Sura 98 – Clear Proof / Evidence (Al-Bayyina)

Clear Proof / Evidence (Al-Bayyina)

  • Revealed at: Madina
  • Sura: 98
  • Part: 30
  • Total Verses: 8
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Merciful
Section 1
1 the Disbelievers among people of the Book and the Idolaters wouldn’t have surrendered until they received Clear Evidence
2 a Messenger from Allah, reciting purified pages
3 with Laws, correct and straight
4 neither were people of the Book divided until they received Clear Evidence
5 and they were commanded nothing else except; worship Allah with true devotion, be upright, Pray regularly, give regular Charity for that’s the true Religion
6 the Disbelievers whether people of the Book or Idolaters, they will dwell in Hell. they are the worst of Creatures
7 but faithful Believers who do good are the best of Creatures
8 their reward is with Allah, in Gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath to live there forever. Allah well pleased with them and they with Him. this, for those who fears their Lord



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