!
57 “even though you turn away, my Job is to convey the Message. He will put in your place other people, and you cannot do a thing about it. He’s overall Guardian”
58 when Our Command  came into force, we saved Hud and the Believers from terrible Doom
59 these were the A’ad’s, who rejected Signs from their Lord and disobeyed His Messenger. and followed the Sinners
60 with a curse following them for rejecting, A’ad disbelieved their lord;  so ‘away with A’ad, people of Hud’
  Section   6
61 and sent to Thamud their brother Salih, he said “O my people worship Allah you have no God but Him. He brought you forth from Earth and established you. ask repentance  for my Lord will always Respond”
62 they said “Salih, you are one of us, still you asked us not to follow what our fathers worshiped? we do doubt your words”
63 he said “just think if this is a clear proof from Allah with His Mercy, who will than save me from Him if i disobeyed? what a loss you’ll put me into”
64 “O my people this she Camel is a Sign for you from Allah. let her graze freely on Earth and do not harm her lest a harm seizes you”
65 but they killed her, so He said “enjoy for Three (3) Days at home this is a threat that cannot be ignored!”
66 upon issuance of Our Command. with Our mercy We saved Salih and those who believed with him from humiliation of that Day, for your Lord is all-Mighty, Powerful
67 a huge Blast came over those Wrongdoers and they lay flat in their homes
68 as if they had never lived there. for Thamud’s rejected their Lord;  “away with Thamud”
Section   7
69 Our Messenger’s came to Abraham with greeting saying “Peace!” he replied “Peace” and hurriedly brought for them a roasted calf
70 but when their hands didn’t touch the foods he became suspicious with fear from them. they said “don’t fear us we’ve been sent against people of Lut”
71 his Wife standing by laughed when We gave her good news of Isaac and then Jacob”
72 she said “how can i bear a child for i am an old Woman and my husband an old Man. but that would be wonderful!”
73 they said “you wonder at Allah’s command? His blessings is upon the people of this household, for He’s all-Praiseworthy, Glorified”
74 with his fears reduced and with the good news Abraham  started to plead to Us for the people of Lut
75 for Abraham was tolerant, humble and repentant towards Allah
76 “Abraham don’t ask this as Our Commandment has already been issued and disaster cannot be stopped!”
77 when our Messenger came to Lut he was sad and powerless and said “today is a Day of Distress”
78 his people came rushing towards him. they were used to commit crimes (sodomy). he said “my people, marry my Daughters, fear Allah don’t shame me in front of my guests! isn’t there any upright Man?”
79 they replied “we don’t need your Daughters, you know what we want”
80  he said “wish i had power to stop you or had any powerful support”
81  “O Lut! we are Messengers from your Lord! they cannot reach you! so travel with your family while Night remains and don’t look back leave your Wife to her will and whatever happens to them will happen to her. the appointed time is Morning. isn’t Morning near!”
82 on the onset of Our Commandment. We turned (the Cities) upsides down and rained on them layers after layers of hard baked Brimstones
83 marked from your Lord, for destruction is never far from  Sinners
  Section   8
84 sent to the people of Madyan, was their brother Shu’aib, he said “O my people worship Allah you have no other God but Him. don’t cheat on Weights and Measure i see you wealthy but i worry for you from the Day that will surround you”
85 O my people give correct measure what is due to them. avoid corruptions  and mischief in the Land
86 “what Allah leaves for you is best if you believe. and i am not you’re Guardian”
87 they said “Shu’aib! does your Prayer commands us to give up what our fathers worshiped or that we give up what we do with our property? oh how right you are!
88 “my people see i have clear Sign’s from Allah who takes good care of me. i am not against you but want your betterment, and your success can only come from Allah in Him i trust and repent”
89 “O my people don’t let my break-up from you cause you to sin, in case you have the same fate like the people of Noah, Hud, Salih and Lut who are not far behind”
90 ask forgiveness and Repentance from my Lord for He is most-Merciful, Kind
91 they said “O Shu’aib we do not understand what you say, you are weak if it wasn’t for your family, we would’ve stoned you for you are powerless against us”
92 he said “is my family more important than Allah that you’ve cast Him behind. but my Lord covers you from all sides”
93 “do whatever you want while i do what i like. soon disaster will strike the lairs. lets both see”
94 on the start of Our command and with Our Mercy we saved Shu’aib and those who believed, and a mighty Blast laid the Wrongdoers flat in their homes
95 as if they’d never lived there. “away with Madyan and away with Thamud’s”
  Section   9
96 and We sent Moses with Our Revelations and Authority
97 to Pharaoh and his Chiefs; but they followed Pharaoh’s evil commands
98 he will go ahead before his people into the Fire on Judgment Day. all led to a miserable place
99 followed by Our curse, an evil gift, on Judgment Day
100 these are some of the stories of the Communities. you can  see some and some no longer exists
101 We did not wrong them but they wronged themselves. when  Our Command came, their god’s couldn’t give them anything except ruin
102 the Lords grasp is very painful, if in the middle a Township commits  crime, His punishment is  terrible
103 this lesson is for those who fear punishment of the Hereafter, when Mankind will be gathered together on a Day that’s to be witnessed
104 We won’t delay it, it has a fixed Term
105 on that Day none can speak except with His permission, with some being miserable and some happy
106 and in the Fire with sighs and sobs will be the miserable ones
107 living there for as long as Heavens and Earth can bear them. or whatever Allah has planned
108 in the Gardens will be the happy ones living there for as long as Heavens and Earth can bear them. or whatever Allah has planned. a lasting gift
109 don’t doubt regarding these people what they or their fathers worshiped, for without fail they shall get their due
  Section   10
110 indeed We gave the Book to Moses but differences arose within them. if the Lord hadn’t given His word earlier, the matter would’ve been settled between them. they are in doubt concerning it
111 to each, you’re Lord will pay back in full. for their deeds for He knows their doings
112 so stand firm and straight as commanded along with those with you and do not sin. for He Sees
113 don’t lean towards wrong for the Fire will get you, and none can protect or help you except Allah
114 Pray regularly at Two (2) ends of the Day and part of the Night. you’re Good deeds will cancel your Bad deeds. a Reminder to think about
115 be tolerant, for Allah doesn’t waste good-doers Rewards
116 if only there had been people before you with some goodness, to warn others from corruptions on Earth as did the few whom We saved. but the wrongdoers follow enjoyment of good things in Life and still sin
117 your Lord will not destroy Township if the people were good
118 if your Lord wanted He would’ve made the Human race one Nation, still their dispute won’t stop
119 except on whom your Lord has Mercy, this is why He created them. your Lords word is final when He says “I shall fill Hell with Jinn’s and Mankind”
120 all the stories we tell you of the Messengers to make your Heart strong. with Truth and Warning and a Reminder for Believers
121 say to the Disbelievers “act however you want, we are too”
122 “you wait! so are  We”
123 to Allah belongs the Secrets of Heavens and Earth, all is referred back to Him, so worship and trust Him. regarding your action’s He isn’t Unaware


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